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Torn-A-Disk was a proposed entry for the first series of Dutch Robot Wars, built by Team Dr. Moller. Due to limited information on their website, it is unknown whether the robot was finished in time for filming. Regardless, it did not appear on the show.


Team Dr. Moller took heavy inspiration from previous UK series competitors following the airing of The Fourth Wars, namely Hypno-Disc and Tornado. Torn-A-Disk was designed to replicate the Series 3 Grand Finalist's destructive flywheel, while also adopting Tornado's immense speed and pushing power.[1]

Like Tornado, Torn-A-Disk was invertible and had several rear-mounted spikes on the back to reverse into opponents and push them around. Its wheels were also protected from side attacks.

Like Hypno-Disc, the robot had a thick horizontal flywheel for weaponry, with a pair of teeth attached to the sides. It was also two-wheel drive, which ironically contributed to Hypno-Disc's common weakness being listed as "low pushing power" in later series.

"TORN-A-DISK combines the power and the spikes of Tornado and the disk of Hypno-Disc to become the most lethal robot Robotwars has ever seen. Dutch Roboteers: watch your step."
— Team Dr. Moller outline their inspiration for Torn-A-Disk


Torn-A-Disk is a portmanteau of the names of two successful UK Robot Wars competitors - Tornado and Hypno-Disc. Despite this however, the alternate spelling of disc has been used for this Dutch robot, likely an oversight on the team's behalf.

Series Record[]

Dutch Series Torn-A-Disk Series Record
Series 1 Not selected
Series 2 Did not enter