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"It's like the Mike Tyson of the Robot Wars world!"
Craig Charles on Tornado in Heat F of the Fourth Wars

Tornado was a heavyweight robot which competed in the British television game show Robot Wars. With 32 combat victories in the UK, Tornado is one of the most successful robots in the show's history. It won a number of tournaments including the UK Championship in The Sixth Wars, the US War of Independence, and the European Championship.

Tornado debuted in The Fourth Wars and marked a departure from weapon based robots and weaponised its powerful motors and effective driving to win battles. It defeated the heavily favoured Gemini in its heat before being defeated by Chaos 2 in the Semi-Finals. Following the weight increase in Extreme 1, Tornado quickly became one of the most powerful robots in the competition, placing runner-up in the All-Stars, reaching the top four of the Second World Championship, and winning the Challenge Belt competition.

In the Sixth Wars, Tornado made the Grand Final, where it won the UK Championship by defeating its famous rival, Razer. Its use of the anti-crusher frame contributed to Series 6's Grand Final being one of the most hotly debated among fans. Tornado entered Series 7 as the top seed and ultimately placed third after being defeated by the similarly designed Storm 2 in the Grand Final.

Tornado was built by Andrew Marchant, Bryan Moss and David Gamble, all engineers from Huntingdon, the latter of whom designed the same speed controllers for Storm 2.


Tornado in the arena during Series 4

The insides of Tornado during Series 4

Official image of Tornado for Series 4

Tornado was a basic box-shaped robot with four-wheel drive, a durable red welded-steel frame and clear polycarbonate armour with fixed spikes at the front and back. Despite the chassis being modified over the years of competition, all versions of Tornado shared the same framework[1]. Tornado's design was based on pushing potential, following Andrew Marchant's observation of various Series 2 and Series 3 robots. Therefore, Tornado mainly relied on its speed and strength to push competitors into the pit or slam them into the arena walls. It featured 24V motors being run at 36V - the first robot to use that voltage following a decision by David Gamble. The motors were geared very low to give it high pushing power of 7BHP - its top speed was only 10 mph, but it had very good acceleration and manoeuvrability over short distances and was capable of pulling a Land Rover. Tornado was also invertible, allowing it to continue running even when flipped but had a 2 cm ground clearance. Originally, Tornado was to be equipped with tracks, but these proved too difficult to make, with Team Tornado deciding to add go-kart tyres instead.

"The Series 4 machine was very much a rectangular box with a few bits sticking out, but we've moved on from there - less bits stick out! Series 2 and 3 are to blame for everything, I watched them in detail (too much detail) and noticed that the winner of most fights was the robot that out-pushed the others. Plus there was a purple windscreen motor powered thing that was too low for Deal Metal to get with its saw. So from the very start, Tornado had to push, and was going to be low and flat. We wanted tracks, but they were too hard to make, so go-kart tyres became the next best thing. Dave brought motors and electronics expertise to the team, and it was his decision to use 36V. Why does it push so well? Because we sat down and thought it all through before we built anything, and it seems we got a lot of things right first time! ;) It's a contender because the robot gets testing and the team practice at Charity Events, and we've learnt that many teams don't think quickly during a fight - keep on top of your opponent, and they don't get a chance to think about what they are doing"
— Andrew Marchant during an interview with Robot Wars Mad[2]

Official image of Tornado for Series 5

Alternate photo of Tornado, only used in published material

Tornado's Extreme 1 and Series 5 appearance

For Series 5 and Extreme 1, Tornado's chassis was rebuilt with modified front, centre and rear sections, in order to make space for its drum weapon, allow more space for the team to work on the robot, and to help prevent its rear wheels from being lifted off the ground as easily.[3] It also received two castors on the front top above the drum, new logo stickers along its sides and upgraded armour, including rear titanium plates to protect its vital components.

Official photo of Tornado in Series 6

Tornado in Series 6. Note the new, longer side panels with no cow mascot

For Series 6, Tornado's top castors were removed to make way for the interchangeable weapons mount, and was made lighter to accommodate the interchangeable weapons. As a largely aesthetic change, Tornado's black side panels which brandished the robot's name now covered the entire side of the machine, instead of the partial coverage in the previous series, and its cow mascot was removed. Tornado was largely unchanged in Series 7, aside from its new armament, and the return of the cow mascot to its side panels.


Tornado made its robot combat début equipped with static ramming spikes, and a small retractable spear from a loudspeaker production line. The active weapon was housed between small twin air cannisters, painted blue, located in the front of the robot as to indicate which way forward it was facing. This simple yet effective weapon system saw it all the way through to the top 8 before its lack of potent weapons caused it to be easily defeated by Chaos 2.

"We knew once we built it that the pneumatic spike was poor - pneumatic toothpick was more apt! Plus a mistake in the high pressure side reduced the number of shots we had available..."
— Team Tornado website on their pneumatic spike[4]

Tornado with its spinning drum in Series 6

Tornado with its spinning drum in Series 7

In Extreme 1, Tornado returned with a powerful vertical spinning drum weapon, running off a 3.5HP motor. This gave it great success as it reached the semi-finals of the World Championship, the Grand Final of the All-Stars and gave it complete victory over several adversaries to win two Challenge Belts. It defeated Chaos 2 twice during Extreme with this new weaponry, getting its vengeance two-fold. However, despite slamming Gravedigger, Tornado was felled early in Series 5, as the fur of Diotoir caught in the drum, causing it to catch. Tornado was helpless and it fell into the pit.

Tornado's scoop in the Second World Championship

Tornado's horizontal spinning disc, attached to the 'anti-crusher frame', as it appeared in Extreme Warriors Season 2

During the Second World Championship, Tornado used both its drum and a static scoop which it used in its battle against Razer. Although the wedge was ineffective against Razer, it would later become Tornado's default weapon choice, helping it win against many wedge, spinner and flipper-wielding robots in later series.

In response to defeats against Razer, an 'anti-crusher weapon' (abbreviated by the team as the ACW[5]), was also developed for later series to protect its chassis and wheels from damage against the latter's crusher. The first version of this (armed with a horizontal disc) was constructed in August 2001, [6] in between filming for Extreme 1 and Series 5, and would make its debut in the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.

"Many people could not believe what we had built, and even Craig and Philippa came into the pits specially to see the weapon..."
— Tornado website on their 'anti-crusher device'[7]

Tornado equipped with the static spike

The anti-crusher frame equipped with the horizontal spinning bar, used in Series 6 and Extreme 2

In Series 6, Tornado made more of a habit of changing its weaponry between matches. This was allowed by Robot Wars rules, as long as Tornado remained within the weight limit. The cradle at the front of the machine where the drum was typically installed gave way to many other weapons across the two series with bolts to hold them in. In their Heat Final, the static spike was used, and in the Grand Final, Tornado used its revised 'anti-crusher weapon', which had changed from a horizontal spinning disc into a more structurally sound horizontal spinning bar.

Tornado with its lifting scoop equipped

Tornado, equipped with its flail scoop

In Series 7, the Tornado team had to redesign or remove some of their weapons due to some new rules for that year, including one that stated all robots had to have an active weapon. Tornado used its scoop lifter in its Heat Final, and used the chain flail in other matches such as Tornado's battle with Gravity.

Tornado's arsenal of weapons included:

Tornado with its scoop in the European Championship

Tornado's lifting scoop (left) and charity scoop (right) in the pits

Tornado with all its Series 7 weapons

  • Spinning drum and mini wedges - Tornado's main weapon, a small disc-like drum spinner weighing 7 kg (also quoted at 15kg) and spinning at 2500rpm (also quoted at 2000rpm). This weapon was often referred to as a disc itself by the team, on television and in official Robot Wars media, and was chosen as it allowed Team Tornado to harness more stored energy against opponents than larger horizontal flywheels prevalent at the time.[8] From Series 6, the drum was modified to become part of a removable cradle, while the configuration also received mini wedges to prevent robots like Diotoir exploiting Tornado's then high ground clearance.[2]
  • Spiked Scoop - a simple low wedge-shaped static scoop with a pair of spikes, nicknamed "The Charity Scoop" as it was used in live events. It was first used during the Second World Championship, and became more regularly used from Series 6 onwards.
  • Static spear - This spike was only used once in its Series 6 Heat Final against Anarchy, with the intention of piercing the plastic armour protecting Anarchy's legs. It has been scrapped.
  • Anti-crusher weapon (ACW) - consisted of a large horizontal spinner attached to a metal frame surrounding Tornado's entire chassis. Intended specifically to protect the robot's chassis and tyres from vertical crushers such as Razer, it also had the effect of making Tornado more difficult to pit as its overall dimensions exceeded those of the arena trap. Hence it was also informally referred to as an 'anti-pit device' or 'APD' by Jonathan Pearce, despite Andrew Marchant suggesting in Robot Wars: The Official Magazine that Tornado could still be pitted at an angle, or eliminated with all four wheels off the floor, with this attachment.[9] The first iteration (used in Extreme Warriors), used a horizontal two-toothed spinning disc weighing 10kg, but this was replaced with a bar spinner for Series 6 and Extreme 2; the disc's weight-saving holes still allowed Razer to grab hold of the weapon structure. Both iterations fulfilled their purpose in stopping Razer from reaching the main chassis, however, and while unreliable the spinning weapons were able to cause damage to the two-time World Champion.

    Though praised by Team Razer and Robot Wars personnel for its innovative nature, the 'anti-crusher weapon' was outlawed under the Series 7 build rules and converted into a vertical bar spinner. Team Tornado also received criticism following their use of this weapon, with some supporters going as far as accusing the team of 'cheating' in response to their Series 6 title victory. Andrew Marchant refutes this, however, stating that the frame complied with the Series 6 rulebook and was approved for competition by the Robot Wars technical crew. Marchant's statement is reinforced by similar confirmations from Team Razer and Noel Sharkey, the latter immediately before the televised Series 6 Grand Final.
"This is a very frustrating thing that some people insist on saying. I'd like to ask these people how long they have spent building robots, and how well they know the rules, because the definition of cheating is to break the rules. If they can point out which rule we have broken, we would love to know! Razer showed us twice during the first Robot Wars Extreme just how vulnerable Tornado is to crushing robots. It's the perfect shape for a crusher to attack, low and flat! We weren't too thrilled about taking major damage without being able to fight back, so we studied the rules to see what we could do to counteract crushers. The rules allow "interchangeable weapons and body panels" (8.1.1), and a 100kg maximum weight limit (9.1.1). They state that "If interchangeable panels and/or weapons are used, the weight is measured with the heaviest set-up in place." (9.1.4), and "Overall length must not exceed 2 metres. Overall width must not exceed 1.4 metres." (9.2.1). We have always submitted Tornado with its heaviest setup in place, and made sure that all the weapons configurations come in below 100kg. The Anti Crusher weapon is 1.35m wide, and about 1.6m long. Also the Robot Wars technical crew have the last say on what is and is not allowed in the arena, and would have not allowed us to use the Anti Crusher weapon if it broke the rules. It's not common knowledge, but we have built two other weapons that were disallowed by the Robot Wars technical crew - as such these have never been and will never be used in the arena! Since Series 6 it has been required to declare all the interchangeable weapons available to the team at the time of signing in, if not declared, then they cannot be used! Thus we make sure everything we bring along gets properly declared"
— Andrew Marchant during an interview with Robot Wars Mad[2]
"I've had a lot of fan mail on the subject of Tornado's anti-Razer device - most of which brands them as cheats. I'd just like to point out that their interchangeable weaponry was all declared at the weigh in. It was OK'd by the technical crew and so they can't be 'cheats'."
— Vincent Blood of Team Razer responds to 'cheating' allegations against Team Tornado[10]
  • Anti-spinner weapon - This weapon was never seen, as the Hypno-Disc team raised an official complaint when they learned that Tornado had it. According to information from Team Tornado's build diaries, this was essentially a set of kart tyres with titanium plating attached to Tornado's chassis, and was also planned to feature a lifter.[11] It was subsequently scrapped.
"...we fitted our Anti Spinner Weapon - but the Hypno boys raised an official objection, and we were prevented from using it, as it was viewed according to the rules as a defensive addition rather than an offensive weapon..."
— Team Tornado on their outlawed anti-spinner weapon[12]
  • Anti-axe weapon - Whilst never seen or mentioned on TV, Tornado had an Anti Axe Weapon. It is unknown what it looked like as it has been scrapped, although Team Tornado's build diaries suggest that it partially comprised of kart tyres and a top frame attached to the robot.[13]
  • Scoop lifter - Similar in design to the Spiked Scoop, except it had a lifting mechanism installed. It was only used in the Heat Final of Series 7 and broke after Tetanus Booster hit it while it was open. It has been scrapped.
  • Chain flail - Another weapon similar to the Spiked Scoop, this time with a simple chain flail. It effectively replaced the scoop for Series 7 in order for Tornado to comply with the active weapons rule.
  • Vertical bar spinner - This weapon was converted from the horizontal bar spinner, and was never used, so it is unknown how effective it was. The weapon was deemed unsuitable against all of Tornado's opponents in Series 7, as it removed Tornado's capacity to run inverted and potentially made it vulnerable to becoming immobilised by flippers. David Gamble believes that the only suitable battle for using the weapon was Tornado's first-round melee in Series 7. However, the bar spinner was not used, as Tornado was already low on battery power.


"18/5/99 - Is our robot the only Plague? 29/5/99 - No, we are not the only Plague. It turns out that Team R.A.T. got there very much first, so we're changing our name. I'm too stressed with exams to think of a good replacement, so for the moment at least, we are Team RWNN, and the robot is also TRWNN - The Robot With No Name."
— Andrew Marchant on abandoning the name Plague[14]

Tornado was originally to be named Plague, in reference to Andrew Marchant's friend Adrian building a thematically similar robot named "Black Death"[15]. However, the team abandoned this name after discovering the website for another heavyweight robot named PLAGUE, built by Team R.A.T. for Series 3.

"Dave G also suggested the (provisional) name Tornado (he's into storm chasing!). These guys already have a robot named Tornado, but 1) it's a lightweight, 2) their site was last updated on the 5th April 1998, and 3) they only give provisional build specs..."
— The first documented use of the name 'Tornado' from Andrew Marchant[16]

In September 1999, team member David Gamble first suggested the name Tornado in reference to his storm chasing hobby. Andrew Marchant was originally hesitant to keep the name after discovering a website for a lightweight competitor named Tornado dating back to April 1998[17], but as there was no evidence this robot was ever completed and the "Codesmiths" team behind the machine had fallen silent, the team decided to progress with the name Tornado. Derek Foxwell would later inform Andrew Marchant that another unrelated team had attempted to use the name Tornado[18], but as none had previously been televised, the name stuck and was permitted to go ahead on Robot Wars.

"Rung Derek Foxwell re weaponry - he also told us that unfortunately there may be another team with claim to the name Tornado, but for now we will stay as such (Mentorn can sort it out if we get on TV)."
— Andrew Marchant on the obstacles to keep the name Tornado[19]

The Team[]

"We call ourselves Team Tornado for two reasons. The first is that we like to think of our robot destroying everything in its path. The second is that Dave's big hobby is storm-chasing. He's been over to the States a couple of times. He saw golf-ball-sized hailstones the first time, and on his second trip, he got to see a real tornado."
— Andrew Marchant[20]

Team Tornado in 2001

Team Tornado in Series 7

Team Tornado consisted of three engineers from Cambridgeshire in all of their appearances. Team captain Andrew Marchant was an electroacoustic engineer, and drove Tornado in all of its battles, becoming renown as one of the most skilled and aggressive drivers in the show's history. Andrew Marchant was the lead designer and welder of Tornado, and was still a university student when he founded the team.

"It was while I was at Salford University (studying electro-acoustics) that I first got the idea of competing in Robot Wars. I bought a second-hand wheelchair with a view to building the robot round its engine, but it wasn't until I started work (at Huntingdon based audio equipment firm NXT) that I decided to get a team together."
— Andrew Marchant, about himself[21]

Team Tornado in Extreme 1

David Gamble joined the team as the electronics designer and motor expert in August 1999, having originally been part of another team who ultimately decided not to enter the series. His hobby of storm chasing ultimately led to the robot's name, alongside the alternate name of Team Tornado used in Techno Games, the Storm Chasers.

"Because I was living in a tiny flat, and Dave had a garage, we built the robot at his place. When we started out, we had no idea how much it would dominate our lives. For the last three months up to the start of the competition, we devoted every single spare night we had to that machine. Basically, we lived on adrenaline and takeaways."
— Andrew Marchant, about David Gamble[22]

The long-haired Bryan Moss designed the weaponry of Tornado, and was responsible for the machining of parts. Bryan Moss also transported Tornado and its team to the events they took part in.

"Bryan's been on TV before doing Robot Wars - but dressed as a cyberman! Bryan joined the team in December 99."
— Team Tornado website[23]

Prior to David Gamble and Bryan Moss joining the team in 1999, Andrew Marchant was originally to be joined by Gary Bowley, who left the team after reviewing the Robot Wars contracts, and also David Lewis, who was replaced to make way for the more useful skills of Gamble and Moss.

"Knows how to repair tills, as he works for a till company. Thinks this would have been useful. Freely admits he only wanted to do Robot Wars to meet Philippa Forrester. Dave was removed from the team in December 99, as he hadn't contributed anything useful!"
— Team Tornado website on David Lewis[24]


Tornado's first loss to Razer

Tornado is dropped to defeat again

Tornado had a long-standing and famous rivalry with Razer. The two robots first met in the All-Stars final in Extreme Series 1, in which Razer immediately grabbed hold of Tornado and tried to pierce the tyres of its opponent. Tornado briefly escaped but Razer grabbed hold once again, doing more damage and leaving it immobilised. This left Razer able to easily push Tornado into the pit. Their next encounter was in the semi-finals of The Second World Championship, which ended with a similar outcome. Once again, Razer quickly grabbed hold of Tornado and pierced through its armour. Razer then picked Tornado up and held it over the pit, eventually dropping it in.

Tornado fights Razer for the first time with its frame

Following these crushing losses, Team Tornado developed the aforementioned 'anti-crusher weapon' for use in future battles against the two-time World Champion. Equipped with a flywheel, the weapon debuted in their Extreme Warriors Season 2 International Championship Semi-Final, where it allowed Tornado to cause light damage to Razer's self-righting wings and push it around the arena. However, the frame was damaged by Razer and the House Robots, who repeatedly made illegal attacks on Tornado throughout the battle. Razer also removed the weapon motor and was able to lift Tornado by grabbing hold of its flywheel and front frame. The Judges were advised to ignore the House Robot attacks in their ruling, giving the 2-1 split decision to Tornado. Both teams were unhappy following that fight; Team Tornado with the level of House Robot interference, and Team Razer with the decision which they later inquired with the Judges. As well as believing that the 'anti-crusher weapon' was sacrificial armour, it became clear that the Judges had mistaken Tornado's weapon motor for one of Razer's wheels.[25] The decision stood, but Noel Sharkey later called this his 'most disastrous moment' as a Judge during an interview for Computer Science for Fun magazine.[26]

Razer is unable to pit Tornado in the Final of Series 6

The two robots met again in the Grand Final of Series 6, with Tornado using a more durable and reliable version of the 'anti-crusher weapon'. To counter this, Razer received a claw-like attachment with the aim of hooking and lifting Tornado's weapon frame. Nevertheless, Tornado dominated, repeatedly slamming, pushing and dragging Razer across the arena into walls, angle grinders and CPZs. In the final moments, Razer hooked Tornado by the main chassis and carried it to the pit, suspending then pinning it over the edge with Tornado's frame already part-way down. Despite its opponent's late assault - and after around 40 minutes of deliberation - Tornado won the Judges' decision, succeeding Razer as the UK Champion amidst controversy surrounding the 'anti-crusher weapon'.

Tornado is edged towards the Pit but holds on in the European Championship

Tornado faced Razer once more in the second round of the European Championship, shown as part of Extreme Series 2. Once again, it used the 'anti-crusher weapon' while Razer was fitted with a new hook attachment. This time, Tornado was unable to repeat its Series 6 performance, with Razer successfully hooking the weapon frame and trying to carry it over to the pit as in prior encounters. In doing so, Razer's motors burnt out, crippling its drive and resulting in both robots surviving to their third Judges' decision. Razer was declared victorious, but its team later decided to forfeit their place in the European Championship final as they believed it had been immobilised for longer than 30 seconds. With Team Tornado not following Razer in returning for Series 8, this was the last time both robots fought each other on Robot Wars, with a 3-2 record in favour of Razer.


Tornado attended the qualifiers for the Fourth Wars, and was drawn in a battle against veterans T2 R Special. Tornado immediately rammed T2 R Special hard, followed by a lot of pushing and turning, before Shunt axed and tipped the latter onto its side. Tornado righted T2 R Special who then missed an axe attack, and its weapon promptly broke. Tornado continued ramming T2 R Special until it was deemed immobilised, thus winning the battle and subsequently qualified for the main competition, unlike its opponent.

For all subsequent series that it competed in, Tornado automatically qualified without having to attend the qualifiers, by virtue of its seeding.

Robot History[]

Series 4[]

"Now...what engine have you got in that? It's like a Ferrari!"
Craig Charles after Tornado's victory against Berserk 2

Tornado's first appearance on Robot Wars came in Heat F of the Fourth Wars, where it faced Kater Killer and Gemini, the first clusterbot created by Team Mace.

Tornado rams Kater Killer into Gemini

Tornado rams Shunt across the arena

Tornado charged out of the starting gates and drove Kater Killer across the arena and into the side wall, next to Sir Killalot. Tornado then circled around in the centre of the arena and pushed Kater Killer back again, this time into one of the Gemini twins. Another shove back in towards the same part of Gemini saw Kater Killer thrown over by Gemini's flipping arm - where it was unable to self-right. Tornado bundled the overturned Kater Killer around the arena floor and eventually righted it in the process, although a follow up of the drive saw Tornado slam Kater Killer into Shunt, which left it immobilised after an attack from his axe.

"The boys from Huntingdon doing their stuff here."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado comes in with another assault on Kater Killer

Tornado ends up in the Pit of Oblivion

Tornado was flipped by Gemini before driving it back towards the arena wall as the two dueled while Kater Killer was being dragged away by Sir Killalot. Tornado then turned its attention to Shunt, which had ventured out of the CPZ. Tornado drove the House Robot around the arena and then nearly down into the Pit, which was descending. This was followed up by another drive on the beaten Kater Killer, with the attack snapping off Kater Killer's furry tail. Suddenly, as Dead Metal edged Kater Killer towards the Pit of oblivion, Tornado shot across the arena and drove into the Pit. Cease was called straight afterwards, and although Tornado was the first robot in the Pit, Kater Killer was long immobilised, so Tornado progressed with Gemini.

Tornado's next battle was against the seeded Berserk 2, which made it to the second round with The Creature after the two edged past Inverterbrat in Round 1.

Tornado rams Berserk 2

Tornado's first drive allowed it to drive Berserk 2 across the arena and into the side wall. Berserk 2 edged back towards the centre of the arena but missed with its attempted axe attacks. Tornado slammed into Berserk 2 once more, but Berserk 2 managed to prevent itself crashing into the arena wall again as it used its rear lifter. This did little to interrupt Tornado's rhythm though, and a rally of slams ended up with Berserk 2 in the grasp of Dead Metal, where it sustained damage. After Berserk 2 came loose from the House Robot, Tornado accelerated Berserk 2 into the far side arena wall.

"Look at this - great power on the drive."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado charges into Berserk 2 again

Tornado slams Berserk 2 into submission

Tornado came in with subsequent rams as Berserk 2 sat motionless, before it decided to back away to allow the House Robots to close in. Sir Killalot proceeded to hang Berserk 2 over the flame pit before dropping it into the Pit, confirming Tornado's place in the Heat Final.

The Heat Final saw Tornado again lock horns with first round opponent and eight seeds Gemini, with Andrew Marchant confident but wary before the battle.

"We should be able to push them around, because, of course, when they're separated, they weigh half of what we do, but we're still worried about that weapon. It's very powerful - it flipped us before, and it could flip us again."
— Andrew Marchant before the Heat Final

Tornado rams Gemini into the spike

Tornado backed into space as the Gemini twins split, before driving at one of the pair. It tried to defend itself with a flip, but Tornado continued its attack and forced the twin into the arena wall. It tried to move away, but Tornado came in with multiple drives which resulted in the part of the clusterbot being left impaled on the arena wall spike.

"At the moment, Tornado is the heavyweight of this clash!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado is thrown over by one of the twins

Tornado then tussled with the other part of the robot but was inverted after a flip. The twin then tried to flip the other half of Gemini back into action, and although it was released from the arena wall, it still showed no signs of movement. With its partner immobile, the other half of Gemini left it alone and decided to attack Tornado in hopes of turning the battle. It successfully flipped Tornado over twice in a matter of seconds - with the second flip leaving Tornado motionless - but it was too late for Gemini to turn the battle, with cease called as half of Gemini was immobilised, and Tornado was through to the Semi-Finals as the winner of Heat F.

Through to the Semi-Finals, Tornado's first opponent was the winner of Heat H, Wheely Big Cheese, with Team Tornado confident ahead of the battle.

"At the end of the heats, we had a little problem with our drive system, but it's all fixed now and we are ready to go!"
— Andrew Marchant before before the first Semi-Final battle

Wheely Big Cheese flips Tornado

Tornado lands after being flipped by Wheely Big Cheese

Tornado harassed Wheely Big Cheese in the opening moments, but found itself in trouble as it rode up the front of Wheely Big Cheese, which very nearly threw it out of the arena with a flip. Tornado was flipped by Wheely Big Cheese once again shortly after, but it recovered strongly as it forced Wheely Big Cheese into the CPZ, where a follow up attack from Tornado popped loose part of the wheel and left Wheely Big Cheese hobbling.

"They've sustained damage in that CPZ - look at that! The wheel is buckled and bent, and now it's Tornado's turn to drive on! That is a decisive moment!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Both machines limp as time runs out

Wheely Big Cheese moved out from the CPZ after being turned over by Matilda, but Tornado continued to give Wheely Big Cheese no room to breathe as it drove it across the arena floor. Tornado then drove itself over an arena flame jet and began to smoke soon after. With time running out, Tornado was left turning in circles, while Wheely Big Cheese continued to limp itself. The battle ended with both robots side by side, and the judges were called upon to make a decision. They went in favour of Tornado, which moved through to Round 2 of the Semi-Finals as a result.

Tornado faced the reigning champions, Chaos 2 in the second round of the Semi-Finals, although assistance from other teams was needed for Tornado to be fighting fit for the battle.

Julia Reed: "Now, how's that motor working, because Steg 2 lent you one, didn't they?"
Andrew Marchant: "Well, we did get a motor from Steg 2, but we also got a motor from MouseTrap. We have got MouseTrap's motor in here now, but thank you to both teams - it's very much appreciated."
— Andrew Marchant expresses his gratitude to Jurassic Park and Team MouseTrap

The fight itself was fought three times due to multiple circumstances, with only the third battle shown on TV.

"Our final televised fight for Series 4 was against Chaos 2. Except that it was the fourth of the semi for us, as we had to fight Chaos 2 three times! The first fight was stopped as the arena got damaged, in the second we pushed Chaos 2 into Shunt's CPZ and Shunt axed them, they lost a chain, but so did we and the judges called a tie."
— Team Tornado[27]

Tornado and Chaos 2 lock horns

Tornado initially drifted around next to the flame pit as Chaos 2 hunted Tornado down. Tornado then drove into Chaos 2, where it narrowly evaded a flip from its opponent. After circling each other, Tornado drove up the front of Chaos 2, which inverted it with a flip.

"Tornado, not surprisingly, trying to stay out of trouble."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado attempted to fight back as it rammed Chaos 2 twice in quick succession, but a third drive saw Tornado ride up onto the flipper of Chaos 2 again. Tornado was rumbled over towards the arena wall with two consecutive flips. Chaos 2 then pinned Tornado against the arena wall to stop it moving away and then flipped it up to stack it vertically against the arena wall.

Tornado's run in The Fourth Wars comes to an end

"This is Chaos 2 trying to flip Tornado out of the arena - and succeeding! That's what he lives for, George Francis, and again he's pulled it off."
— Jonathan Pearce

With Tornado unable to move away, Chaos 2 lined up its position before flipping Tornado out of the arena. This eliminated Tornado from the tournament, with Chaos 2 moving on to the Grand Final.

Craig Charles: "Did you think he was going to do that - just blow you out of the arena like that?"
Bryan Moss: "I wasn't particularly surprised by it! At least it took someone like that to do it!"
— Bryan Moss reacts post battle

Tornado's Fourth Wars run is rewarded with a trophy

Despite being eliminated, Tornado had enjoyed a promising run in its first debut tournament. This was recognised at the end of the series, as Tornado was nominated for the Best Newcomer award alongside Robochicken, Attila the Drum and MouseTrap, before eventually being confirmed as the winner of the award.

"The winner, mainly because of that victory over Gemini - Tornado!"
— Jonathan Pearce announces the winner of the Best Newcomer award

Extreme 1[]

"Hi, my name's Andrew Marchant, this is Bryan Moss, this is David Gamble, we are Team Tornado. Remember how we pushed all the other robots around last year? Well we're going to do the same this year, and this year we have this [spinning drum], everybody beware!"
— The team's introduction for Extreme 1
"We fought Stinger in a slightly fake Grudge match - at least Tornado performed better than our acting!"
— Team Tornado website[28]

Tornado competed in a wide range of events in Robot Wars Extreme Series 1. The first was a Vengeance battle against Stinger that was initially meant to be part of the All-Stars tournament, with the eventual 'reason' for this grudge match taking place being because the Stinger team claimed Tornado was a box on wheels.

Tornado pushes Stinger

Tornado made its way over to Stinger and forced it backwards, but took three blows on top in the process. Stinger then spun on the spot and deflected Tornado aside, but Tornado quickly bundled Stinger over and forced it over the Flame Pit. Tornado continued to force Stinger on the back foot, with Tornado then catching the tip of Stinger's weapon with its spinning drum, which sent Stinger hurtling backwards with its weapon flailing.

"Tornado with the new cutting disc, and I think that cutting disc just flipped Stinger up in the air there! That was a good attack by Tornado."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado knocks Stinger backwards with its drum

Stinger responded by spinning around and connecting with two hits to the side of Tornado, but another strong Tornado drive pushed Stinger into the clutches of Dead Metal, with Stinger needing to hit the House Robot to move away. The battle then went through a period of Tornado pushing Stinger backwards, which consistently retaliated with slams on Tornado. After another drive on Stinger, Tornado then found itself under pressure from Dead Metal, which sliced into the rear of Tornado, while Stinger then found itself with its weapon stuck underneath Dead Metal. After Stinger released itself, Tornado edged it across the arena floor and into the opposite CPZ where Sir Killalot resided. With Stinger deep in the House Robot's zone, Sir Killalot turned and grabbed Stinger by its axle, which resulted in Sir Killalot holding Stinger over the arena side wall before reversing and dropping it back down onto the arena floor. With time running down, Tornado continued to nag away, and caused further dents and scratches to Stinger. Refbot's timer then counted up to ten and the battle was sent to the judges, who awarded the win to Tornado.

"Steel Avenger, Tornado and King B3, the most competitive robots around do battle. One of them goes through to our Annihilator later on in the series. Only one though."
— Jonathan Pearce before Tornado's Mayhem battle

Tornado also competed in a Mayhem battle against The Steel Avenger and King B Powerworks, in order to gain entry into the Annihilator.

"Awarded the best newcomer prize on reaching the semi-finals of Robot Wars 4. Some say it's just a welded, steel box on wheels, but the vertically mounted spinning disc and the ability to run both ways up means that Tornado can wind up anyone."
— Jonathan Pearce introducing Tornado before its Mayhem battle

Tornado pushes The Steel Avenger

Tornado immediately targeted The Steel Avenger, and quickly knocked it towards the Flame Pit as it looked to get at The Steel Avenger's sides. Tornado backed into space but was quickly met by a charge from The Steel Avenger, before Tornado got underneath The Steel Avenger again. Tornado then grinded away at the front of The Steel Avenger with its spinning drum, before The Steel Avenger connected with a hit of its axe. Tornado and The Steel Avenger continued to duel with each other, with Tornado slamming The Steel Avenger into the arena wall while The Steel Avenger responded by attacking Tornado with its rear lifter. Finally, while The Steel Avenger drifted over the Flame Pit, King B Powerworks became involved in proceedings as Tornado drove at it side on. Tornado then lined up another drive on The Steel Avenger and sent a shard of armour flying away from its opponent, before King B Powerworks used its lifting spikes to punch into the side of Tornado and move it around.

"What's happened to Tornado? Tornado have stopped in the middle of the arena!"
— Jonathan Pearce

An immobile Tornado is attacked by King B Powerworks

As King B Powerworks pulled away from Tornado, Tornado had been rendered immobilised by its removable link popping out from impact[29]. It was counted out by Refbot before Shunt placed it onto the Floor Flipper where it was thrown. Matilda finally finished Tornado off by nudging it into the Pit, and Tornado's hopes of qualifying for the Annihilator had come to an end, with The Steel Avenger progressing via a judges' decision.

After having reached the Series Semi-Finals of Series 4, Tornado also competed in the All-Stars tournament where it fought 3 Stegs 2 Heaven in Round 1.

Andrew Marchant: "You're going to hell!"
Bryan Moss: "The Steg's going to be extinct!"
David Gamble: "We're going to blow you away because there's a tornado coming!"
— Fighting talk from Team Tornado before their first All-Stars battle

Tornado pushes 3 Stegs 2 Heaven around the arena

3 Stegs 2 Heaven struggled to get going in the opening seconds and found itself under immediate pressure from Tornado. 3 Stegs 2 Heaven attempted to retreat, but Tornado was hot in pursuit and connected with its spinning drum which sent 3 Stegs 2 Heaven towards the arena wall. Tornado then reversed into 3 Stegs 2 Heaven to move it around before readjusting and driving 3 Stegs 2 Heaven against an angle grinder, where it lost drive on its right-hand side. Tornado continued its pressure on 3 Stegs 2 Heaven by causing damage to its rear-end and forcing into the CPZ, where Sir Killalot grabbed hold of it. The House Robot then carried it towards the Flame Pit, where it also became evident that the drive chain on 3 Stegs 2 Heaven's right wheel had come loose.

"The crowd want the end of 3 Stegs 2 Heaven. It's been three tottering, teetering, stumbling steps to oblivion."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado dominates

Tornado pushes 3 Stegs 2 Heaven onto the flame pit

After Sir Killalot dropped 3 Stegs 2 Heaven back onto the arena floor, Tornado came in again and pushed it back against the arena wall and into a CPZ. Dead Metal then came across and dragged 3 Stegs 2 Heaven towards the Floor Flipper. After 3 Stegs 2 Heaven was sent flying by the arena hazard, Sir Killalot came in and picked up 3 Stegs 2 Heaven again before spinning it around and throwing it aside. 3 Stegs 2 Heaven continued to trundle around on one wheel as time ticked down, and although Tornado continued to attack 3 Stegs 2 Heaven and forced it over the Flame Pit, it had to settle for a victory via a Judges' decision.

After successfully dismissing 3 Stegs 2 Heaven, Tornado faced Pussycat in the Quarter-Finals.

Julia Reed: "So, Tornado - 3,500rpm on their blade, what have you got?"
Bryan Moss: "We've got 2,500, but ours is a lot heavier."
— Talk over the two robots' spinning weapons before battle

Tornado charges Pussycat

Pussycat's front wheelied up into the air straight away, which allowed Tornado to push Pussycat back towards the arena wall and use its drum to cut into Pussycat's armour. Pussycat tried to bring its disc into play, but Tornado continued its strong start with a ram into the Angle Grinder, which ripped away one of Pussycat's tyres. Tornado then pushed Pussycat into an unoccupied CPZ and inverted it onto the side where Pussycat's tyre was missing so it was unable to gain sufficient traction. Shunt came in and dented Pussycat's shell, before Tornado took over the reins again and bundled Pussycat around. Finally, Pussycat was able to bump itself back onto the side where it had both tyres. This did little to help Pussycat get back into the battle though, as Tornado's consistently aggressive driving ended up with Pussycat in its handicapped position against another Angle Grinder.

"This is a relentless robot, Tornado. It doesn't know when to stop!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado holds Pussycat against the arena wall

After landing back onto its wheels, Pussycat struggled to escape from the pressure of the House Robots, and this lead to the rubber coming loose on another of Pussycat's wheels. Tornado then knocked Pussycat onto a Flame Jet, and with it unable to gain traction, Pussycat was immobilised. Sir Killalot then managed to catch fire by moving Pussycat away from the Flame Jet, and with cease called after the House Robot had cooled off, Tornado's place in the All-Stars Semi-Finals was confirmed.

In the Semi-Finals, Tornado faced Chaos 2 in a rematch from Series 4, and Andrew Marchant was confident in avenging Tornado's defeat from last time around.

"I think we'll beat them. We've been practicing, we're reliable, and let's face it, Chaos is a bit long in the tooth now - it's old, it's worn out."
— Andrew Marchant before Tornado's All-Stars Semi-Final battle

Tornado slips under Chaos 2

Chaos 2 tried to flip Tornado in the opening seconds but only succeeded in throwing itself over, which allowed Tornado to drive the overturned robot across the arena and into the side wall. Chaos 2 eventually found its way back onto its wheels again, but was forced to withstand an axe blow from Shunt, as well as the fact that its flipper was not fully retracted. Tornado shunted Chaos 2 around, which used its flipper to try to defend itself but missed its target again.

"Tornado has his fan club. I must admit I've been a growing fan, here, on the evidence of what we've seen in Extreme so far."
— Jonathan Pearce praises Tornado as it makes another strong start to a battle

Tornado finds itself in trouble against the arena wall

Chaos 2 then drove at Tornado and clamped it in the space that the upright flipper had left, but once again Chaos 2 was forced to run away into space to attempt to let its flipper move back into its natural position. After being slammed into the arena wall by Tornado, Chaos 2 finally managed to use its weapon as it flipped Tornado over. Tornado responded quickly though and fed Chaos 2 into Dead Metal's grasp, with the House Robot's circular saw sending sparks flying by cutting into Chaos 2's armour.

"Tornado on the attack. They can sense victory here - they're after Chaos 2. Hunting, harrying, chasing."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado pushes Chaos 2

Tornado shreds the flipper of Chaos 2 as battle ends

After Chaos 2 moved away, Tornado forced it across the arena and into an unoccupied CPZ, where Chaos 2 suddenly juked away and flipped Tornado and an incoming Dead Metal up into the air, before Tornado fell against the arena wall. Chaos 2 attempted to throw Tornado out of the arena but missed with a flip, and was then attacked by Dead Metal. After an attack from Shunt, Refbot knocked Tornado down onto the arena floor much to the displeasure of the crowd, but Tornado quickly found itself in trouble again as Chaos 2 flipped it over. Tornado responded with a strong drive on Chaos 2 which temporarily knocked it onto its side and let Tornado carry Chaos 2 into the arena wall. With seconds remaining, Tornado came in with one last attack on Chaos 2's flipper. With both machines standing at the end, the battle went to the judges, who sent Tornado through to the All-Stars Final.

In the All-Stars Final Tornado faced off against Razer, which made its way past Gemini, Behemoth and Firestorm 3 to reach this stage.

Julia Reed: "Are we ready, Tornado?"
Andrew Marchant: "Yeah, we're ready to go, we're going to give it our all, but Razer's a pretty tough robot."
— Andrew Marchant before the All-Stars Final

Tornado is held by Razer

Razer drove at Tornado immediately and slid underneath its side, which allowed it to press its crushing arm down into one of Tornado's wheel wells. Tornado attempted to gain traction, but Razer continued to move its beak up and down while keeping its grip on Tornado, before repositioning and crumpling through Tornado's armour. After Razer used its purchase to lift Tornado up into the air, Tornado dropped down onto the arena floor and attempted to get back into the battle as it sent sparks flying off Razer. Razer quickly got back into its groove though, as Tornado beached itself on Razer's front wedge, which allowed Razer to target in and around Tornado's tyres again.

"Tornado all of a sudden is looking a tired out old thing, there, in the warzone, in the arena. It cannot get away from Razer."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado has its tyre attacked by Razer

Tornado managed to back away soon after, but Razer didn't give Tornado any respite and grabbed hold of Tornado once more. Finally, after further Razer punishment, Tornado broke down. With its defeat confirmed, Tornado was dealt extra damage by Razer and Shunt, before being torched on the Flame Pit, thrown from the Floor Flipper and pushed down into the Pit of Oblivion by Razer.

Tornado's highlight of Robot Wars Extreme was participating in the Challenge Belt competition, where it first faced the holders, Behemoth.

"They're too big for their boots, but not too big for that belt. But only just. It would look much better on us."
— Andrew Marchant as Team Tornado state their intent to win the belt from Behemoth

Tornado pushes underneath Behemoth

Tornado proves to be too powerful for Behemoth

Tornado darted around Behemoth in the opening moments, and narrowly missed an axe attack from its opponent. Tornado then drove at the side of Behemoth and drove it into the arena wall. Behemoth managed to move away after another shunt from Tornado but struggled to assert itself as Tornado twice rammed into Behemoth's front scoop. Another Tornado attack pressed Behemoth up against Refbot before Tornado bundled it over and rammed it against the arena wall.

"And Behemoth, here - the Challenge Belt holders, are in real trouble!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth is propped up against the arena wall

Behemoth flips Tornado

Tornado is stacked against the arena wall

Only a helpful nudge from Refbot knocked the flailing Behemoth back onto its wheels, and it used its reprieve to turn Tornado over with its scoop. Tornado turned aggressor for a short period as it probed away at the sides of Behemoth, but two quick lifts from the Challenge Belt holder ended up with Tornado up against the arena wall inside a CPZ. With Tornado not completely balanced and threatening to fall back onto its wheels, Behemoth tried to readjust its position to put Tornado in further danger.

"What a great battle this is! One of the best we've seen in Extreme so far."
— Jonathan Pearce

Time runs out and the battle goes to the judges

Tornado seizes the Challenge Belt

However, its progress was interrupted by the incoming Matilda who struck Behemoth with her flywheel tail. This intervention made it so Tornado came back down onto the arena floor and allowed it to drive Behemoth across the arena and into the side wall. After both machines met head on with Tornado sending sparks from Behemoth's scoop, Behemoth reversed into the Pit release button. Another broadside drive from Tornado forced Behemoth into the arena wall again, with Behemoth then responding by pressing Tornado back itself in the dying seconds. The battle went to the judges, who awarded the victory to Tornado, and Behemoth was forced to hand the belt over to them.

"The judges have made their decision. Now you know the criteria. They were looking at style, control, damage and aggression. Bit of an upset here. They've gone for Tornado!"
— Craig Charles reveals the winner

Tornado's first defense of the belt was against the experienced Comengetorix.

"Tornado, we're gonna get you!"
— Team Comengetorix before their challenge for the belt

Tornado shoves Comengetorix

Tornado met Comengetorix head on instantly, which connected with its axe. Tornado then caught Comengetorix side on and drove it back in towards Shunt, which dented the front of Comengetorix with its own axe. After Comengetorix escaped from the House Robot, Tornado came in with two drives in quick succession and ripped away some of Comengetorix's armour with its spinning drum, before shunting it into an empty CPZ.

"Comengetorix can't really get going at the moment. I think that initial shove by Tornado really took the wind out of Comengetorix's sails."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado rips into Comengetorix's skirt

Shunt came over to use its axe again and then held it over the Flame Pit as Tornado descended the Pit. Before Shunt retreated, he turned Comengetorix onto its back. Comengetorix self-righted, but failed to show initial signs of movement after doing so, and Tornado was able to press Comengetorix backwards again. Comengetorix was then fed to Sir Killalot, who moved Comengetorix across the arena and into the axe of Shunt. Shunt then pushed Comengetorix back into the centre of the arena, but once again Comengetorix showed little signs of movement. Tornado used this to its advantage and drove Comengetorix towards the Pit of Oblivion before nudging it down, and Tornado had successfully defended the belt, meaning that it only needed to win one more battle to win the belt outright.

Tornado's next defence was against two time Semi-Finalists, Wild Thing.

Tornado slams Wild Thing into the side wall

Tornado managed to get to the side of Wild Thing immediately and churned up visible damage on the side of its wedge. Tornado followed this up with a strong slam into the arena wall, before both machines cancelled each other out for a spell with neither robot able to force the other backwards. Tornado eventually gained the advantage as it drove Wild Thing into the CPZ before pressing it up against Sir Killalot. Tornado then attacked the rear of Wild Thing and ripped away a red strip of armour, before pushing Wild Thing into Sir Killalot again. After Wild Thing retreated, Tornado continued its assault by knocking Wild Thing onto its back after a drive into the arena wall.

"Well the eyes at the moment, staring, but staring defeat in the face, Wild Thing."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado pushes Wild Thing into Sir Killalot

Wild Thing righted itself using its lifting arm, while Tornado slammed the Pit release button, before Tornado nearly overshot into the Pit itself as it attempted to drive at Wild Thing. After Wild Thing found itself in Sir Killalot's clutches again, both machines took turns at trying to push each other around. In the remaining seconds it was Tornado's turn to be plucked by Sir Killalot, but its late fightback was not enough to sway a Judges' decision that went in Tornado's favour.

"We were starting to get a bit weaker towards the end, our batteries were starting to go!"
— Andrew Marchant

After winning three battles in succession, Tornado was awarded the belt outright, and was given a second belt to defend, with the first challenger being Chaos 2.

"This is a Grudge Match, this is a Challenge Belt challenge - all in one!"
— Jonathan Pearce refers to the two machines' previous encounters ahead of their Challenge Belt battle

Tornado is flipped by Chaos 2

Tornado successfully attacked the side of Chaos 2 instantly and carried it towards Dead Metal's CPZ. Chaos 2 managed to get away unscathed, but was unable to manoeuvre itself into a position to attack Tornado, which flanked Chaos 2 again and drove it into Shunt. Chaos 2 flipped the House Robot to defend itself, and then made its first attacks of note on Tornado by throwing it over twice in a row. Tornado then slammed Chaos 2 into Dead Metal again, and Shunt joined in soon after as Chaos 2 tried to flip Dead Metal aside.

"Are we heading for another defeat here, for Chaos 2? Are we heading for a new chapter in the history of Robot Wars - a new hierarchy to be created?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado batters Chaos 2 a second time

Suddenly, it became evident that Chaos 2 had lost drive on its right-hand side, and it was only able to spin around in the CPZ. Chaos 2 managed to flip Shunt onto his side, but with it unable to show controlled movement, Dead Metal decided to grab hold of Chaos 2 and dragged it onto the Floor Flipper, where it was counted out by Refbot before being flipped by the arena hazard. This confirmed Tornado's victory and meant that it had got off to a successful start in the defence of the second belt.

Tornado's last Challenge Belt fight in the first series of Extreme was a rematch against Pussycat.

Tornado shoves Pussycat into the angle grinder

Tornado forced Pussycat onto the back foot in the opening stages and rammed it against the side wall. Pussycat then brought its spinning blade into play and chipped away at Tornado, but Tornado used its pushing power once again to force Pussycat into Matilda's CPZ - where the connection of her flywheel caused the rubber from one of Pussycat's tyres to come loose. After this, Pussycat could only spin around on the spot and was unable to move on its right-hand side.

"At this moment, it's a cat with nine lives, and it's eaten up just about eight of them I would say!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Pussycat limps around

Pussycat topples into the Pit of Oblivion

Tornado depressed the Pit, and after a period of Pussycat evasion and resistance, Tornado pushed it onto the lip of the Pit, where it then fell down into after trying to escape. This confirmed a second win in Tornado's defence of the second belt - although it would have to wait until the next series of Extreme for the final battle for the belt to take place.

The Second World Championship[]

After finishing second in the All-Stars Grand-Final, Tornado represented the UK in the Second World Championship along with Chaos 2, Firestorm 3 and Razer. This competition was also broadcast during Extreme Warriors: Season 1. In the first round melee, Tornado faced American robot, and Extreme Warriors: Season 1 champion, Panzer Mk 2, Belgian robot Philipper and the South African machine Yeborobo.

Tornado is clamped by Panzer Mk 2

Tornado set its sights on Panzer Mk 2 from the off and got underneath its flipper after it was raised in an upright position. Tornado continued to push Panzer Mk 2 backwards and into the CPZ, with the American robot responding by lifting Tornado up, allowing it to escape from the CPZ. Tornado then found itself planted on Philipper after Panzer Mk 2 chucked it onto the World Championship veterans, while Yeborobo continued to remain stationary. After Tornado was raised by Philipper's lifter, Panzer Mk 2 took over again and rammed and lifted Tornado into the arena wall.

"Tornado really being pressured and pursued across the arena floor here by Panzer."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado pushes Philipper onto the flame pit

Tornado came back onto the front of Panzer Mk 2 with its spinning drum, but its opponent used its weapon to invert Tornado once more. Meanwhile, Yeborobo was counted out, and the beaten machine was thrown onto both of Tornado and Panzer Mk 2 from the Floor Flipper. Suddenly, Panzer Mk 2 was overturned by Philipper and was unable to right itself. In the time remaining, Tornado used its spinning drum to grind away at Philipper, before putting the finishing touches on Yeborobo's demise by pushing it into the Pit. The battle went to a Judges' decision, who put Tornado through.

"We've got as good a chance as any in it!"
— Bryan Moss on Team Tornado's chances of victory

In the Semi-Finals, Tornado - with its scoop attached - fought the reigning world champion and only other remaining UK representative in the tournament in Razer.

Tornado's tyres are crushed

After initial jostling, Tornado was forced into the arena wall by Razer after it rode up the front of the Razer's wedge. Razer then moved into position to bring its crushing arm down into one of Tornado's wheel wells. Tornado attempted to move away, but was unable to find the space to do so while it was next to the arena wall. Razer then attacked Tornado from behind and pierced through its armour, which also gave it enough purchase to hoist Tornado up into the air.

"Tornado being puffed out of it here immediately by Razer's hardened point."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado's second loss to Razer in Extreme is confirmed

After dropping back down, Tornado tried to outmanoeuvre its opponent again, but it was only able to drive into Razer's crushing zone again. Razer kept hold of Tornado, used it to bump into the Pit release button, before hoisting Tornado up into the air in celebration and then sliding it into the Pit.

"That was a very hard fight, they deserve that!"
— David Gamble

Series 5[]

"We won the best newcomer award last year, this year we're going all the way."
— Andrew Marchant

Seeded 12 for Series 5, Tornado was drawn against former semi-finalists Gravedigger in the first round of Heat G.

Tornado is axed by Gravedigger

The first drive towards Gravedigger saw Tornado narrowly evade a slam from its opponent's axe. Tornado then attacked the rear of Gravedigger, but Gravedigger responded by turning around and connecting with another use of its axe. After another solid connection from Gravedigger's weapon, Tornado charged at its side and shunted it across the arena and into the arena wall. Tornado continued to target the back of Gravedigger, and once again carried it around the arena on a long drive which left it against the arena wall.

"And a very good performance by Tornado has left Gravedigger immobilised right from the start."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado grapples with Gravedigger

This time, Gravedigger failed to move away, so Tornado came in with a slam before charging off into the distance and activating the Pit release button. Refbot then came over and counted out Gravedigger, before Sir Killalot held it over the Flame Pit and then dropped it next to the Pit of Oblivion, where Tornado put together the finishing touches, pitting Gravedigger.

This put Tornado against the Dublin boys and Diotoir, which reached the second round itself after disposing of Dome.

Tornado rams into Diotoir

Tornado came in with two quick rams while missing a thrust of Diotoir's scoop in the process. Tornado quickly attacked the space that the raised weapon of Diotoir had left and drove it into Sgt. Bash. Diotoir moved away from the House Robot, but Tornado kept the pressure on it by driving it across the arena floor and into an unoccupied CPZ. Tornado then came in with a rally of rams, although this did little to deter Diotoir which continued to drive towards Tornado while it carried out its attacks. Both machines then engaged with each other head on, with neither robot forcing the other backwards. After Diotoir finally broke the deadlock and pushed Tornado around, Tornado resorted back to its moving away and ramming tactic, although once again Diotoir wasn't forced on the back foot by this.

"This is a terrific, sustained fight between two stout-hearted machines."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado's shock exit at the hands of Diotoir.

Tornado then hovered in and around Diotoir and attacked it side on, which allowed it to push Diotoir back towards the Flame Pit. Suddenly, after activating the Pit release button, Tornado's drive sprocket failed and Diotoir pushed Tornado into the Pit of Oblivion. This meant that Tornado was eliminated from the competition, becoming the only robot in the top 12 seeds of Series 5 not to reach at least the Heat Final.

"They proved to be one of the hardest to push 2WD robots we have ever fought, and when we were on their front, their ramped chassis lifted our front wheels off the ground and gave them the pushing advantage. This proved conclusive after they opened the pit just before we lost drive on one side. There was nothing we could do - straight down the pit we went. Out to Diotoir - Noooooo!"
— Andrew Marchant on the Tornado website[30]

US Season 2[]

Tornado, alongside Kat 3, Wowot and arch-rivals Razer, appeared in the International Championship of Extreme Warriors Season 2. The four UK robots were drawn up against each other, with Tornado fighting Adam Clark's Wowot in the first round.

Tornado targets Wowot's back

Tornado, equipped with its spinning drum, drove Wowot back into a CPZ straight away, where it was sandwiched by Sir Killalot and Sgt. Bash. After Sgt. Bash pierced the front of Wowot's shell, Tornado came back in to attack Wowot itself, and churned up the rear plating of its opponent with its weapon. After another strong Tornado slam, Wowot was caught up in a tussle with Sir Killalot.

"And takes him [Wowot] from the side, Tornado. So much power in this bot."
— Stefan Frank

Tornado pits Wowot

It managed to escape, but was starting to struggle for movement, which allowed Tornado to easily position itself to attack Wowot's back panel again. After Tornado went off to activate the Pit, Wowot started to move again, but its intermittency was still evident as Tornado closed in. Tornado then drove Wowot towards the edge of the Pit, before nudging it down fully, and sealing its passage through to the next round.

"Our second fight was against Razer. Unlike at Extreme 1 we were not daunted - it was time to play our trump card and reveal our anti-crusher weapon! Razer were dumbfounded - understandably they asked for it to be weighted and measured, but as we knew already it followed the rules to the letter. Everyone who saw it was either amused or speechless!"
— Team Tornado[31]

For their opponent in the next round in Razer, Team Tornado used their new anti-crusher device for the first time, as the second season of Extreme Warriors was filmed before UK Series 6.

Razer lifts Tornado by the cage

Early on, both machines struggled to get a proper foothold, as Razer could only grab around Tornado's frame, while Tornado failed to push Razer around freely. Then, after the Disc of Doom was activated, the two machines separated. They then both engaged again head on, where Razer crumpled down onto Tornado's spinning weapon. Tornado also saw itself attacked by Dead Metal, which was outside of its CPZ by a long way when it brought its circular saw down. Razer then held Tornado in place and crushed down again, which ripped away Tornado's weapon motor in the process. Razer used its purchase on Tornado to lift it up into the air, but it was forced to drop Tornado back onto the arena floor as it failed to gain enough traction to drag Tornado around. Tornado responded with multiple quick jabs, before it was once again attacked by a Dead Metal which had wandered away from its CPZ.

"For some reason the House Bots are picking on Tornado, when they really should've been after Razer, who was in the Control Patrol Zone."
— Stefan Frank

Tornado presses Razer back, as Dead Metal closes in

Tornado was deterred by the House Robot's interference though, as it drove Razer into Dead Metal - who was in his CPZ this time. The House Robot brought his saw down, although it made contact with Tornado again, while Sgt. Bash used his pincer to grab Tornado's cage from behind. The battle went to the judges, with a split decision going in favour of Tornado, sending it through to the final of the International Championship.

"But the judges were apparently told to ignore any house robot intervention because they had not done as they should. It went to a judges decision - and we won on a 2:1 split decision!"
— Team Tornado[32]

Unknown by the viewing public, it was later revealed there was a misunderstanding in regards to the identification of the weapon motor that fell out of Tornado during the battle. The judges believed it was one of Razer's wheels, but when Team Razer addressed them, it was revealed to have belonged to Tornado. By this point, however, it was too late to overturn the decision.

In the final, Tornado - equipped with its scoop - met General Chompsalot 2, which had beaten fellow US robots Brawler and Manta to reach this stage.

Tornado throws General Chompsalot 2 up into the air

Seconds after activate, a strong Tornado drive at one of General Chompsalot 2's tyres sent it tumbling over. Then, after a period of both machines jostling for position, Tornado carried General Chompsalot 2 and slammed it against the arena wall.

"Tornado's still got all the pushing power. Let's see if Chompsalot can get his jaws around this one!"
— Stefan Frank

Tornado sinks General Chompsalot 2

Suddenly, the bottom of General Chompsalot 2's jaw became stuck underneath the incoming Shunt, with the help of Tornado and Refbot needed to separate the two. Tornado then activated the Pit release bumper, and suddenly slipped General Chompsalot 2's front into the sinking arena hazard. General Chompsalot 2 desperately tried to gain enough traction to move away, but the weight of its front kept it hanging over the Pit. Tornado then finished it off with a couple of nudges, and left it as the winning robot of International Championship.

Series 6[]

Tornado returned for Series 6 with a new feature - an interchangeable weapons bay. It had a wide variety of weapons for different opponents that could be swapped in or out depending on what was needed. Due to the fact that Pussycat and Wheely Big Cheese did not return for Series 6, Tornado was given the 12th seed due to its status as a previous semi-finalist.

Tornado started off its Sixth Wars campaign against Series 4 returnee Terror-Bull, and newcomers Inshredable and Edge Hog, equipped with its default weapon choice - the spinning drum.

Tornado targets the rear of Edge Hog

Tornado was bright in the early stages, as it forced Inshredable around the arena on multiple occasions, before also slamming into the side of Terror-Bull. Tornado continued to make its presence felt as it turned its attention towards Edge Hog and caused damage - before it squeezed Inshredable into Matilda's CPZ.

"Tornado, you see, just comes in - little bash. Then spins away again - revs up for another attack."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado nags away at its opponents

Tornado drives Inshredable across the arena floor

After causing further worry and damage to Terror-Bull, and with Edge Hog immobilised next to the Pit release bumper, Tornado carried out a rally of assaults on Inshredable, which was then left in a CPZ after a lift from Terror-Bull. With Inshredable having sustained severe damage at the hands of Matilda and Dead Metal, Terror-Bull attempted to keep out of trouble. However, Tornado suddenly caught it side on and drove it down into the Pit. As a result, Terror-Bull was eliminated, with a limping Inshredable joining Tornado in progressing to the second round.

Tornado suddenly pits Terror-Bull

"Dead Metal got stuck in, immobilising Inshredable, or at least so we thought. So to end the fight we pushed Terror-Bull into the pit - and then Inshredable drove out from Dead Metal's corner! Sorry Terror-Bull guys, we should have left you alone, you would have gone through then..."
— Team Tornado on inadvertently knocking out Terror-Bull.[33] (edited)

In the second round, Tornado came up against first-timers Thor, which progressed through its first round melee with Anarchy after the pair got the better of Judge Shred 2½ and Revolution 2.

Tornado warps one of Thor's pincers

Tornado controlled proceedings in the opening stages, as it attacked and damaged the long sides of Thor with its spinning drum. After shaking off a hit from Thor's hammer, Tornado once again worked its way to the flanks of Thor, and used its weapon to buckle one of Thor's pincers.

"Tornado, already coming forward with another attack - nagging, worrying, and bending, and buckling."
— Jonathan Pearce

A panel is knocked off of Thor

Thor once again connected with its axe, but it proved no deterrent to Tornado, which continued to come at Thor with multiple drives and shunts, and then broke away a side panel from Thor after slamming it into the Pit release bumper. Tornado tried to take advantage of the descending arena hazard by attempting to slide Thor into the Pit, with the latter surviving the drive, before the two machines became entangled for a small amount of time. After the pair separated, a swerving Thor nearly backed itself into the Pit, before Tornado left Thor to be toyed with by Growler. After the House Robot let go of Thor, Tornado continued its own pressure on Thor by driving it towards Sgt. Bash.

"Look how bent and bruised it [Thor] is - the Tornado team have been as persistent as ever."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado slams into a limping Thor

Tornado nearly forced Thor down into the Pit again, before it targeted the area where Thor's removed panel was - repeatedly slamming into the exposed innards. Finally, a limping Thor managed to move away, but there was still enough time for one final rally of Tornado drives before cease was called. The battle went to a Judges' decision, who voted in favour of Tornado, sending it to the Heat Final stage for the second time in its Robot Wars career.

With its second round battle safely navigated, Team Tornado's thoughts turned towards their upcoming opponents, Team 101's new walkerbot Anarchy, with a change of weapon being the main talking point ahead of the Heat Final.

Philippa Forrester: "Which weapon are you going to use?"
Andrew Marchant: "Well we're against Anarchy, aren't we? So we thought that we might have a change. Now we're going to bring out a great big spike, because we think that'd go through the side of their polycarbonate very nicely."
— Pits talk before the Heat Final

Tornado and Anarchy move near the flame pit

Tornado charged towards Anarchy before avoiding two blows from Anarchy's axe weapon. Tornado continued to buzz in and around Anarchy as it looked to get its static spike into play, and then pushed the walker across the arena with a drive. Anarchy responded strongly, as it brought its flipper into play and threw Tornado over three times in quick succession. Anarchy activated its flipper for a fourth time in an attempt to keep up its strong spell, but, with some quick driving, Tornado kept out of a range of its opponent's flipper, before plunging its spike into Anarchy's internals.

"Oh, and have they [Anarchy] exposed themselves there, trying to flick again, they have! Tornado with the spike, right into the very machinery of Anarchy!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado drives its spike under Anarchy's flipper

After activating the Pit release trigger, Tornado continued its momentum from moments early, as it waited for Anarchy to activate its flipper before charging in again, spike first, on two more occasions.

"For me, Tornado has the measure, now, of Anarchy. You see there, the quicker across the arena floor. They can move away from any potential attack - clear the danger, and come again on an onslaught."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado is turned over by Anarchy

Both machines then exchanged attacks as Anarchy turned Tornado over, before the seed responded by driving Anarchy towards Dead Metal, who brought its circular saw down onto Anarchy. With time ticking down, Tornado came in with one last combination of jabs and prods, before cease was called. The Judges' decision went in favour of Tornado, sending it through to the series Semi-Finals.

"We were scared, its got such a good axe on it, and we knew if that axe got to us, we were in trouble"
— Andrew Marchant after the fight with Anarchy

Through to the Semi-Finals, Tornado was next met with the task of beating the fourth seed and three times Grand-Finalist, Hypno-Disc. Tornado was originally fitted with an anti-disc weapon, but the Hypno-Disc team raised an official complaint, stating the weapon was defensive rather than offensive.

Tornado uses its scoop for the first time in Series 6 against Hypno-Disc

Tornado immediately got into the face of Hypno-Disc, as it drove it against the side wall before sliding it into a CPZ. Despite having one of its scoop's spikes bent out of shape, Tornado continued its strong start by driving Hypno-Disc against the arena wall and then following it up with a number of slams. Hypno-Disc finally moved away, but it was allowed little time to recover, as Tornado drove Hypno-Disc across the arena floor and then repeated its tactic from moments earlier by subjecting Hypno-Disc to another combination of slams.

"One of the most persistent little dogged nuisances in that arena we have ever seen, Tornado. And Hypno-Disc is in massive trouble here, Tornado once again is whipping up a storm!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Fine margins, as Tornado and Hypno-Disc skirt on the lip of the Pit

Two arena release triggers were then activated, as Tornado first slammed Hypno-Disc into the Disc of Doom's bumper, before deciding to activate the Pit. As the Pit started to descend, Hypno-Disc connected with an attack to the side of Tornado, but this did little to halt Tornado's momentum, as it continued to harass the 4th seed around the arena. Then, both machines come close to falling down into the Pit twice in a matter of seconds after two Tornado drives. With time running down, Tornado kept Hypno-Disc's weapon speed down as it rammed it against the sides of the arena. With both machines active at the end of the battle, the judges were called in to decide the winner, and they went in favour of Tornado.

"We were so lucky, we were expecting to come out in a bin bag"
— Andrew Marchant in the post battle interview

In the second round of the Semi-Finals, Tornado was drawn up against Heat J winner and number 6 seed, Dominator 2.

Matilda throws Tornado into the air

In a cagey opening period, Tornado probed in and around the sides of Dominator 2, which fired, but missed with three uses of its axe. With only an incomplete drive on Dominator 2 from Tornado carried out, and neither machine stamping their authority on the fight, Tornado decided to activate the Pit release bumper. With the Pit dropping, Tornado caught Dominator 2 broadside on and drove it towards the arena hazard.

"The Pit release button is activated. Which of these machines has a short shelf life left in Robot Wars?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 pits itself

Dominator 2 just about avoided the Pit, but still found itself next to Matilda's CPZ. Tornado came in with multiple drives to keep Dominator 2 in and around the CPZ. However, in one of these shoves, Tornado got too close to Matilda itself, and was sent flying after being hit by Matilda's flywheel. Tornado landed on the edge of the Pit and moved away, while Dominator 2 was sent spinning before arcing itself down into the Pit. With Dominator 2's freak self-pitting, Tornado was through to the Grand Final for the very first time.

"The next problem was the scoop - we were to be fighting Firestorm so we needed to use it, but it would not sit flat on the ground. We had to adjust the tyre pressures to get it close, and then just hope...Firestorm had ground down their front sufficiently that we thought they would get underneath us even with the scoop, so we were very careful that we didn't hit head on at the start..."
— Team Tornado's tactics to approaching Firestorm.[34]

In the first round of the Grand Final, number 3 seed, Firestorm 4 was Tornado's opponent.

Tornado is flipped over

Tornado quickly troubled Firestorm 4, as it drove under its front before pushing it towards Mr. Psycho. Tornado was then in close-quarters with a House Robot itself though, as it was axed by Shunt after Firestorm 4's wedge propped up against Tornado's side spikes, allowing it to push Tornado backwards.

"This is what Tornado is all about. It is a frightening little nagger - an irritant. It simply pursues and pursues, but the pursuer turns into the pursued there, as the axe came down, of Shunt."
— Jonathan Pearce

Firestorm 4's next drive saw it get under Tornado's sides, although even after attempting to reposition itself with Tornado hanging on top of it, Firestorm 4 was unable to bring its flipper into play. Tornado's next cause of action was to drive into the Pit release trigger. Tornado then turned its attention back to Firestorm 4 and delivered it into Shunt's CPZ, although Firestorm 4 wasn't alone in suffering an axe blow from Shunt, as part of Tornado's top armour was penetrated by the House Robot. After this, both machines scuffled at the other end of the arena, although Firestorm 4 was the machine to come under pressure from Shunt again as it struggled to move away from the CPZ.

"What a battle this is! Very even."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado lines itself up to pit Firestorm 4

After escaping the CPZ, Firestorm 4 breached Tornado's front wedge and inverted it with a flip. Tornado was then flipped over again, and after having its wedge put back into its normal position, Tornado came back onto the front foot, as it drove Firestorm 4 against the arena wall and then tried to feed it to the Pit. Firestorm 4 retreated, but a persistent Tornado got underneath Firestorm 4 again and edged it towards the Pit. Unable to fully position Firestorm 4 correctly for a pitting, Tornado reversed to open up a better angle of approach, before sliding Firestorm 4 down into the Pit. With this, Tornado had earned itself a place in the championship deciding fight.

Craig Charles: "What surprise have you got for Razer then?"
Andrew Marchant: "Oh, I think you'll see - you'll see."
Craig Charles: "Oh, I hate surprises - I want it now! Let me open it now!"
Andrew Marchant: "No, no, you'll have to wait."
Craig Charles: "It's not going to be a weapon, is it?"
Andrew Marchant: "Oh, it might be."
— Andrew Marchant teases the prospect of a secret weapon ahead of the Grand Final

Tornado charges Razer around the arena

Tornado's final opponent was Razer. In the build up to the Grand Final fight, alterations for both machines were revealed in the pits. Tornado was fitted with an anti-crusher frame, coupled with a horizontal bar spinner at the front, while Razer's adaption came in the form of an extension on the end of its claw, in an attempt to still have the range to get purchase on Tornado.

Tornado slams Razer against the arena side wall

Tornado opened the Grand Final by connecting a succession of hits with its spinning bar. As Razer attempted to get at Tornado, another hit was dealt from Tornado's weapon - this time to one of Razer's self-righting wings, bending it out of shape.

"What a final, for Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars! Intrigue, mystery, suspense!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado pushes Razer into the CPZ

Razer then brought its claw down, but was unable to gain any purchase on Tornado, and was instead forced into a CPZ before being driven into the arena wall. After both machines jostled with each other, Tornado succeeded with another drive which left Razer wedged in on an angle grinder. With Razer stuck, Tornado came in with a succession of long-range rams.

"And Tornado, systematic, in its pressure, in its desire, and in its drive."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado repeatedly slams into Razer

Razer is lifted up and axed by Shunt, pinned by Tornado

Razer was eventually freed, but Tornado did not let up, as it drove Razer back into a CPZ before crashing Razer against the sidewall once more. Razer tried to respond by forcing Tornado backwards, but Tornado spun around with Razer attached to it and directed it into the clutches of Dead Metal, who threw sparks off of Razer after bringing his circular saw into play. Razer then took further punishment from the House Robots as Tornado fed it into Shunt, who subsequently dented Razer's armour with a fire of his axe and lifted it up with his scoop. After a couple more shunts, Tornado decided to descend the Pit. Tornado then forced Razer back towards the arena wall again, but suddenly, the extension to Razer's claw managed to gain purchase on the front of Tornado, which allowed Razer to lift Tornado up and carry it towards the Pit. Initially suspended over the trap with all four wheels over the edge - and thus at risk of possible elimination - Tornado was dragged back by Razer, regaining purchase on the arena floor with its front tyres. This, along with the size of its weapon frame, stopped Razer from pushing Tornado further down as it was left dangling over the Pit in the final seconds.[35]

"OH, they can't get them down the pit! Look at that, it's an anti-pit device as well! An APD! We have never seen one before! We’ve heard about them, but we have never seen an APD until now! And there it is! It goes to the Judges, what innovation…and what drama!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado survives an attempted pitting from Razer

Tornado hangs over the pit, and survives to a Judges' decision

The Judges were called in to make a decision, inspecting both robots for damage and re-watching footage of the entire fight along with the audience. Notably, Noel Sharkey demonstrated that in addition to cutting its own weapon belt - incapacitating it - Tornado's bar had been bent backwards far enough to collide with its own frame. After a lengthily deliberation, and despite Razer's late attack, the Judges nevertheless ruled that Tornado would be crowned the new UK Champion.

"It took them [the judges] about 40 minutes to come to a decision, including re-running the fight over the video monitors for the benefit of everyone, including the audience...The judges decided that Tornado's wheels had not been fully in the pit, therefore it was not in the pit, and as such we had won!"
— Team Tornado Website.[36]
"Razer will be back, we are currently doing a few mods for Extreme (and don't ask what because you won't get an answer). Great final, good feeling to be part of such a fantastic fight - nearly got them with the ultimate sucker punch too! But well done to the Tornado boys, the decision was the right one but we should have tried to lift you earlier."
— Vincent Blood of Team Razer, praising Tornado's victory on a Robot Wars discussion forum (archived)[37]

Extreme 2[]

Due to it winning Series 6, Tornado had done more than enough to qualify for the All-Stars Championship in Extreme 2.

In the first round of the tournament, Tornado, equipped with its scoop, was drawn up against Dantomkia and Terrorhurtz.

Tornado and Dantomkia press Terrorhurtz against the Disc of Doom button

Both Tornado and Dantomkia went after the fourth placed machine from Series 6 straight away, with Tornado completing a strong drive that sent Terrorhurtz into the Disc of Doom release tyre. Tornado remained underneath Terrorhurtz while against the arena wall to set up Dantomkia for a flip - although it could only flick Terrorhurtz up slightly. Dantomkia made more of an impact moments later though, as it drove Terrorhurtz across the arena floor and then turned it onto its side. Terrorhurtz frantically flailed away in an attempt to right itself but only managed to drop itself down onto Dantomkia's flipper. Dantomkia then flipped Terrorhurtz onto the top of the arena wall, where Terrorhurtz balanced precariously for a period of time. Dantomkia desperately tried to follow through by holding its flipping arm up against Terrorhurtz, but with the position of its bi-wedge negating any further movement forward, Dantomkia was forced to move away.

"Tornado has had a watching brief thus far, it seems to me."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado looks on

Tornado and Dantomkia remain close but don't engage with each other

As Terrorhurtz dropped back down onto the arena floor, it was met by both Tornado and Dantomkia and was pinned against the arena wall again. After Terrorhurtz swung its axe at Tornado and then Dantomkia slipped underneath Terrorhurtz itself, Shunt and Sgt. Bash both came in to separate the trio. Despite Dantomkia being made to retreat by Shunt, Terrorhurtz was still given no respite, with Tornado underneath it. Terrorhurtz responded by getting underneath Tornado's wedge and connecting with attacks from its axe, while Dantomkia drove off into the distance to activate the Pit release. After Dantomkia rejoined the tussle, both it and Tornado had their sights set on Terrorhurtz as they put it under more pressure, while visibly refusing to attack each other, even when at close quarters with the other machine.

"Tornado, again, looking for Terrorhurtz. Dantomkia and Tornado have ganged up, it seems, on John Reid's machine."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado shovels Terrorhurtz into the axe of Shunt

Tornado comes under pressure from Sgt. Bash

Another Tornado drive against the arena wall allowed both it and Dantomkia to press Terrorhurtz around again, before the two bundled it into Shunt's CPZ, where it was axed and then turned over. With Terrorhurtz unable to self-right, Dantomkia drove it over to the Pit and then edged it in, eliminating it. Meanwhile, Tornado had been attacked by the claw of Sgt. Bash, slicing through the side of Tornado. Cease was called as Dantomkia attempted to help Tornado out against the House Robot, and the pair progressed through to the second round of the All-Stars.

In the next round, Tornado fought former runner-up Bigger Brother. It maintained its scoop weaponry, to the doubts of Philippa Forrester and Jonathan Pearce.

"The other thing I say to the UK Champions is, what happens if Tornado is flipped? What use is that scoop then?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado slams Bigger Brother into an angle grinder

An inverted Tornado pushes back

Bigger Brother carried out the first move of note as it came in with a flip on Tornado, although the Series 6 champion remained right way up. Tornado then attempted to drive Bigger Brother backwards but wedged its own front underneath the Disc of Doom. Tornado was then driven back in towards Sir Killalot before Bigger Brother attempted but failed to turn Tornado over for a second time. Bigger Brother then attempted to shovel Tornado in towards Sir Killalot again, but ended up exposing itself to the House Robot, which allowed Tornado to come in with a ram, sending Bigger Brother crashing against the arena wall.

"Tornado comes in - senses an advantage can be gained there!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado slams Bigger Brother after its error

Tornado attempted to keep up its pressure as it pressed Bigger Brother up against an angle grinder before attempting to drive it across the arena floor, although once again an arena hazard halted Tornado's progress as it got snagged on the rim of the Flame Pit. Suddenly, Tornado was turned over by Bigger Brother, and with its wedge now off the ground, Tornado decided to activate the Pit release button in a desperate attempt to pit Bigger Brother.

"He's [Ian Watts] flipped Tornado! Now we'll see what they're made of."
— Jonathan Pearce

Bigger Brother uses its flipper as a clamp on the overturned Tornado

Tornado is nudged into the pit

Although handicapped, Tornado still tried to force Bigger Brother around, which then flipped Tornado up and held it against an angle grinder. Both machines then met head on, with Tornado the robot forced backwards. While attempting to retreat from another Bigger Brother push, Tornado nearly darted itself down into the Pit. Tornado managed to move away, but Bigger Brother continued to leave Tornado inverted, and then succeeded in using its flipping arm to drop down and clamp onto Tornado. With Tornado trapped, Bigger Brother drove it towards the Pit. Initially, Bigger Brother's placement left Tornado dangling over the edge of the Pit, before a second nudge sent Tornado to its doom. This saw Bigger Brother progress to the Heat A Final of the All-Stars, while Tornado was left eliminated.

"Tornado's extra-special scooper wasn't so super!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado was also featured in the Challenge Belt episode where Dantomkia, Sir Chromalot, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Hypno-Disc, Vader, Iron-Awe 2.0, Terrorhurtz and Barber-Ous 2 all fought each other in a bid to challenge Tornado for the belt in a final battle. After disposing of Vader, Barber-Ous 2, S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Dantomkia, Terrorhurtz had earned the right to face Tornado - which would keep the second belt for keeps if it could hold off the challenge.

Tornado rushes Terrorhurtz into the wall

Terrorhurtz is pitted by Tornado

Tornado got underneath Terrorhurtz straight away, which threw its axe backwards and forwards as it was driven back against the arena wall. On one of its axe swings, Terrorhurtz embedded its weapon into the plywood floor, before pulling itself free. After Terrorhurtz came close to connecting with its next axe attack, Tornado darted away to activate the Pit release button. Terrorhurtz was in hot pursuit of Tornado, and looked to get its weapon into play again, but one mistimed swing of the axe left Terrorhurtz between Tornado and the Pit, with only a swift Tornado push needed to leave Terrorhurtz in the smoke.

"Oh, Terrorhurtz have gone! You can chop all day, but you can't change your fate!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Team Tornado celebrate after clinching their second Challenge Belt

Terrorhurtz swung away in a desperate attempt to escape the Pit, but it was to no avail, and the victorious trio of Andrew Marchant, Bryan Moss, and David Gamble celebrated in their booth. Cease was called, and with one of the fastest pittings in the show's history at only 19 seconds, Tornado had won permanent possession of the second Challenge Belt.

"You're holders of the Challenge Belt, and, guys, you get to keep it, because nobody deserves it at the moment but you."
— Craig Charles

Tornado's final tournament in Extreme 2 was the European Championship - a competition it qualified for due to its UK champion status. This competition was also broadcast during German Robot Wars.

In the first round, Tornado faced the Swiss robot Snake Bite, and despite its Razer-like crusher, Team Tornado decided not to fit their anti-crusher frame, using their scoop instead. Andrew Marchant wished to use the drum spinner, but was out-voted by his team.

Tornado drives Snake Bite across the arena floor

Tornado went in pursuit of Snake Bite straight away, and pushed it into an unoccupied CPZ with a broadside drive. Snake Bite tried to move away but Tornado moved the Swiss machine back into trouble, by which time Dead Metal had made his way over to attack Snake Bite with his serrated saw blade. Tornado then pushed Snake Bite into the possession of Mr. Psycho, and in trying to escape punishment from the House Robot, Snake Bite was left immobilised due to a spurt from the steam vent on the arena floor.

"Tornado and the House Robots making Swiss cheese out of Snake Bite."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado pits Snake Bite

Tornado then lined Snake Bite up for Mr. Psycho, who warped Snake Bite's rear armour with a hammer blow. Snake Bite was counted out by Refbot shortly after, before Tornado slid Snake Bite into the Pit. However, despite the battle being declared as over, Mr. Psycho still came in with another attack on Snake Bite with its hammer, to which Andrew Marchant visibly called 'unfair'. Nevertheless, Tornado was through to the next round where it would face its adversary, Razer.

Like on previous occasions against Razer, Tornado attached its anti-crusher frame, while Razer once again added an extension to its claw - although unlike in the Series 6 final, this hook had visible upward curves on it.

Tornado backs Razer into the CPZ

Tornado is lifted by the frame

The battle started with both machines in at close quarters, with Tornado's spinning bar connecting with minor hits. Razer then grabbed onto the rear of Tornado's frame, which Tornado used to reverse Razer back in towards Sgt. Bash. The battle was quickly turned against Tornado though, as Razer's attachment got hold of Tornado's frame and allowed it to edge the UK champion around.

"That's how you deal with the anti-crush web. You get a grip and lift it up."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer smokes as it holds Tornado

Tornado is edged towards the Pit but holds on

After being repositioned next to the Flame Pit, Tornado was then pulled towards the Pit release button, which Razer activated. Suddenly, as it began its attempt to Pit Tornado, smoke billowed out of Razer. With Razer now severely limited in movement, all it could do was lift its claw up and down in an attempt to move Tornado closer to the Pit. In the remaining time, Razer was only able to position the front of Tornado's frame over the Pit. Andrew Marchant met the end of the battle with a thumbs down and yawning gesture in the direction of Team Razer's booth, and the judges were called upon to split the two. The judges gave the win to Razer, but after the battle, Razer team members Simon Scott and Vincent Blood overruled fellow teammate Ian Lewis, as well as the judges, and granted Tornado progression through to the final of the European Championship.

"Well, basically, we felt that during that battle, the judges got it correct in the fact that we did control very large portions of the fight. The lifter worked very effectively on Razer - we were very happy with that. However, our drive motors burnt out, and we felt that we were immobile, or practically immobile for well over the thirty seconds, and we should've been counted out. And we don't feel we deserve to be in the final, and therefore we're passing it over to Tornado to be the UK team that goes into the European Championship final as the representative."
— Vincent Blood, the nominated Razer spokesperson delivers the decision to Philippa Forrester and Team Tornado

In the final, Tornado faced off against Philipper 2, this time equipped with its original spinning drum weapon.

Tornado asserts itself from the off

Philipper 2 holds on under Tornado pressure

Tornado immediately got into Philipper 2 from the start, as it used its spinning drum to chip away some of its armour as well as coming in with some rams. Philipper 2 was then put under pressure from Shunt, as Tornado forced the Belgian machine into a CPZ. After Philipper 2 moved away from the House Robot, Tornado came in with its drum again, sending sparks flying off Philipper 2. Tornado continued to chip away and ram into the sides of Philipper 2, which failed to time any of the lifts it attempted.

"Tornado using that side slam to great effect."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado gives Philipper 2 no room to breathe

Philipper 2 then began to smoke after it wedged itself in on the rim of the Flame Pit. It finally managed to get free after some help from Refbot, before Tornado decided to activate the Pit release tyre. Tornado then tried to force Philipper 2 towards the Pit, but the Belgian machine held its own in the tug-of-war that followed. Tornado continued to pressure Philipper 2, and managed to knock off one of its side panels with its spinning weapon. Then, after defending itself against Sgt. Bash, Philipper 2 erroneously placed its tail over the Pit, which allowed Tornado to finally knock it down into the Pit.

Tornado pits Philipper 2 to claim the European title

"And they've got it - Tornado are the European champions! Philipper 2, always up against it, and finally beaten."
— Jonathan Pearce

The European Championship trophy rests in Team Tornado's hands

Tornado spun around in delight, celebrating the fact that it had just sealed the European Championship crown.

Craig Charles: "You're the UK champions, you're now the European champions. Where does it end for you guys!"
Andrew Marchant: "Who knows... who knows."
— Another trophy for Tornado

Series 7[]

Tornado returned to the Seventh Wars as the reigning UK champion, keeping its interchangeable weaponry. In the first round, it was equipped with the disc, and was drawn against veteran teams Ewe 2, created by Team Coyote, and Sawpoint 2 created by Team A-Kill, who also competed in the Minor Meltdown with Team Coyote, as well as newcomer Devastator.

Tornado continues its assault on Devastator

Tornado went on the hunt of Devastator straight away, and shunted it into the arena wall after a side-on drive. After Devastator moved away from Mr. Psycho's pressure, it was once again met by Tornado, which flicked Devastator's front up into the air with contact from its drum. Another broadside attack by Tornado forced Devastator into Matilda's CPZ, which just about escaped without trouble from the House Robot's flywheel. Tornado continued to focus on Devastator, and moved Sawpoint 2 aside to get to the newcomers again.

"Tornado hasn't caused too much damage but it's a very durable machine. Very well controlled again by Andrew Marchant."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado and Ewe 2 gang up on Devastator

Tornado then put both Sawpoint 2 and Devastator into House Robot territory, and after the two moved away, both Tornado and Ewe 2 focused their efforts on getting Sawpoint 2 and Devastator towards the Pit. Ewe 2 knocked Sawpoint 2 down into oblivion after multiple nudges, while Tornado repeatedly slammed Devastator against the arena wall. After Sawpoint 2's elimination, Ewe 2 and Tornado cut off Devastator's path as it tried to run away, and placed it on top of Sawpoint 2 in the Pit, eliminating it. With two machines out, Tornado and Ewe 2 had sealed their places into the second round, the former despite having its batteries begin to malfunction towards the end of the fight.[38]

In the second round, it met another newcomer, Leveller 2, and used its scoop and chain flail.

Tornado is flipped by Leveller 2

The two robots squared up, with Leveller 2 able to get in an early flip on Tornado, which inverted it and subsequently left its scoop the wrong way up. Tornado was still able to use its front to push Leveller 2 around though, as it got around to the back of its opponent and slammed it into the CPZ, where Sir Killalot and Shunt came in to put further pressure on Leveller 2. Tornado also put pressure on Leveller 2 to keep it inside the CPZ, with Leveller 2 defending itself with a flip which put Tornado back the right way up. After this, Tornado got at the back of Leveller 2 again and pushed it back into the CPZ before carrying out a long drive across the arena and into the side wall. A dominant period from Tornado followed, as it continued to push Leveller 2 around, pressing it into an angle grinder and then into another CPZ, before activating the pit release button.

"The pit is descending, and their hopes now, are just beginning to drain away. They've been mercilessly, mercilessly pursued by Tornado."
— Jonathan Pearce on Leveller 2

Tornado drives Leveller 2 into danger once again

Tornado then fed Leveller 2 into the clutches of Sir Killalot, who lifted it off the ground and dropped it onto the Flame Pit. Leveller 2 was then attacked by both House Robots in a CPZ after further Tornado pressure, before Tornado itself carried out a rally of rams on Leveller 2 as it was squeezed by Shunt.

"I think Tornado, once again, will prove, the machine to beat in Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado chases Leveller 2 as it drives down the pit

Leveller 2 escaped again, but was forced into more defensive driving as Tornado harassed it next to the Pit. Suddenly, after holding off Tornado's pressure, Leveller 2 erroneously drove itself down into the Pit. This meant that the plucky Leveller 2 was finally finished off, and Tornado continued its defence of the title as it moved on to the Heat Final.

"All credit to Leveller 2. It stood up to it - it was still going at the end. There's a lot of good flippers, a lot of good discs, it's getting very hard now. Tornado, it's been around a while but it still does the job, just!"
— Andrew Marchant, post-battle

Against Heat Final opponent Tetanus Booster, Tornado was fitted with its new electric lifter.

Tornado exploits Tetanus Booster's high ground clearance

Tornado asserted itself immediately as it got underneath Tetanus Booster with its scoop and slammed it into the arena wall multiple times, with Tetanus Booster only able to chip away at Tornado's wedge with its spinning drum. Tornado then drove Tetanus into Cassius Chrome, before driving it across the arena floor and into an angle grinder.

"There is no hiding place, no respite, for Tetanus Booster. Where will they get a boost from out there in the warzone?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado dominates early on

Tornado holds Tetanus Booster in the CPZ

After both machines jostled for position, Tetanus Booster was taken on another long drive and pressed up against the arena wall inside of a CPZ. As Tetanus Booster edged away from Shunt, Tornado activated the Pit release tyre. Tetanus Booster then started to struggle for movement next to the arena wall as smoke was thrown up from its tyres. Once again, after moving into space, Tetanus Booster could only turn before Tornado was in underneath it. The subsequent attack from Tornado rammed Tetanus Booster into the arena wall, before its drum churned up the plywood floor. Tornado continued to remain underneath Tetanus Booster after this, which allowed it to drive Tetanus Booster into another CPZ, which was then sandwiched by Cassius Chrome, Tornado, and finally Shunt, which axed it.

"This is what Paul Snook in the Tetanus team was saying: you never see Tornado's rear end."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado comes in with another frontal attack

Tornado pushes Tetanus Booster into the pit

A more sluggish period followed, as Tornado struggled for traction, while Tetanus Booster started to slow down and its drum came to a halt. After the action moved away from the CPZ, Tornado drove Tetanus Booster back towards the danger zone, pressing it up against Cassius Chrome. Tornado then focused its attention on shoveling Tetanus Booster towards the Pit, and after a couple of unsuccessful pushes, Tornado left Tetanus Booster's left-hand side dangling over the Pit. With Tetanus Booster unable to move away, Tornado came in for one final nudge, eliminating Tetanus Booster and sending Tornado through to the Semi-Final stage.

"A tremendously brave performance by Tetanus Booster ends right now, and Tornado, the reigning champs, continue the defence of the crown. Unlucky the Tetanus Booster team, they've met just about the best there is in Robot Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce

There, it met Heat N winner, Raging Knightmare in the first round, where it went back to its drum weapon.

Tornado pushes Raging Knightmare

Tornado made its way towards the arena centre before backing away to dodge the front of Raging Knightmare's flipper. Tornado then drove at the side of Raging Knightmare and flicked it on top of itself after making contact with its drum. Tornado continued its drive by slamming Raging Knightmare into the arena wall, where it was stacked on its side. Raging Knightmare was forced to use its flipper to get its wheels back onto the arena floor - which it managed to do after some pressure from Tornado. Despite dropping down from the arena wall, Raging Knightmare still found itself upside down, and had to flip itself right-way up while inside a CPZ. This allowed Tornado to come in with another ram on Raging Knightmare, although Tornado was then axed by an incoming Shunt.

"Tornado is dogged in its pursuit, and relentless."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado slams Raging Knightmare into submission

As Tornado retreated from the potential of further danger, Shunt himself was attacked by Raging Knightmare, which used its weapon to flip Shunt onto its side. After the run-in with the House Robot, Raging Knightmare and Tornado engaged with each other again, with Raging Knightmare soon ending up overturned again through its own flip as it mistimed an attack on Tornado. Repeatedly, Tornado then attacked the back end of Raging Knightmare and drove it against the arena wall inside an unoccupied CPZ, bending the flipper of Raging Knightmare. This had effectively immobilised Raging Knightmare as the bent and broken weapon was now beaching its wheels off the arena floor, allowing Tornado to keep ramming its beaten foe. Tornado then decided to back away and activate the Pit release tyre, before sliding Raging Knightmare to its doom, and out of the competition.

"It's not the most flamboyant of robots, but it's a terrific champion...and they are through the first round of this: the first Semi-Final."
— Jonathan Pearce

In the second round of the Semi-Final, Tornado met Dutch heat finalist Gravity, whose powerful flipper saw it beat the seeded Dantomkia and 13 Black along the way to meeting the UK champion.

Tornado presses Gravity up against the arena wall

Tornado targets Gravity's tyres

Tornado, equipped with its chain flail scoop combination, got underneath Gravity multiple times in the opening moments, before being able to drive it fully backwards, ramming Gravity against the arena wall. Tornado then fed Gravity into Sir Killalot, which it managed to escape from, but not without another slam from Tornado. As it exited the CPZ, Gravity began to hobble, with its right-hand tyre now flat. Tornado gave the wounded Gravity no respite, as it took it on another drive across the arena floor and into the sidewall again. Tornado then pressed Gravity up against the angle grinder, and used the static spikes on its wedge to puncture Gravity's other tyre.

"Gravity, in peril, I think, for the first time in the Championships."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado puts pressure on the Dutch machine

Gravity attempted to move into space but Tornado was once again in pursuit of it, and drove it into an empty CPZ. Suddenly, as Tornado backed away from the danger area, the onrushing Cassius Chrome knocked into Tornado and exposed its rear end, which allowed Gravity to send Tornado airborne with an explosive flip.

"One mistake there, by Andrew Marchant, driving, and it could have been so costly. And there is still life in Gravity, as it bobbles along."
— Jonathan Pearce as Gravity throws Tornado up with a flip

Gravity sends Tornado flying

Gravity descends to defeat

With Tornado's front scoop now not on the floor, it attempted to dodge and drive around Gravity before c oming in with a push on the side of it. As Tornado arched it towards the Flame Pit and with the two machines next to the arena sidewall as a result, the limping Gravity took the chance to flip Tornado, although Tornado wasn't thrown with a clean flip, and instead was just turned back over. With Tornado now able to use its scoop naturally again, it decided to activate the Pit release button. Tornado followed this up with a push on Gravity, which placed it onto the descending Pit. Gravity used its flipper in a desperate attempt to escape the arena hazard, but it was to no avail. Gravity was eliminated, and Tornado had earned itself a spot in the Grand Final.

"That was one we were really afraid of - they've been flipping things out of the arena. Well, you saw Dantomkia - six seconds!"
— Andrew Marchant expresses his relief after getting the better of Gravity

In the Grand Final eliminator, Tornado met New Blood Champion Storm 2, which had continued its form from Extreme 2 by taking out the likes of Supernova, The Steel Avenger and the highly-fancied Firestorm 5. Before the fight, Andrew Marchant was wary of the similarities the two machines shared and how it would affect the fight.

"Well, it's going to be a pushing match, isn't it. Two robots designed to ram, designed to push - similar ideas. Controllers built by the same man - our very own, Dave Gamble, so it's going to be interesting."
— Andrew Marchant

Tornado drives Storm 2 against the angle grinder

Storm 2 inverts Tornado

After both machines moved for position in the opening moments, Storm 2 attempted the first notable drive, as it drove Tornado towards the arena wall - although it lost its purchase on Tornado and crashed into the sidewall itself. Tornado then came in with an attack of its own, as it got underneath Storm 2 and pushed it against the angle grinder after riding over the top of it. Tornado tried to press Storm 2 against the arena hazard again, but could only drive up onto Storm 2, which temporarily lifted Tornado with its lifting arm as a result. Storm 2 quickly put its weapon into use again, and this time managed to turn Tornado over fully with a lift. Storm 2 followed this up with a strong slam against the sidewall inside Cassius Chrome's CPZ, before snapping Tornado up into the air twice in a row with two more rams.

"A Storm and a Tornado out there, and a battle that is blowing hot and cold for both."
— Jonathan Pearce

Storm 2 rams Tornado against the wall

Tornado is driven onto the descending pit

After both machines nudged each other backwards next to an angle grinder, Storm 2 accelerated Tornado into the arena wall again, where it was sent fizzing off into the distance. One more strong Storm 2 drive crashed Tornado off the barrier again, before Refbot activated the Pit release tyre. Storm 2 used the Pit's descent to slide Tornado onto it, but Tornado was able to just about escape. In the remaining time, Storm 2 continued its harassment of the defending champion, before cease was called. Tornado was on the wrong end of the subsequent Judges' decision, and it dropped into the third place playoff, but despite the defeat, Andrew Marchant had some kind words for Storm 2, post battle.

"It's the next generation of Tornado. It's more powerful, it's stronger, it's better armoured."
— Andrew Marchant

In the playoff, Tornado faced X-Terminator after it was mercilessly dismantled by Typhoon 2. As a result of the fight, X-Terminator had taken a lot of damage, and the team were fighting time to get their machine in working order against Tornado.

"I think they're going to be very tight on time. They took a lot of damage, and although they're working all out to get it fixed, I don't think they're going to get everything done. It's going to make our job a lot easier."
— Andrew Marchant in the pits pre-battle

X-Terminator is thrown over by Matilda

Tornado drives X-Terminator across the arena

Tornado darted over to X-Terminator straight away, which remained in its starting position before turning on the spot. Tornado then used its front wedge to push X-Terminator - whose weapon wasn't spinning - around and into Matilda's CPZ. X-Terminator moved away and then got its disc up to speed before clipping Tornado with some hits, but with both machines manoeuvring so close to the CPZ, X-Terminator ended up getting thrown over by Matilda's lingering flywheel. X-Terminator was crashed back onto its wheels by another hit from the House Robot's spinning weapon, but suffered damage to its shell in the process.

"Poor old X-Terminator, taking some damage again."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado rams X-Terminator against the arena wall

Tornado struggles for traction while X-Terminator sits immobile

X-Terminator finally exited the CPZ, but Tornado was right on its tail and took X-Terminator on a long drive, ending up in an unoccupied CPZ. The incoming Sir Killalot then took damage, as part of his bodywork was caught by X-Terminator's weapon, before his lance arm was also inadvertently hit by Matilda. Suddenly, X-Terminator sat motionless against the arena wall, which allowed Tornado to come in with multiple rams. Tornado then activated the Pit release and drove X-Terminator into the CPZ, and although Tornado started to struggle for traction as it found itself in Sir Killalot's hydraulic fluid, it had still done enough to finish third. X-Terminator was soon counted out by Refbot and was then damaged one final time by Matilda, and Tornado's bronze medal position was confirmed.

"Tornado, not first place in The Seventh Wars - third, some consolation."
— Jonathan Pearce

The Third World Championship[]

Tornado also competed in the Third World Championship as the reigning European Champion. In the first round, it was drawn against German representatives Ansgar 3 and UK runner-up Storm 2, the second meeting between the two rambots.

Tornado and Storm 2 team up to Pit Ansgar 3

Tornado drives Storm 2 towards the arena wall

Tornado hunted down Ansgar 3 immediately, which backed away to activate the Pit release after Tornado brought its weapon to a halt. Both Tornado and Storm 2 then joined together to push Ansgar 3 into the CPZ, where it was met by Growler. After Ansgar 3 escaped the House Robot's jaws, the two English robots ganged up again and left the German machine torched on the Flame Pit. With Ansgar 3 sitting immobile, Tornado and Storm 2 finally engaged with each other, as Storm 2 tried to slide Tornado in towards Growler.

"Now this is really what we wanted to see, in this heat - Tornado and Storm 2."
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado shovels Storm 2 into Dead Metal

After Refbot pushed Ansgar 3 off the Flame Pit, Tornado pushed Storm 2 from behind to help it finish off Ansgar 3 for good by sliding it down into the Pit. Tornado then caught Storm 2 with a broadside drive, and after slamming it into the arena wall, Tornado attempted to carry out another attack, but Storm 2 slipped away. After both machines failed to complete side-on attacks on the other, Storm 2 crashed Tornado into the arena wall. Tornado responded with another attack of its own though, as it squeezed underneath Storm 2's ground clearance and delivered it into the claws of Dead Metal, who brought his circular saw down, but only inflicted a minor scratch.

Storm 2 nearly sends Tornado flying out of the arena

Storm 2 then finished the battle strongly, as it nearly sent Tornado clean over the arena wall by its raised lifting arm while carrying out a slam, before bashing Tornado into the sidewall one more time before cease.

"This is gonna go to the judges, and I wouldn't like to be in their shoes, will it be Tornado or will it be Storm 2..."
— Jonathan Pearce

For a second time in Series 7, Tornado was beaten by Storm 2 on a Judges' decision, and Tornado was eliminated at the first hurdle of The Third World Championship in what was also its last appearance in Robot Wars.


UK Series
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat F, Eliminator vs. Gemini (8), Kater Killer Qualified
Heat F, Semi-Final vs. Berserk 2 (24) Won
Heat F, Final vs. Gemini (8) Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Wheely Big Cheese (15) Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. Chaos 2 (1) Lost
Extreme Series 1
Round 1 vs. 3 Stegs 2 Heaven Won
Quarter Final vs. Pussycat Won
Semi-Final vs. Chaos 2 Won
Final vs. Razer Lost
Mayhem vs. King B Powerworks, The Steel Avenger Lost
Challenge Belt
Challenge vs. Behemoth Won
Defence vs. Comengetorix Won
Defence vs. Wild Thing Won
Defence vs. Chaos 2 Won
Defence vs. Pussycat Won
Single Battle Events
Vengeance vs. Stinger Won
The Second World Championship
Representing UK, Semi-Final
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during US Season 1
Heat vs. Panzer Mk 2 (USA), Philipper (BEL), Yeborobo (RSA) Won
Semi-Final vs. Razer (UK) Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
12th Seed, Heat, Round 2
Heat G, Eliminator vs. Gravedigger Won
Heat G, Semi-Final vs. Diotoir Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
12th Seed, Champion
Heat G, Round 1 vs. Edge Hog, Inshredable, Terror-Bull Qualified
Heat G, Round 2 vs. Thor Won
Heat G, Final vs. Anarchy Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Hypno-Disc (4) Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 2 vs. Dominator 2 (6) Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Firestorm 4 (3) Won
Grand Final vs. Razer (1) Won
Extreme Series 2
Heat, Round 2
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Dantomkia, Terrorhurtz Qualified
Heat A, Round 2 vs. Bigger Brother Lost
Challenge Belt
Defence vs. Terrorhurtz Won
European Championship
Representing UK, Champion
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during German Robot Wars
Round 1 vs. Snake Bite (SUI) Won
Round 2 vs. Razer (UK) Lost
NOTE: After Round 2, the Razer team handed the victory to Tornado as they believed that their robot had been immobilised and did not deserve to continue.
Final vs. Philipper 2 (BEL) Won
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
1st Seed, 3rd Place
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Devastator, Ewe 2, Sawpoint 2 Qualified
Heat E, Round 2 vs. Leveller 2 Won
Heat E, Final vs. Tetanus Booster Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Raging Knightmare Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. Gravity Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Storm 2 (16) Lost
Grand Final, Playoff vs. X-Terminator (11) Won
The Third World Championship
Representing UK, Heat
Heat vs. Ansgar 3 (GER), Storm 2 (UK) Lost
US Series
Season 1
NOTE: See Extreme Series 1 Results
Season 2
International Championship
Representing UK, Champion
Round 1 vs. Wowot (UK) Won
Round 2 vs. Razer (UK) Won
Final vs. General Chompsalot 2 (USA) Won


  • UK Wins: 32
  • UK Losses: 9
  • US Wins: 3
  • US Losses: 0
  • NOTE 1: Tornado's battle with Razer in Extreme 2 is deemed to be a loss, despite Razer's team later overturning the Judges' decision
  • NOTE 2: Tornado's battles in The Second World Championship are included only within its UK wins/losses, despite the tournament also being aired during Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors

Series Record[]

UK Series[]

Main Series Tornado Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 2
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Sixth Wars Grand Champion
The Seventh Wars Third Place
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Entered

US Series[]

US Series Tornado Series Record
Season 1 The Second World Championship, Round 2
Season 2 International Championship Winner
Nickelodeon Did not enter


Outside Robot Wars[]

Tornado's first fight, against Dantomkia

Tornado fights Hypno-Disc in the year 2000

From its initial construction, Tornado was a regular attendant at charity events, live competitions and roboteer meets, both as a static display and as an active competitor, with even the Series 4 version of the machine taking on robots such as Dantomkia and Hypno-Disc. Tornado travelled to the Netherlands to enter the Dutch Robot Games in 2001, where after a demonstration fight against Storm 2, Tornado entered the International Championship but lost in the first round to Alien Destructor. It was much more successful in the UK bracket however, beating Roobarb in the first round, and used its scoop to beat Bigger Brother on a Judges' decision to reach the final against Tiberius 2 and Wolverine. There, Tornado lost to Wolverine and finished in joint second[39].

Storm Chaser in the Techno Games Football competition

The Storm Chaser armour panels attached to Tornado for Techno Games

For its entry into Techno Games in 2002, Tornado was renamed Storm Chaser, after the alternative team name and the fact that team member David Gamble was a storm chaser. The robot Storm Chaser was fitted with new blue armour panels concealing its top, sides, front and back. Storm Chaser fought alongside Sprocket (S.M.I.D.S.Y.) in the Football, where it beat Technomoth and Ravioli 7-2 before beating Team BB and winning the final 5-0 against Team Snow Cat (Snowstorm and Kat's Whiskers). It also lost to Big Bro in the final of Sumo in the same year (after beating British Bulldog and Chip in round 1 and 2) as well as win the Tug of War competition (beating Ridgeback, British Bulldog and Sprocket). In 2003, Storm Chaser competed in the Sumo competition and defeated Joker in the first round, before losing to Ickle Toaster. However, as Ickle Toaster's victory raised health and safety concerns, Storm Chaser was reinstated, and won the gold medal in the final. It also competed again in the Football with Sprocket (now calling themselves 'The Four Wheeled Warriors') and they went on to win the silver medal; losing to Team BB in the final.

Tornado also competed at the Dutch Robot Games in 2003, where it won a melee over Gravity and Gianto 2, but otherwise lost melees to Ansgar 3, Edge Hog and a head-to-head against Storm 2. Team Tornado also planned to enter Tornado into the 2004 FRA World Championships with a revised range of interchangeable weapons, but the competition was cancelled before preparations on the robot could be completed. The FRA World Championships were planned to be Tornado's last appearance in a major robot combat competition, after sustaining heavy damage to its chassis from Terrorhurtz at an earlier live event.[40] Tornado is still in the possession of Andrew Marchant, and now occasionally fights, also sometimes appearing on static display. At the 2013 European Championships in Norwich, it returned to combat for an exhibition match against Alien Destructor and Cherub. After a close battle, it won on a judges' decision. It then later battled Dantomkia, Bulldog Breed, Tough as Nails and The Saint. Tornado returned for the 2014 Robots Live event in Burgess Hill which was its final competitive appearance before it was retired by Andrew Marchant.

Andrew Marchant with Photon Storm

In 2016, Andrew Marchant joined Ed Hoppitt and Alan Young to take part in the 2016 series of BattleBots with Photon Storm, a highly upgraded version of Tiberius. It was drawn against Brazilian bot, Minotaur. Despite starting the battle strongly, Photon Storm was knocked out after one powerful hit from Minotaur's drum and was not given a wildcard.

In 2016, Andrew Marchant was asked whether he would enter the new series of Robot Wars. He responded by saying that Tornado would not return for the new series, and on Team Tornado's website stated that he did not have enough time or money to build Tornado's successor and enter Series 8 in time.[41] He stated his intentions to enter Tornado mk2 in the future, but admitted that the filming dates of Series 9 and 10 were also too close for the team to apply. Tornado was briefly used in 2017 to push Tauron around during testing for the new heavyweight.

Tornado at RoboNerd in 2019

Tornado at RoboNerd 2021 fitted with its drum

The Series 7 version of Tornado, with its drum set up, was among other former competitors that appeared at the 2018 RoboNerd event as a static display. Tornado was once again brought along to the 2019 RoboNerd event, minus its interchangeable weapons, with Andrew Marchant also being enlisted as a staff photographer for the event. Tornado returned for the 2021 RoboNerd event, reverting to its drum set up. Andrew Marchant also brought along one of the team's Challenge Belts from Robot Wars Extreme.

Appearances in Merchandise[]


Official Series 7 photo

  • With 32 wins, Tornado has the third-most UK wins of all robots, and the second-most wins overall with 35 when including its wins in the US version Extreme Warriors.
  • Along with Razer, PulverizeR and the middleweight Typhoon, Tornado is the only robot to have fought and defeated both a clusterbot (Gemini) and a walkerbot (Anarchy). Coincidentally:
    • Each of them faced Tornado in a Heat Final.
    • Like Razer, the clusterbot Tornado faced was Gemini.
    • Like PulverizeR, Tornado's victory against a walkerbot occurred in the same series it won.
  • Tornado is one of three UK Champions to have beaten the defending champion to win the title, alongside Carbide and Eruption.
  • Tornado is the only robot to have ever beaten all of the "big three" from the original run of Robot Wars, Chaos 2, Hypno-Disc and Razer.
  • Tornado is one of four UK Series Semi-Finalists to have made the finals in non-sequential series (doing so in the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Wars). The other three robots to do so are X-Terminator and Thermidor 2, which reached the semi-finals of the Fourth and Seventh Wars; and Behemoth, which reached the semi-final in the Second Wars and the Grand Final of Series 10.
  • Prior to building Tornado, the members of Team Tornado had planned to build two separate robots for Series 4:
    • The first was an unnamed four-wheeled box-shaped robot conceived by David Gamble and Gamble's workmate Ian Moody, which was armed with a 360 degree hammer that could act as a self-righting mechanism.
    • The other was an invertible robot called Plague, which had two design iterations. The first was a box-shaped tracked robot armed with a cutting saw, while the second was an octagonal-shaped, two-wheeled robot with a small spinning disc.
  • Tornado fought in the first and last episodes of both series of Robot Wars Extreme (not counting the two specials shown at the end of the first series of Extreme).
    • In addition, Tornado also fought in the first and last battle of both of those series (the first two being its Vengeance against Stinger in Extreme 1 and its All-Stars melee against Dantomkia and Terrorhurtz in Extreme 2 and the last two being the final of the Extreme 1 All-Stars against Razer and the final of the Extreme 2 European Championship against Philipper 2).
  • Tornado made the most appearances in Extreme Series 1, appearing in ten episodes.
  • Curiously, the Best Newcomer Award Trophy that Team Tornado received after Series 4 was not the trophy shown on television.[6]
  • Tornado was the only competitor robot to be made into a radio controlled toy as merchandise.
  • Tornado's lifter, static spike, Anti Axe Weapon and Anti Spinner Weapon have all been scrapped.
  • After Robot Wars, Team Tornado bought The Executioner, which had been modified for a presumed Series 8 before the show entered its hiatus, with the intention of having a robot that the team's wives could drive at charity events. However, The Executioner would never be used for this role.
  • Aside from the participants in the 10 Robot Rumble, Tornado is one of only six robots to fight at least two past or future domestic champions in a single battle. The others to do this are 13 Black, Shockwave and the other three robots in Tornado's Second World Championship heat: Yeborobo, Philipper and Panzer Mk 2.
  • Along with Krab-Bot, Razer, 101, Storm 2, Behemoth, and Manta, Tornado is one of only seven robots to finish in the top four of a World Championship and the top eight of a domestic championship.
  • One of Tornado's drive motors would later be used in Series 8 champion Apollo.[42]
  • In 2003, Tornado was inducted into The Combat Robot Hall of Fame as an inaugural member, in recognition of its drive power and the controversial 'anti-crusher' weapon it used in Series 6.[43]
  • Tornado is the only robot to have beaten four seeded robots in head-to-head battles to win the title.
  • Footage of Tornado's loss to Diotoir in Series 5 was aired during Robot Wars: World Series, part of Series 10, during a montage of Diotoir's history.
  • Tornado and Carbide are the only UK Champions not to participate in a fight with at least five other robots.
    • Tornado is the only UK Champion to be competing whilst Annihilators were held and not take part in one (they were not in the reboot, and Roadblock had retired).
  • Tornado was the second of six robots to win a heat by defeating two seeded robots in a single episode. It shares this with fellow Series 4 Semi-Finalists Dominator 2, Thermidor 2 and Splinter, as well as S3 and Bigger Brother from the Fifth Wars.
  • Tornado is one of nine robots to win more than twenty battles in UK Robot Wars. The others to achieve this feat are Chaos 2, Razer, Firestorm, Pussycat, Panic Attack, Behemoth, and Carbide.
    • Tornado also fought and beat every other original series competitor that achieved this feat besides Panic Attack, the only one to do so.
  • According to the Extreme 2 programme, Bryan Moss was a frequent attendee of Terry Pratchett conventions.



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