"The fearsome tornado has arrived. Vertical cutting weapon spins and optional scoop also included."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

Tornado, like many other notable robots in Robot Wars, was made into a pullback toy. It was one of the last competitor robots to have a pullback toy released, along with Dantomkia.


The toy could run inverted even though the underside is not exactly the same as the top. It could be equipped with either a scoop (shaped more like a shovel than the wedge the real Tornado used) or a disc, powered by the movement of the front wheels.



Tornado with its spinning accessory and scoop

The Tornado pullback had an attachable scoop that came packaged along with it. This was useful for getting under other pullbacks. It also came with a spinning item (much like the Disc of Doom) which pullbacks could ride on and spin off in a different direction.

Differences from real lifeEdit

  • Tornado's interchangeable scoop is more like a shovel than the scoop on the actual Tornado.
  • Tornado does not work upside down as well as it could in the show.
  • Tornado is black and red underneath, unlike its real life counterpart.



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