Tornado is a British heavyweight robot, that competed from the fourth series of Robot Wars, until the final series, on the way reaching three semi-finals, two grand finals, and winning the championship once, finishing first overall in Series 6. Tornado appears as a competitor robot in the Gameboy Advance game Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction, its first video game appearance, it would go on to appear in both versions of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction.

Appearance and Armament

In this game, Tornado is easily recognisable as its real-life counterpart, because of its familiar red invertable box shape. Like in real life, this version of Tornado is partly decorated, but also partly see-through, and the innards of Tornado is just about visible.

Tornado is armed with the pneumatic spike that the robot wielded in The Fourth Wars, as well as fixed spikes on the corners of the front of the robot. The spike is fairly powerful, but not as effective as other weapons on the game.

Tornado, along with Dominator 2 and Diotoir are the default robots, and so do not need to be unlocked.


Using Tornado

Tornado's spike is useful, but hardly devastating, so it is better to use Tornado as a rammer. Push robots into hazards to win.

Against Tornado

Tornado is invertable, so flipping it doesn't make much of a difference, unless done repeatedly, or against an arena wall that can strand Tornado. Tornado has a good pushing power, so attempting to shove it back isn't a perticularly viable tactic.

Differences between the Game and Real Life

  • Tornado is smaller than real life
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