"Good weapons, but it looks like some rusty old pig out there!"
Jonathan Pearce commenting on Torque of the Devil's design during its Gauntlet run

Torque of the Devil was a robot that competed in the first series of Robot Wars. It reached the Arena Semi-Final stage, where it lost to future Grand Finalist Bodyhammer.

Following the announcement of Series 8 of Robot Wars, Lee Chenery stated on the FRA forum that he wanted to build a new robot for a future series, although no further information surfaced.


"A witty name, and a witty frame! Sculpeted out of fibreglass, Torque of the Devil weighs in at 57.9 kilos and powered by a 12 volt electric motor."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Torque of the Devil
Torque of the devil official image

Side-view of Torque of the Devil


Torque of the Devil's pioneering vertical spinner

Torque of the Devil was a large barrel-shaped robot painted red and featuring a sculpted fibreglass body which Jonathan Pearce regularly likened to a pig. It was powered by a 12V motor, and its weapons were a rotating spiked drill at the front and the first vertical flywheel in Robot Wars mounted on the rear, with four teeth bolted onto the flywheel. While boasting impressive weapons by Series 1 standards, Torque of the Devil suffered from slow speed, fragile armour and poor manoeuvrability which adversely affected its performances throughout its Heat.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 1Edit

Bash grille torque of the devil

Bash hoses Torque of the Devil in flames

Torque of the Devil started its Gauntlet run by reversing off the turntable and turning towards the right-hand route, where it was intercepted by Sergeant Bash. It slowly spun around as Sergeant Bash continued to attack, and appeared to stop moving as the House Robot nudged it towards a grille and fired flames at it, briefly getting himself stuck in the process. Torque of the Devil could not escape, however, and had reached a distance of only 4.92 metres. However, it still qualified for the Trial as Wharthog had covered exactly one metre less in its run, eliminating the latter.

"I hope that thing's made out of asbestos!"
Jeremy Clarkson mocks Torque of the Devil after its Gauntlet run
Labyrinth trial

Torque of the Devil (top left) at the end of the Labyrinth

In the Labyrinth Trial, Torque of the Devil followed Full Metal Anorak down the right-hand route, but was too slow to take advantage of Full Metal Anorak ramming Sergeant Bash to get past the House Robot. Torque of the Devil eventually proceeded down the left-hand lane, passing Bodyhammer as it was attacked by Shunt and Sergeant Bash, but was not able to turn fast enough to follow REALI-T as it waited for Full Metal Anorak to ram Matilda away. With Psychosprout eliminated after rolling back to the start, Torque of the Devil still covered enough distance to finish third and progress to the Arena stage.


Bodyhammer rams Torque of the Devil onto the side bars

In the Semi-Final of the heat, Torque of the Devil faced Bodyhammer, now decorated with a plaster at the back covering damage sustained in the Trial. It was rammed and pushed by the weaponless Bodyhammer within the opening moments, before Bodyhammer shoved it across the arena and onto the side bars, leaving Torque of the Devil stranded. Dead Metal, Matilda and Shunt proceeded to attack Torque of the Devil, with Shunt dragging it off the side bars using his axe. Torque of the Devil spun slowly in the CPZ before Bodyhammer rammed it onto the side bars again, with 'cease' being called after one last slam from Bodyhammer. After this, Torque of the Devil was eliminated from the First Wars.

"Torque of the Devil looks like a pig, now a stuck pig!"
Jonathan Pearce as Torque of the Devil is wedged on the side bars for the second time


Series 1
The First Wars - UK Championship
Heat Semi-Finals
Heat E, Gauntlet 4.92m (5th) Qualified
Heat E, Trial (Labyrinth) Third Furthest (3rd) Qualified
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. Bodyhammer Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

NOTE: Torque of the Devil's successful Gauntlet and Trial runs are not included

Series RecordEdit

  • Torque of the Devil in the pits
  • The Torque of the Devil team
  • Torque of the Devil being maintained
Series Torque of the Devil Series Record
The First Wars Heat, Arena Semi-Final
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter


  • Torque of the Devil was the first robot to have used "Torque" as a pun on "Talk". Team Torque would later use similar puns for their robots All Torque, Small Torque and Fighting Torque.
  • Torque of the Devil was the first Welsh robot to take part in any series of Robot Wars.
  • Team captain Adam Pengilly later joined Team Wharthog for Series 3 with Crusher.

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