Torque reaction weapons are a form of thwackbot, relying on the impact of a weapon (typically a hammer, axe or sword) when the robot brakes suddenly. The system was first used by Stinger and Weeliwako, with the former using the formula to great success in The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Wars.


Torque Reaction is the term used to describe the subcategory of thwackbots that use their wheel axles to swing a weapon overhead. This is done by attaching an arm, similar to that of a Sit-and-Spin, directly to the wheel axle of the robot. When the drive motors reverse sharply, the weapon swings overhead. Most known robots with torque reaction weapons are axlebots (although not all axlebots have torque reaction weaponry).

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Stinger vs Fluffy

Stinger lands an overhead blow on the vulnerable top of Fluffy

For the purpose of clarity, advantages and disadvantages listed here are on basis of torque-reaction weaponry as opposed to axlebots.


Gabriel vs pulsar 2

Gabriel was able to slam blow after blow on Pulsar without having the worries of CO2 usage an axe user would have.

  • The design functions similarly to an Overhead Weapon but without the need to install a separate weapon system. They can also immobilise opponents in a similar way, as best demonstrated in Gabriel's Head-to-Head against Beast.
  • Torque Reaction designs often score highly on aggression points in Judges' decisions, as the very nature of their weapons allow them to launch rapid attacks. This was best shown in Stinger's battle against Panic Attack in the Semi-finals of Series 4, as despite being pushed around by the former champion, Stinger was able to land numerous blows with its mace, which allowed it to win the Judges' decision on aggression.


Stinger vs mace 2

Poor driving sees Stinger drive into the pit in its fight against Mace 2

  • Torque reaction robots require very precise driving; the nature of their weaponry makes it difficult to co-ordinate attacks and movement. This cost robots like Stinger, Armour-Geddon and Dee in their fights against Mace 2, Onslaught, and Soldier Ant respectively.
  • The weapon must be swung at a very high velocity in order to cause damage, which means by necessity, there is quite a bit of start up between attacks.
  • From Series 7, all robots were required to demonstrate some form of active weaponry in order to be eligible for the series, with certain torque reaction robots technically not boasting powered weaponry. Nevertheless, static torque reaction robots such as Chimera still qualified after the introduction of the rule.

List of Robots with Torque Reaction WeaponsEdit

Robots are listed alphabetically. Robots that are not heavyweights are listed with a green background.

Robot Series Appearances with Torque Reaction weapons Notes Image
Armour-Geddon Series 3 Could also use its side spikes for sit-and-spin tactics.
Armour geddon
Attila the Drum Series 4 Interchangeable mace and pickaxe. Finished 3rd in the Southern Annihilator of Series 4.
Atilla the drum
Chimera Series 8-9 Entered Series 9 as Chimera2, armed with torque-reaction axe and front wedge.
Chimera2 official
Dee Series 9 Competed exclusively in Battle of the Stars. Later rebranded as Rabid M8.
Flip Flop Fly Series 3 Third robot of said design to enter Robot Wars. First one to sustain damage to its exposed wheels.
Flip flop fly
Gabriel Series 8, 10 The robot's body can move independently from the wheels, enabling it to attack even when stationary. Features interchangeable blades including a sword, battleaxe, pickaxe, sledgehammer and mace with entanglement features. Competed in Series 10 as Gabriel 2.
Gabriel 10
Infernal Contraption Series 6-8, Extreme 2 The team alleged that they intended to swing the drum over for extra damage.
Infernal Contraption
Kill-E-Crank-E Series 8 Could swing overturn itself to bring the robot's 500rpm cutting disc into robots for greater impact.
Mjollnir MTV Pilot Lost its place in the MTV Pilot, but also fought in four BattleBots events.
Mjollnir 2
Rabid M8 Series 10 A loanerbot which previously competed as Dee. Effective at both sit-and-spin and torque reaction tactics.
Slamtilt Dutch Series 2
Stinger UK Series 3-6, Extreme 1-2, US Season 1 First torque reaction weapon (along with Weeliwako) and the most successful. Featured a pizza cutter in Series 3 and a spiked mace in all subsequent appearances. UK Series 4 third place.
Sumpthing Series 3-6, Extreme 1-2 Interchangeable weaponry between an axe and a pair of circular saws.
The Mangulator Series 4, MTV Pilot
The mangulator4.0
Weeliwako Series 3 Along with Stinger, the first torque reaction weapon to appear in Robot Wars. The first to win a battle.
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