Tractor is a fictional robot which appears in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a high plough shaped robot armed with a lawnmower blade and a low scoop. It is armoured in steel and runs on normal tank tracks. Its tracks give good traction, and the scoop good pushing power, but the robot is fairly slow. It features car spotlights as extras and cannot self-right.


Using TractorEdit

Tractor is a good pusher - it can use the low scoop to get in underneath and shove robots around the arena, mostly into the house robots, the floor flipper, the flame grill, or the pit. Due to Tractor's high traction with the tank tracks, it can usually avoid being pushed around or into the pit. However Tractor is slow, and should keep away from flipping weapons, especially the TV series robots, the floor flipper and the steam geysers, as they can unrealistically thrust robots over, and sometimes, even straight out of the arena.

Against TractorEdit

It would be wise to keep away from the front of Tractor, as even with a flipping weapon, it is difficult to get underneath Tractor's scoop, and gives it ample pushing power. The lawnmower at the back of the robot leaves a gaping ground clearance, which can easily be exploited by a good flipper, or fast wedge to tip them over. Tractor's steel armour is quite resilient, but can be cut into after a bit of work, and that damage can do well to win a judges' decision.

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