"Something of a rarity these days, a tracked robot"
Jonathan Pearce

Trax was a one-time competitor that fought in the seventh series of Robot Wars. It was an orange box wedge shaped robot and looked like a tank. It was tracked, as the name suggests, for superior grip and pushing power, and its weapon was a front-hinged flipping arm with a unique racon pinion, although it is said that it was interchangable with an axe. Trax could skid along the arena floor as if on a very smooth surface. It lost in the second round to the 16th seeds Storm 2. During and after Robot Wars, Trax fought in live events, until it was scrapped, and in its place, Envy was made, which had been very successful over the years, notably finishing second in the 2011 UK Championships. Trax was converted into a early version of Envy before the proper Envy machine was built. Envy has also since been retired, having being converted into a new version of Shane Swan's early robot Air.

Trax was made by Team S-tec, who also failed to qualify for Series 5 and Series 6 and also entered the Extreme Series 2 New Blood Championship with Hell's Teeth.

Robot History

Series 7


Trax in the Pits, note the raised Lifting Weapon.

Trax debuted impressively when it was placed up against The Steel Avenger, Sub-Version 1.1 and Shredder Evolution in the first round of the Seventh Wars, tossing the experienced Steel Avenger around the arena several times with its lifting arm, while largely avoiding the other two competitors, however it did attempt to thrust Sub-Version 1.1 out of the arena, but failed. In the last ten seconds of the battle, it created a run-up and targeted Sub-Version 1.1 again and pushed it down into the pit of oblivion just moments before Cease was called. The battle went to a judges' decision, and Trax went through along with The Steel Avenger. In the next round, Trax was placed up against the number 16 seeds Storm 2. During the fight, Trax could not do anything, because the seeded Storm 2 continuously shoved it around the arena, into arena walls and CPZs. Trax proved to be a durable machine, surviving to the end of the battle and to a judges' decision, however the decision was near to obvious and Storm 2 was put through to the heat final, eliminating Trax from the competition.


Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat I, Round 1 vs. The Steel Avenger, Sub-Version 1.1, Shredder Evolution Qualified
Heat I, Round 2 vs. Storm 2 (16) Lost
  • Trax without armour in the pits
  • Trax at a live event after Series 7 as a early Envy
  • Envy, Trax's successor.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series Record

  • Series 1-4: Did not enter
  • Series 5-6: Failed to qualify with Hell's Teeth
  • Series 7: Heat, Round 2
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