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Tricerabot was a competitor from both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It lost in the first round of Season 1 to The Revolutionist, before returning for Season 2 renamed Tricerabot 3.0 and achieving the runner-up position, losing to Panzer Mk 4 in a close battle. Tricerabot's only video game appearance was in the Game Boy Advance version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, and it is unlocked when the player beats the gold level of Melting Pot in Bash 'N' Dash mode.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Tricerabot 3.0 is designed to resemble a triceratops, and this is carried into the game relatively successfully. The face is distinguishable on certain views as are the spikes on the front. The flipper on the back is also kept, although it is a bit longer in-game than in real life. The robot sports the cardboard additions added to Tricerabot 3.0 in real life for entertainment value in Extreme Warriors. The cardboard was removed for the Grand Final of Extreme Warriors, but this is not an option for the in-game robot.


Using TricerabotEdit

Tricerabot 3.0 has a strong flipper, capable of sending robots quite high, but as it is mounted on the rear of the robot, getting it in a position to flip an opponent is hard on some camera views. The spikes on the front do some damage, and it can be used a strong pusher in-game, just like its real life counterpart.

Against TricerabotEdit

Due to the strong flipper, keeping away from the back is a must. The spikes do a little damage, so the front is another area to avoid, but Tricerabot 3.0 can be pushed from the side. The sides of the robot are also good areas to attack with weapons. Tricerabot 3.0 has to self-right, as it is not invertible, so flipping it can give you time to damage it.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Tricerabot's decorations do not break off or give way when it is flipped over, so it is incapable of running inverted.
  • The flipper is capable of turning the robot back over.
  • Tricerabot lacks wheel guards and the chassis bar around its body.
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