Triple Redundancy was a robot that competed in the Featherweight category at the 1996 US Robot Wars championship. Triple Redundancy fought in the Featherweight melee in the 1996 Championship which was featured in the American Robot Wars 1996 VHS.

Design Edit

"It's a clusterbot, who goes in as one and, um, it breaks off, and we use tape as a weapon, and when it distracts we just wrap 'em all up. Um, they're made up of just RC cars, uh, with tape on top."
— Cassidy Wright's team on the robot.
Triple redundancy team

Triple Redundancy with its team

Triple Redundancy was a clusterbot made up of three RC cars of different sizes. They held interconnected rolls of tape through the antennae of each robot, so when the bots separated, they form long lines of tape, with the purpose of snagging and entangling other robots that cross their path. Each cluster was different to the other, with the main cluster being the longest and light brown, a second cluster with was the biggest but more compact and grey in colour and the final cluster which was also grey but significantly thinner in shape.

Robot History Edit

1996 ChampionshipEdit

Triple Redundancy fought in the Featherweight melee against Red 2, Spiny Norman, Arsenic, The X-2 and Snickers.

"It doesn't take long for Triple Redundancy to tape things up. It splits three ways and causes chaos."
— Paul Vallis on the beginning of the fight
Featherweightmelee 1996

Triple Redundancy begin their assault

Triple redundancy vs red 2 vs spiy norman

Spiny Norman is caught by Triple Redundancy's tape

The battle began with the clusterbot Triple Redundancy splitting apart with tape attached to all three robots while the large but lightweight walker Snickers was immobile from the start. Triple Redundancy swarmed the arena catching Arsenic and Spiny Norman at some points while X2 sped around the arena attacking Red 2. Red 2 and X2 attacked Spiny Norman, dislodging one of the front wheels and pushing Spiny Norman onto some of the tape - which became wrapped around its wheels. Red 2 was eventually cornered from all sides by Triple Redundancy before Arsenic slammed into the back of Red 2 attempting to lift it up as it was clear that Red 2 had lost all mobility from the tape. Arsenic backed away but was chase relentlessly by Triple Redundancy. It is unknown what happened throughout the rest of the battle but X2 managed to dodge and weave through the chaotic clusterbots. Triple Redundancy then began to catch itself up in its own tape, and X2 pushed through to clinch victory.

Outside Robot Wars Edit

  • Julie-Bot
  • Kitty Puff Puff
  • chiabot
  • The Aggressive Polygon
  • Misty the Wonderbot

Unseen in the official release was Triple Redundancy's championship run. In the first round, Triple Redundancy fought Spiked Master 3 where both competitors drew. In the second round Triple Redundancy faced Slomo 3 where they lost.

Will Wright was also responsible for the creation of other machines:

  • Julie-Bot - A Lightweight robot that competed in 1994 and became champion.
  • Kitty Puff Puff - A Lightweight that competed in the 1995 Robot Wars.
  • My Little Pony - A featherweight robot that fought in the 1995 and 1996 events.
  • RACC - A lightweight built with fellow roboteer Mike Winter that competed in the Long Beach 1999 event in BattleBots.
  • Chiabot - A middleweight robot that was covered in plants that competed in the first five Seasons of the original run of BattleBots.
  • The Aggressive Polygon - A Lightweight robot that fought in the first Season of the original run of BattleBots.
  • Misty the WonderBot - A middleweight controlled by Cassidy Wright that appeared in the final two Seasons of the original run of BattleBots as well as appearing in the "Steel Conflict" events afterwards. It was the team's most successful machine.
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