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Not to be confused with the US competitor Tricerabot.

"At 75.2 kilos, it's the lightest in the field. Various sharp ramming weapons and the unique triangular construction means there's no front, back, top or bottom - omnidirectional, that's a new one for us!"
Jonathan Pearce introduces Triterobot

Triterobot was TeamMouseTrap's entry into Series 3 of Robot Wars. It lost its only battle against Evil Weevil.


"Triterobot was designed from the outset for maximum invulnerability. The chassis is bomb proof angle iron which can run either way up. Triangular shape and unique steering are designed to foil attempts to tip over or pin against a wall/house robot. Unfortunately our "gung-ho" approach to weight allowance led to amour that was slightly under par. As we found out to our cost (lots of smoke:-) Cool steering mechanism meant we could manoeuvre around the arena with the greatest of ease (it worked fine until Evil-Weevil put a spike in the works!)."
— TeamMouseTrap website on Triterobot

Triterobot was a green triangular omni-directional robot, with several smiling faces decorating the corner. It was invertible and was described as having no front, back or sideways, due to separately rotating wheels that shared a common power source from two motorbike starter motors. However, it had a low top speed of just 4 mph. It was armoured in 1.6 mm aluminium and had a mild steel angle chassis. Each corner of the robot had a spike.

"Weaponry is a bit tame I'm afraid - just 3 spikes bolted onto the corners of the robot... This is a problem because the TV producers will be looking for maximum damage causing potential, to keep the 6+ million viewers happy. So we're not sure if it will be accepted. Unfortunately the robot now weighs 80.5 kg (with aluminium body), so adding a chain saw would be impossible"
— TeamMouseTrap website on the weaponry


Like Steg-O-Saw-Us, Triterobot was a reserve (although it is not clear who it replaced) and did not receive a televised introduction.

"We were eventually called up by the BBC as studio reserves for the competition. This meant heading down to London on the off chance of being selected. [...] To cut a very long story short, we were invited back as main competitors in the second half of the draw"
— Jason Launchbury, writing after the event

Triterobot had originally competed in trials to qualify for the the main series. Firstly, Triterobot was placed for the judges to inspect the design. Triterobot was then selected to fight another team so that the studio could test out camera equipment and inspect the robots fighting, to see if they were worthy of the main competition. It fought an unknown robot, but failed to move in battle and the unknown robot won. The opponent went on to qualify and appear in the main series, but despite this loss, Triterobot still fought in the main series as a reserve after being contacted by the studio shortly before filming.

"Triterobot sat around trying to impress the judges with her cute eyes until early Wednesday morning. We were then selected to fight it out with a fellow reserve team. This was so the BBC could check camera angles and other such things. Unfortunately we failed to move at all whilst in combat due to a faulty isolation switch. This did us no favours at all! In fact the team we were matched against soon went on into the main competition."
— Jason Launchbury, discussing their qualification

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

In Heat L of the Third Wars, Triterobot went up against fellow newcomer and eventual Semi-Finalist Evil Weevil in the first round.

Triterobot starts to smoke

Triterobot is side-stranded

As soon as Activate was called, Triterobot moved quickly towards Evil Weevil and collided with it. After driving into the CPZ of Sgt. Bash, Evil Weevil drove onto the Arena Wall and was spiked by Triterobot. Evil Weevil then pushed Triterobot towards Sgt. Bash, who became impaled onto the House Robot by one of its spikes. Then Evil Weevil pushed Triterobot around the Arena floor until reaching Sir Killalot's CPZ. There, Evil Weevil released Triterobot who promptly impaled one of its spikes into Evil Weevil's fibreglass armour and began to smoke copiously. The battle was briefly paused due to the perceived fire hazard, but allowed to continue as the house robots separated the two machines, but Triterobot had lost a lot of its power during the "smokescreen". Evil Weevil then attacked Triterobot and turned it on its side, where neither sets of Triterobot's castors touched the ground. Thus, it was stuck on its side and Evil Weevil pushed the immobile robot towards the pit. Missing the final push by instead driving in a curving arc, the House Robots closed in on Triterobot, however Evil Weevil attacked Shunt to help Triterobot. Whilst the House Robots attacked Triterobot, the Triterobot team were enjoying the punishment being inflicted upon their robot.

"First we were roasted by Sgt Bash's flame-thrower. We then got spiked by "Evil Weevil", this shorted out the supply to one of our main drive motors, creating large amounts of smoke "Shunt" then moved in, punching holes in our body. "Dead metal" then attacked with it's cutting disk. Needless to say, this was all to much for our 1.6mm aluminium body shell. ... Upon taking the shell off, the problem that lead to so much house robot abuse was clear. Our wiring was in a melted mess!"
— TeamMouseTrap website on their loss


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Evil Weevil Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

Main Series Triterobot Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Heat, Round 1
The Fourth Wars Entered with MouseTrap
The Fifth Wars Entered with MouseTrap
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify with Mutant MouseTrap
The Seventh Wars Entered with Black and Blue
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with MouseTrap
Series 2 Did not enter


Official shot of Triterobot

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