Not to be confused with the US competitor Tricerabot.

Triterobot was a triangular-shaped omni-directional robot that was Team Mousetrap's original entry for Series 3 of Robot Wars. It had a spike on each corner, was invertible and was described as having no front, back or sideways, due to separately rotating wheels that shared a common power source from two motorbike starter motors. It lost its only battle against Evil Weevil. Like Steg-O-Saw-Us, Triterobot was a reserve (although it is not clear who it replaced) and did not receive a televised introduction.

"We were eventually called up by the BBC as studio reserves for the competition. This meant heading down to London on the off chance of being selected. [...] To cut a very long story short, we were invited back as main competitors in the second half of the draw"
— Jason Launchbury, writing after the event

Triterobot lost its only battle, but the team returned with the much more successful Mousetrap, and later entered with Black and Blue.

Robot History

Series 3

"They was getting a bashing, there was two robots on 'em, and so I thought I'd make it 2 on 2..."
— Evil Weevil's driver Michael Walsh's explanation as to why he attacked Shunt

In Round 1 of the Third Wars, Triterobot went up against future Semi-Finalists Evil Weevil. As soon as Activate was called, Triterobot moved quickly towards Evil Weevil and collided with it. After driving into Sergeant Bash's CPZ, Evil Weevil drove onto the Arena Wall and was spiked by Triterabot. Evil Weevil then pushed Triterobot towards Sergeant Bash, who became impaled onto the House Robot by one of its spikes. Then Evil Weevil pushed Triterobot around the Arena floor until reaching Sir Killalot's CPZ. There, Evil Weevil released Triterobot who promptly impaled one of its spikes into Evil Weevil's fibreglass armour and began to smoke copiously. The battle was briefly paused due to the perceived fire hazard, but allowed to continue as the house robots separated the two machines, but Triterobot had lost a lot of its power during the "smokescreen". Evil Weevil then attacked Triterobot and turned it on its side, where neither sets of Triterobot's castors touched the ground. Thus, it was stuck on its side and Evil Weevil pushed the immobile robot towards the pit. Missing the final push by instead driving in a curving arc, the House Robots closed in on Triterobot, however Evil Weevil attacked Shunt to help Triterobot, who were enjoying the punishment being inflicted upon their robot.


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Evil Weevil Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1


Series Record


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