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"Now, although it pains me to say this, sometimes there's no substitute for brute strength and ignorance - a lesson I think we all learn at the end of a school bully's fist. And hey, it doesn't get more brutal than this; two robots chained together in a Tug of War"
— Craig Charles

Tug of War was one of the Trial events that featured during Series 2 of Robot Wars. Competitor robots would be placed onto a long raised plinth and chained to a House Robot (Dead Metal in Heat B and Matilda in Heat J), who stood on his/her own plinth. They would be given 30 seconds to survive as the House Robot in use attempted to pull them into a pit located between the plinths; the competitor which survived the shortest amount of time would be eliminated from the competition.

Whilst most robots qualified by holding on and surviving for the maximum time limit, Chaos was able to win outright by pulling Dead Metal straight off the platform and into the pit, the only competitor to do so.