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For the Series 3 competitor, see Tut's Revenge.

"205 pounds of pyramid power!"
— Stefan Frank introduces Tut Tut

Tut Tut was a loanerbot that participated in the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors as well as Nickelodeon Robot Wars. It was lent to Chris Harriman of Team Raptor after their Season 1 entry, Cyclone, was too badly damaged to compete in the Robot Rebellion and Tag Team Terror competitions, and subsequently received upgrades from Harriman himself. It won the Tag Team Terror alongside partners Drillzilla, and reached the final of the Robot Rebellion.

In Nickelodeon Robot Wars, Tut Tut competed at the hands of Mike Morrow and Team Juggerbot, and was driven by Tom and Nancy Rodriquez in the Challenge Belt competition, emerging victorious.


Tut Tut in the pits

Tut Tut was a pyramid-shaped robot decorated with various Egyptian symbols and armed with an overhead pneumatic axe. While under the control of Chris Harriman, Harriman carried out extensive modifications to the axe's pneumatic system, which increased its power and transformed Tut Tut's performance, making it a much more competitive machine than the other loanerbots.[1]

Tut Tut in the arena during Extreme Warriors Season 1

In Season 1, the robot had a much more reflective metallic look to it. The robot was mostly unchanged for the Nickelodeon series, save for the armor, which was less reflective, looking more white, scuffed up, and far less metallic. In both appearances, the top of the pyramid was a smaller, gold-coloured pyramid. However, the two halves of the smaller pyramid often came loose, particularly when the axe was fired.

Tut Tut in Nickelodeon Robot Wars

In Nickelodeon Robot Wars, Tut Tut was 10 lbs heavier than in Extreme Warriors 1. Tut Tut was mentioned throughout the series as being equipped with a lifting arm, with its strength being listed as "Powerful Lifting Arm". It can be inferred that Tut Tut's axe could have been interchangeable with a lifting arm; however, this was never seen in battle.


Tut Tut's name is derived from the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, and a pun on the interjection "tut tut!"

Robot History[]

Season 1[]

"This is Tut Tut, the Egyptian pyramid of doom, and we're here to annihilate anybody who gets in our way!"
— Chris Harriman explaining the robot in his introduction

Tut Tut first participated in the Robot Rebellion, where it faced fellow loanerbot The Green House in the first round.

Rebecca Grant: "So, what are you going to do against The Green House over here?"
Chris Harriman: "The Green House is going down! We're going to take it out!"
Rebecca Grant: "You might be able to do it with a stone, it looks pretty ... "shattery""
Chris Harriman: "Yeah, people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!"
— Pre-battle interview with Rebecca Grant

The Green House lifts Tut Tut

Tut Tut started by turning away from The Green House as its opponent drove after it. As The Green House got close, Tut Tut turned around and fired the axe, but it turned too far and missed. The Green House tried to get under Tut Tut, but Tut Tut turned around, knocking Tut Tut with its axe. The Green House got its lifter under Tut Tut and lifted it up, but could not tip it over. The Green House dropped Tut Tut, and the two robots reversed for another charge. Both robots drove at each other, each twisting as they did so to try and get in a good position to use their weapons, but Tut Tut missed with its axe again, which became stuck in the floor.

"...with that axe, still missing, but look! He's in the arena floor, just like I said! Big danger!"
— Stefan Frank as Tut Tut's axe becomes stuck in the floor, as he had predicted whilst introducing Tut Tut

Tut Tut buries its axe into the floor

Dead Metal came out of his CPZ to try and free Tut Tut. As he did so, The Green House tried to flip Tut Tut, but accidentally got its lifter under Dead Metal instead. Unable to lift the House Robot, The Green House toppled forwards, falling back as Dead Metal reversed. Tut Tut had got its axe free, and drove at the side of The Green House. However, its axe blow missed due to the angle it was at, merely hitting the top with the handle, the head dangling over the back. The Green House reversed, and tried to get under Tut Tut, but Tut Tut turned away, so The Green House's lifter missed. Tut Tut turned back and fired the axe, this time hitting the top. The Green House tried driving away, but the axe held it in place, until Tut Tut pulled back the axe to let it go.

"...and Tut Tut, straight into the top of that plexiglass of Green House. Green House isn't looking too good right now"
— Stefan Frank

Tut Tut impales The Green House

The Green House turned around for another attack, but Tut Tut was ready, hitting the wedge with its axe. Tut Tut dragged The Green House into an empty CPZ, and Dead Metal and Shunt came in. Both competitors were trapped in the CPZ, and part of Tut Tut's top came loose. Dead Metal reversed, and The Green House tried to escape, but found itself blocked by Dead Metal. Tut Tut followed, and the two competitors turned to face each other. Tut Tut fired its axe but failed to puncture, as The Green House got its lifter under the front. Tut Tut fired the axe again and was able to push The Green House into the pit release button. The Green House pushed back, and the axe slid off its top. The two robots pushed at each other, and The Green House tried to get under Tut Tut's side, but Tut Tut turned around, getting behind The Green House. Tut Tut fired the axe, and pushed The Green House down the arena towards the pit. Despite its opponent struggling, Tut Tut got The Green House besides the pit, but The Green House suddenly pulled forwards, pulling Tut Tut besides the pit.

"Green House just spinning its wheels, getting pushed backwards. Tut Tut, bringing it ever closer to the pit, but whoa! Tut Tut almost put himself in the pit! Not a good piece of strategy for Tut Tut"
— Stefan Frank as the two robots get close to the pit

The Green House is pitted

The Green House tried to turn and reverse Tut Tut into the pit, but Tut Tut reversed away. The Green House turned around, and Tut Tut pushed it against the wall. Tut Tut missed with its axe, which became stuck in the floor again. After a little struggling, Tut Tut got the axe free, and as The Green House could not get away from the wall, Tut Tut fired the axe again, this time hitting the top of The Green House. With little resistance, Tut Tut was able to turn The Green House away from the wall and push it into the pit.

"Tut Tut puts Green House into his own tomb, and makes his mummy proud!"
— Stefan Frank as Tut Tut pits The Green House

Tut Tut qualified therefore for the battle against the House Robots.

"Now, Tut Tut. I've been a little hard on you in the past, claiming to not really know what your machine did. Finally we see that ice pick, reminded me a little bit of Sharon Stone, just stabbing over and over again!"
Mick Foley

In the final, Tut Tut allied with Rosie the Riveter, Tricerabot and Silver Box to take on Shunt and Matilda, who were later joined by Sir Killalot.

"We've modified our weapon, and we've upped our weapon's power, so hopefully it will stand a chance against the house bots. ... We added a much larger pick on the top, it's a lot more tapered, it should do a lot more damage and be able to dig in a lot further to take out those delicate electronics on the house bots."
— Chris Harriman on the improvements to Tut Tut for the Final

Shunt slams Tut Tut against the arena wall

Tut Tut initially avoided the House Robots, but after Shunt rammed Silver Box, Tut Tut confronted Shunt. As Shunt pushed it up the arena, Tut Tut fired its axe, but this had no effect. Shunt lifted Tut Tut up and held it against the top arena wall, then dropped it. Tut Tut tried to turn away, but Shunt followed it, pushing it, before leaving to attack the other competitors, who were fighting Matilda. Tut Tut drove across the arena to join the others, but again, Shunt pushed it against the top arena wall and lifted it up. Tut Tut also missed when it fired its axe. Shunt dropped Tut Tut, and Tricerabot rammed into him, so Shunt left Tut Tut and went after Tricerabot. Tut Tut chased after Shunt, and as it got close, fired its axe, but Shunt changed targets from Tricerabot to Rosie the Riveter, causing Tut Tut to miss. This time, its axe became stuck in the floor, and Tut Tut was unable to move until Refbot used its front plough to free the axe. Meanwhile, Tricerabot managed to overturn Matilda by ramming it into its side; at the same time, Tut Tut attempted to attack Shunt again, succeeding in axing his electrical system off-camera. Its axe blow caused Shunt to gradually lose mobility as he was subsequently rammed a few times by Tricerabot.[2]

"This could be a huge upset! Wow, these four on two, I mean you never would have thought that the House Robots would take this punishment!"
— Stefan Frank

Tut Tut joins the effort against Sir Killalot

Suddenly, Sir Killalot entered the arena. He grabbed Silver Box, lifted it up and took it to the pit, but as it tried to drop it in, he started to overbalance forwards. Tricerabot and Tut Tut rushed in, trying to take advantage and push him in. Tut Tut fired its axe into Sir Killalot's side, hitting his internals. However, Tricerabot was unable to push Sir Killalot into the pit, and Tut Tut reversed away. Rosie the Riveter came in to try and help, but time ran out, with Sir Killalot just staying out of the pit. No winner was called, but it was deemed a moral win for the competitors.

Mick Foley: "Backstage everyone said it couldn't be done, and the House Robots couldn't be approached. I consider this to be a great upset. How do you feel about it?"
Chris Harriman: "Oh it was great, I mean really, I mean it was teamwork that took care of it."
— After the battle

Tut Tut also participated in the Tag Team Terror alongside Drillzilla. In the first round, the two robots fought two Team Juggerbot entries, Tricerabot and Rosie the Riveter. Tut Tut took to the arena first, against Tricerabot.

"And there's Tut Tut, supporting the pyramid power theory. At 205 pounds, with two electric motors, a serious pneumatic axe, they'll show you how to walk like an Egyptian!"
— Stefan Frank introduces Tut Tut in the Season 1 Tag Team Terror

Tut Tut and Drillzilla sandwich their opponents

Tricerabot started by turning away from Tut Tut, then reversing as Tut Tut followed it. Tut Tut Tut was close behind, and tried to block Tricerabot, but Tricerabot drove around it. Tut Tut turned to face Tricerabot, and got underneath Tricerabot, but Tricerabot reversed off the front. Tricerabot tried pushing the side of Tut Tut, reversing into it, but Tut Tut turned, then Tricerabot drove forwards before Tut Tut could attack. Tut Tut reversed into its partner, and Drillzilla came out. The two robots in the arena engaged in a pushing match, until Rosie the Riveter suddenly came out of the corner. Tut Tut did not come out at first, although it was driving just outside of the CPZ. Tricerabot pushed Drillzilla towards it, and Tut Tut joined in the fight, ramming the side of Rosie the Riveter.

"...and it's a free-for-all! They're all in it now! Everybody jumping in there, trying to get the last word!"
— Stefan Frank as all four competitors fight

Tut Tut prevents Tricerabot's escape

Matilda, who had come out of the CPZ along with Sir Killalot when Rosie the Riveter came out illegally, reversed into Tut Tut and pushed it back, getting between it and the other competitors. Tut Tut was not deterred by this, and instead of returning to its corner, it drove at the flaming Tricerabot, only for Tricerabot to drive past it. Whilst Drillzilla fought Tricerabot, Rosie the Riveter attacked Tut Tut, pushing it against the wall, but Tut Tut got away, driving up the arena. Suddenly, Tricerabot charged into it. Tut Tut pushed Tricerabot back, but Rosie the Riveter got behind Tricerabot. Drillzilla got behind Rosie the Riveter and pushed it aside, then pushed Tricerabot towards the pit. Whilst Tut Tut blocked its escape, Drillzilla pushed Tricerabot into the pit, though Tut Tut nearly drove in itself as it tried to help finish Tricerabot off. Drillzilla rammed Rosie the Riveter, before time ran out. Although Rosie the Riveter was still mobile, Tut Tut and Drillzilla comfortably won the Judges' decision.

"It wouldn't quit! We just kept pushing it and beating on it and pushing and beating on it, finally got it in the pit, and that made it quit!"
— Chris Harriman to Mick Foley, speaking about how Tricerabot kept going despite being on fire

In the final, Tut Tut and Drillzilla faced Run Away and General Chompsalot, and Tut Tut started in the CPZ. Its axe, which had not worked in the first round, was repaired for the final.

"They're going down! They don't stand a chance, we'll take them out!"
— Chris Harriman on his opponents before the battle

Tut Tut challenges Run Away

At the start, Drillzilla fought Run Away, easily pushing it around the arena, and into the CPZs; first into Shunt, then into and Sgt. Bash. Tut Tut came out whilst Sgt. Bash had a hold of Run Away. Run Away got away from Sgt. Bash and rammed into the front of Tut Tut, but neither robot could get an advantage in pushing each other, so Run Away turned away and escaped across the arena to tag General Chompsalot. As General Chompsalot charged at Tut Tut, Tut Tut drove to the corner and tagged Drillzilla.

"He's got his jaws open, and I think he can get his mouth around Tut Tut. And Tut Tut's made the tactical tag with Drillzilla..."
— Stefan Frank

Tut Tut tips Run Away on its side

Before long, Drillzilla shoved Chompsalot into the pit. As Run Away came out to fight, Tut Tut was tagged. Tut Tut tried to get at the side of Run Away, but Run Away ran away up the arena. Tut Tut followed, and as it closed in, Run Away reversed into Tut Tut. However, this proved to be a mistake, as the high ground clearance of Run Away, combined with the pyramid shape of Tut Tut made it very easy for Tut Tut to turn Run Away onto its side.

"Tut Tut, the tombstone from Egypt, puts Run Away on his side!"
— Stefan Frank

Run Away could not self-right, so Tut Tut and Drillzilla were declared Tag Team Champions.


Under the controls of Team Juggerbot's Tom and Nancy Rodriquez, Tut Tut appeared in the one-off series Nickelodeon Robot Wars, amongst the robots competing for the Challenge Belt. It initially took on the original belt holder, the recently-crowned Nickelodeon US Champion Tyranabot, for the right to earn the belt for itself.

"Tonight he will be challenged by Tut Tut, a powerful pyramid, with an axe that is prone to do damage!"
Dave Aizer

Tut Tut axes Tyranabot, but is attacked by Dead Metal

Strangely, Tut Tut did not drive into the centre of the arena before the battle, instead stopping just outside of the CPZ. At the start of the battle, Tut Tut started the faster, quickly getting to the side of Tyranabot and firing the axe.

"...Tut Tut circles in and buries that pickaxe right into the side of Tyranabot. Nancy Rodriguez, good bit of driving there!"
— Stefan Frank as Tut Tut axes Tyranabot

Tut Tut axes Tyranabot, immobilising it

The axe landed between the two pistons for Tyranabot's jaw, which allowed Tut Tut to push Tyranabot, until it pulled back its axe, and Tyranabot reversed. After bumping into Refbot, Tyranabot charged forwards, trying to get underneath Tut Tut, but Tut Tut turned away. The two robots turned around, and as Tut Tut chased after Tyranabot, Tyranabot reversed away. Tut Tut soon caught up and got at the side of Tut Tut, firing its axe. Once again, the axe was caught between the two pistons, and Tut Tut pushed Tyranabot around.

" Tut Tut is always on the offence in this round, really just pushing Tyranabot back."
— Stefan Frank as Tut Tut pushes Tyranabot

However, Tyranabot managed to push back, forcing it into Dead Metal, who buried its saw into Tut Tut's side. Tut Tut held Tyranabot on the smoke pit, but then pulled back its axe. Tut Tut got behind Tyranabot, fired its axe and pushed Tyranabot against the wall. As Tut Tut reversed away, it became clear that Tyranabot had stopped moving.

"What happen to Tryanabot {sic} is that it had its on/off switch hit and actually flipped the switch off. Quite a lucky strike really"
— Ivan Loftis on YouTube[3]

Dead Metal came out of his CPZ to cut into the immobile competitor, slicing through its tyres then pushed it away from the CPZ, and Refbot counted it out. Shunt came across to axe Tyranabot, then pushed it to the floor flipper. After it was thrown, Shunt pitted it. Tut Tut was declared the winner and new holder of the Challenge Belt.

"Come and get it!"
— Nancy Rodriguez's challenge to the other roboteers after receiving the belt

In its next challenge, Tut Tut faced off against fellow Team Juggerbot robot Rosie the Riveter 2, the third time both robots had entered the arena together.

Tut Tut lands an early axe blow

Tut Tut drags Rosie the Riveter 2 onto the flipper

Tut Tut started by driving at Rosie the Riveter 2, which tried turning away. Tut Tut got at the side, but as it fired its axe, Rosie the Riveter 2 dodged. Rosie the Riveter 2 quickly got behind Tut Tut, but as it tried getting underneath and pushing, it turned too far and didn't get underneath Tut Tut. Tut Tut tried driving away, but Rosie the Riveter 2 blocked it, then rammed it against the arena wall. Rosie the Riveter 2 reversed and charged at Tut Tut again, but Tut Tut turned and caught Rosie the Riveter 2 side-on, and struck with its axe.

"...and Tut Tut comes down with the axe! Right into the top of Rosie! Rosie's having a little trouble there, not too much lateral movement with that bot, but plenty of power and speed when he gets a good run at it!"
— Stefan Frank

Rosie the Riveter 2 charges into Tut Tut

Rosie the Riveter 2 drives Tut Tut into Shunt

Tut Tut proceeded to push and drag Rosie the Riveter 2 around the arena, over the floor flipper panel, before Rosie the Riveter 2 managed to spin away and escape. Rosie the Riveter 2 rammed into Tut Tut, getting underneath it again, and pushed it into Shunt's CPZ, which axed a wheel of Tut Tut. By this point, Tut Tut was fully on top of Rosie the Riveter 2, but when Tut Tut slid off, it got caught on a protrusion on the rear of Rosie the Riveter 2, allowing Rosie the Riveter 2 to drag Tut Tut around the arena again, before pushing Tut Tut in the opposite direction again, pushing Tut Tut into the arena wall, where Tut Tut fell off.

"Now there's a bit of a piggyback ride, with Rosie as the tractor pull!"
— Stefan Frank

Rosie the Riveter 2's drive opens it up to attack from Tut Tut

Rosie the Riveter 2 briefly drives on two wheels

After the robots briefly lingered over the steam-exuding flame pit, Tut Tut hit the top of Rosie the Riveter 2 with the axe, causing a small hole. Rosie the Riveter 2 got underneath Tut Tut once more and started pushing, and Tut Tut tried axing Rosie the Riveter 2, but failed to puncture. However, Tut Tut then got an accurate strike with its axe, hooking into one of Rosie the Riveter 2's wheel guards, and then getting underneath Rosie the Riveter 2's side, and pushing it towards the arena wall. However, Rosie the Riveter 2 managed to drive off the slope of Tut Tut, balanced on two wheels.

"What a great tussle this is, not a clear winner here!"
— Stefan Frank

Rosie the Riveter 2 pins Tut Tut against the rails

The battle ends with Tut Tut's axe buried in Rosie the Riveter 2

Rosie the Riveter 2 slammed the arena disc trigger, but after it drove away, Tut Tut buried its axe into the back of Rosie the Riveter 2. Tut Tut missed with the axe on its second attempt, and Rosie the Riveter 2 fled down the arena, hitting the pit release button, but then drove across the edge of the pit itself as it drove back up the arena. Rosie the Riveter 2 pushed Tut Tut into the arena wall again over the steam pit, but Shunt came out of its CPZ to separate the two robots. Shunt found himself ironically stuck over the steam pit after this.

"Tut Tut was quick with the axe, but Rosie was even quicker with the movement! Right from the beginning, this was a close battle! I'd hate to be a judge here!"
— Stefan Frank

The two robots clashed one last time, with Tut Tut landing one final axe blow, and pushing Rosie the Riveter 2 into the centre of the arena. The judges delivered a split decision in favour of Tut Tut.

Dave Aizer: "Tough match, did you think you were going to win it?"
Nancy Rodriguez: "Yeah!"
— Confidence from Nancy Rodriguez after the battle

Tut Tut's third and final challenge was against Probophobia, for the right to win the Challenge Belt outright.

Vivianne Collins: "You took the belt from the US champion, you held onto it in another battle, now Probophobia wants to try and take it from you. Come on, what do you think?"
Nancy Rodriguez: "No, they can't take it?"
Vivianne Collins: "No? How come?"
Nancy Rodriguez: "We could beat them."
Vivianne Collins: "Yeah? What are you going to do out there?"
Nancy Rodriguez: "I'm going to try to hit them a lot of times with the axe."
— Pre-battle interview with Vivianne Collins

Probophobia pushes Tut Tut into the arena wall

Probophobia did not move at the start, so Tut Tut drove towards its opponent. As Probophobia raised its lifter, Tut Tut tried using the axe, but turned too far and missed. Tut Tut tried getting at the front of Probophobia, and fired the axe, hitting the wedge. Tut Tut reversed, then tried driving forwards to attack again, but turned too far and missed, also driving over one of Probophobia's lifting arms. However, Tut Tut managed to turn off as Probophobia began raising the lifting arms. Tut Tut got at the side of Probophobia and pushed it to the arena wall, then fired the axe, but failed to do any damage. Probophobia got its wedge under Tut Tut and pushed it down the arena, into the bottom arena wall. Tut Tut drove away from the wall and hit the top of Probophobia again, causing another puncture.

"...she has definitely done some damage on Probophobia, it looked to me like nothing was going to get through that bot, but Nancy had another idea."
— Stefan Frank noticing the numerous holes on the top of Probophobia

Tut Tut axes a smoking Probophobia

The axe was stuck in the top of Probophobia, and Tut Tut started pushing it around, and as it did so, smoke began to pour out of Probophobia. After a little struggle to get the axe out of the top of Probophobia, Tut Tut pulled back its axe.

"Great design on Tut Tut, there must be some reason why she's won the Challenge Belt so many times."
— Stefan Frank as Tut Tut opens the pit

Tut Tut forces Probophobia into Sir K; note the lifter holding onto the axe

Tut Tut left Probophobia by the pit, the pushed the button to open the pit, but Probophobia was able to use its lifting arms to roll away from the Pit. Tut Tut got at the side of Probophobia, pushing it across the arena. It fired the axe again, and Probophobia used its lifting arms to grab hold of the axe. Tut Tut pushed and pulled Probophobia, but Probophobia would not let go, even when Tut Tut pushed it into the arms of Sir K in the last few seconds.

"Well the judges have made their decision, and the winner and still the champion in the challenger series is Tut Tut, the team that is proving to be unbeatable!"
— Dave Aizer announces the decision

Since Probophobia had been immobilised for most of the match, Tut Tut was declared the winner and got to take the Challenge Belt home.


Season 1
Robot Rebellion
Final (with Rosie the Riveter, Silver Box & Tricerabot)
Eliminator vs. The Green House Won
Final vs. Matilda, Shunt & Sir Killalot No winner
Tag Team Terror
Competing with Drillzilla, Champion
Round 1 vs. Rosie the Riveter & Tricerabot Won
Final vs. General Chompsalot & Run Away Won
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
Challenge Belt
Challenge vs. Tyranabot Won
Defence vs. Rosie the Riveter 2 Won
Defence vs. Probophobia Won


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 0

NOTE: The House Robot Rebellion from Season 1 is not included

Series Record[]

US Series Tut Tut Series Record
Season 1 Tag Team Terror & Robot Rebellion
Entered with Cyclone (Team Raptor)
Entered with Tricerabot (Mike Morrow)
Season 2 Entered with Cyclone (Team Raptor)
Entered with Tricerabot 3.0 (Mike Morrow)
Nickelodeon Challenge Belt Holder


Tut Tut as it appeared in the opening of the show

  • With six wins and one draw, Tut Tut is the joint holder of the record for most battles won without a single loss, along with Dutch Series 1 champion Slicer.
  • Tut Tut had a Team Toad Sticker on its rear during Nickelodeon Robot Wars.
  • Along with The Green House's flipper, Tut Tut's axe was also fitted onto the loanerbot version of Hard, which competed in the second series of Dutch Robot Wars.
  • The official website called Tut Tut "King Tut" for unknown reasons.
  • All battle card images used for Tut Tut in Extreme Warriors 1 show the robot as being a deep bronze color, rather than the shiny silver color it was.
  • A clip of Tut Tut's battle with Rosie the Riveter 2 was used in later versions of the opening of the original show.
  • Shunt appeared in all but one of Tut Tut's battles.


Undefeated Robot (6 wins)