Tut Tut was a loanerbot from the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It was a pyramid-shaped robot with an overhead pneumatic axe. Its name originated from Tutankhamun, the Egyptian Pharaoh. Tut Tut was lent to Chris Harriman of Team Raptor in Season 1. Chris took it upon himself to improve the robot's pneumatics, making Tut Tut into a much more formidable contender than the other loanerbots. Tut Tut fought in the side competitions of Extreme Warriors, managing to win the Tag Team Terror Title and reach the final of the Robot Rebellion, where a tie was called.

Under the operation and supervision of Mike Morrow and Team Juggerbot, Tut Tut returned for the challenge belt in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, driven by Tom and Nancy Rodriquez. Tut Tut took the challenge belt from Tyranabot and held off all other challengers to become the holder of the belt. Tut Tut is one of the few undefeated robots in televised competition.

Tut Tut's axe was put on Hard along with The Green House's flipper.

Robot History

Season 1

"We're here to annihilate anybody who gets in our way"
— Chris Harriman explaining the robot

Tut Tut participated in the Tag Team Terror alongside Drillzilla. The two robots fought team mates Tricerabot and Rosie The Riveter. Tut Tut started by attacking Tricerabot, but landed no meaningful attacks with its axe. It tagged Drillzilla who pushed Tricerabot on the flames. Rosie Riveter came in to try and free its team mate, but Sir Killalot attacked, and was reprimanded. All four robots were in the centre of the arena, attacking each other. Tut Tut and Drillzilla pitted Tricerabot, and were given the win by the judges. In the final, Tut Tut and Drillzilla faced Run Away and General Chompsalot. At the start Drillzilla attacked Run Away, before pushing it into the CPZs of Shunt and Sergeant Bash. Tut Tut came in to attack Run Away, who tagged Chompsalot. Tut Tut tagged Drillzilla, who shoved Chompsalot into the pit. Tut Tut then slammed its axed into Run Away, before tipping it on its side. Run Away could not self-right, so Tut Tut and Drillzilla were declared Tag Team Champions.

Tut Tut also participated in the Robot Rebellion, where it faced fellow loanerbot The Green House in Round 1. Tut Tut's axe got stuck in the floor at the start, before Green House lifted it. Tut Tut kept getting stuck in the floor, before axing into its opponent's pexiglass shell. Tut Tut dragged Green House into Dead Metal's corner. Tut Tut then dragged Green House into the pit button, but didn't manage to pit it. Tut Tut got his axe stuck into the floor again, before succeeding in pitting its opponent. In the tournament final, Tut Tut confronted Shunt, who lifted it up repeatedly. All four robots ganged up on Shunt, before Tricerabot flipped Matilda. Whilst Tricerabot rammed Shunt and pressed the pit button, Sir Killalot entered the arena. He attacked Siver Box, and pitted it, but fell in front of the pit. Tut Tut and Tricerabot tried to pit Killalot, but Killalot just stayed out of the pit. No winner was called, but it was deemed a moral win for the competitors.

"Backstage everyone said it couldn't be done, and the house robots couldn't be approached. I consider this to be a great upset."
— Mick Foley after the battle


Tut Tut competed for the Challenge Belt, taking on current holders, the Nickelodeon United States Champion Tyranabot. It managed to land several blows onto Tyranabot's crushing arm, but Tyranabot retaliated by pushing Tut Tut into Dead Metal, who buried its saw into Tut Tut's side. However, Tyranabot was left trapped in the CPZ and Dead Metal cut through its antenna, leaving it imobilized. Tut Tut was declared the winner and new holder of the Challenge Belt. In its next fight, Tut Tut faced off against Rosie the Riveter. It tried to hit Rosie the Riveter but missed and was pushed into the arena wall. Tut Tut then axed the top of Rosie the Riveter and dragged it onto the floor flipper but Rosie the Riveter charged in and got underneath Tut Tut, carrying it into Shunt. Tut Tut escaped and then axed Rosie the Riveter several times before Cease was called. Tut Tut won the judges decision on damage. Its third and final match was against Probophobia. The match started out very slow with Probophobia moving its lifting arms up and Tut Tut hitting Probophobia with its axe. Probophobia then got under Tut Tut and pushed it into the wall. Tut Tut then buried its axe into Probophobia, causing smoke to pour out of it. Tut Tut pressed the Pit Button but Probophobia was able to use its lifting forks to roll away from the Pit. Tut Tut then hit Probophobia with the axe again and dragged it into Sir Killalot just as Cease was called. Since Probophobia had been imobilized for most of the match, Tut Tut was declared the winner and got to take the Challenge Belt home.


Season 1
Tag Team Terror
Competing with Drillzilla, Champion
Round 1 vs. Rosie The Riveter & Tricerabot Won
Final vs. Run Away & General Chompsalot Won
Robot Rebellion
Final (with Silver Box, Tricerabot & Rosie The Riveter)
Eliminator vs. The Green House Won
Final vs. Matilda, Shunt & Sir Killalot No winner
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
Challenge Belt
Challenge vs. Tyranabot Won
Defence vs. Rosie the Riveter 2 Won
Defence vs. Probophobia Won


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 1

Series Record

  • Season 1: Entered with Cyclone
  • Season 2: Did not enter


  • Tut Tut is the holder of the record for most battles without a single loss, with a total of seven. It is also the joint holder of the record for most wins without a single loss, with a total of six, along with Slicer.


Undefeated Robot (6 wins)


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