Twisted Metal was a competitor robot that fought in both series of Dutch Robot Wars. The original robot won its heat to reach the Grand Final in Dutch Series 1, before losing its melee to Slicer and Lizzard. In Dutch Series 2, Twisted Metal EVO reached the Heat Final, but lost to Krab-Bot there on a jury's decision.

Team Twisted Metal dressed like secret agents, wearing sunglasses, including a team member who specifically avoided speaking on the show to add an edge of seriousness.

Versions of Twisted MetalEdit

Twisted MetalEdit


Twisted Metal in Dutch Series 1

Twisted Metal was an invertible, box-shaped robot with a powerful spinning disc at the front. It featured flashing lights and a truck horn. Twisted Metal's wheels were very tall to allow invertibility, and its disc proved capable of causing good damage, although its own armour was quite thin.

"This robot competed in the first Robot Wars - The Dutch Battles held in England. We have reached the finals with this one. This robot however does not exist anymore."
— The Twisted Metal website on retiring the original machine[1]

Twisted Metal EVOEdit

"Competed in the second Dutch Battles and is our present competition robot. We have reached the episode final with this one. EVO is under constant evolution, so it can be completely different next time you see him!"
— The team's website on Twisted Metal EVO in 2003[2]

Twisted Metal EVO in the arena

Twisted Metal EVO was rebuilt to feature a more compact design, featuring smaller wheels, and a more rounded bodyshape, offering more stability against wedges. This also allowed its armour to be thicker in places, although its disc was reused from the previous version.

Robot HistoryEdit

Dutch Series 1Edit

Twisted Metal vs Pyramid of Chaos

Twisted Metal attacks Pyramid of Chaos

In its first battle, Twisted Metal faced Pyramid of Chaos. Pyramid of Chaos's odd shape made it difficult for Twisted Metal to cause external damage, but Twisted Metal managed to dig into the shell by aiming for the corners. The damage had immobilized Pyramid of Chaos, so Twisted Metal was through to the next round.

Alien Destructor vs Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal nearly catches out Alien Destructor over the pit

There, it met Alien Destructor. It spun up its disc and tore away at Alien Destructor's decorations. It clipped Alien Destructor at the rear and buckled its tail. Alien Destructor rammed into Twisted Metal, but Twisted Metal kept its disc spinning, and buckled Alien Destructor's tail. Twisted Metal went for the pit release, shattering the tyre's plastic casing. Time ran out, and the match went to a jury's decision, which was in favour of Twisted Metal.


Twisted Metal takes out Pullverizer's tyre

In the Heat Final, Twisted Metal met Pullverizer. Initially, it took some hits from Pullverizer's flywheel, but it got around to Pullverizer's side and managed to disable one of its wheels. Pullverizer had become immobile, and while the House Robots attacked it, Twisted Metal came in and tore off one of its wheels.


Twisted Metal, about to be pitted

In the Grand Final, Twisted Metal had a good start, tearing off some of Lizzard's tail armour. However, its movement was somewhat jerky, and it could do little when Lizzard retaliated with its tail. Slicer upended it with its drum, immobilising Twisted Metal. After it was counted out, the House Robots put it on the Floor Flipper. Sir Killalot tore off one of its sides and then disposed of it in the Pit.

Dutch Series 2Edit

Growler Twisted Metal Evo Slamtilt

Twisted Metal EVO is put under pressure inside the CPZ

Slamtilt vs Twisted Metal Evo

Slamtilt loses a wheel

Twisted Metal returned to Dutch Robot Wars with a lower, flatter body, and a new name; Twisted Metal EVO. In the first round, Twisted Metal EVO got its spinning disc up to speed as the axlebot Slamtilt tried to get its axe into play. Twisted Metal EVO whacked one of the exposed wheels of Slamtilt, buckling it, but not immobilising the robot. Twisted Metal EVO chased Slamtilt into a CPZ, giving Growler the opportunity to attack. After both machines escaped, Twisted Metal EVO turned and hit Slamtilt again, knocking a wheel off. The Refbot counted out the axlebot, which then took severe damage from the House Robots and Drop-Zone.

Twisted Metal Evo Flepser

Twisted Metal EVO skirts dangerously over the lip of the Pit

Twisted Metal Evo Flepser 1

Twisted Metal EVO slashes through the front of Flepser

In the Heat Semi-Final, Twisted Metal's first attack on the wedge-shaped Flepser cut through its flipper. Twisted Metal EVO activated the pit and almost drove straight down, but escaped and punctured one of Flepser's tyres, leaving it spinning around in circles. A merciless Twisted Metal EVO closed in and ripped the front armour of Flepser to shreds before nudging it into the vertical flywheel of Matilda, who flipped Flepser onto its side where, incredibly, it was still moving, under a hail of debris. The next attack by Twisted Metal EVO almost made it bounce straight into the Pit of Oblivion. Flepser was systematically ripped apart by attacks from the House Robots, losing both wheels, and Twisted Metal EVO was through to the Heat Final against Krab-Bot.


Krab-Bot grabs hold of Twisted Metal EVO

Twisted Metal Evo vs Krab Bot

Twisted Metal EVO takes damage from Matilda


Krab-Bot holds Twisted Metal EVO in the CPZ as Sir Killalot comes in

Twisted Metal came onto the attack, hitting one of Krab-Bot's claws, but failed to cause any damage. Krab-Bot grabbed the static front disc of its opponent and slammed Twisted Metal EVO into the arena side wall and into a CPZ. Here, Sir Killalot took over from Krab-Bot and lifted the former grand finalists into the air before letting go. Twisted Metal EVO simply couldn't get its spinner to work like in the first two rounds, and it spun into Matilda's CPZ where the flywheel flayed a piece of armour on the front of the machine. Krab-Bot repeated its tactic of pushing Twisted Metal EVO into the corner patrol zone and this time Killalot spun Twisted Metal around and threw it. Twisted Metal lasted the full five minutes but was eliminated on the judges' decision.


Series 1
Dutch Championship
Grand Final, Round 1
Heat B, Round 1 vs. Pyramid of Chaos Won
Heat B, Semi-Final vs. Alien Destructor Won
Heat B, Final vs. Pullverizer Won
Grand Final, Round 1 vs. Lizzard, Slicer Eliminated
Series 2
Dutch Championship
Heat Final
Heat C, Round 1 vs. Slamtilt Won
Heat C, Semi-Final vs. Flepser Won
Heat C, Final vs. Krab-Bot Lost


  • Twisted Metal EVO in the pits
  • Twisted Metal EVO at a live event
  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Dutch Series Twisted Metal Series Record
Series 1 Grand Final, Round 1
Series 2 Heat Final

NOTE: Dutch Series 1 team member Chris Mennenga would later compete in Dutch Series 2 with his own robot, Trazmaniac.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal at the Dutch Robot Games in 2001

Between Dutch Series 1 and 2, Twisted Metal made an appearance at the Dutch Robot Games in 2001, but could not enter the main competition due to spinning weapons being prohibited at the live event[3]. Despite this, it still fought in two exhibition matches without using its disc, with a win against Infinity and a loss to Arena Killer.

Twisted Metal Evo 2003 Flipper

Twisted Metal EVO with a flipper

Twisted Metal EVO briefly competed on the live circuit in 2003, sporting a rear-hinged flipper at the Dutch Robot Games. It lost its only competition fight to the eventual champion Tough as Nails. It also fought in a rumble against No Fear and PulverizeR, with PulverizeR winning the battle and avenging its loss in Dutch Series 1[4].

The team created an antweight version of Twisted Metal named Twisted Midget, weighing exactly 150g. It competed at the inaugral Dutch Ant Battles and reached the finals.

Team Twisted Metal also had plans to create another heavyweight robot named W84NXQS (pronounced Wait For an Excuse), to compete alongside Twisted Metal EVO[5]. It is unknown if the machine was ever completed. The team's website also alluded to a 'secret project' named Inzayne, but did not specify what this project involved.


  • In the space of two battles during Series 1, Twisted Metal fought three robots who would go on to win or come second in both Series of Dutch Robot Wars.

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