"The reigning champion Tyranabot, at 220lbs, he's got more power in his push than his bite, but he's got some serious moves!"
Stefan Frank

Tyranabot was an American competitor robot that fought in Season 2 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors as well as Nickelodeon Robot Wars. Tyranabot made it to the Heat Final of Extreme Warriors, losing to The Falcon Mark 2. Tyranabot's bigger claim to fame was its campaign in the US Championship of Nickelodeon Robot Wars, where it won the tournament over Probophobia and became the US Champion for that series. Based on this, Tyranabot was also awarded the Challenge Belt, but lost it to Tut Tut on its first attempt at maintaining the belt.


"At 220lbs, he's got a separate motor for each wheel, a crushing jaw for a weapon, and major pushing power!"
— Stefan Frank
Tyranabot NICK

Tyranabot enters the arena in Nickelodeon Robot Wars


Tyranabot in the pits

Tyranabot is a four-wheel driven invertible robot, designed primarily for pushing due to its four 24V electric motors driving each of its wheels, giving the robot a high top speed of 15mph, and plenty of traction. Tyranabot was also armed with a hydraulic crushing jaw at the front, powered by two electric Ag motors for 3000lbs per square inch of crushing force. It intended mainly to hold other robots in place while Tyranabot drove them around the arena, rather than to cause crushing damage. As a result, the crushing jaw was quite frail, and broke off in combat. The robot was armored in thick aluminium, making it resistant to the weapons of its opponents, although its removable link was clearly exposed atop the robot.


Rear view of Tyranabot, sporting a blue tail

Tyranabot side

Side view of Tyranabot, sporting a green tail

For some of its appearances, Tyranabot sported a flammable tail at the back end of the machine, referencing its dinosaur namesake. This was a green tail in the first two rounds of its heat in the US Championship, a blue tail in its Heat Final and battle against Ninjitsu, and then a yellow-and-blue tail against Probophobia. Tyranabot was designed by the young Ivan Loftis, who first drew the robot on paper before driving it in Nickelodeon Robot Wars.

Mick Foley: "Ivan, I understand that you were the inspiration for Tyranabot, is that true?"
Ivan Loftis: "I'm the one who drew the first drawing of it!"
— The origins of Tyranabot's design

Robot HistoryEdit

Season 2Edit

"Look at the size difference between Buzz, Tyranabot and Xylon!"
Stefan Frank notes the large size of Tyranabot

As a newcomer to the competition, Tyranabot fought two fellow newcomers in its first-round melee, Buzz and Xylon.

Tyranabot vs Buzz

Tyranabot pushes Buzz into the arena wall

Buzz vs Tyranabot vs Xylon

Tyranabot drives into the back of Xylon

Tyranabot started further from its opponents, and cruised in to meet both, driving over the top of Buzz, and pushed it from the side in combination with Xylon. After Xylon pushed Buzz towards the arena entry gates, Tyranabot slammed into its side, but was pushed back by both machines in response. Xylon backed straight onto the claw of Tyranabot, which briefly suspended Xylon from the floor by lifting its bottom jaw, but did not manage to crush it. At this stage, Buzz flipped Xylon over, prompting Tyranabot to try and hold it down. Tyranabot held back, in hopes that it had qualified by knockout, but Xylon was righted and slammed into the back of Tyranabot. In the later stages of the battle, Tyranabot nudged Buzz, which had slowed significantly, but otherwise avoided contact until 'cease' was called at the end of the five-minute bout. The battle was sent to a Judges' decision.

Mick Foley: "Now Ivan, it's a Judges' decision, but if it was up to you, which team would you kick out of the race?"
Ivan Loftis: "Probably Buzz!"
— Mick Foley prompts the views of the safely-qualified Team Tyrannical Roboteers

The Judges voted in favour of Tyranabot and Buzz, putting both through to the heat semi-finals. There, Tyranabot faced the comedic design of Bunny Attack. The team felt relatively unthreatened by the flammable robot, which they intended to push over the flame pit.

"Well we shouldn't have any trouble, we hope it's going to be a 'hare-raising' experience, maybe roast 'em a little bit!"
— Tim Loftis
Bunny Attack vs Tyranabot

Tyranabot sustains hammer blows from Bunny Attack

Tyranabot vs BunnyAttack

A smouldering Tyranabot reverses Bunny Attack backwards

Tyranabot started slowly, attempting to drive around the back of Bunny Attack, but could only bump into the front. Tyranabot then sat completely motionless, as Bunny Attack drove into the rear, landing repeated blows on the flammable tail of Tyranabot, which was set alight by Sgt. Bash, well outside of a CPZ. Tyranabot regained motion and reversed Bunny Attack onto the floor spinner, shedding its flaming tail. Tyranabot exposed its side to Bunny Attack was was hit by its opponent's hammer again. It fled, and then bumped into the front of Bunny Attack, but this again caused Tyranabot to briefly stop moving over the Drop Zone. After an extended period of no contact, Tyranabot was again hammered by Bunny Attack, although Tyranabot took a run-up to drive into Bunny Attack's front.

"And Tyranabot has really got to get into this battle if they want to go through, because so far the real aggressor has been Bunny Attack!"
— Stefan Frank

Tyranabot's jaw is removed by Sgt. Bash

Tyranabot vs Bunny Attack

Tyranabot pushes Bunny Attack towards the pit

Later into the battle, Tyranabot guided itself into a CPZ, where Sgt. Bash gripped its crushing weapon and completely crumpled it, while Dead Metal also held Tyranabot from behind. Having lost its weapon completely, Tyranabot pressed the pit trigger, but suffered more blows from Bunny Attack. Then, Tyranabot slammed into Bunny Attack's wheel, and both robots met in the centre of the arena. Tyranabot edged Bunny Attack backwards, and Bunny Attack changed its direction so that it would face the pit, allowing Tyranabot to continue its push and guide Bunny Attack into the pit, in a come-from-behind victory for Tyranabot.

Carol Grow: "Well congratulations, but it's a bit of a bittersweet victory!"
Tim Loftis: "Yeah that was a tough one, I thought I was out."
— Tim Loftis after a near-loss against Bunny Attack

Tyranabot had qualified for the Heat Final, where it faced The Falcon Mark 2, sporting a new paper tail.

The Falcon Mark 2 vs Tyranabot

Tyranabot becomes stuck on the back of The Falcon Mark 2


Tyranabot is lifted up by The Falcon Mark 2

Tyranabot missed with its initial charge, although it was able to slot its jaw under The Falcon Mark 2's wedge, before losing its target. In a head-to-head collision, Tyranabot drove straight up the wedge of The Falcon Mark 2, and fell off the back of the wedge-shaped opponent. As its newly repaired jaw was scraping along the arena floor, Tyranabot became stuck on top of The Falcon Mark 2, and was carried around the arena on its back before being dropped into the CPZ of Sir Killalot. Tyranabot was shepherded into the corner by Sir Killalot, but escaped and drove straight onto The Falcon Mark 2's lifter. Tyranabot was suspended in the air by the lifter of The Falcon Mark 2, and broke free, only to have its ground clearance breached by The Falcon Mark 2 once again, prompting Tyranabot to press the pit trigger.

"As Tyranabot goes into the pit trigger! This saved him against the Bunny before, maybe the charm will work twice!"
— Stefan Frank
Falcon Mark 2 vs Tyranabot

Tyranabot is held in place by The Falcon Mark 2

Tyranabot vs The Falcon Mark 2

Tyranabot tips forwards while gripping The Falcon Mark 2

The Falcon Mark 2 used its wedge shape to drive under Tyranabot and hold it in place, forcing Refbot to separate the two. Tyranabot slotted its jaw under The Falcon Mark 2, but a lack of purchase meant that Tyranabot instead lifted itself into the air when it used its crushing weapon, eventually managing to hoist The Falcon Mark 2 into the air at the moment 'cease' was called, sending the battle to a Judges' decision. Although Tyranabot had pushed The Falcon Mark 2 backwards after the 'cease' prompt, this had to be ignored, and the Judges awarded the victory to The Falcon Mark 2, eliminating Tyranabot one stage prior to the Grand Final.

Mick Foley: "Ivan, how do you feel about losing such a close contest?"
Ivan Loftis: "It was kinda weird, we almost had them, but then right when we were almost getting them in, the time just ran right out!"
— Ivan Loftis on Tyranabot's late comeback

Nickelodeon Robot WarsEdit

In Nickelodeon Robot Wars, Tyranabot was one of four robots invited to compete in the US Championship, to become the US champion within that series. In its first battle, Tyranabot fought the horizontal spinner of Ninjitsu. As Nickelodeon Robot Wars required its competitors to be driven by children, eight-year old Ivan Loftis took to the controls of Tyranabot for each of its battles.

Vivianne Collins: "Now you've got the remote control in your hands, what does the remote control do?"
Ivan Loftis: "Well, it controls... this is the steering, and this is the jaws. Side-to-side doesn't do anything for the jaws. It has good steering too."
— Ivan Loftis explains his controller to Vivianne Collins
Ninjitsu vs Tyranabot

Tyranabot withstands the spinner of Ninjitsu

Tyranabot vs Ninjitsu

Tyranabot drives near the immobile Ninjitsu

Tyranabot met Ninjitsu head-on, and immediately stopped Ninjitsu's spinner on both of its first attacks, due to the resistance of its thick aluminium armour. Tyranabot was struck by Ninjitsu at the back of the robot, taking slight damage to its sacrificial tail, so Tyranabot drove into the pit trigger, opening the pit. Tyranabot was struck side-on by Ninjitsu's spinner again, and both robots remained near the inactive flame pit, when Ninjitsu suddenly lost all form of movement. Tyranabot kept its distance and suspended its claw, while Ninjitsu was counted out by Refbot, and pitted by Dead Metal. This victory allowed Tyranabot to advance to the final.

Vivianne Collins: "You found all your screws, you had some scavenging to do, and were you able to hammer out the screws and all those other parts?"
Ivan Loftis: "Mmm, and I even managed to keep one! You can have a souvenir from Tyranabot, if you want!"
Vivianne Collins: "Aww, thank you so much! That was really nice, I appreciate it, I'll put this in the robot that I build!"
— Ivan Loftis presents a gift to Vivianne Collins

In the final, Tyranabot faced Probophobia, with the Nickelodeon US Championship on the line.

Tyranabot vs Probophobia

Tyranabot is lifted up by Probophobia


Tyranabot drives Probophobia into Matilda's flywheel

Tyranabot made a quicker start, but missed its target and drove into the wall, allowing Probophobia to lift it up. Tyranabot backed into Matilda to lose part of its sacrificial tail, and also drove into an angle grinder, before pressing the Disc of Doom trigger. Tyranabot then reversed onto Probophobia's wedge while its opponent's lifter was raised. While Probophobia clamped down, the gripped Tyranabot pushed its opponent across the arena, directly into the flywheel of Matilda in the CPZ. Although Probophobia initially pushed Tyranabot back, it started to emit smoke, and lost mobility in the centre of the arena. While Probophobia attempted to move using its weapon system, Tyranabot controlled its movements while Refbot counted out the immobile Probophobia. Tyranabot briefly collided with Sir Killalot, but otherwise kept its distance, having won the US Championship by knockout. Team Tyrannical Roboteers were presented with a trophy to celebrate their victory.

Dave Aizer: "Ivan you're holding in your hand the championship trophy, look at the smile on his face! Tell me what's going through your mind right now, how do you feel?"
Ivan Loftis: "Great! My brother and my sister got a trophy, so this is the best one I ever had!"
— Ivan Loftis, as he is presented the US Championship trophy

Alongside its championship trophy, Tyranabot was also rewarded with the Challenge Belt, which it was required to defend against challengers for the title. The defending champion Tyranabot was challenged by Tut Tut, under the controls of Nancy Rodriguez, in order to take the belt from it.

"Tyranabot, the current US champ, is preparing to defend his title and belt, against the challenger Tut Tut!"
Dave Aizer
Tut Tut vs Tyranabot

Tyranabot is dragged back by Tut Tut

Tuttutvstyranabot NICKRW

Tyranabot is immobilised by the axe of Tut Tut

Tyranabot adjusted its starting position, but did not move forwards before Tut Tut had already delivered an overhead blow with its axe, striking directly between Tyranabot's hydraulic rams for its crusher. Tyranabot moved on the defensive, backing towards the wall, and then a CPZ, where it was struck on the hydraulic rams by Tut Tut. In this fashion, Tut Tut dragged Tyranabot backwards, holding it over the inactive flame pit, although Dead Metal assisted Tyranabot by slicing into Tut Tut. Tyranabot was finally released by the axe of Tut Tut, but failed to escape, and was struck from behind with another blow. This attack immobilised Tyranabot, and Dead Metal sliced into its side, before leaving it alone to confirm its immobility. Dead Metal then cut through one of Tyranabot's wheels, and allowed Refbot to count the Challenge Belt holder out, while Shunt also preceded the final count with an axe blow. Now officially immobile, Tyranabot was axed again by Shunt and placed on the floor flipper, which tossed Tyranabot through the air, and 'cease' was called. Despite this, Shunt pushed Tyranabot into the pit after 'cease' had already been called. Ivan Loftis handed his Challenge Belt over to Nancy Rodriguez at the end of Tyranabot's final battle.

Dave Aizer: "Ivan, you guys weren't smiling much, but I did notice the one time that you smiled was when your robot actually got flipped in the air. I did notice that. Why would you smile there? You find that amusing?"
Ivan Loftis: "Well, it lost the cord, so it couldn't drive, couldn't receive the signal, so we couldn't move at all."
Dave Aizer: "But you kept smiling all the way through, so congratulations on holding this belt!"
— Team Tyrannical Roboteers as they hand over the belt


Season 2
US Championship
Heat Final
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Buzz, Xylon Qualified
Heat H, Round 2 vs. Bunny Attack Won
Heat H, Final vs. The Falcon Mark 2 Lost
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
US Championship
US Championship, Round 1 vs. Ninjitsu Won
US Championship, Final vs. Probophobia Won
Challenge Belt
Original belt holder
Defence vs. Tut Tut Lost


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Tyranabot arena

Tyranabot in its Heat Final

US Series Tyranabot Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Heat Final
Nickelodeon Grand Champion


  • When entering the arena for its Heat Final in Season 2, Tyranabot was erroneously referred to by its opponent's name, The Falcon Mark 2.
  • Tyranabot was the only one of the four Challenge Belt holders in Robot Wars to not win a battle while defending the belt.


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