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Not to be confused with fellow Series 7 competitor U.R.O.

"Ooh, out of this world man! Totally!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces UFO in Series 6

UFO was the name given to a pair of competitor robots that fought in Series 6 and 7 of Robot Wars. The first version was eliminated in the first round of Series 6 on a Judges' decision, while the updated UFO reached the second round in Series 7, losing to Judge Shred 3 there.

Versions of UFO[]

Series 6[]

"It's a big lifty-uppy spikey-thing, designed to cut into the bladey thing above it, and we also have a couple of bright lighty shiny things at the front, and some plucky spikey things at the back."
— Pete Withers explains UFO's components to Philippa Forrester in Series 6

UFO in the arena during Series 6

The Series 6 version of UFO was a compact, invertible box-shaped robot with two-wheel drive and a small set of crushing jaws as its weapon. The lower jaw had an elongated spike which doubled as a lifter, which was intended to get underneath other robots, lift them and draw them towards the upper jaw. However, despite the robot being invertible, the jaws were only effective when the robot was upright. This version of UFO also featured a black, green and yellow paint scheme with an alien's face painted on its top panel, as well as a pair of large white spotlights at the front and a set of rear spikes.

Series 7[]

"An alien force in the arena this time around!"
— Jonathan Pearce as UFO dominates Judge Shred 3

UFO in Series 7, with flipper fired

A brand new version of UFO was entered into Series 7, retaining the Series 6 version's colour scheme and two-wheel drive, but featuring a traditional tall wedge-shape and a front-hinged pneumatic flipper. However, this version was untested in combat, and its flipper failed to work at all during its first round battle. While this issue was fixed, the robot had exposed tyres at the rear, and was vulnerable to being stranded on its side, as demonstrated in its second round battle in its heat.

Robot History[]

Series 6[]

"A compact invertible machine thing with a weapon thing that combines the ability to lift and crush and cut opponent thingies. But the weapon is only really effective when right way up."
— Jonathan Pearce summarises UFO in a not so brilliant way

In Series 6, UFO fought in Heat E, and was drawn against fellow newcomers The Stag, Vader and the ninth seed Wild Thing in the first round.

Vader shreds The Stag's wheel as UFO comes in

UFO attacks Vader and Wild Thing

It immediately collided with Vader and darted around the arena before trying to push Vader again, who ripped one of The Stag's tyres off as it tried to push UFO as well. UFO was buffeted by Vader's flywheel before retreating and ramming Wild Thing, then nudged Vader as it and Wild Thing got stuck together. It then got its lower jaw under Wild Thing, separating both it and Vader, before getting it stuck in the pit release button as it pressed it.

UFO joins Vader and Wild Thing's tussle on the flame pit

UFO pushes The Stag into the pit as time runs out

This allowed Vader to attack UFO with its flywheel, with Wild Thing again attempting to attack Vader as UFO broke free of the release button. UFO spent the rest of the battle pushing Vader and Wild Thing around as the latter two again got stuck to each other, before pushing The Stag into the pit, nearly spinning in itself as 'cease' was called. Despite UFO displaying consistent aggression throughout the battle, not enough points were earned to rule the judges' decision which went in favour of Wild Thing and Vader, eliminating UFO from the Sixth Wars.

"Off out of our solar system anyway, UFO and The Stag..."
Jonathan Pearce following UFO's elimination

Series 7[]

"Beaten in its first ever fight in the last wars. The UFO has landed again though."
— Jonathan Pearce

UFO returned in Heat L of Series 7, facing Crushtacean, the tenth seed Behemoth and former Dutch Robot Wars competitor Tartarus in the first round.

UFO drives Crushtacean against the arena wall

UFO drives at the rear of Behemoth

UFO rolls Behemoth over

Behemoth flips UFO over but both go through nonetheless

With its flipper failing to work at all, UFO began by attacking Crushtacean, briefly getting underneath it with its wedge as Behemoth came in to attack the pair after flipping Tartarus over in the opening seconds. It drove away as Behemoth turned Crushtacean over, before it pinned Crushtacean against the wall as Behemoth lifted the latter. Again, UFO and Behemoth rammed Crushtacean together a few more times, before UFO wedged under Crushtacean once more, and immediately after, Behemoth lifted Crushtacean against and over the arena wall. UFO finished the battle by getting under Behemoth twice, at one point rolling it over, before being flipped over by Behemoth's scoop. Needless to say, both UFO and Behemoth progressed to the second round anyway.

"The Behemoth boys are back and they're angry! They go through along with UFO!"
— Craig Charles

There, UFO faced Judge Shred 3, with the team having managed to fix and test its flipper prior to the fight.

"Thank goodness, the flipper is working!"
— Jonathan Pearce as UFO self-rights after the first flip from Judge Shred 3

Judge Shred 3 flips UFO

Judge Shred 3 prepares to throw UFO towards the arena wall

UFO presses Judge Shred 3 against the arena wall

Both robots started by charging at each other, with UFO constantly driving around Judge Shred 3 and over its flipper before being flipped over by Judge Shred 3. UFO righted itself instantly, but was nearly flipped again near the wall. UFO retaliated by pushing and flipping Judge Shred 3 against the wall, holding its opponent on the edge of its flipper before releasing Judge Shred 3 which fell back down onto its wheels.

"An alien force, in the warzone this time around."
— Pearce as UFO flips Judge Shred 3 against the wall

Refbot counts UFO out

Mr. Psycho holds UFO a little too close to the camera

UFO backed away, pushing Judge Shred 3 over the Flame Pit, before Judge Shred 3 again flipped it, this time leaving it on its side, where it was unable to self-right. Refbot counted UFO out, before it was lifted and carried around the arena by Mr. Psycho, getting suspended over the Flame Pit and nearly hitting one of the cameras in the process. Mr. Psycho eventually dropped UFO into the pit, eliminating it from the Seventh Wars.

"Well, the aliens have landed. Unfortunately, they landed in the pit of oblivion!"
Craig Charles announces UFO's Series 7 demise


Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat E, Round 1 vs. The Stag, Vader, Wild Thing (9) Eliminated
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Behemoth (10), Crushtacean, Tartarus Qualified
Heat L, Round 2 vs. Judge Shred 3 Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Series Record[]

Series UFO Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 2
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Team 51 with their namesake robot, 51

51 at Newark Kit Car Show 2003

The longer model of 51, at Robot Crusade 2003

Team UFO were known as Team 51 outside of the TV show, referencing the subject of many conspiracy theories surrounding extraterrestrial life: Area 51. The team appeared at various live events with another robot called 51, which was not entered into any series of Robot Wars. 51 was armed with a small lifter and featured two models; one with a hexagonal body, and the other with a longer body closely resembling the Series 6 version of UFO. 51 achieved mild success on the live scene, making the semi finals of Robot Crusade 2003[1] and even winning the 2003 Wrexham Wrobot Wrumble.

The longer model of 51 in Techno Games

The longer model of 51 entered the Assault Course in the 2003 series of Techno Games, where it reached the second round after completing the course in 34.90 seconds, 0.19 seconds faster than Brutal Beetle. However, it subsequently lost in the following round to Mighty Mouse, and in the first round of the Sumo competition against V-Bot. As in Series 7 of Robot Wars, team captain Pete Withers was unavailable for filming, so Mark Hamilton stood in as deputy captain.

UFO as Taurus after Robot Wars

UFO at a Robots Live! event after regaining its original name

Following Robot Wars, the Series 7 version of UFO was renamed and rebranded as Taurus and had fought in various live events before it was sold to Alan Young of Team MAD, a friend of Team UFO, who rebuilt the robot's internals to compete in the main circuit again. Taurus fought in the 2005 UK Championships Winter Tour, reaching the finals before losing to Merlin, another robot from Team MAD.

UFO in 2014

UFO in 2019 under the ownership of Team Tilly

UFO in 2020

After this, UFO reverted to its old name due to it having appeared on TV, and was seeded tenth for the following year, at the 2006 UK Championship. However, it was immobilisd by PulverizeR, and although UFO managed a comeback victory against Twister, reversing it into the pit, this was not enough to put UFO through to the next round. Since then, UFO has appeared at occasional live events right up to 2013, but Team BlazerBotics (now known as Team MAD) primarily fought with Merlin and 2016 Robot Wars champion Apollo. In July 2014, Alan Young stated that he was intending to build a new version of UFO, keeping the front-hinged flipper of the Series 7 version, but these plans were unrealised.

In July 2019, UFO changed hands to Team Tilly who restored the machine, and displayed it publicly at Robots Live! at The Great Wonderfest, on the Isle of Wight, alongside Comengetorix, Vercingetorix and Turbulence.


Official Series 7 photo

  • UFO was the only robot to be entered by completely different team members from the same team in both of its appearances.
  • This machine was not the first robot to be selected for a series of Robot Wars under the name UFO, as a robot also named UFO was scheduled to enter the Super Heavyweight Championship of Series 3, prior to its cancellation.
  • Both of UFO's first round melees saw it face a seeded robot.
  • In both of UFO's appearances, it fought in the second first round melee.
  • In Series 6, UFO fought the ninth seed and in Series 7, it fought the tenth seed.
  • All of UFO's opponents appeared in another episode.
  • Sgt. Bash was present in both of UFO's losses.