This is a list of all teams that have entered more than one robot in Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors or Nickelodeon Robot Wars. Each of a team's robots are listed under the series in which they were entered.

The list features all entries in all US Series events including international and side competitions. Teams that entered one robot of their own and one loanerbot are not included, but loanerbots are included on the list for teams that entered at least two of their own robots, and are denoted with (L).

Team ListEdit

Team Name Season 1 Season 2 Nickelodeon
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Robotics Darkness
Team Boltz Mad Cow
Rot Box (L)
Mad Cow Bot
Psycho Chicken
Bang (L)
Team Critter Close Enough The Termite
Team Dreamdroid Red Virus Mechadroid
Team Duct Tape Unibite Hyperactive
Team Innovation Trackzilla
Team Juggerbot Tricerabot
Rosie the Riveter
Rosie the Riveter
Tut Tut (L)
Team Katana Shuriken
The Green Mouse (L)
Team Logicom The Revolutionist Spin Doctor
The Revolutionist
Team Raptor Cyclone
Rippa Raptor
Tut Tut (L)
Team Robot Dojo Diskotek
Humdrum (L)
Team Run Amok Run Away Run Away
The Gap
Run Away
Zanzara (L)
Truly Unruly Medusa Oblongata Medusa Oblongotta
Thor's Hammer
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