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"With a 29" disc and a lifter tail, one bite out of either weapon and the other robot will be dead!"
— Jerome Miles

Unibite was a robot built by Team Duct Tape which fought in both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It did not initially enjoy a significant degree of success, losing in the first round of the US Championship in Season 1 and the second round of the Annihilator during the same season. An updated version, Unibite 2.0, had better fortunes in Season 2, reaching the Heat Final of the US Championship before losing to Conquering Clown.

The team also competed in Season 2's special events with Hyperactive, a modified version of the original Unibite.


"I got an Email from Robot Wars a few weeks ago asking me if I wanted to compete. I had just gotten back from Battle Bots with my last robot Sublime, he was pretty beat up and was 150 pounds to light. So I decided to build a new heavyweight with the 1.5 weeks I had before the robot had to ship. Lets just say 1.5 weeks full of 12 hour days working on the robot have made me glad the robot is done."
— Jerome Miles on the quick turnaround of building Unibite[1]

Jerome Miles with Unibite

The original Unibite was an invertible, two-wheel drive robot with a wide, low-profile chassis. Its weapon was a front-mounted 29" horizontal saw weighing 35lbs, which it used to cause considerable amounts of damage to opponents at its top speed of just under 1000rpm. However, many of the teeth became blunted in battle.

"The robot uses two Hawker battery's for the four drive motors, and two packs of Panisonic 3000 NMH cells for the saw. I used a total of 6 EV's in this robot, 4 for the drive and two for the weapon. I did a 15:1 reduction to the 12" wheels, I decided I wanted to go for a little more pushing power and less speed with this robot. I used 16 pitch gears and #35 chain to do the reduction."
— Jerome Miles on the internals of the original Unibite

The rear of the robot also featured a sign reading 'DEAD', which was made from an old 'DEAD END' road sign. Unusually, the robot had two removable links, one for the saw and one for the drive, so they could be switched off separately. The robot's weakness was listed as "Slow & Sluggish", as Team Captain and builder Jerome Miles hade given the wheels a 15:1 reduction to the 12" wheels, 16 pitch gears and #35 chain to do the reduction, to give more pushing power, at the expense of speed.

Unibite 2.0 in the arena during US Season 2

In Season 2, the robot was rebuilt as Unibite 2.0, featuring revised armor, a more conventional two-toothed horizontal flywheel and a set of rear flipping forks. The flywheel had a 29-inch diameter, the same as the original cutting saw and could rotate at a speed of over 200mph (172mph according to Stefan Frank). This version was 6lbs lighter than the original robot, despite the extra weapon and the wider and longer body.

The Team[]

Main article: Team Duct Tape

Unibite was entered by Team Duct Tape, captained by lead builder and driver Jerome Miles. For Season 1, he was accompanied by Jonathan Babb and Julie Miles, while for Season 2, his new teammates Chris Williamson and Eric Sporer completed the team. The team also competed in side events of Season 2 with Hyperactive, under the captaincy of Joshua Babb.

Robot History[]

Season 1[]

In the US Championship, Unibite fought in a six-way melee against Bot-Ugly, Sobek, The Revolutionist, Tricerabot, and Coffin-Bot, which had replaced Skullmania.

Rebecca Grant: "Are you guys ready to take a bite?"
Jerome Miles: "Ready to take a bite, one bite actually, with this."
Rebecca Grant: "One bite's all it takes?"
— Pre-battle interview

Unibite swings into Coffin-Bot

Bot-Ugly squeezes in on Unibite

Unibite quickly got its weapon up to speed and chased after Sobek, landing a blow on the side. As Sobek moved away, Coffin-Bot drove at Unibite, and Unibite turned to attack Coffin-Bot, hitting the side. Unibite quickly turned back at Sobek, hitting the side, then began spinning around, hitting Coffin-Bot and Sobek as it span around. It managed to hit one of Sobek's rear wheels, but the disc narrowly missed Coffin-Bot, its disc passing under Coffin-Bot's disc.

"Unibite in there with a bit of a spin around to see if he can do any damage! It's trying to take a piece out of Coffin-Bot!"
— Stefan Frank as Unibite spins on the spot

Unibite cuts into the wheels of Sobek

Unibite drove away, and Bot-Ugly drove at it, getting its pincer jaws around Unibite, only for Unibite to get away before it could get hold. Unibite attacked Sobek, hitting the side, before reversing away. Unibite kept away from the other competitors, driving up the arena past its opponents, then drove into the middle of the arena, where it hit the front of Coffin-Bot. However, it got its disc caught in the front of Coffin-Bot, just above the disc. Eventually, Unibite got free, and after spinning on the spot, it turned to attack Tricerabot, which had driven on top of Sobek, breaking one of the rear tyres loose. Tricerabot reversed, turned to face Unibite, and the two drove straight at each other, with Unibite's disc causing sparks. However, Tricerabot managed to get at the side of Unibite, and pushed it up the arena. Tricerabot turned away and went after Bot-Ugly, and Unibite drove to the arena centre. Coffin-Bot drove past it, and Unibite tried spinning on the spot with the disc spinning. Sobek had been limping back and forth since its tyre fell off, and Unibite drove at it, hitting one of the front tyres.

"Unibite's doing a little bit of a spin, dropping right in on Sobek, trying to finish him off it looks like!"
— Stefan Frank as Unibite attacks Sobek

Unibite deflects off of Tricerabot

Unibite turned away, then reversed for another attack, driving at the side of the front wheel and hitting it with the disc, before hitting the rear tyre, ripping it off the wheel completely. As Tricerabot drove at it, Unibite turned to face it and charged at Tricerabot. Unibite hit the front of Tricerabot, causing a few sparks, but did no real damage and rode over Tricerabot's front wedge. As it got off Tricerabot, The Revolutionist drove into Unibite and pushed it against Sobek. Tricerabot pushed against The Revolutionist, so The Revolutionist drove away. Unibite reversed a little, but Sobek turned after it, so Unibite hit the front with its disc, then reversed away, reversing into Tricerabot. It drove away, but suddenly broke down by the flame pit.

"...Unibite could be out of it, oh that would be an upset! They were so strong!"
— Stefan Frank as Unibite stops moving

Sgt. Bash came over, blasting Unibite with his flamethrower, then grabbed the back of Unibite with its pincer. Sgt. Bash pushed Unibite onto the floor flipper, although the flipping was not shown on television, though it was shown at the end of the battle to be lying immobile by the pit. The Revolutionist and Tricerabot survived to the end of the battle to go to a Judges' decision, but Unibite was eliminated.

Unibite also competed in the Annihilator, facing Drillzilla, Conquering Clown, Red Virus, Skullmania and Rippa Raptor.

Rebecca Grant: "One bite out of you and what happens?"
Jerome Miles: "You're gone! We're ready to take a bite out of you with our 29 inch saw blade from the robot Unibite!"
— The team's introduction before Round 1

Unibite damages Skullmania's tire

In Round 1, Unibite charged straight at Conquering Clown, driving up its front wedge and hitting the body with its disc, whilst Drillzilla got behind Conquering Clown and pushed. Drillzilla pushed Conquering Clown out from under Unibite, then pushed it away. As it did so, Rippa Raptor drove past Unibite, hitting the back with its cutting discs, before driving around Unibite. Red Virus also drove at the side of Unibite with it lifter raised, and tried pushing, but Unibite reversed away. Unibite held back by the floor flipper as the other competitors fought at the other side of the arena, then drove across the arena towards the other competitors, and began spinning on the spot as Drillzilla and Red Virus pushed Conquering Clown and Rippa Raptor. Unibite drove at the back of Drillzilla and hit it with its spinning disc, but Drillzilla drove away. Drillzilla pushed Conquering Clown against Skullmania, and Unibite drove at the side of Conquering Clown, but the disc slid over the wedge and went over the top of Drillzilla, so Unibite turned away.

"Everybody's displaying their own individual strategies here! Making sure they're gonna be the last to survive!"
— Stefan Frank

Skullmania reversed towards it, and Unibite hit the back with its disc. Skullmania quickly drove away, and Red Virus tried pushing Unibite, but Unibite started spinning on the spot, so Red Virus turned away. Skullmania drove by Unibite as it span, but drove too close, and Unibite hit it with the disc, ripping off part of the tyre. Skullmania reversed away, with one wheel hobbling, and Unibite drove after it, quickly catching up and hitting the side, ripping the side. Skullmania tried driving away, but Unibite quickly turned around and hit the wheel with its disc as it drove past.

"Whoah, what happened there?! Unibite took a mega-bite out of Skullmania! Slowly dismantling their chances! Skullmania's looking more and more like Scrap-mania!"
— Stefan Frank as Unibite rips Skullmania

Red Virus gets under Unibite's disc

Unibite turned towards Conquering Clown, hitting the wheel with its disc. It turned away, and Conquering Clown drove after it, getting its wedge under the side, and Drillzilla rammed into the back of Conquering Clown, pushing it and Unibite. Unibite managed to get off Conquering Clown's wedge, and Drillzilla pushed Conquering Clown down the arena. Red Virus drove at Unibite, and managed to get its lifter under the disc, stopping it spinning, and preventing Unibite getting away. Unibite tried pushing past, but couldn't get off the lifter. Unibite tried turning and reversing, but still couldn't get away from Red Virus' lifter.

"Don't tell me Red Virus is immobilised! The only weapon on Unibite doesn't look to be doing too good out there!"
— Stefan Frank as Unibite is stuck on Red Virus' lifter

Unibite ruins Rippa Raptor's wheel

Conquering Clown pushed Rippa Raptor into the back of Red Virus, but Drillzilla drove into the side of Conquering Clown and Rippa Raptor, pushing them away, then forced Conquering Clown onto the flame pit. With Red Virus and Unibite unable to separate, so Refbot pushed against the back of Unibite. However, Skullmania was attacking the side of Red Virus, so when Refbot tried pushing Unibite free, he accidentally pushed Unibite right into Skullmania's side, with the disc deflating the tyre. Conquering Clown got behind Unibite, getting underneath it with its wedge, and Refbot got under the side of Unibite with its front plough, with allowed Red Virus to get away. Skullmania was now immobile, its wheels spinning around, but not getting any traction. Rippa Raptor was also struggling to get traction, and Unibite drove into the side with its disc spinning, ripping loose some of the side armour. Rippa Raptor tried driving away, but Unibite turned around and hit the side again. Within a couple more hits, Unibite completely ripped off the side armour of Rippa Raptor, and part of the wheel.

"And now, Unibite's having a little dance with Rippa Raptor, tearing the wheelchair wheels right off! Look at that damage!"
— Stefan Frank as Unibite rips the side armour off Rippa Raptor

However, Unibite's disc became caught in Rippa Raptor's wheel, and Unibite could not get free despite its attempts to reverse. This did not matter however, as Refbot began counting Skullmania out. When Refbot finished counting Skullmania out, Sir Killalot pushed it onto the floor flipper, pushing Rippa Raptor and Unibite together off the flipper.

Unibite was safely through to the second round. However, in the pits, it was revealed that many of the teeth on the saw blade had been blunted during Round 1.

Rebecca Grant: "Jerome, can I tell you, for a one-man team, you did a really good job out there!"
Jerome Miles: "Yeah, thank you."
Rebecca Grant: "You look pretty confident!"
Jerome Miles: "Yeah, I'm pretty calm. No damage, except for a few teeth are missing."
Rebecca Grant: "A few teeth? Uh oh! A few?! Maybe it should be Uni-gum! What do you think?"
Jerome Miles: "Yeah, we're thinking about calling it that!"
— Pre-Round 2 interview

Unibite becomes immobile

Unibite started by driving after Rippa Raptor, but Conquering Clown got its wedge underneath Red Virus and pushed it into Unibite. This briefly stopped Unibite, but it quickly turned away, and hit the back of Rippa Raptor, pushing it into an empty CPZ. Unibite turned and drove at Drillzilla, which was pushing Conquering Clown. However, when it reached Drillzilla, the disc slid just over the top of Drillzilla's low-profile body, merely ripping off some of the decoration. Unibite turned away, and after spinning around, hit the side of Red Virus with its disc. Red Virus drove on top of the disc, then drove away, and Unibite began spinning on the spot. Drillzilla drove straight at Unibite, being hit by the disc and deflected away. Conquering Clown got its wedge under Red Virus and pushed it up the arena, with Unibite hitting the back of Red Virus with its disc. Conquering Clown pushed Red Virus into Refbot, and Unibite hit the back of Conquering Clown with its disc, but Drillzilla drove at Unibite, pushing it away from Conquering Clown. Suddenly, Unibite stopped moving, its removable link having fallen out.

"Oh, what happened there? It's a good possibility Unibite might be out of it! Look at that, it's not moving! It's ceasing to be!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Drillzilla pushes Unibite towards the Flame Pit

Red Virus got its lifter underneath the saw and lifted Unibite up, but as it tried pushing, Unibite slid off. Unibite's saw suddenly started spinning again, but there was no movement from the robot. Red Virus pushed Unibite by the flame pit, and Drillzilla pushed it onto the flames. lifted it up with its lifter, before Drillzilla pushed it onto the flame pit, where it was counted out by Refbot.

"Oh, that's a heck of a place to break down! You like it medium well done? Oh, I like a bit of searing metal!"
— Stefan Frank as Unibite lies immobile on the flame pit

Sgt. Bash drags Unibite to the pit

Dead Metal grabbed Unibite, pushed it off the flame pit, then pushed it against an angle grinder. Sgt Bash came over, grabbing the body by the wheel, and pulled it away, before turning it around, letting go and grabbing the back, and pushed Unibite down to the pit.

Mick Foley: "Now how do you fell about being outlasted by a clown?"
Jonathan Babb: "Oh, it's okay. It's a good clown!"
Jerome Miles: "Mixed emotions."
Mick Foley: "Mixed emotions? I say there should be one emotion: pure, unadulterated hatred! Because you guys are out of the competition!"
— Post-battle interview

As the battle ended, the team were unable to cease Unibite's disc, which continued to spin even during the interview with Mick Foley.

Season 2[]

Unibite 2.0 competed in Heat C of Season 2, where it was drawn into a three-way melee against newcomers Black Widow and Texas Tornado.

Texas Tornado and Black Widow push Unibite 2.0 into the wall

Unibite 2.0 started by driving towards Texas Tornado, which tried to avoid Unibite 2.0 and drive around it, but it drove into Refbot, allowing Unibite 2.0 to hit the side with its spinning disc. Texas Tornado quickly reversed, then drove at Black Widow, which rode up its front wedge and drove over. As it did so, Unibite 2.0 drove between the two of them, but both its opponents drove away before Unibite 2.0 could hit them with its disc, with Texas Tornado driving down the arena, and Black Widow driving up the arena, accidentally driving into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Unibite 2.0 drove down the arena to beside the pit, towards Texas Tornado, but Texas Tornado turned to face Unibite 2.0 and rammed into the front of Unibite 2.0. Texas Tornado was low enough to go under the disc, and pushed Unibite 2.0 around in a circle.

"The spinning disc of Unibite is getting high-sighted by that low-profile design, of the Texas Tornado! That disc is grabbing nothing but oxygen!"
— Stefan Frank as Texas Tornado pushes Unibite 2.0

The victorious Unibite 2.0 is pushed back by a revived Texas Tornado

Unibite 2.0's lifter caught on the edge of the pit, and Texas Tornado drove out from under Unibite 2.0, only to turn and ram Unibite 2.0 towards the wall. However, as Texas Tornado pushed, Unibite 2.0 slipped off the front. It tried to drive away, but Texas Tornado followed close behind. Unibite 2.0 got its lifter under the front of Texas Tornado and lifted it a litte, so Texas Tornado quickly reversed away. Unibite 2.0 turned to face Texas Tornado, but Black Widow rushed over, driving into the side of its disc. As Black Widow reversed, Texas Tornado drove at the front of Unibite 2.0, getting its lifter under the disc and lifting Unibite 2.0 up, then pushed it onto a flame jet. Black Widow was waiting by the flame jet, and Texas Tornado and Black Widow pushed Unibite 2.0 against an angle grinder together. Black Widow and Texas Tornado tried to keep Unibite 2.0 pinned, and Unibite 2.0 tried reversing. Texas Tornado pushed against Unibite 2.0, but as it did so, it drove onto the flame jet, forcing it to reverse. Unibite 2.0 tried turning away, but Black Widow got its wedge under the side and pushed. Unibite 2.0 span on the spot to get off the wedge. Black Widow drove past, and Texas Tornado had broken down. Black Widow drove past Unibite 2.0, but accidentally turned into Sir Killalot, who grabbed the front with his claw as it tried to turn towards Unibite 2.0. Meanwhile, Unibite 2.0 turned away and drove at Texas Tornado, hitting it with its spinning disc. Unibite 2.0 left Texas Tornado, and drove around Black Widow, which was still in the grip of Sir Killalot. Unibite 2.0 tried attacking Black Widow's wheels with its spinning disc as Sir Killalot released it, but Black Widow reversed, driving over the disc. Meanwhile, Texas Tornado was counted out by Refbot. When he finished counting it out, Sir Killalot and Shunt were attacking, but Texas Tornado suddenly regained mobility, charging away from the House Robots, straight at Unibite 2.0. Texas Tornado got under the disc again and rammed Unibite 2.0 up the arena, into one of the CPZs, ramming it against the wall. Texas Tornado quickly reversed out of the CPZ as Sir Killalot came over. Sir Killalot grabbed the front of Unibite 2.0 with his claw and lifted it up, then span it around and tossed it aside. Regardless, Unibite 2.0 had qualified for second round.

"Unibite did not bite the dust and the Black Widow crawled away; but unfortunately for the Texas Tornado, they got blown away in this qualifying round of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors!"
— Mick Foley announces Texas Tornado’s elimination

In the second round, Unibite 2.0 fought Brute, which had finished within the top four of the previous season.

Brute bends the disc of Unibite 2.0

"Well Brute's wheels are really vulnerable to some spinning action, which is what Unibite is all about, so if they know any better, they're gonna stay away from that disc."
— Stefan Frank in the early moments of the battle

Brute charged at Unibite 2.0, which turned around, so that Brute drove up the lifter, bouncing up, then slipping away. Brute quickly turned and rammed into Unibite 2.0's side, then rammed into one of the wheels. Unibite 2.0 got its disc up to speed and turned to face Brute, but Brute drove straight at the disc, getting underneath it using its drum, with the power of the drum stopping Unibite 2.0's disc.

"Unibite's only got that lifting arm left, and it doesn't seem to have a lot of speed to use it."
— Stefan Frank

Brute rams Unibite 2.0

Brute pushed Unibite 2.0 around the arena, leaving the disc bent. Unibite 2.0 eventually slipped off, and as Brute tried to line up another attack, Unibite 2.0 span on the spot. Brute turned around, to use its spike instead of the drum, and cautiously approached Unibite 2.0 as it span. When Unibite 2.0 stopped spinning, Brute reversed into the side of Unibite 2.0, getting the spike by the wheel. Brute drove away, and Unibite 2.0 turned around to use its lifter, then drove after Brute, but drove onto a flame jet as it caught up with it. Unibite 2.0 got its lifter under Brute, only for Brute to drive off before it could use it. Unibite 2.0 drove after it, but as it got close and tried to get the lifter underneath, Brute hit it with its drum, then reversed away. Brute then rammed into the back, but couldn't get an advantage in pushing, and drove onto Unibite 2.0's lifter, so had to reverse away. As Unibite 2.0 turned, Brute rammed into the back and reversed before it could use the lifter. Unibite 2.0 drove after Brute, which drove past, driving over the lifter. Unibite 2.0 reversed away from Brute, as Brute turned to face Unibite 2.0. Brute charged at Unibite 2.0, only to turn away before making impact with it. Unibite 2.0 turned around to try and use its lifter, and Brute got at the back of Unibite 2.0, pushing it down the arena until Unibite 2.0 turned.

"Brute's got the power of pushin', the grinders are goin'. Now Unibite had better come up with something real quick, or else they're gonna be bot butter!"
— Stefan Frank as Brute pushes Unibite 2.0 around the arena

However, Unibite 2.0 turned, causing Brute to drive into the CPZ itself. It quickly drove out before a House Robot could come over. Brute rammed into the side of Unibite 2.0, pushing it across the arena until Sir Killalot came in between the two. Brute held back as Unibite 2.0 hit the pit release button. Unibite 2.0 reversed into Sgt. Bash, who was outside the edge of his CPZ, but got away.

"...and Unibite, with a bit of strategy of its own, goes into the pit button. They better hope for a miracle here! They haven't exhibited so much pushing power, but if they can trick the Brute into the pit, it'll be the Brute down the chute, and that'll be all she wrote!"
— Stefan Frank

Unibite 2.0 lures Brute onto the pit

Brute pushed Unibite 2.0 close to the pit, but as it tried to push Unibite 2.0 in, it drove onto the top. It reversed and tried again, but Unibite 2.0 had turned so Brute was ramming against the corner and could not push it back. Brute reversed, then charged at Unibite 2.0, but Unibite 2.0 turned to dodge. The two robots drove around each other, trying to get in a position to push the other, and Brute rammed into Unibite 2.0. Unibite 2.0 turned, and Brute reversed for another charge, but as it charged, it completely missed its opponent, and drove towards the pit. Brute desperately tried swerving to stop itself going down, but it was left hanging on the side, with two wheels hanging over the pit. Brute tried driving forwards to get its two wheels out of the pit, but it merely caused it to fall into the pit.

"Oh no! Look at that, the Brute takes himself out! Unbelievable! Wow, just as it said it, they did it! I'd better keep my mouth shut in the future, but Unibite is loving this. Look at that, hanging around the edge and – goodbye, down the chute!"
— Stefan Frank as Brute pits itself

Unibite 2.0 advanced to the Heat Final, where it faced Conquering Clown 2, which Unibite had previously faced in the Annihilator of the previous season.

Conquering Clown 2 slams into Unibite 2.0

Conquering Clown 2 started by avoiding Unibite 2.0, driving down the arena as Unibite 2.0 got its disc up to speed and drove towards it. As Unibite 2.0 closed in, Conquering Clown 2 turned, first driving up the arena, but then turned around and drove past Unibite 2.0. Conquering Clown 2 span, and although Unibite 2.0 managed to land a blow on one of its wheel guards, the disc bounced off on impact, and Conquering Clown managed to get under Unibite 2.0. Conquering Clown 2 pushed Unibite 2.0 back a little, then turned away as Unibite 2.0 began to slide off. Conquering Clown 2 turned around on the spot, and Unibite 2.0 managed a glancing blow on the front as it turned, which did no damage. Conquering Clown 2 drove past Unibite 2.0 as it drove off of the disc of doom and reversed. Conquering Clown 2 drove after it, avoiding the disc and hitting the side of Unibite 2.0 with its lawnmower blade a couple of times, but despite causing sparks, did not cause any notable damage. However, Conquering Clown 2 exposed its side as it turned away for another attack, allowing Unibite 2.0 to hit its side, landing a blow on its right-hand wheel.

"Wow, if either one of these blades connect with each other, that's gonna be quite a force!"
— Stefan Frank as the two robots hit each other with their spinners

Conquering Clown 2 struggles to move. Note the bent wheel guard

This appeared to immobilize Conquering Clown 2 on one side, with the wheelguard being buckled inwards and preventing the right-hand wheel from spinning properly. As Conquering Clown 2 spun around, Unibite 2.0 landed a blow on the back. This had no effect, so Unibite 2.0 reversed, then cautiously approached as Conquering Clown 2 continued to spin. When its disc was up to speed, Unibite 2.0 tried to attack the front of Conquering Clown 2, only for Conquering Clown 2 to turn away as the disc hit. Conquering Clown 2 turned around, but drove into the disc. This blow hit the other wheel, leaving Conquering Clown 2 only able to rock back and forth a little.

"Unibite has has a much stronger chassis, and that blade on Conquering Clown is doing nothing."
— Stefan Frank

Unibite becomes the first victim of the Drop Zone

Unibite 2.0 reversed, but drove close to Sir Killalot's CPZ, who came out of his CPZ and pushed it with his claw. Sir Killalot let Unibite 2.0 go, and it drove around Conquering Clown 2 and hit the side, but the disc merely slid off the sloping side. The two competitors turned around, and Conquering Clown 2 drove under Unibite 2.0's side, then drove under the disc, stopping it. Unibite 2.0 suddenly lost mobility completely, and Shunt pushed it onto the floor flipper, where it was counted out by Refbot before being thrown by the Floor Flipper. Sir Killallot grabbed the back with his claw, lifted it up and dragged it to The Drop Zone. A washing machine was dropped onto Unibite, bending its bottom plate. This allowed Conquering Clown 2 to emerge as the surprise winner of Heat C.


US Season 1
Round 2
Round 1 vs. Conquering Clown, Drillzilla, Red Virus, Rippa Raptor, Skullmania Qualified
Round 2 vs. Conquering Clown, Drillzilla, Red Virus, Rippa Raptor Eliminated
US Championship
Heat vs. Bot-Ugly, Coffin-Bot, Sobek, The Revolutionist, Tricerabot Eliminated
US Season 2
US Championship
Heat Final
Heat C, Round 1 vs. Black Widow, Texas Tornado Qualified
Heat C, Round 2 vs. Brute Won
Heat C, Final vs. Conquering Clown 2 Lost


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3

Series Record[]

US Series Unibite Series Record
Season 1 Heat (Round 1)
Season 2 Heat Final
Side events with Hyperactive
Nickelodeon Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Unibite never competed outside of Robot Wars, although it was somewhat succeeded by HyperBite in 2015, named in reference to Robot Wars competitors Unibite and Hyperactive. For more information on the team's excursions in other competitions, see Team Duct Tape.


  • The back panel of Unibite reading "DEAD" was a gift from Team U-FO at the filming of a previous season of BattleBots.
  • Unibite 2.0 became the first ever victim of The Drop Zone in the Heat Final of Heat C.
  • Unibite's name was seen on a sticker on Hannibal in Nickelodeon Robot Wars. Team Duct Tape's captain Jerome Miles competed with Hannibal's captain Will Tatman when he fought with Vert-I-Go in the Ultimate Mayhem.

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