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I am from the Battlebots wiki and I am blocked I hate it So I came here to hang and it was vandalism

Look I know you think I'm a peice pf TRA$H but just stop

'''One of my favorit FNAF channel (CG EnergyzeSFM) is gone he is going because some Jerk called powerbrabber was talking about his channel and beING A CYBER BULLY I WISH I COULD REPORT HIM BUT I CANT man (sorry if this is spamming) or whatever this is terrible he deleted his first channel now he's leaving people are so rude to him You know'''

And Reuben dies in Minecraft story mode this is terrible (good) I like the WitherStorm

It was kinda sad it was on DanTDMs channel he even cried and almost everyone else (like me)

Only a little '''OFLINE'''

(Warning this is just how I feel it serves the purpose of my feelings so yes I was just letting anyone know...

Oh and I got this cool (two) sphero toy it's a ball that you can drive around and this other toy by the same people called Ollie there cool toys and this VEX robotics kit (for Christmas) and hope you all had a Merry Christmas I just played my iPad and whent on my computer to create some Minecraft skins sorry got off topic anyways ya it's terrible but I will get Minecraft story mode when the finale episode (episode 5) even thoe it's just five bucks to start a story man off topic I am going to be quite after I tell you how sad I am that CG EnergyzeSFM,s channel is gone ( he left YouTube)

I Missed a lot of school so I am not the smartest person on earth I have just missed Aton of school so ya I don't know alot so stop bugging me

Hypno Disc my favorite robot wars robot

this is my favorit Battlebots moment

☀ #### not what I planned oh my God I hate this wh

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