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My first memory of Robot Wars. Mid-2000s, not 1999.
Favourite Series 5/10
Favourite Robot Razer
Least Favourite Robot Piece De Resistance
Favourite House Robot Growler
Favourite Battle 10 Robot Rumble/Behemoth vs Magnetar
"So, a twisty-turny full-body spinner, now with rubber wheels and those barbs and teeth, 250 watt bicycle hub motors, it's made of plastic - HA HA HA, IT'S MADE OF PLASTIC!"
— Jonathan Pearce, summing up Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit

Hi, I’m Adster1005, you’re you, all is well with the world.

I did have hopes for a rereboot, but after this tweet [1], I'm holding zero hope, maybe even negative hope.

I got promoted to Rollback'r on 26/10/2016.

Personal Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first episode of Robot Wars I watched could be one of the following: the Extreme 2 All-Stars, Extreme 1, Episode 1 or even The Third Wars: Heat J, as I can distinctly remember seeing the tussle about the pit, with King Buxton and Eric. They were repeats on Dave and Challenge, but I can't remember which one I saw first. My first memory is King Buxton/Eric only, and I remember trying to get one of my cousins interested in the International Inferno, to no avail.
  • I am currently in sixth form, studying Maths, Business and BTEC IT.
  • I spoke to Alex Brown of TR2 on Twitter, about AQA project qualifications (mine was the higher qualification (GCSE standard), his was the extended qualification (A-Level)). In that conversation, he posted a picture of his final renderings for his featherweight spinner - Theseus.
  • I did my English Language Spoken Lanauage on why Robot Wars needs to be back on the TV, it didn't go well, and I nearly fainted. Oops!

Major Subpages[edit | edit source]

  • My Tournaments - Miscellaneous Tournaments that aren’t quite major enough to make any other page.
  • Annihilation Nation - A competition I was interested in, as it was suggested in the Arena. It uses mostly every robot, in the annihilator format. (In progress)
  • Ragnabot - My versions of the wiki famous Ragnabot. (In progress - Just the US to go)
  • Sandbox - The page for my drafts, including the draft for the Pit of Oblivion page.
  • E1/S5 Filming Order - An attempt to try and work out which fights were filmed on which dates, as it is up in the air.

One-Off Blogs, Etc[edit | edit source]

  • Robot Wars Championship Voting - Despite only being on the wiki for a few months (if that), I’d already set a tournament up on Challonge! and asked people to vote. Most of the time, it worked, and I got quite a few votes on it.
  • Robot Wars Monopoly - After visiting a Smyths to see the new merchandise, I noticed the vast amount of Monopoly, and wanted to see how a hypothetical Monopoly could potentially work if Robot Wars received one.
  • The Old Robot Wars Forums - What I found after trawling most of the old forums. Who knows what pieces of information are still on there that I missed.
  • Robot Wars Moments I Dislike - This lists parts of Robot Wars as a whole that I dislike, whether it be something major or something that happened in a fight. There is also a typo in the blog title. Oops.

Major Mainspace Pages I've Contributed To[edit | edit source]

15 Favourite Robots[edit | edit source]

Honourable Mentions: Chaos 2, Bigger Brother, Diotoir, Atomic, Carbide, Typhoon Twins, Anarchy, Spawn Again, X-Terminator, Bulldog Breed, Aftershock, Eruption, Nuts 2, Concussion, Gravity, TR2

Position Robot Picture Reasons
15 Kat 3 Kat3 EX2.jpg I don't know what draws me to Kat 3, whether it's just me wanting it to do better, or that amazing survival in the first round of the All-Stars and their sheer delight, I just love Kat 3, and I do genuinely feel that, if it had been in a different heat, it might have won through to a Semi-Final. Then again, maybe not. But they always put on a show, and were one of the stand out teams of the Seventh Wars, especially when so few veterans returned.
14 Wild Thing Wild Thing.jpg Wild Thing 2 Arena.jpg I really liked Wild Thing in Series 5 and to a lesser extent Extreme 1, but since that was the first series I watched never new about the Fourth and Sixth wars designs. I think that all three variants are quite good, but I think that all three machines stood up well to whatever opponents through at them. Hypno-Disc? Withstood. S3? Withstood. 259? Withstood. Razer? It may have been pitted, but it gave a good show first. A resilient series of machines, and I just love it.
13 Mute Mute 7.jpg Mute for me, is just amazing. It was competent*, and did well in the New Blood AND in Series 7. The front hinged flipper wasn't too bad, but comedy is one reason why I enjoy something, and Mute was comedy personnified. Dives into the pit, Sgt. Bash vs Refbot, KOs Behemoth trying to right itself and then spends most of a battle trying to flip itself over. It also hails from my neck of the woods, so points gained there.
12 101 101 cowpattern arena.png 101 proved you could build on a budget. I think the spike sensor was great, but most, if not all of its battles proved it was a good machine. It even stood up to Hypno-Disc back when it was in its prime. It was a good and worthy machine and lost to some very good machines - Hypno-Disc, Razer, Dominator 2, Diotoir & Mega Morg and Fluffy, who were all good machines. Resilient and effective.
11 Tiberius III TiberiusIII.jpg Tiberius III was effectively the Razer of Series 7, and if there was a 2004 Series 8, then I reckon this quite possibly could have become a Semi-Finalist. It lost to a very good machine in M2, and couldn't have lost in a finer style.
10 Terrorhurtz Terrorhurtz Arena.jpgTerrorhurtz S10.jpg Terrorhurtz had an unconvincing start in Series 5, but hammered every other robot into submission into oblivion, even the updated and former champion Panic Attack Gold, as well as Spawn Again and reigning runner-up Bigger Brother. It's loss to Razer is nothing to be ashamed of, and it's loss to Firestorm 4, and it's such a shame that they couldn't replicate this in the reboot, falling twice due to the stupid tiebreaker rule. It then also did quite well in the 10 Robot Rumble, and it's so annoying as it got so close to winning it as well. The Killalot trying to get it over the wall moment was quite funny as well.
9 Magnetar Magnetar arena.png I don't know what it was about Magnetar, the "drisc" was great, as well as the machine, low to the ground and quite small. As much as I wanted it to go further, I don't think I could have put it through over the 4 that actually went. The colouring went well, and I just think it looked great. The name was a brilliant sequel - especially after the fight with Supernova.
8 Dominator 2 Dominator 2 Arena.jpg Dominator 2, was arguably one of the best axes in the preboot (classic series), and it's consistency was super. Semi-Finalists across 3 series, and it always fell in the second round. Pussycat, Hypno-Disc and Tornado. If it had entered Series 7, it would have had a good chance, I think, of making the Grand Final, especially as Pussycat had been eliminated and Hypno-Disc also hadn't entered. It would have been amazing, but it escaped us.
7 S3 S3 S5.jpg S3 had a cracking run through Series 5, taking out 3 former semi-finalists in Plunderbird, Mousetrap and Stinger, before losing to Bigger Brother, but stylishly beating Wild Thing and Spawn Again, only to lose Razer. An amazing first series, followed up by an amazing second series having a good run through the heats beating Dantomkia, but losing to Firestorm. It also did quite a lot of damage, particularly in the heats.
6 Gemini Gemini.png I love clusterbots. They worked well together, especially in its Series 4 heat against The Creature, and to OOTA it was great. It was also so close to winning against Tornado, but were immobilised just before. It gave Razer a great battle in the All-Stars, before being completely outclassed by Reactor 2. A shame to not see it in the Annihilator, as that would have been genuine chaos.
5 S.M.I.D.S.Y. S.M.I.D.S.Y. (Series 7).png I love S.M.I.D.S.Y., as it was Tornado, minus the interchangeable weapons, but with a good weapon instead. Even at the back, the spinning disc caused some damage. It was resilient, and always seemed as if it could go one better, and it probably would - it lost to three current semi-finalists, twice being the reigning champion, through Series 4 - Series 6, and it lost to S.M.I.D.S.Y.. I wonder if everything had changed had it had the 15th seed, and drawn St. Agro instead. And that Chaos 2 rematch must have had people on tenterhooks on a first watch.
4 Behemoth Behemoth S10.jpg Behemoth started well, but declined later, then wowed everybody - beating Apollo, beating Magnetar. It was arguably the best way to finish for them. Despite all of that heartbreak throughout Series 3-9, they finally got to the Grand Final in 20 years. I jumped out of my seat on holiday when they pulled off that shock victory against Apollo. And that's not forgetting everything good that happened between 3-9 - First World Championship Runner-Up, it beat Hypno-Disc.
3 The Swarm Blenda.pngPinza.pngRubber Duck.pngSkye.pngSkye Wedge.png I love clusterbots. I recently watched Dutch 2, with the √3 machine and I loved it. I also love The Swarm. Imagine my genuine amazement at a genuine 4-way clusterbot (technically 5) and I love it. I love how each member drove a different cluster, and how each one did something different. Imagine how crazy the 10 Robot Rumble would have been with The Swarm added to the mix.
2 Firestorm Firestorm 5.png Firestorm has just everything needed to win a series. Except it always drew one of the best robots from its series. Series 3 - Grand Champion. Series 4 - Second Round Semi-Finalist. Series 5 - Grand Champion. Series 6 - Grand Champion. Series 7 - Eventual runner-up. If the draws had just been a bit different, Firestorm could have done it. It could have done what it came so close to doing on three occasions. A genuine shame.
1 Razer Razer Arena.jpg Jonathan Pearce summed Razer up incredibly well. "Part beak, part bird, part reptile; the whole is deadly!" When Razer fought, it fought well. From Extreme 1 especially, nearly every battle was amazing. The close tussles in the All-Stars with Gemini and Behemoth to the absolute cake-walks of Firestorm (even if it wasn't a KO) and Tornado. The Second World Championship was great, it's entire Fifth Wars run, it's Sixth Wars run, and it's All-Stars defence were all great moments. Razer I think I will always love, simply because I think it was one of the first machines I saw, and it stood out, especially as the way it created it's damage, and so much of it as well. The way it picked robots up and carried them around showed the genuine power of the machine. The less said about Series 8 the better. And the destruction of Matilda in Series 4, was great. Everything here helps to make Razer the number one robot for me.

Major Edits[edit | edit source]

  • My 500th edit was voting in Ragnabot 2 on 14/10/2016
  • My 1000th edit was voting on a fight between AM CVn and Berserk 2 in Ragnabot 3 Heat B on 27/07/2019

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

In summary, I have:

  • All of the minibots
  • All of the pullbacks (2 Refbot, 3 Shunt)
  • All of the RCs, including 2 Shunt and 2 Sir Killalot
  • All books, except the Fun Fax and Technical Manual
  • Both arenas, Smash ‘n’ Crash, The Game, Two packs of Battle Cards, The Gauntlet and the Reboot Robots and Arena.

Other Interests[edit | edit source]

  • Nintendo - I love pretty much anything Nintendo - Smash, Splatoon, Mario Kart, I absolutely love it.
    • Pokemon - I like Pokemon as well, and with the latest release of Sword and Shield, I decided to name each of my Pokemon to reference a Robot Wars robot. These include:
      • Firestorm the Cinderace (Fire)
      • Lambsy the Dubwool (Normal)
      • Lightning the Boltund (Electric) (Originally Growler)
      • Vulture the Corviknight (Steel/Flying)
      • The Swarm the Falinks (Fighting)
      • Frostbite the Alcremie (Fairy)
  • Music - I love 70s-early 00s (about 2005) music, and I think it is much better than the rubbish they churn out nowadays. Steps are a personal favourite as an artist.
  • Radio - I love radio, a particular favourite being my local Signal 2 (well until September, it's being rebranded in early September, and I'm less than impressed, unfortunately).
  • Quizzy Mondays - A staple of my Monday nights now, I was introduced to Only Connect a few years ago now, and love that. I only started University Challenge from the most recent tournament, and I like Mastermind, even if I do not watch it religiously.
  • Eurovision - Slightly different, but I love watching the Eurovision Grand Final every year, and predicting where we finish - near the bottom, but still, it's fun to guess where or how many points we have.
  • The Circle - I genuinely love Channel 4's The Circle. From the catfishes to the genuine players, I have loved both series of The Circle, and hope I will into the future.
  • Top of the Pops - Having watched mid-1988 last year for a few weeks last year, my interest surged again when nothing was on the television again on a Friday night, and it was from early-1989. I then forgot about it for a few weeks, which was double the amount of weeks (two air a week on BBC4), I picked up watching it around September 1989, and is now a staple of my week, and is one of the highlights! From the music (which is brilliant) to the hosts and the countdown, and the THEME! I adore the theme from this era, and it's just so good.
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