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First Edit Team EyeEye - 12/8/10
Favourite Series Extreme Series 1
Favourite Robot Firestorm (3)
Least Favourite Robot Wild Thing

About MeEdit

I started watching the Fourth wars when I was very young and ever since then I ave always wanted to build and enter a robot. I am currently designing a Featherweight for "Roaming Robots". I am also a contributor to Runescape Wikia.

Top 10 Favourite RobotsEdit

Robot Why
1.Firestorm Because of its cool flipper and it's great house robot attacks.
2.Storm 2 Because of its amazing pushing power.
3.Panic Attack Because of Kim's great driving ability.
4.Chaos 2 Because of its success throughout the wars.
5.Razer Because of the damage it's caused.
6.Hypno-Disc One word, Damage
7.Diotoir/Nemesis Because of Team Nemesis!
8.The Steel Avenger Because of the chest plates!
9. Wheely Big Cheese Because of the great Flipper.
10.Pussycat Because of the great driving skills shown by the late Dave Gribble.

Tornado1 This user loves pushing power.
Firestorm5 This user is a huge fan of Firestorm.
Typhoon This user thinks that Typhoon is a very well designed robot..
Razer This user thinks that Razer is the best designed robot of all time.
Hypnodisc This user thinks that Hypno-disc deserved to win at least 1 british title.
DTK This user is a fan and engineer of feather weight robots.
Wheelybigcheese This user thinks that Wheely Big Cheese is a really well designed robot, 5 stars to Rodger Plant!
Ming3 This user likes unique designs.

Badges and AwardsEdit

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