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You know who I am? Well, I'll explain. I'm actually former member of the Wikia, CBFan. But why am I using another account? First because I didn't want to go back to my old one, and secondly because I forgot the password.

And no, I'm not breaking the rules here. Toon Ganondorf actually asked me to come back. I had a think about it, and I shall. But I probably won't be here all the time, as I'll most likely be very busy with my life. In fact, it's probably for the best I'm not here ALL the time in case another problem occurs.

I'm not holding any grudges or anything like that. I'm sick of that. I'm just hoping that maybe we can call a truce and try to stay mature...all of us. I know I wasn't the most curtious before, but if TG said he wants me back...I'll make the effort. Times have changed, after all.

I'll see you all around.

Fantasy Fights (fanmade comics)[]

2016 Comics (in progress)[]

  • Chompalot vs Draven
  • Nuts vs Crazy Coupe 88 (coming soon)
  • The General vs King B Remix (coming soon)
  • Shockwave vs Eruption (coming soon)
  • Chimera vs Gabriel (coming soon)
  • Foxic vs Terror Turtle vs Thermidor 2 (coming soon)
  • Supernova vs Apollo vs Pulsar (coming soon)
  • Terrorhurtz vs Bonk vs Thor vs Glitterbomb (coming soon)
  • Behemoth vs Dantomkia vs TR2 vs Beast (coming soon)
  • Carbide vs M.R. Speed Squared vs PP3D vs Ironside3 (coming soon)

Lists, Ragnabots and Prediction Ranks[]

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Ragnabot Series[]

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Robots and such[]

Since everyone else is doing this, I thought I might as well showcase some of the robots I have created. When I was younger, I used to make a lot of Lego robots and hold many tournaments. Sadly, however, I gave away all of my Lego, so I no longer have them with me. But I've decided to take it upon myself to re-create my robots as best I can, by drawing them. Obviously, I won't draw ALL of them, that would be impractical, but I'll draw the ones I remember the most.


Pronaxe from an angle, side and displaying weapon

Pronaxe was my very first Robot Wars champion, and one of the big all-stars of the early years. It was roughly box-wedged shaped, with two large wheels and its main weapon was an axe that doubled as a flipper. The axe shaft continued past the head and dipped down to a low, flat section, so it could reverse under an opponent and then flip them over. And yes, this was LONG before I was aware of Bash Gordon. It was slightly longer and shorter than the X-Terminator pullback. It was also thinner, body-wise, but its large wheels made it wider anyway.

Pronaxe was extremely quick, and its axe and flipper were both very effective. It was also very good at getting robots over the (low) arena wall at the time. However, it had an extremely high ground clearance everywhere except the front wedge, and coupled with the narrowness of the flipper, this made it easy to get under if the flipper missed. Nonetheless, Pronaxe kept competing in my series until Series 7 (out of 16) when it finally retired.

Bad Temper Jr[]

Bad Temper Jr

Bad Temper Jr was one of the robots I created for my take on Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It was never one of the "best" robots, but as it's the only robot I have a photo of (as far as I know), I have to take it as it comes.

Bad Temper Jr is the result of what happened when I got my hands on a plastic knife one day and had no idea what to do with it. Partly inspired by Battlebots legend Overkill, Bad Temper Jr has a massive knife blade which is designed to slam down on robots and (hopefully) cause serious damage.

It worked about as well as you could imagine. All things considering, Bad Temper Jr was reasonably resilient and it showed good aggression to the bitter end. Maybe not an "All-Star", but at least you get to SEE it.

Scooper Trooper[]

Scooper Trooper (with flipper raised) and Terminal Velocity

Another Extreme Warriors competitor, and definitely one of my All-Stars. Taking into account all seven US series I held, Scooper Trooper finished up ranking as the 4th most successful robot overall, despite never actually winning a championship.

Scooper Trooper, as you can probably see, was a box shaped robot armed with a massive flipper that extended pretty much the entire length of its body. It was fairly sizable, being nearly twice the length of the X-Terminator pullback, although around about the same width. Scooper Trooper's flipper was one of the most powerful flippers of any robot I ever had in ANY Robot Wars competition I held. I knew it was onto something when, in the first round of the very first US Championship, it flipped Axe-C-Dent out of the arena within three seconds. How do you like me now, Gravity and Kronic!?

The flipper was so powerful that it sometimes resulted in Scooper Trooper flipping itself over. The flipper design made self-righting rather difficult, and on one occasion, it actually caused the chassis to crack, costing it the Series 2 Grand Final, but this never actually happened again. Nevertheless, Scooper Trooper was fairly quick, and it's hard to argue with something that is almost guaranteed an OOTA once it gets under. Scooper Trooper's only competition win was the Mayhem in NRW (my take on Nickelodeon Robot Wars), where it threw all four of its opponents (Bulldozer and Kodiak in the qualifier, Hammerhead and Turbo Launch in the Ultimate Mayhem) out of the arena, as well as the house robots.

Also pictured is Scooper Trooper's middleweight "sister-bot", Terminal Velocity. Equipped with a bludgeoner on a small arm, it generally acted like a torque reaction axlebot. It also participated in heavyweight competitions, using two "plumes" to increase its length, although it removed the "torque reaction" part of it, and it was never successful.



The very last Lego Robot Wars competitions I had were the "Mega" wars, for robots that would probably have been too big to fit in my normal arena properly. They weren't really THAT big...Nausea was probably only twice as long as the X-Terminator pullback, but nonetheless, it proved to be one of the most successful robots in the series. Of the three MegaWars held, Nausea won series 1, came 4th in series 2 and was the runner-up of series 3. It was the only robot to reach all three grand finals.

Nausea's weapon was its lifting arm. It may look like a simple forklift, but the whole front of the body could raise (luckily, it was stabilized). A favoured tactic was to pick up a robot and lift it over the top of Nausea's body so it fell off overhead.

Nausea wasn't the quickest in speed and weapon movement, but it had a near unbreachable ground clearance, could get under practically anything and was very solid, difficult to damage. I'd estimate it'd take several really hard slams to do anything to it. It was capable of underturning the Sir Killalot RC toy, for one thing. Of all the robots, Nausea is probably the one I have highest hopes for.



I need at least one destructive robot, and that's where Backbreaker comes in. Backbreaker's main weapon was its vertical spinning bar, so powerful that not only could it damage, but it could also catch and occasionally overturn robots that initially resisted.

Backbreaker wasn't easy to overturn, either, having a very low ground clearance. It could sort of self-right when on its back if it used its weapon hard enough, but it was vulnerable if caught on its side, hence the side spikes to try and prevent it from getting stranded. Also, it had very little armour.

Lego Championships and Such[]

As I'm sure many of us did, I used to have my own home-made tournaments with robots made of Lego, old toys and even the few pull-backs I actually obtained. Since it was all a long time ago, it'd be impossible to list the complete line-ups, so I'll simply list the winners. In total, I had 16 UK series, 7 US series, 3 Dutch series and 2 German series.

UK Series Champions[]

  • Series 1: Pronaxe
  • Series 2: Puny Attack
  • Series 3: Nudge
  • Series 4: Nudge
  • Series 5: Argh!
  • Series 6: Cyber-Slug
  • Series 7: Puppy Pedigree
  • Series 8: Panzer Half 1
  • Series 9: Scyther DTS
  • Series 10: Wounded Metal
  • Series 11: Wounded Metal
  • Series 12: Razzler 3
  • Series 13: Super Starfish
  • Series 14: Storm Chaser 6
  • Series 15: D-Ram-Gon
  • Series 16: Chaos Mk. 3

US Series Champions[]

  • Series 1: Claws For Alarm
  • Series 2: Claws For Alarm
  • Series 3: Scallywag
  • Series 4: Flipper
  • Series 5: Torment
  • Series 6: Hammerhead 3
  • Series 7: Claws For Alarm

Dutch Series Champions[]

  • Series 1: Sole Stealer
  • Series 2: Buzzsaw
  • Series 3: Axe Master

German Series Champions[]

  • Series 1: Landmine
  • Series 2: Dagg'ard

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