Hello there! I'm Crumplezone, a BIG fan of Robot Wars. Yes, it's me. For some reason my account went weird and I couldn't get in. So I made this one.

About Me

I first seen Robot Wars when I was young. It fascinated me. The destruction of robots and watching them complete different tasks was showing me what they could do. Ever since Series 2 I kept on watching till it stopped. I was upset for weeks...BUT...that soon changed. A few weeks ago, I was surfing the internet when I came across this site. I looked around and felt as if I was home. On the 20th of August 2009, I decided to join the website, and help in anyway I can.

My favourite robots

I have a very weird taste in robots!

Razer - Brilliant crushing claw, shame about it's reliability.

Killertron - That pick-axe was lethal! I wish it had joined Series 5...

Panic Attack - A brilliant team created a brilliant robot...but it had it's bad moments.

Cassius - The very first self-righter. They should have kept this design for Series 3.

Pitbull - I loved Pitbull when I was younger and I still do.

Aggrobot - My all-time, most favourite bot. It's that cool face I like!

Chaos 2 - The best flipper. End of.

Hypno-Disc - Spin to win!

Bigger Brother - Joe and Ellie are so cute! Good robot too.

Diotoir - Really funny robot.

Thermidor 2 - Good flipper and design.

Kronic the Wedgehog - Awesome robot with the face. My favourite 5 Robot Wars moments.

1. Chaos 2, Thermador 2, Bigger Brother and Wheely Big Cheese nearly getting Sgt. Bash out the arena

2. Firestorm getting Mr.Psycho on his side. Hilarious.

3. Sir Killalot falling backwards in the pit. Honestly, Sir Killalot, DUH!

4. Diotoir pitting Tornado. Serves Tornado right with their boasting.

5. Aggrobot defeating Razer. Best. Fluke. Ever.

I'm thinking of making my own series because I missed Robot Wars Wiki's Series 8. If I go ahead with my series and someone has any problems or questions please talk to me.

Crumplezone MK2 21:24, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

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