Tornado vs wild thing
Tornado is my favorite
Nationality United Kingdom
First Edit Not counting personal stuff, it is Snake Bite (Extreme Warriors)
Favourite Series Series 7
Favourite Robot Tornado
Least Favourite Robot Lizzard, followed by Fluffy
Favourite House Robot Matilda
Behemoth vs tornado

Tornado is my favorite robot.

I am the RW wiki user Deadbotuliza. I live in the Uk, and became a fan of Robot wars by accident in December 2001. I was flicking channel, and came across the second World Championship, and as I was already playing with Mechanno and Lego toys, I became hooked. My favorite robot is Tornado. I am the youtube user Panickattack 100 [1]. I have bought every RW pullback toy and minibot. I also would like advice on how to build a robot, as it is my number one goal to become a roboteer.

I have a high level of sensetivity, so I can get upset easily. I also enjoy swimming and Football. My favorite football teams are Arsenal and Leeds. I also like music, and Alternative is my favorite genre.

I try to add contributions to other wikis, but this is my main Wiki.

I made my 1000th edit on the 29th of April when I edited Spawn Again's article.






Claim to fameEdit

  • A poem I did that was published in RW's Series 6 magazine.
  • I saw the Razer team at an Exhibition at a theme park circus a few years ago.


Tornado This user LOVES Tornado.
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Obsidian and Obsidian.
Storm force and Storm Force.
Mazakari and Mazakari.
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8645T and 8645T.
Niterider and even Niterider.
T-Bone But he wasn't so sure about T-Bone.
The tartan terror and he believed joke robots were funny, yet useless.
Tartarus this user believes being confidential makes your robot more jokey, even if it's armoured in Steel.
Destruct-a-bubble This user's bubble burst.
Humphrey This user thinks Humphrey isn't that bad.
BuzzJoeMurawski This user beleives Joe Murawski should've kept Buzz.
SniperFront This user thinks Sniper should've been wildcard.


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