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I discovered Robot Wars early in Series 6. I remember seeing the end of Heat C, and being immediately captivated as Chaos 2 was thrown out of the Arena. I became a huge fan of the show, so I was really dissapointed when I found there was no Series 8.

Over the following years, my interest in Robot Wars varied, occasionally picking up, particularly when I found YouTube and watched old episodes on there.

I found this wiki in 2009, and immediately thought "this is great, I have to join in this". I joined that summer, but as I was doing my GCSE's that year, and my A Levels for the following two years, I found I didn't contribute as much as I would have liked, but I have been contributing more regularly since finishing my A-Levels in 2012.

Awards and Badges[]

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For my Badges, see User:Drop Zone mk2/Badges. A while back, I set out to break the record for the most badges earned by a user. I've passed that, and am not going to be slowing down any time soon.

Robot Wars Events I've Attended[]

  • Roaming Robots, Aylesbury Town Centre, 2005
  • Robogeddon, Legoland Windsor, 2005
  • Roaming Robots, Aylesbury Centre, 2008
  • Roaming Robots, Aylesbury Centre, 2009
  • Extreme Robots, University of Greenwich, Kent, 2018
  • Robonerd, The Hungry Horse, Wolverhampton, 2021
  • Extreme Robots, Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth, 2022

Roboteers I've Corresponded With[]

Opinions, Lists and Other Stuff[]

Will add more in time.

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My Awards[]

Like many users, I disagree with some of the robots that won or were nominated for Awards, so I wrote out my own lists. In some cases I agree with the winners from the show, other times I have written completely new lists.

I have three rules; firstly, Grand Finalists are exempt from winning Awards, as I feel those robots got the recognition they deserved (Series 1 being the only exception because of the lack of competitors), a robot cannot win multiple awards in the same series and also, the same robot (or in the case of the Best Sportsmanship Award, the same team) cannot win the same award twice.

(Note: I sometimes added a robot that had previously won that Award in the nominees, this is only when I couldn’t think of any others)

The First Wars - In this case, I agreed with all the award winners the producers chose, so I just came up with a list of other nominees.

  • Best Design - Plunderbird 1, Mortis, T.R.A.C.I.E
  • Best Engineered - Mortis, Bodyhammer, Road Block
  • Most Original Entry - Psychosprout, Elvis, Recyclopse
  • Best Sportsmanship - Nemesis, Plunderbird 1, Recyclopse

The Second Wars - Once again, I agree with the award winners, but I changed some of the nominees.

  • Best Design - Razer, Caliban, Robo Doc
  • Best Engineered - The Mule, Chaos, Killerhurtz
  • Most Original Entry - Milly Ann Bug, Elvis, Mega Hurts, Whirling Dervish
  • Best Sportsmanship - Plunderbird 2, Corporal Punishment, Tantrum

The Third Wars - Here's where I started to disagree with the award winners, and thought better nominations could be given.

  • Best Design - Mortis: I got this idea from Toon Ganondorf's list about robots who should have won awards. Mortis was a simple design, but done brilliantly, with the powerful axe, strong armour, and now improved with a lifter that also acted as a srimech. Other nominees; Anorakaphobia, Berserk 2, Pitbull
  • Best Engineered - 101: Had rare technology with the automatic spike, and was also very reliable and fast. Tracked robots are hard to engineer as well. Other nominees; Behemoth, The Big Cheese
  • Most Original Entry – Terrorpin:: The unique shape, the ability to raise and lower its shell, the noise generator and whoopee cushion. A great mix of art, entertainment, original ideas, and innovations to help the machine. Other nominees; Daisy Chopper, Triterobot, Twn Trwn
  • Best Sportsmanship – Cassius 2 – Rex Garrod was one of the most friendly, helpful and sporting roboteers ever on the show. Other nominees; Diotoir, Sir Chromalot, Ultor

The Fourth Wars - Apart from the Most Promising Newcomer award, I disagree with the winners, and many of the nominees.

  • Best Design – Crusader 2: Another simple design, but done very well. An invertible rambot, with six wheels for extra speed and pushing power, armed with a powerful flipper. What really secures this award is the ingenious “dual chain drive” system, so if the chain breaks, another takes its place. Fun fact, I was originally going to give this award to Thermidor 2, but when I did some more research and heard of the dual chain drive, I immediately knew I had to give it to Crusader Other nominees; Dominator 2, Gemini, Thermidor 2
  • Best Engineered - Behemoth: Strong, reliable, resilient, powerful weapon. Need I say more? Other nominees; Firestorm 2, The Steel Avenger, Tornado
  • Most Original Entry – Robochicken: Although animal-themed robots were fairly common by this series, basing a robot on a chicken was an unusual choice, and they made a great looking and fun robot, while still incorporating two good weapons. Other nominees: Destruct-A-Bubble, Gemini, Mousetrap
  • Best Sportsmanship - Sir Chromalot: It really didn't seem fair to give the same team the trophy for a third time: it took credit away from the other teams. The Class Act deserve credit for their entertainment, comedy and graciousness in defeat. Other nominees: Robochicken, The Morgue
  • Most Promising Newcomer – Tornado: Had to be this one. Other nominees: Kronic the Wedgehog, Little Fly, Tiberius

The Fifth Wars - I disagreed with the winners for almost all the awards here, and think better nominees could have been given out.

  • Best Design – S3: I understand why S3 won the Most Original Entry Award, but I feel they deserved the Best Design award more. It was a very different design, but it was also very practical and effective in battle, combining a very powerful weapon (the first time a vertical flywheel had been used effectively) with an invertible design, whilst also reducing the size of the body, making it harder to grab hold of or get underneath. Was also wider than most axlebots, which made it more stable and better controlled. Other nominees; Reactor 2, Terrorhurtz, Trouble 'n' Strife
  • Best Engineered - Wild Thing: One of the most resilient robots out there - never broke down despite all the punishment it took. Against Trouble 'n' Strife, Prizephita and Chaos 2, it was flipped over and over again, but always came back, and despite all the damage it took from S3 it kept on going. Was also fast, and had an effective weapon and srimech, neither of which ever let the robot down. Other nominees: Crushtacean, Dominator 2, Stinger
  • Most Original Entry – Barber-Ous: Not only did the team decide to turn a barber's pole into a weapon, but the whole robot is a spinning drum on wheels! How much more original can you get? In fact, with the possible exception of Psychosprout, I think this is the Most Original Entry EVER! Other nominees: Big Nipper, Tip-Top, Wowot
  • Best Sportsmanship - Widow's Revenge: One of the most memorable and funniest "comedy teams" on the show, with the whole "pretending to be the Razer team's wives" act, and also entering the machine to raise money for charity. Other nominees: 13 Black, Pussycat
  • Most Promising Newcomer – Fluffy: Totally agree with this one. Other nominees: Crushtacean, Corkscrew

The Sixth Wars - Most of the award winners I agree with, but I added a list of nominations for each award, and changed a couple of the winners.

  • Best Design – Crushtacean: 259 looked great, but it had a fragile body, which is a serious design flaw, and Vader had a similar design but a secure body. Crushtacean had a unique design, the claws were effective weapons, it had unique technology, very strong armour and was invertible. Other nominees; Anarchy, G.B.H. 2, Vader
  • Best Engineered - Anarchy: Agreed with the producers choice. Other nominees: Behemoth, Stinger
  • Most Original Entry – Revolution 2: The huge spinning blades, a design no one else attempted, and looking so deadly, despite performing poorly in battle. Other nominees; Demolition Man, Revenge of Trouble and Strife, Ruf Ruf Dougal
  • Best Sportsmanship - Kat 3: Stuck with the original winner. Other nominees: Ming 3, Sumpthing
  • Most Promising Newcomer – Dantomkia: Does anyone disagree with this one? Other nominee: Vader

The Seventh Wars - I don't know why there were no awards in Series 7, but if there had been, this is who I would have chosen.

  • Best Design – Robochicken: A perfect example of how you can build a comedy robot that is still an effective fighter. Robochicken retained the artwork and head from the earlier versions, but had very effective weapons; an improved flipper, a saw to cause damage, an arm to pin robots down (which was detatchable, so it can be removed if they are facing a flipper). Other nominees; Gyrobot, Hellbent, Lightning
  • Best Engineered – Trax: Resilient and reliable, plus the extra effort of building a tracked robot. Other nominees; Bulldog Breed, Tough as Nails, Gravity
  • Most Original Entry – Big Nipper: Combining a horizontal crusher with a lifter, and being invertible, with the weapon working just as well either way up. Other nominees; Black and Blue, Mantis, Tough as Nails
  • Best Sportsmanship – The Grim Reaper: The "pretending to be zombies act" and the mascot. Other nominees; Firestorm V, Robochicken, Tartarus
  • Most Promising Newcomer – Ceros: Looked so impressive as it took out Metalis, the seeded Ming DieNasty and Revolution 3, took on the House Robots and gave St. Agro a good fight before running out of CO2. Other nominees; Hellbent, M2

Netflix Petition[]

I previously said in a blog that I wanted to see the original series released on DVD, but given the decline in DVD sales makes it even less likely, I'd like to see Netflix release them. I have now started a on to try and get Mentorn to release them.