Cassius 2
GF93- probably the biggest Cassius II fan on the Internet today
Nationality Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom Uk-flag-icon-2
First Edit Cassius (Did rather a lot on it)
Favourite Series Either Series 2, 3, 4 or 5
Favourite Robot Cassius 2, Chaos 2 and Mortis
Least Favourite Robot Spikasaurus
Favourite House Robot Sir Killalot or Dead Metal

Hey there. I'm Alex, AKA GF93, and welcome to my page on the wiki.

About MeEdit

I'm an Animation Design Student currently in my first year at University, and am to my knowledge currently the only Lincolnshire denizen of the RA2 wiki, although these days I live in Leicester.

My interests include retro gaming, animation, metal (Particularly Iron Maiden and Rammstein), and Higher Education. I'm also a regular competitor on Advanced Robot Combat , or ARC for short- it's a site dedicated to Fantasy Robot Combat. I've designed quite a few machines under the team name of Ice Cubed Robotics, so check those out if you can.

Not much else to say really, other than that I'm probably the biggest fan of Cassius 2 on here, and I like to contribute to stuff on here wherever I can, be it edits, providing stuff, or competing in whatever's going in the Arena at the time.

Some of my Favourites, in no particular order Edit

Image Robot Thoughts
Chaos2 Chaos 2 My original RW favourite from when I first started watching, and still right up there as what I consider to be, one of the all-time best. It does disappoint and sadden me to think that everyone here lost faith in it because of its later days, but back in its prime, it was truly in a class of its own.

Twice-Champion of Robot Wars, the original pioneer of the OOTA and one for gas-powered flippers on the whole. Even to this day, Chaos 2 is what I consider to be one of the heroes of RW and Robot Combat in general. Simply awesome.

Cassius 2 (No background) Cassius 2 This might surprise you, but even in its very brief appearance, I consider Cassius II and its predecessor to be some of my all-time favourites. With awesome weaponry, very clever design elements (The pit-escaping spike, self-righting mechanism and the air suspension) and superb speed, power and agility around the arena, it's what I consider to be one of the most sleek, elegant and well-built robots around. Had it not gone into the Pit, it almost certainly would've made the Grand Final.
Mortisbattlebots Mortis Say what you will about the team, but I for one, considered the robot itself to be tough, versatile, and quite the technological marvel- a great example of what you can do with a tracked robot. Its rapid Tanto Axe and lifting arm were fantastic to watch, set the standard for future robots with the same weapon combination, and overall, still remains as one of my favourites.
Killerhurtztoday Killerhurtz Another design I really liked, that never really did as well as it should have over here. Well-engineered, powerful and unique in many ways, it was a great competitor both on home turf and across the pond, taking Second Place and the Best Driver award in the 1999 Battlebots competition. Overall, a superb robot from a superb roboteer.
Storm2flat Storm II Ah, Storm II- what I'd consider to be the real winner of Series 7. Proved itself early on to be a powerful competitor- its kills on Supernova and Steel Avenger were massively impressive, and since everyone knows my distaste for Tough As Nails, stopping that horrible thing from getting its filthy hands on a World Championship definitely cemented its approval to me.

Very tough and powerful yet still incredibly quick and even fighting to this day, it's a fantastic machine in almost all respects.

Firestorm Firestorm What an awesome machine. Firestorm to me, ever since its first appearance, is what I consider to be one of the best robots to not win the title.

Every year, it seemed to get better and better- it was always exciting to watch and well-engineered with its differential steering, near damn-impenetrable armour, and its ability to rear up and throw opponents out of the arena with a low pressure front-hinged flipper. Responsible for some of the most memorable moments in RW History (Its grudge with Panic Attack, the first-ever OOTA and single-handedly taking out Mr Psycho spring to mind), and has never failed to impress.

PanicAttack Panic Attack The Series 2 Champion scores a piece of the GF93-approval Pie. I definitely see it as a fine example of what you can do with a comparatively simple design, but an immensely skilled roboteer behind it- resiliant, versatile and clever, it was a tough opponent to face in all respects, and definitely impressed me with what a mostly box-shaped design with lifting spikes was truly capable of.
Diotoir Extreme 2 Diotoir With its mad leering grin and red and black polka-dot fur, I consider Diotoir to be a great example of a robot that certainly wasn't as weak as it looked. Not only were the team fantastic sports and the robot great fun to watch (especially when it caught fire and still fought on), but on many occasions proved itself to be a great competitor as well. Offing Tornado and showing its overconfident team who was boss in Series 5 earned it my full respect, and in turn its place on my list.
Pussycat Pussycat I still remember initially seeing Pussycat- an unusual pyramid-like design with a circular saw blade on top. "What can it possibly do though, I wonder?" I thought- "Surely it'd just topple over the moment it got hit"

Seeing it in action however, it definitely proved me wrong- destroying Robochicken and demolishing Razer (twice!) was only the beginning of what it could do. Possibly the most clever design in Robot Wars, backed up with toughness, reliability and deceptive power from that blade. On top of that, you couldn't find a much nicer team.

Razer 001 Razer Yes, I know it's fairly unpopular here, but even still, I do consider Razer to be an absolute marvel of a robot- it looked fantastic and was well-engineered, having lots of unique design aspects behind it, and certainly the sheer power, agility and fighting capabilities to match. Twice World-Champions, Series 5 Winners, and what's generally considered to be one of the first successful hydraulic crushers out there.
Bulldog breed Bulldog Breed From Tiny Acorns do Mighty Oaks grow, indeed. Bulldog Breed kept getting better and better with each appearance- from moving six inches in its first fight, to throwing Pussycat out of the arena (Something that not even Chaos 2 or Firestorm could do), single-handedly winning the Extreme 2 Tag Team Terror, reaching three Heat Finals, and almost making a Grand Final in its last appearance. Certainly one of the most impressive Flippers in Series 7.

My Least Favourite Robots (In some particular order) Edit

1. Tough as Nails Any literate user who knows me will most likely also know about my distaste for this robot. Better described as a giant pair of kitchen tongs on wheels than a robot, once you've seen one TAN battle, you've seen them all- grab, pit, rob fight of any potential for entertainment. No variation whatsoever, and it didn't help that it did no damage whatever, only gently gripping opponents. Yawn.

Yet somehow, it resulted in a slew of undeserved wins. I'll be honest- one of the worst things about was how it ended up swindling places from far more deserving robots in the process. I mean, we could've had Disc-O-Inferno, Panic Attack and Robochicken- all of which are far more interesting and entertaining designs worthy of qualifying. But no. And then there was Gravity- I'd have much rather seen it represent Holland in the World Championship. Again, "LOLNO, PIT"- as if I didn't hate it enough already, that's what definitely cemented my disliking for it.

Admittedly, whilst I do sort of respect it more as of late due its engineering and due to being one of the first machines to introduce Hardox to the sport, it's still not exactly what I'd call my favourite design.

2. Spikasaurus Quite possibly, the poster robot for the term "Lucky Smegger". Won the Northern Annihilator off the backs of everyone else via combination of sheer dumb luck, and running away- especially bad since it was the only genuinely crap robot there (everything else it competed in proved that.), and that it was to a quintet of great robots, including Chaos 2, Killerhurtz, Dominator 2, Stinger, and Suicidal Tendencies.

Now that wouldn't have been necessarily a bad thing if the team were as nice as the Chaos 2 or Pussycat teams, but no- they came off to me as a bunch of smug, overconfident prats, which angered me to no end. In fact, I remember being furious upon seeing the result- if anyone else can think of a less deserving robot to win a major competition (Well, barring Typhoon 2), then make my day.

3. Nasty Warrior It beat HypnoDisc by falling apart. What else is there to say? [Under construction]

Badges and AwardsEdit

If on the off-chance I do receive a badge or an award or something, I'll put it here.

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