Hi there, welcome to my page! In real life I work in Corporate Social Repsonsbility from the voluntary sector side, and I've been a massive fan of Robot Wars since the show started airing in the 20th Century. I joined the wiki in 2009 and contributed heavily in my first year of membership, being promoted to rollback a month in and to admin almost a year to the day after joining. Since early 2011, my ability to contribute has decreased, with real life taking up more and more time and my active interest in the sport coming and going. Though I've never stopped loving it, fundamentally. Check out my opinion pieces here.

Some of my main areas of contribution to the wiki included developing pages for different weapon types & robots in the RW video games, rolling out quotes at the top of articles across the wiki and the authorship of articles about lesser-known competitors, including the milestone of the final UK series competitor page - Direct Action.

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