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Hi guys! I'm hogwild94, or Jack as most know me. I am a semi-reclusive user on this Wiki. Welcome to my page!

About MeEdit

  • I'm a youth from the North East of Scotland. Having watched almost every episode of Robot Wars several times over, my main interest in the show now comes from writing Robot Wars fan-fiction, which I occasionally work on when I have a spare hour in the evening.

Me and Robot WarsEdit

  • It all started one evening in 1998, when I was just four. I was watching the Simpsons and, at the end, the announcer said 'Next tonight, Robot Wars'. I thought 'that sounds interesting'. I watched on and was greatly intrigued.
  • My earliest Robot Wars memory is Napalm driving at the brick wall and getting stuck. I also remember Piece De Resistance, but I recall it getting further than it did.
  • I don't remember much of Series 2. I was only four, so my memory is slightly blurred and I kept mishearing names, like Pain became 'Plane', Broot become 'Bruce' and Havoc became 'Haddock'!
  • Series 3 was when I really got obsessed. I started taping it, but, because I didn't have as many blank tapes as I have now, I kept taping over episodes when the net came along. I regret doing that now, otherwise my supply of Robot Wars for YouTube would be immense.
  • Series 4 was a great series in my opinion. I was collecting the Robot Wars magazine, which had heat reports in, so I remember most of the details.
  • Series 5 was a decent series, though perhaps a bit anti-climactic compared to the build-up I had read of it in the magazine. I wasn't terribly keen on Razer winning the series, but it was a deserved victory.
  • Series 6, I didn't remember much, as I missed a few episodes due to stupid schedule rearrangements. But having now watched it back via the Internet, I now consider it the best of the three latter series, excluding the two Extereme series.
  • After Series 6, the show moved to Channel 5 and I was forced to stop, as I couldn't get Channel 5 in my region at the time.

Robots I likeEdit

This is not a definitive list of all my favourites; more, of the robots I mainly like.

  • Behemoth: One of the first robots I ever saw, Behemoth still remains a firm favourite. I always got devastated when it got knocked out, particularly as I was very young at the time. Had the electrics been a bit more reliable, and the House Robots behaved, they could of won a lot more than they did.
  • Firestorm: One of the great robots that never quite made it. Firestorm entered five wars (six if you count Groundhog), but only ever won one award. But it's huge impact, effort and general awesomeness means it'll never be forgotten.
  • Tornado: Tornado sort of grew on me as time went on. I didn't like it at first, after it defeated Gemini, and then Behemoth in the Challenge Belt. Nowadays, I like the robot, though mainly out of sympathy for the childish behaviour of Razer fanboys. I won't say why what Tornado did was OK: other users, such as RA2 and CrashBash, have summed it up perfectly in their respective writing pieces (which you should read if you haven't already).
  • Typhoon 2: Even if it was unfairly helped to the title, you can't argue that it looked very impressive prior to the final battle. As Obi-Have has stated, the team had no knowledge of the producer's intentions, and were mis-led to think they were playing fairly. Also, I don't see why people should hate Typhoon 2 just because of this. It's almost as though people will just disregard all its previous success because of the furore in the final. Prior to this, Typhoon 2 took out some hitherto very successful robots like Thermidor and X-Terminator. If that isn't a sign of a good robot, I don't know what is.

Robots I'm not so keen onEdit

Again, this is not a definitive list; just the ones most worthy of mention. I don't hate these robots, I'm just not a big fan of them. But I don't object to them at all.

  • Razer: I did like Razer in Series 2 and 3, but I lost faith in them after the loss in Series 3 and, while a turn in fortunes was good for them, I just couldn't warm to them again for a long time. Having watched Series 5 the whole way through on Challenge, putting its achievement in the bigger picture, I have a newfound respect for it. So, while I'm still not a big Razer fan, I have nothing against the robot, or the team, and have respect for it. Same for the other two on this list.
  • Storm 2: While I admire this robot's pushing power, and I don't outright hate it, like Razer, you get fed up of it winning all the time. Clearly, the producers got fed up of it after a while too. Given their obvious bias towards Razer and against Storm 2. Whether this blatant anti-Storm 2 bias was down to the channel change, I don't think anyone knows, though do tell if you know. Strangely, though, I found it much more likeable in the World Championship. Dunno why. Which brings me to...
  • Tough As Nails: Again, I've no problem with this robot's design; it's the tactics I disapprove of. While, in principal, it's a good idea to target the biggest threat first and get it over with quickly, it's just a bit unsportsmanlike to go straight in and kill it straight away. At least when Panic Attack used these tactics, they didn't go straight for the pit, and gave a bit of a fight first. But, again, I've become somewhat more tolerant of it in recent years, and I'm OK with it now, though I'm still not a huge fan.

A few things wrong with Robot Wars and how I'd fix itEdit

  • Well, I'd have kept it on BBC2 for it's entire run, even if it flew around all over the place in the listings. The way Channel Five treated the show is a disgrace. Surely, if they'd got the rights to a TV show as legendary as Robot Wars, they could at least of put it on at a time when people could actually watch it. Sure, Robot Wars would probably have come off the air after Series 7 even if it was still on BBC2, but still, Channel 5's handling of it only furthered it.
  • Also, I'd not have made it originally go out on BBC Choice, meaning the BBC2 runs were technically repeats, and thus prone to move all over the schedules. Nowadays, I'd have no problem with it going out on digital first, but back then, digital was still not widely available everywhere.

Other pagesEdit

Audited SeriesEdit

  • Well, before I was able to participate in this Wiki's redone series, I took to doing Audited series on my own. I have drawn quite a few, including Series 3 with only twelve heats of eight robots. I also tried to do Series 4 and 5 with sixteen heats of eight, but I found myself using non-qualifiers of which very little is known.
  • I have, however, come up with a few I am genuinely pleased with, and they are the ones I am going to share with the rest of you. And, now that I have re-emerged from the woodwork, I hope to update them regularly. Hope you enjoy reading them!
  • User:Hogwild94/Audited Series

Audited UK ChampionshipsEdit

  • After observing CrashBash and Jimlaad's complete audited championships, I've decided to try it myself. However, I have decided to start at Series 4, as Series 2 and 3 are just too vintage and classic in my mind to be meddled with.
  • User:Hogwild94/Audited UK Championships


Thoughts on New SeriesEdit

  • With Robot Wars now back on the air, we have lots to talk about. So, every week after the show, I will publish a selection of my thoughts on the episode and the robots in it here.
  • User:Hogwild94/Thoughts on New Series
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