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The moment Dantomkia became my favourite robot.
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Favourite Series Series 10
Favourite Robot Dantomkia
Least Favourite Robot Wild Thing
Favourite House Robot Dead Metal (Reboot)
Favourite Battle Carbide vs Behemoth

I was first introduced to Robot Wars during Series 4, when I was 5. Since then, it has always been my favourite TV programme. In terms of merchandise I have owned, I still have all the/my pullbacks, half the minibots, FunFax, the board game, Battle Cards Pack 4, a Series 3/4 Top trumps set from the RWM, a Sir Killalot topper tumbler and all the magazines I have owned, which is issue 8 onwards of the first type and all but 1 and 4 of the second type. I also have all 5 video games, on GameBoy and PC. I'm sure I used to have Sir Killalot pyjamas too. I also bought a Robot Wars T-Shirt at filming for Series 8, another T-Shirt in Series 9, a further one at Series 10 filming and the Hypno-Disc DVD. As you can tell from my profile picture and signature, my favourite robot is Dantomkia. Jimlaad43

Robot Wars battles I was at[]

This list was getting very big, so I put it here.


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My favourite robots[]

My top 20 robots.

Rank Name Best Moment Why
1 Dantomkia DTKChaos2.JPG Dantomkia is quite simply the best robot. I first started watching Robot Wars in Series 4, and for some reason didn't get behind Chaos 2 at all. By Series 6 I was bored of them winning everything (even though they hadn't by then). In their heat, there is this yellow and black robot that's actually doing quite well. In Round 2 it even manages to flip Mighty Mouse out of the Arena! But, it's got to get past Double Champions Chaos 2. The moment Chaos 2 were flipped out, I knew that I had found my new favourite robot! Add to that it's the best Pullback, AND I got to see it fight twice at filming for the 2016 Series, and you have the permanent number 1.
2 Carbide Carbide vs Behemoth Final.jpg Wow. Just wow. Apart from Dantomkia, which will forever be number 1 for me, Carbide was certainly my favourite robot from Series 8. I was in the audience for the Head-to-Head match between Carbide and Behemoth. When they rolled up, I saw Behemoth and wanted them to win, because they were the old favourites, while I didn't recognise Carbide or the team. Pretty much as soon as they spun up and hit each other, the stage was set. By about the third hit the audience was all on Carbide's side as it kept pounding into the scoop, sending sparks everywhere. When Behemoth were flipped over, we went crazy. By the time Carbide had dumped Behemoth in the pit, I knew Carbide had to go in second spot on this list.
3 Terrorhurtz Ex2ChallengeBeltRound2.2.2.jpg If you look up the word "Bonkers" in the dictionary, there's just a gif of Terrorhurtz's axe firing. Terrorhurtz made robots with weak top armour flatter than ever, and pummeled everything it could into submission. With such a rapid firing axe, you can afford to miss sometimes, as you know you can adjust the robot to hit with the next 5 shots. Terrorhurtz came back into Series 8 as one of the best robots not to reach the heat final, being the only robot to beat a fully functional Carbide. Plus I was at the hilarious battle with Nuts.
4 Anarchy Anarchyaxe.jpg A walker that can actually fight. I'm not talking about walkers that win battles, I'm talking about a walker that can beat an opponent. It's sad that it didn't return, as it was one of those robots that would have deserved the 15th seed in Series 7. It reached the heat final and lost to the Champion and it comes from the successful team 101.
5 Ruf Ruf Dougal Ruf ruf dougal.jpg Yep, Ruf Ruf is just the best robot that never won a battle. It doesn't matter that the link was rubbish, or that it was (deliberately) flammable, it was a good robot underneath the perfect outside for TV. It took the link falling out for Gemini to stop it, after they'd tanked quite a bit of damage from the spike. RRD, greatest joke-bot.
6 Ironside3 Ironside 3 attacks chompalot.jpg Ironside3 was the glint of light in what otherwise was a disappointing episode for many reasons. A Humongous, untested spinning bar that completely disarmed the promising Pulsar very quickly and tore Chompalot to shreds is always going to get great marks. It's a shame really that the Pulsar match was so controversial. It also helps that the team sat down two tables away to have lunch while I was waiting in the Marquee before going in at filming.
7 Storm 2 Storm II OotA.png Storm 2 has dropped a bit after Series 8, but that doesn't mean we can forget about how incredible this robot was in Series 7. A Tornado clone that not only improved on the design, but had a different (and better) tactic for fighting. This was of course rounded off by the hilarious OotA on The Steel Avenger.
8 Thermidor 2 Thermidorbehemoth.JPG If you are able to find the definition of "Hit-and-Miss", you'll see Thermidor 2. Thermie is either fantastic or useless, there is no inbetween. Hit: Series' 4 and 7, Extremes 1 and 2. Miss: Series' 5, 6 and 8. However, that battle with Behemoth and Stinger is my favourite battle I didn't see filmed, so Thermie will always be high on these lists for that performance alone.
9 13 Black Single Trouble.jpg Hypno-Disc times 2. It was unlucky against Corkscrew in Series 5, and was subsequently put in the Heat of Death in Series 6. After causing considerable damage to opponents during this heat, the well designed and decorated robot went through to the Semi-Finals. The dance move it performed whilst upside down in the losers melee was testament to the control the team had over their creation. Again, it was unlucky in Series 7, where an ailing 13 Black faced Gravity, and lost, badly.
10 Dominator 2 101 Dominator 2 Dead Metal.jpg Axes were great weapons. Good axes were very rare. I liked Dominator. It dominated battles (appropriately) and could make many holes in opponents. It had a great design and had seriously tough armour that few could damage. Sadly it never became a pullback, and it never won a trophy, despite completely deserving the Northern Annihilator one.
11 X-Terminator (Series 7) X-Terminator vs Killer Carrot 2.png Matilda threw a few robots out of the arena with a spinner, but due to being allowed to go over the weight limit, I didn't think it could be done. Now I know about Cyclone, it seems less impressive, but X-Terminator was the first UK competitor to successfully score an OotA with a spinner. However, it wasn't all about the OotA's, it could utterly trash opponents instead.
12 Atomic Atomicsmidsyoota.jpg I gave Atomic the best flipper of all time award (before the show was rebooted). Flippers were the hardest category to award and it was a tough choice (See here). Atomic was such a brilliant robot that managed to not just score OotA's, but score good ones. Terror Turtle was hilarious and S.M.I.D.S.Y. was spectacular. Would have won Series 7 if it hadn't malfunctioned against Typhoon 2.
13 Revolution 2 Revext2.jpg What is there to love about this fragilebot? Well, I think you'll find a weapon that is effectively 6 spinning Razer claws is enough of a reason to ignore everything else about this robot. As long as it looked good and was able to cause damage (just ask the Judge), Revolution 2 was always going to do very well here.
14 S3 S3Mousetrap.jpg S3 has grown on me during my time on the wiki. It was never a robot I was too fond of, but over time I've grown to appreciate and love this flywheeled robot, that despite looking like there's nothing you can get any purchase on, has been chucked over the wall twice. It's a shame they didn't have some fun in Series 7.
15 Comengetorix ComengetorixExtreme1.jpg This is nothing to do with how good the robot is or anything, no, this is purely so high because of their Extreme 1 introduction. "We have a lifter, sarcasm written on the front, and an axe, so people get the point". Pun Genius!
16 Steg 2 Steg 2 flipper.jpg The first series I can remember watching was Series 4. Due to being near the beginning (Heat D), and looking impressive, I was instantly supporting it to the end. Sadly it fell too early and after a team split, 3 Stegs to Heaven was built, with a mediocre spinner. I have come to the conclusion that it isn't that good in reality, but I still love the robot.
17 Thor (2016) Thor vs Foxic.jpg That Heat Final was the biggest shock ever for me. After watching it comfortably beat Foxic in the audience, I thought Thor were both guaranteed a Grand Final spot, and were going to meet Carbide in the Final battle. Thor deserved the Wildcard, because it combined Speed, Manoeuvrability and a damaging weapon in such spectacular fashion. Plus, everyone has to do "the Thor thing"!
18 Fluffy FluffyPussycat.jpg So much potential, brought down by the number 1 disappointing loss, breakdowns. Smashed onto our screens (Ignoring Extreme 1) by causing the retirement of 23rd seeds 101. Then it proceeded to destroy the mother of all axes, Terrorhurtz. Capping off this stunning performance, they made sure Pussycat lost its blade in more heat finals than it didn't, before a sad breakdown. They were well beaten by Stinger in the Sixth Wars, but lost in the first round of the University Challenge and Series 7 due to breakdowns whilst dominating against sub-standard opponents.
19 Hypno-Disc Hypno-disc vs splinter.JPG Series 4, Semi Final vs Splinter. 'nuff said.
20 Wheely Big Cheese Wheely big cheeses flipper.jpg Before you all go "Oh he just likes it because of Axe-Awe", well yes, but I loved Wheely when it broke onto the screen. After the heats of Series 4, I wanted Steg 2, Wheely Big Cheese or Thermidor 2 to win. They all went out first. Anyway, I was a fan of Wheely after Series 4, not 5. That Axe-Awe flip was great though.

Least favourite robots[]

This is list of the robots I liked least

Rank Name Picture Why
1 Wild Thing WildThing4Arena.png Wild Thing is an interesting conundrum. It's a well built series of robots, they have good track records, awesome reliability and battle winning skills, but I found myself supporting their opponents every single time. The team were great, the paintwork was incredible, and the name was fantastic, but I have always been irrationally against it.
2 Infernal Contraption IC.JPG I really do not like Infernal Contraption. It's not that aesthetic to look at, and it's a flawed design. What's the point of having a pretty useful flywheel if the action of moving towards your opponent to use it flicks the wheel away from them? Exactly.
3 Shredder Shredder5.JPG Shredder is another robot with spinners I dislike, this time because it outperformed it's abilities at the cost of much better robots. The Series 5/6 spinners were thin, and didn't really do any damage. The battle against The Alien was what really puts me off. Running upside-down because their spinners weren't working, the logic (which was pretty solid I must admit) was to make it harder for The Alien to pick up easy damage points. A dull battle and Shredder going through was not what I wanted to see. Shredder Evolution wasn't any better either.
4 Gabriel Gabriel.png Gabriel is like Stinger, in that both of them are great outside-the-box designs, but they advance not because they beat opponents, but because their opponents can't do anything to them. Ironside3 did so much more in the heat, comfortably knocking everyone else out to get 3 points, but Gabriel's design meant they couldn't be knocked out. Gabriel effectively free passed their way into the heat final past a limping Chompalot and Beast.
5 The Big Cheese TheBigCheese.jpg I cannot take The Big Cheese seriously because of the speed - or lack of speed - of the lifter. It get high plaudits for the use of it, but as soon as it came across a robot with any kind of weapon, it lost easily, against Chaos 2. It was a boring robot.
6 Spawn Again (Series 6) Spawn again.jpg Spawn Again in the fifth and seventh wars was amazing. However, the Series 6 version was so lucky. It was struggling with reliability issues, so had to hope their opponents capitulated basically. Supernova dominated the melee, and it was Spawn's only contribution to the battle that got rid of Tiberius, who would have been a lot better in round 2. It almost lost to Spam, and ended up being embarrassed in the Semi-Finals after Supernova got unlucky in the Heat Final.
7 Ming 3 Ming3.gif Ming 3 is not a Razer clone, it has a similar weapon. This is not my problem with it. I don't care how many crushers look like that on Razer, as long as they are good. Tiberius was probably the only other good crusher. The fact that it couldn't pierce the armour of Spam is pathetic. My other problem is that Ming 2 was a good robot with a good flipper. Ming 2 didn't have enough chance to show itself, and with the extra 20kgs to play with, it could have become brilliant.
8 Firestorm Firestorm 5.png Firestorm is the same as Wild Thing, in that I was never on their hype train. I just found myself supporting their opponents in pretty much every single battle. Shame they never at least reached the top 2 though.
9 Stinger Stinger6.png I mentioned Stinger in Gabriel's description, because they are so similar. Stinger was a good robot that did do some good damage, but it was hard to beat, and again stopped robots I'd have preferred to go through because they couldn't do anything about it.
10 The Morg lot Megamorg.jpg Did anybody actually know whether it was Mega or Mini after Extreme 1? I didn't. They were a bit like the Diotoir team, showmen, but at least Diotoir were entertaining in the arena. None of the Morgs were good, and the Extreme 1 version was made so the rollover design wouldn't work! They teamed up with Panic Attack to dump the exciting Edge Hog in the pit in Series 7, leaving them to be embarrassingly defeated by a surprisingly good Robochicken.

My ranking of UK Series'[]

Which Series' were my favourites and which did I like least. Here's my ranking of the 10 main an two extreme series'.

  1. Series 10
  2. Series 6
  3. Series 4
  4. Series 7
  5. Extreme 2
  6. Series 8
  7. Series 5
  8. Extreme 1
  9. Series 2
  10. Series 9
  11. Series 1
  12. Series 3

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A Craig Sign-off I'm proud of[]

Re-reading Forum:Robot Wars Extreme 2 Audited, I came across this gem of a Craig Sign-off I wrote in Heat F after Vader lost in the Heat Final to Pussycat.

Anakin Skywalker
Grew up on Tatooine
But he had his limbs chopped off
On Robot Wars Extreme

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