My love for Robot Wars is endless when I first seen it and wished the series would make a maiden return for an 8th Wars one day. And see robots from Britain, Holland, Germany and the USA battling it out for the crown.

Favorite Robots[edit | edit source]

Rank Name Picture Reason Why
1 Chaos 2
My all time favorite on the show winning the title twice and creating is famous party trick, flipping robots out of the arena.
2 Behemoth
Behemoth official.png
One of the oldest yet most experienced robot on the show, even with its bad luck over the years this robot showed true potential for the crown with its design and weaponry, making it to the Semi-Finals once in all 6 appearances.
3 Thermidor 2
Thermidor II.jpg
A True competitor to the wars, (not in series 3) with its powerful Flipper and strength. Thermidor 2 showed why you shouldn't mess with is robot no matter what.
4 Terrorhurtz
Terrorhurtz 10.png
This new robot from Team Hurtz was better in Robot Wars, battering it's opponents into submission with that fantastic double headed axe and finishing a well respected 4th in Series 6.
5 X-Terminator X-terminator 7.jpg Mixed result with this robot and different versions of the machine every time in it's 5 appearances, but the one that became my favorite was the Series 7 Model with it's new disc being able to throw opponents out of the arena with great force and power and this is the reason why X-terminator makes my top 5.
6 Diotoir
Diotoir 10.png
Ireland's finest furball out to do it's worst (well not really). Even though it always catches fire time and time again my best moment was Diotoir highest when they pitted Tornado in the 5th Wars.
7 Dominator 2
Silver dominator 2.gif
A true competitor this one with is formidable axe leaving a few holes in one to every machine it faced and meet and reaching the same stage through Series 4-6.
8 Pussycat
Pussycat showed real threats with that cutting disc on the front, even giving Chaos 2 a run for its money in the Series 4 Grand Final, and is a true legend of legends.
9 KillerHurtz
Robot Wars 50/50, Battlebots yes, KillerHurtz made a name for itself in Battlebots coming second in the Long Beach competition and finishing in the Semi-Finals in Season 1.0 thanks to that Axe.
10 FrenZy
FrenZy SFB01.jpg
The only American robot to make my top 10 list. The reason is that this robot was a robot to really be frightened off killing all robots that it faced (Except for Battlebots of course).
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