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My most favourite robot of all time from the show
Nationality Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom Uk-flag-icon-2
First Edit Hydra
Favourite Series Probably Series 5
Favourite Robot Panic Attack
Least Favourite Robot Don't have one
Favourite House Robot Same as above
Favourite Battle Panic Attack vs Axe-Awe

Hi All, I'm Liam Bryant, I'm actually a roboteer and am the current owner of the Robot Wars Heavyweight Storm Force who fights who fights in the live events with it as well as my featherweight robot Pug and ant weight Puglet. I had tried to enter two series of the rebooted version of Robot Wars, the first being a joining team member with Team Hydra who tried to qualify with Titan for Series 8 but it wasn't selected and I also attempted to enter Pug for the Featherweight Competition for Series 10, but the competition was cancelled. I've been a fan of Robot Wars since I was 9 or 10 and I've always been attending live events since it left the TV screens. I decided to join the wikia to see how good I can do. On my page I have jotted down some pages of some of the results from the Unofficial UK Championships and other such competitions held by the FRA, Opinions and reviews about some All-Star robots, My own page that hopefully provides info needed about the Robot Wars Live Events and also my own series under the name of Bryant Robot Wars where everyone is welcome to have their say.

I am also the youtube user Robotwarsmad, on my channel I have tribute music videos I have made to certain All-Star robots and I hope to make some more soon.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

Snake bite This user loves visiting Switzerland.
PanicAttack This user LOVES Panic Attack.
Typhoon 2 This user is proud to be Scottish.
Storm force This user is proud to own Storm Force.
KingBRemix This user had King B Remix in the Series 8 Sweepstake.
and Expulsion in the Series 9 Sweepstake
Eruption 10 This user won the Robot Wars Series 10 Sweepstake with Eruption

Personal PagesEdit

This is a list of unofficial pages for the Wiki I produced under my username. Showing my opinions and reviews on certain All-Star and Champions, there are also results showing how some of the competitors have got on in the UK Championships outside RW and many more.


Here are the many badges I have recieved for my work on this wikia, I hope to earn more soon.

Hydra 7 This user was an excellent contributor to the Hydra article.
Robot Wars Extreme Logo This user was an excellent contributor to the Commonwealth Carnage article.
Philiper 2 This user was an excellent contributor to the Philipper article.
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