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Robot Warriors is a series I run on my Youtube channel (now named Robot Warriors, formerly ohargreaves), using the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is back up and running, in the middle of its second series. Make sure you check it out if you have the chance.

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10 Favourite Robots[edit | edit source]

Number Image Robot Thoughts
1 Razer 001.jpg Razer Not the most popular machine around here, but I truly admire this work of art. Some people think it is "boring", but I will always disagree. It caused some of the most spectacular damage we saw on Robot Wars, which is supposed to be what the show is about. I didn't like Ian Lewis around the first fight with Pussycat, because of his whingeing, but Simon Scott and Vincent Blood were thoroughly nice people and good sports. This robot was the first to defeat Chaos 2- not in Extreme, when several machines beat it, but in the First World Championship, when Chaos 2 was the newly crowned champion. A stunning design, with a brilliant pirouette to boot, where it would lift its helpless foes off the ground (like Wild Thing). One of the all-time heroes of robotic combat.
2 Firestorm5.jpg Firestorm A excellent robot from a sporting team. It had outstanding consistency, and while Recyclopse/Cassius were the first to sport front-hinged flippers, Firestorm took the weapon to a whole new level, with the minor tweaks and adjustments between series to maintain its level of class. I absolutely loved its battles, from when it pushed over the pathetic Crasha Gnasha easily to when it hurled Mute out of the arena, having been flipped out in the Series 3 grand final. Such a shame that it didn't manage to win a UK Championship.
3 Storm2flat.jpg Storm 2 Now, I usually don't like pushing boxes, like Tornado, but I do like aesthetically pleasing robots. Storm 2 is one of those. Jayne Middlemiss was my least favourite pit reporter, but got it almost right when she remarked "It is the cleanest, most beautiful robot I have ever seen". Its performance in the arena was breathtaking, with unparalleled power in the Robot Wars arena. It outclassed Tornado twice, even though the pit was raised for Tornado in one of those fights, and was pretty much cheated out of the Seventh Wars title. See Storm 2/Controversy for more.
4 X-terminator 7.jpg X-Terminator I always liked X-Terminator when it was equipped with the axe. Marlon Pritchard always seemed like one of the livelier characters in Robot Wars, and was even generous enough to upload all of the robot's battles onto Youtube for everyone, before I began uploading, and long before BBCRobotWarsUK turned up with his brilliant channel. But it was the sheer destructiveness (not destructability as Jonathan Pearce would have put it) of the Series 7 machine that has propelled X-Terminator up so high in my list. Thank goodness the cocky Tsunami team righted X-Terminator, otherwise we would have had yet another flipper in the semi-finals, and would have had another early casualty in The Seventh Wars, like Behemoth and Pussycat.
5 Dantomkiaprofile.jpg Dantomkia Great name, inspired by Mike Lambert's three children, and the machine regularly delivered in combat. It performed well in the All-Stars, despite only being a stand-in. For me, the All-Stars shouldn't be based entirely on the level of experience a team has, but on the quality and achievements of the machine, like the first two tournaments. Dantomkia, having flipped out stars like Chaos 2 and Hypno-Disc was always more of a true All-Star than the likes of Kat 3, King B or Ming (who struggled to win fights), or Team Velocirippa's machines (don't even get me started on them).
6 PropellerHead.jpg Propeller-Head I liked the comical propeller hats of the team, and this machine gained my respect after its superb comeback against The Revolutionist. Even the builder Mike Konshak was nice enough to help the wiki out with the Team RobotDojo article, rather than go about deleting articles on this site like other RWEW team captains.
7 Gravity.jpg Gravity It's sleek, well engineered and an absolute monster of a robot. The name, although given to the less powerful version seen in Dutch Robot Wars, is very appropriate, considering its ability to toss other machines high into the air before crashing to the ground. In the words of Jonathan Pearce, its opponents had "High hopes, tossed even higher".
8 Mantis.png Mantis An admirable design, which attempted to do what Sir Killalot and Mr. Psycho did, by picking up and dumping robots from the arena. Looked great in its opening round encounter with Jabber, and deserved to go further.
9 Robochicken 7.png Robochicken The team were always good fun, with the ridiculous names for their weapons (fowl flipping device?), but their robots were never anything worth caring about. Until Series 7 that is, where they produced a cool looking machine that finally featured decent, destructive weaponry. Its always nice to see the comedy entry decide to enter a machine that has a decent chance of winning, something that the Plunderbird and Napalm teams should have taken note of.
10 Diotoir.jpg Diotoir The team were absolute legends, deserving of the Sportsmanship awards they were given, and it was nice to see them win a title with Pussycat in Robot Wars Extreme. Always brightening up proceedings by being set on fire, or allowing rival competitors to be adorned with its trademark polka-dot fur, the absence of Team Nemesis and Diotoir, along with many other teams, meant that the Seventh Wars was relatively dull in my view. Oh, and it out-pushed that awful red box in the Fifth Wars, sadly its last win in Robot Wars.
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