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aka Syd Barrett. Maybe.

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Middle Eye
Chaos 2 vs Steel Avenger
Who doesn't love chaos?
Nationality English/Irish
First Edit Splinter
Favourite Series Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars
Favourite Robot Haardvark
Least Favourite Robot Typhoon 2
Favourite House Robot Shunt

Hello. I'm Middle Eye, and that's about all the personal information you'll get from me, apart from that I am a die-hard fan of Robot Wars. I also occasionally contribute to the Doctor Who, Transformers and Primeval wikis.

Favourite RobotsEdit

Number Robot Picture Random observations
1. Haardvark Haardvark series 3 Yes, I know that this is a weird choice, but for one reason or another, I love Haardvark. It may not have been quick, but it was powerful. A circular saw on an arm and lifting forks is an incredibly rare combination, and it was used effectively. It honestly deserved to go through to the Grand Final of Series 2, and would have if not for House Robot interference. As for Series 3, well, I have two words. Sir Chromalot.
2. Panic Attack PanicAttack Okay, who doesn't love Panic Attack? The driving skills of Kim Davis were just incredible (101 notwithstanding) and though the weapons seemed to be outdated, they were so effective.
3. Chaos 2 Chaos2 One of the best robots ever made, the father of OotAs, and the two-time Grand Champion, Chaos 2 is simply awesome.
4. Wheely Big Cheese WBC 2008 Great robot, great design, great power. Also, Axe Awe. Need I say more?
5. The Steel Avenger SteelAvenger7 The team were excellent sports, and it's a five-year-old robot that managed to reach a heat final in its last war. That should say it all.

More to come later


Haardervark This user thinks that previously successful robots should qualify for other series. Like this...
Chromalot7 and this.
Panic Attack Gold This user believes that good looks do not make a good robot, and was proved right.
Bananararmour This user was proved right in this occasion too.
Milly-Ann Bug 2 And this one.
Hefty Not forgetting this one.
Lightning This user believed in the potential of Lightning...
GBH 2 and G.B.H. 2...
Prizephita mk 2 and Prizephita...
259 and 259...
Anorakaphobia and Anorakaphobia...
Gyrobot and Gyrobot...
Ewe 2 and Ewe 2...
Tridentate and Tridentate...
The Executioner and (for some reason) The Executioner...
Judge shred 3 and Judge Shred 3...
Cyrax and Cyrax...
Daisy cutter and Daisy Cutter...
Haardvark This user cannot stand it when House Robot interference...
Killertron unfairly pitted ...robs a perfectly good robot of a place in the next round in favour of the more popular robot.
Furless Diotoir This user thought that Diotoir deserved recognition for more than being funny-looking.
Scrap-2-saur This user thought that Scraptosaur would do much better in UK Robot Wars after its performance in Dutch Series 2, and was severely disappointed.
ELPB This user is annoyed by robots that don't do anything.
Toe-cutter This user is a fan of Blade Runner.
Nemesis3-1- This user is proud to be Irish.
Topbot This user is saddened when powerful robots lose early.
Major Tom This user wanted to see Major Tom in Series 3.
Mortisbattlebots As he did Mortis in Series 7.
Pulengeland And PulverizeR in Series 7.
Slicer And Slicer in Series 7.
Extreme stinger Not forgetting Stinger in the same war.
Technophobicfire This user is hated by all technology.

Badges and other stuffEdit

Recyclopse roadblock This user was an excellent contributor to the Wedges article.

Hammer and Tong This user was an excellent contributor to the Hammer & Tong article.

Chaos 2 vs Steel Avenger This user was an excellent contributor to the User: Middle Eye article.
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