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Top 20 favourite robots:[]

Honorable mentions: Alien Destructor, Cobra, Full Metal Anorak, G-Force, Hydra, Hydrotec, IG-88, Judge Shred (Series 3), Lateral Thought, Manic Mutant, Mechadroid, Pika 3, Scorpion (Series 7), Steg-O-Saw-Us, T2, The Gap, The Predator, Tornado, Tricerabot, Twister, Wild Willy.

Position Robot Robot Name Thoughts
Atomic With who I believe to be one of the better Robot Wars drivers in David Bebb, Atomic is a machine full of quality, pace, and a ruthless streak - and it's incredibly fun to watch it do that. Those aforementioned qualities were mostly only on display in Series 7, but that doesn't limit Atomic's fun factor overall, because every single one of its battles in that series were valuable in their own ways. And after how Atomic was also getting the poor draws and unlucky moments in the past, the wait to seeing this machine finally come together was so good.
Tough As Nails.png
Tough As Nails Tough as Nails was one of a handful of machines that really made me like Series 7 so much. I loved the fact it was part of the mini foreign invasion of genuinely top-class bots in Series 7, and its unique design made it an incredibly interesting foil against many an opponent. Tough as Nails' fights are also virtually always great watches, because its design is one which can be overpowered or can struggle, and it just all depends on the circumstances of the fight! It's not exactly normal for a machine to easily KO Gravity, but nearly lose to Robochicken! That type of unpredictability and intrigue, as well as its design, and how it was a massive factor in appreciating Series 7 from the off, grants TaN a place in my list.
Suicidal Tendencies 5.png
Suicidal Tendencies Helped by the fact I have three minibots of it, Suicidal Tendencies has been a robot I've never not liked in some form - yes, that includes the Series 3 version (I like how the milling cutter looks, okay?). I enjoy virtually all of its fights, and its battle style - especially in Series 4. Here, Suicidal Tendencies was often made fun of for its toothpick axe, and yet it used this weapon in clever ways while putting in completely dominant performances like the one against Wheely Big Cheese, and in its first round melee. The Extreme onwards incarnation was also a very-well made piece of kit, and put in some more consistently good, controlling displays. Dominating Wheely Big Cheese, and completely controlling Pussycat? You can see why Andrew Marchant was more fearful of facing Suicidal Tendencies in the Series 4 Semi-Finals, and it vs. Tornado in Series 4 is still one of the fights I wish we got to see. NJGW (talk) 05:26, November 15, 2019 (UTC)
Mechaniac Out of control, fast paced, a flipper with a solid thrust, orange coloured, and being a random foreign robot. I love this thing. Oh, and as we'll see with a couple more robots - I like flippers with faces, and Mechaniac fits in there as well.
Leveler 2.jpg
Leveller 2 Leveller 2 is as a charming, but outdated looking robot design wise. It looks more like a Series 3 machine - really quite bland I'll be honest. And yet I've got so many pointless memes about it. The fact that the "Leveller 2" logo on the machine looks like an eye from distance, the fact that Leveller 2 carried out flips on Tornado, the fact that I turned Leveller 2 vs. Tornado into a Leveller 2 KO victory in the April Fools version of The Ultimate Countdown, the fact that the Wiki has pictures that are spelt both "Leveller 2" and "Leveler 2". I just find it all quite hilarious. I also think it's entertaining as a fighter too. It has brittle armour, but as a machine is actually really durable. Its flipper isn't great, but it's still of quite a good standard. I just really like watching Leveller 2. It's a vanilla-looking-but-fun little package.
Coyote 10.png
Coyote When the machines in Series 9 were first unveiled to the public, Coyote was a machine I immediately liked. I did all of the necessary things as a result: follow the teams Facebook pages, talking about it more on social media, and... getting my hopes up far too high for it to do okay. In both Series 9 and 10, Coyote had some absolutely embarrassing defeats - heck it made me feel embarrassed to like it. And dying for no reason against Expulsion was the main reason why Coyote had to have a little break from this list. But rewatching Series 9 and 10 in full recently confirmed that I do still like Coyote a ton, and from purely a design point, it could well be my favourite machine. Shame I couldn't cheer it on to a decent performance or too, but what can you do.
Darke Destroyer 2 I really like Darke Destroyer 2. I like its one, random, chunky tyre and the fact I got the sticker of it about 7 times in the Series 4 Sticker Book. I love the sharp, streamlined shape of the machine combined with the dark colours. I love the framework, I love the face being made to look even more aggressive than the first incarnation by blending it in with the black paintjob - it just all works as a look, and the way its visuals change from the first Darke Destroyer to Darke Destroyer 2 makes it look like a Pokémon evolution, and that's great. And yeah, I know the wagglers were naff, but I just find them funny, and at the end of the day they don't hinder Darke Destroyer 2's ability to push, so they're hardly an issue. I just find the machine a perfect blend of looking menacing but still looking visually appealing, and that means a lot - especially for a machine you'll see a lot in a stickerbook growing up... and in recent times, I may be a bit too passionate to give it credit for using its front armour to deflect Warhog perfectly, as well as manoeuvring aggressively and expertly to the sides and rear of Dreadnaut XP-1 and Kronic the Wedgehog... but those parts may just be a 'me' thing... oh, and also there's a football commentator that me and my sister find hilarious to listen to, and his name is Ian Darke, so... yeah, it's a me thing, I get it.
Agent orange.jpg
Agent Orange Agent Orange is stupidly cool to me. It looks like a bad version of a House Robot - with the bright orange paintjob and extra detailing, and then the combination of a massive swinging pickaxe and a claw! Also, Agent Orange was moments away from a Heat Final place. If only it had just left Blade on its side then it would have won! Then Aggrobot would've broke down again, and then Agent Orange's weaponry would've easily caused damage to Gravedigger and Beast of Bodmin's fragile shells... and then... oh, right. Cut it there. Yeah, I like Agent Orange a lot. And it has an eye on its claw.
The Stag.jpg
The Stag A large portion of me liking The Stag is purely visual, but it is also a really decent machine that gets done over by the draw for the most part. It's durable, use its weapon well against Wild Thing 2 and could've used it even better if it wasn't just fed to good spinners both times, and it is nicely themed. A simple machine for me to like in many ways, and one I always look forward to supporting in Fantasy Tournaments.
Aftershock 10.png
Aftershock Series 8 of Robot Wars was a great return for the show, and gave us a taster of what modern UK spinners could do, but Carbide was by far and a way the most powerful in Series 8. So when Aftershock was unveiled and hyped up for Series 9, I was excited for weeks. We weren't let down by it at all, as it put on some vintage destruction fights and one of my favourite fights of all time too. Aftershock may have been more Afterflop in Series 10 (cheers, Track-tion team), but even then the way it was catapulted out of the arena in its melee was eyecatching, and then Aftershock goes and has an incredible fight with another one of my favourites machines in Big Nipper! Since the reboot has ended, my liking for Aftershock has risen, and my recent rewatch of Series 9 and 10 in full just reinforced why. Consistently amazing battles which is pretty rare for a spinner, a wonderful design visually, and a machine I keep watching to this day - eager to watch its latest live event battles.
Apollo WS.png
Apollo Back to back reboot risers! The whole package is just great with Apollo, isn't it? Fun fights, rivalries with the House Robots and competitors, and how I genuinely enjoyed the team every single series even though the team members were consistently changing. I could go on for ages about how much I like this machine, but I think what I said above covers things comfortably without even needing to go into anymore depth. The Apollo identity just speaks for itself, and I love it.
Silver dominator 2.gif
Dominator 2 Now, as you know, I'm a big fan of axes, so when something like Dominator 2 - that was both aesthetically pleasing and practical, actually worked, then there was no real surprise that I took a liking to it. I've always liked Dominator 2's design and look a hell of a lot, and that would have been influenced further in my childhood years by the minibot of the machine. All that, combined with some vintage memes during the 2015-16 spell of getting back into Robot Wars consistently, means that I'll always like Dominator 2 a big amount. Overall, it's a robot that looks great, is always involved in intense battles, is incredibly consistent and has a 'nice' team.
X-terminator 7.jpg
X-Terminator Quite similar to Dominator 2 in part, as the team were part of some memes during that 2015-16 spell. Apart from that though, I liked X-Terminator from its debut. I've always been a massive fan of the speedy Series 3 and 4 versions - especially the latter's lifting weapon. But obviously you have to mention that Series 7 campaign too. Now I'm a massive fan of axes, but the "screw it, change everything" mentality that made X-Terminator into the beast it was from nowhere from Series 7 was great. Although now unlike the previous X-Terminator's, it couldn't self-right properly. *sigh*. X-Terminator: always ending up with some kind of flaw, but in a way that was always entertaining and made the team and the robot even more likeable and fun because of it. Ultimately, X-Terminator has dropped down this list, but that's more because it finally fulfilled its potential, and I've watched it at its best so many times now that my passion for it has finally calmed. Still a machine I absolutely love, but not one I feel I have to truly stan anymore.
S3 A unique weapon, a unique design, and its battles are also very entertaining: whether that be in terms of damage inflicted, such as against Plunderbird 5 and Shredder, or because of the interesting way the battle panned out, such as against Sir Chromalot and Mousetrap. It was also nice to see a team of also-rans with their previous robot, Sting, improve so much.
Brutus Maximus entire wedge.jpg
Brutus Maximus Here he is: Big ol' Bruty M. My man. A machine that falls apart all day long and still keeps going and going and going and going, all to lose more bodyparts, but also to carry out one or two under-the-radar attacks too. Well, they were under-the-radar until the Wiki started to rate Brutus Maximus! Admittedly, sometimes Brutus Maximus gets votes for it which even I don't agree with anymore, but that doesn't make the journey any less pleasing - because I'm still overjoyed any time I see Brutus Maximus reaching the bloody Series 7 League Heat Final, or threatening a cheeky victory in Ragnabot 3! So please, keep doing it, and helping add to the story of Brutus Maximus: a machine that very definition of a limp breakdown - but no, it's the exact opposite, and in hilarious fashion to boot. Bloody fantastic stuff.
Tsunami As you gathered from Tough as Nails, I'm often a sucker for foreign, European machines when they come to the UK series, and Series 7 offered so much intrigue and mystery whenever a robot from overseas was introduced. Hearing JP reference how foreign machines did in their countries' respective wars always cranked up the hype, especially when the foreign robots were of such high quality in Series 7. As for Tsunami itself, I was already excited from watching Gravity just two heats prior, so when Tsunami exploded onto the scene in just as an impressive manner in its first round melee, I was hooked. This continued through to the Constrictor battle, where Tsunami hurled its opponent about the place before carrying out a beautiful OotA. Then, it goes on to provide my favourite fight ever in a Heat Final that it lost. It's a shame, really, because I can't ever not think about how Tsunami would've fared if it was part of the final 16. This machine had potential to be a champion, and it hurts that I only saw it in three fights in Series 7 - but hey, at least it provided some truly memorable moments in the short time it was here, and I appreciate that completely.
Scraptosaur 03.jpg
Scraptosaur The main reason I like Scraptosaur is because it's a flipper robot that has a personality. No, I don't mean that M2, Gravity or Atomic are boring in the slightest - that couldn't be further from the truth - but Scraptosaur and its wonderful face just stands out in this large sea. That's not all though: it's a feisty midget, it's durable, speedy, competitive, has a unique flipper style for Robot Wars, and is worthy of a place in the competition. I just love the whole package. Oh, and it's foreign. Oh, and Scrap-2-Saur is an incredibly entertaining package in Series 2 of the Dutch Battles, with even more explosive flips, even more explosive speed, and even more entertaining fights. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.
Wheelosaurus Series 2 no background.png
Wheelosaurus Oh dear. My love obsession with Wheelosaurus and Peter Gibson. I always knew Wheelosaurus was a thing, but it was never in the spotlight. It was just one of those robots that was there. It wasn't great, and would never do anything noteworthy, but it was one of those robots, that, given the option, you would prefer for them to enter than not. Most of the time, though, with robots like this, that is simply the extent you think about it. You're meant to mainly just acknowledge their multiple appearances - not have them as one of your favourite robots! But that's not the case for me. I first started to take a foundness to Wheelosaurus when rewatching the Second Wars on Challenge TV. Wheelosaurus had just got tugged into the pit on the trial and then beaten up against Chaos in the arena, but Peter Gibson just seemed oblivious to it all, and still maintained his charming - if slightly quirky - disposition. I just remember my Mum walking into the room and saying "who's that old man? He doesn't have a clue what's going on does he?". I then took an interest to him as a person, and he didn't disappoint in the Fourth Wars either. He didn't ever hype up his robot, but he was proud of it and loved entering. He admitted he was going to lose against Suicidal Tendencies, yet afterwards just kept talking about his love of Victorian Pramwheels. That was the thing, he never thought about making his robot unbeatable, he just wanted to use something that he personally enjoyed using - just something that was a part of his personality in robot form. It suited him, and it was a shame he didn't return for the Fifth Wars. The robot itself, although basic, still has personality. It looks like a typical early series robot, but in a way that made it retain it's grungy nature rather than looking basic and undeveloped. Peter Gibson calling it "Grungebot" himself says it all really in terms of what he thought Robot Wars meant for him. I've moved it up to 3rd now, because why on earth not. I might as well own my Wheelosaurus love affair properly after all.
Big Nipper.png
Big Nipper Big Nipper was a massive part of my reintroduction to Robot Wars that I've talked about above in that 2015-16 spell above. I remember searching up YouTube videos for days on end to see some live event battles, and seeing a machine I only vaguely remembered in Big Nipper completely dominating opponents in a stylish yet unassuming way was very appealing to me. Not to mention that I also appreciated its part in me becoming a massive fan of Series 7 with that cracking Heat Final with The Grim Reaper. Big Nipper was a machine that consistently appeared on my own screens, and I was absolutely supporting it going into Series 8 - desperate for it to prove itself fully on TV. Although it wasn't able to make a true step forward in the first series of the reboot, the inclusion of its new weapon still added another layer of versatility to the robot. Then, with potential still there to see, and a series away, my Big Nipper passion grew stronger, until it returned in Series 10 - where it finally exploded into life! The fact that I supported it during the campaigns where it couldn't quite fit in fully honestly made it feel even more rewarding when it came through in such impressive style during Series 10. It's a beautifully engineered machine, with versatility, variety, the potential to be controlling in fights, the potential to be explosive in fights, and being a durable machine in general. It was such a good journey supporting Big Nipper.
Terrorhurtz Like Big Nipper, Terrorhurtz played by far the most memorable role in my binge-watch return to the show with my sister - with me watching a large amount of live event fights when I wasn't watching episodes themselves. I vaguely remembered that Terrorhurtz did well in Series 6, but I couldn't remember the extent or the convincing way that it actually won battles. Then, when what played out infront of my eyes made me adore it. Its two semi-final wins were two of the most ruthless attacks on opposition robots that I can remember. It also completely dominated the Challenge Belt before it faced Tornado. And also, there's Team Hurtz. Both John and Dominic have interesting, different personalities. Dominic was the one who would try to add rationality to a situation. He knew that John would always try to do too much to the robot, but admired what he did with it either way, this being summed up best when, after the third place play-off against Firestorm 4, Dominic said "He's gonna do his usual trick: which is now the robot is more or less working, he's gonna change it, try and improve it and become unreliable - which is the hallmark". John, on the other hand, was the mad scientist who was always tinkering and working away. He underachieved previously, but you just knew that, one day, he could get it right, simply because he was always trying different ways to make things work, and boy, when he hit the jackpot, he really did. Terrorhurtz the robot sums up John Reid's personality completely. It wasn't there to win in a beautiful manner, but it had it's own unique, ruthless style - it would spasm on the arena floor, defy the laws of physics in the All-Stars melee, and completely smash opponents to smithereens. As I said further up this list, some robots sum up their roboteer completely, and Terrorhurtz really does encapsulate that the most. Since Terrorhurtz's glory days of Series 6-EX2, it took on a different role in the reboot - one where it had to adapt to the faster battles and more destructive weaponry. Now, a lot of people aren't massive fans of Terrorhurtz's battle philosophy change for the reboot, but I very-much appreciate the more methodical, defensive style that Terrorhurtz had. Also, despite Terrorhurtz not being quite good enough to reach the true heights of UK title glory by the stage of Series 10, it still gave me some more Terrorhurtz axe displays that I'm a fan of against Vulture and TMHWK, as well as the classic fight in general with Rapid. I may have seen it fight in 20+ series fights before Series 10, and plenty of live events battles too, but I still wanted to see more and more of it. And I still do to this day.

Top 40 favourite battles:[]

Honourable mention: Apollo vs. Coyote vs. Rusty vs. Ms Nightshade, Propeller-Head vs. The Gap.

Position Image Battle and Round Thoughts
REALI-T vs Full Metal Anorak.JPG
REALI-T vs. Full Metal Anorak - The First Wars, Heat E, Arena, Round 1 I know it's Series 1, but for the time period, this was a good fight. Full Metal Anorak was plucky and aggressive, REALI-T used its spikes well, and both machines charged into each other without breaking down. Some really solid stuff for so early in Robot Wars' lifespan.
King B vs Rick.jpg
Dantomkia vs. King B Powerworks vs. Rick vs. Hassocks Hog 2 - Series 7, Heat C, Round 1 This was excellent stuff to open a Heat. What could've been an easy Dantomkia romp was instead a split decision involving two machines that could've been seen as outdated. Rick even managed a flip on Dantomkia! It's just good, all-round fun this.
Scorpion vs dantomkia.jpg
Dantomkia vs. Scorpion - Series 7, Heat C, Round 2 Back to back Dantomkia? Are you okay, Nick? Yeah, I am - somehow. Dantomkia's UK Championship fights in Series 7 were of extremely good quality, and this is another one I enjoy a lot. Dantomkia has to take hits from a potent spinner, and the worry is evident, and it desperately tries to squeeze Scorpion out of the arena. Dantomkia has to readjust and guide Scorpion across the arena again - with Scorpion churning up the arena floor in the process, before the OotA. It's really desperate action throughout, as Mike Lambert essentially panics but keeps his cool at the same time. Always an enjoyable watch, this.
Napalm vs Steg.png
Steg-O-Saw-Us vs Napalm - The Third Wars, Heat G, Heat Final. Let's be fair, in the early series, Robot Wars wasn't exactly a stickler for damage, and sure, this battle involved a rambot buckling a fragile robot like Napalm, but I can't help but love the way it shunted Napalm back-and-forth yet it still limped its way to a judges' decision. A really great watch involving one of my favourite robots.
Iron-Awe 2 vs Terrorhurtz vs Barber-Ous 2 vs Vader - Extreme 2, Challenge Belt, Round 1. Melees are often the perfect example of complete chaos and 'anything goes', and to have these four in the arena at once was perfect for the mentality of melees. Expect control, patience and precision here? Ha! Whack a mole, more like. A battle of complete improvised and off-the-cuff madness, that only these robots could put on show. Iron-Awe even ended up flipper itself over with its axe, for goodness sake!
X-Terminator Panic Attack 1.jpg
Panic Attack vs. X-Terminator - Series 3, Heat K, Heat Final. A proper fight between two aggressive, competitive machines. X-Terminator proved it was up there with the best of Series 3 with a dominant first 2 minutes, but Kim Davies kept his cool and managed a decisive slam. That shot of the C02 bursting out of X-Terminator looks awesome, too - what a fight.
Dreadnaut wedgehog shunt.JPG
Dreadnaut vs Wedgehog - The First Wars, Heat C, Arena, Round 1. Okay, look, the only reason I have this battle in my list is because of how hilarious it is. Me and my sister literally can't watch it without laughing the whole time - it's that bad. Jonathan Pearce consistently making remarks like "The big slug vs the piece of cheese" and "oh, fork goodness sake"; Sergeant Bash's disc falling off, Drednaut breaking down randomly - it's just utterly hilarious, and believe me when I say that I hate myself for liking it.
Chaos wheelosaurus.JPG
Wheelosaurus vs Chaos - The Second Wars, Heat B, Arena, Round 1. I had to include Wheelosaurus once, okay? This was just a really charming battle. I love how Shunt and Matilda surround and punish Wheelosaurus, whilst Chaos had a very entertaining bullfight with Dead Metal.
Mechaniac vs Supernova.jpg
Supernova vs. Mechaniac - Series 7, Heat A, Third World Championship Qualifier Heat A was already shaping up wonderfully after we watched the first two fights play out. The only way this Heat could've been even better was a pure destruction fight. Unfortunately with M2, Tiberius 3, Pussycat, and Roobarb through it looked like that wasn't meant to be. So what did the show do? Just casually chuck in one of the most damaging spinners in the show as part of a Special Event fight of course! Man: this is meant to be a 'breather' fight - a throwaway one which just passes by. Instead, the only thing that is throwaway is the corpse of Mechaniac after being wrecked by Supernova. I swear, everything is satisfying in this fight. Cassius Chrome casually puts in the best debut from a House Robot, panels and batteries of Mechaniac are ripped into, Supernova goes absolutely flying, and Sir Killalot basically creates the classic-series equivalent of a lipo fire with that kebab spin on the immobile Mechaniac. So good.
Terrorhurtz Vulture 1.jpg
Terrorhurtz vs. Vulture - Series 10, Heat C, Round 2. Am I weird for really liking this fight? Maybe, but I don't care. Terrorhurtz goes on an absolute rampage for the first 2 minutes - with sparks flying, and damaging axe blows finding vulnerable areas. Then, as the fight starts to drift away, the Fog of War goes off twice in 10 seconds which is just funny as anything. This could've been a really naff fight, but it was perfectly decent and I find value from it being Terrorhurtz as well.
Brutus Maximus loses a wheel.PNG
Pussycat vs Brutus Maximus vs Twister vs Roobarb - The Seventh Wars, Heat A, Round 1. Although the first melee from the pilot episode of The Seventh Wars is the much more famous of the first round battles, the mayhem that ensued between Pussycat, Roobarb, Twister and Brutus Maximus was something to behold. Here, we have, on paper, a rather underwhelming melee. We have the seed, Pussycat, that is probably past its peak; Roobarb, a decent robot; Twister, an interesting looking, but unknown quantity, and Brutus Maximus, complete cannon-fodder, so it's easy to not have expected much from this battle. However, what followed was one of many examples of great melees from The Seventh Wars, which involved every robot taking an active role in the battle with no complete dominant force, each robot taking knocks, and a lot of damage. Honestly, for a robot dismissed so easily, Brutus Maximus was my highlight of this battle. In terms of armour, it was always going to be an easy target, but it had decent speed, good pushing power and a decent wedge, and it was great to see it push Roobarb around at points, despite more and more pieces of the robot falling off by the second. Overall, a great, open melee, with a great pace, full of action and one that went the distance.
Atomic vs smidsy.JPG
Atomic vs S.M.I.D.S.Y. - The Seventh Wars, Heat G, Heat Final. A Heat final which only seemed like it could go one way and end with inevitable OotA in my favourite battles list? Sure, it may be that type of battle on the face of things, but this particular battle involves some of the most precise - and my favourite - driving I've ever seen in a battle. I've always believed that David Bebb was a very good and underrated driver, but for him to pull off my favourite out-manoevering of a robot is something special, even by the lofty standards that I rate the Team Atomic farmer by. Constant pressure, never leaving a part of the robot vulnerable at one moment, an explosive OotA - it all just blended together in just about the most dominant performance I've seen; and don't forget, Atomic didn't just do this to an experienced robot that was making driving errors consistently, it did it to S.M.I.D.S.Y. - a veteran of the wars that is a consistent irritant and well driven, and to make a robot with that sort of pedigree and experience look so out of its depth, outclassed in every area and look quite frankly average was so, so impressive, and something I feel gets very much overlooked in Atomic's run in The Seventh Wars.
UFO Judgeshred 1.jpg
Judge Shred 3 vs. UFO - Series 7, Heat L, Round 2. Next up we have a cute fight between two good machines - something that seems to happen a lot in Series 7. In the history of the show, a lot of Second Round fights felt very clear cut before activate was called. That didn't mean good fights couldn't happen - because there are a lot of very good Second Round fights in the show's history - but for the most part it was about watching the inevitable of the highly-fancied seed largely dominating. Now, you can easily claim the same essentially happens here, where Judge Shred 3 is largely in control. But this fight has a lot of little sprinkles added in to make it very pleasant. Here we have the charming UFO putting in another reasonable display after its nice Round 1 effort. And UFO isn't the only appeal of this fight. Judge Shred 3 is here, and it may be the favourite going into the fight, but it doesn't hold the role of being the boring favourite either. This isn't just a Razer destroying a Widows' Revenge, or a Firestorm beating a Barbaric Response. No. We have reason to watch this fight. Can Judge Shred 3 put in a second good display in a row and suddenly prove itself as a potential Heat winner? Can UFO have another fun fight? Both of those questions are answered with yes. This fight isn't the longest, but the content packed in is worthwhile. Both machines have really good attacks against the arena wall, the Judge Shred 3 head-over-heels flip in the centre of the arena and subsequent self-righting from UFO was aesthetically pleasing, and then the KO attack is just kinda funny.
Gravity vs. Das Gepaeck - Dutch Series 2, Heat D, Round 1. Speaking of cute fights - here's another. On paper, I wouldn't have expected Gravity to win this. Das Gepaeck proved itself as very capable during the UK vs. Germany Special, and look a contender against a fragile polycarbonate lifter. At first, Das Gepaeck seemed to be edging proceedings, but funnily enough it was at the moment that Gravity's flipping arm got jammed that it actually came on strong. It resorted to using its rear, and then held its own in general in a pushing match - which isn't easy to do against Das Gepaeck. Gravity's rally of flips were definitely worth the wait as well, and everything just comes together as a genuinely good Round 1 fight.

I love these tense shots that Series 7 seemed to have so much

M2 vs Pussycat - The Seventh Wars, Heat A, Round 2. Another battle from the first broadcasted heat of The Seventh Wars, and one that has grown on me over time. With Robot Wars, something that keeps me interested in the programme is my constant attention to finding that extra level of detail. By this, I mean that, on first watch, it's very easy to casually watch things unfold and let it almost bypass you. However, on the second watch, the third watch, the fourth watch and more, you see extra little details that decides a battle, or you notice a quality a robot pocesses that you either didn't notice before or flat-out thought it lacked in. For me, this battle between M2 and Pussycat is the perfect example of this. On first viewing, you see a comfortable M2 win in which it tumbles Pussycat around and faces no real danger. Supposedly, the judges took a long time to decide the decision - something that you think about and wonder why. Then, the second viewing of the battle comes along and you start to notice the amount of decent scratches Pussycat caused. On the third watch, you observe the driving closely and realise that M2 really struggled to get underneath Pussycat during the middle period of the battle and you appreciate how well Pussycat was driven at times. Basically, with me watching Robot Wars battles in a neverending loop, I always try to look out for those extra details in battles, and this is the first and perfect example I can think of in reference to that. This battle also involved the style of battle I loved in The Seventh Wars - an open affair, with a good pace to the battle, with a lot of room for the robots to express themselves and ultimately, a newcomer overthrowing a veteran. It may not be the most explosive, but it has a lot of content to analyse as well as being an example as to why I like The Seventh Wars so much.
Kan-Opener Thermidor 2 Annihilator Final 5.jpg
Kan-Opener vs. Thermidor 2 - Extreme 2, Annihilator, Final. insert wonderful, drawn-out fight between two good machines here.
Robochicken vs Tough as Nails - The Seventh Wars, Heat M, Heat Final. Robochicken's finest moment. Yes, it came in a battle it lost, but my goodness. This robot had already been dispatched easily by its Heat Final opponent in its first round melee, so to see it come firing out of the blocks and completely dominate a robot as good as Tough as Nails for as long as it did was some feat. The longer Robochicken kept on top, the closer this pipedream of Robochicken winning a heat felt like a reality. Jonathan Pearce was on its side throughout, and even if it one of his less impressive moments in commentary, him merely uttering the words "Robochicken could be on the verge of a very famous upset" really made it hit home that this plucky little robot could actually be making a Series Semi-Final. Alas, Tough as Nails did enough in the remainder of the battle, but imagine Robochicken even being half as good as this when you first saw it appear in The Fourth Wars. Another Series 7 too-and-throw battle, with tension, critical moments and vital, vital details swinging it.
The grim reaper rolls over.jpg
insert tense, closely-contested Series 7 Heat Final here Grim Reaper vs. Big Nipper - Series 7, Heat B, Heat Final.
Firestorm v Dantomkia.jpg
Firestorm 4 vs Dantomkia - Extreme 2, All-Stars, Round 2. "They're up, they're over, they're up, they're over, they're on their side" - part of Jonathan Pearce's commentary for this battle summarised it perfectly - Firestorm 4 was just irresistable in this battle. With Firestorm, I always admire it, but know that in the heats it sometimes feels like its preserving itself for more demanding battles later on, and a battle like this where Graham truly asserts his dominance throughout the battle just makes it even more rewarding when he finally opens that locker and puts on an absolute exhibition in driving and aggression. Like with Atomic vs S.M.I.D.S.Y., this fight is one of the great driving displays in the show, with endless precision, pace, aggression and consistency behind virtually every move Firestorm 4 made. Dantomkia was completely outclassed, always that extra step behind, and it was great to see it given a true, true lesson in how to actually win in a battle, and not a moment.
Mantis vs. Pinser vs. R.O.C.S. - Series 7, Heat H, Crusher Crunch Up Again, a Series 7 Special Event, and again I don't think this area of Series 7 gets enough credit. There were definitely a handful of dud fights, but for Special Events it's incredibly how many top-tier fights that were. This particular fight is about 2/3rds of the way up the list. It's not a Tough as Nails vs. Gravity vs. Scraptosaur or a Feathweight Fight, but it's a nice, open fight with plenty of variety, damage, drama and tension between a type of weapon that you probably wouldn't expect a good fight from. Really solid stuff.
Big Nipper Aftershock 2.jpg
Big Nipper vs. Aftershock - Series 10, Heat B, Third Place Playoff I remember going into this fight with a gut feeling that Big Nipper was going to win, but I didn't truly believe in it at the same time. I was surprised when it held its own in the opening exchanges, and then when it carried out the KO blow I jumped up in surprise and celebration. Team Titanium really wanted to make Series 10 for themselves, and it was a joy to follow the ride.
Tricerabot vs Brawler vs Discotek.jpg
Tricerabot 3.0 vs. Brawler vs. Diskotek - Extreme Warriors 2, Heat F, Round 1 There was a few instances of poor Extreme Warriors melees due to limp breakdowns and general short fights, but this was a proper step up. Lots of aggressive action from every machine, CPZ usage, and Pit tomfoolery. Proper good Extreme Warriors stuff.
Bondi-Titch vs Corkscrew.jpg
Firestorm 4 vs. Corkscrew vs. Bondi Titch vs. Weld-Dor 3 Ooh, this one is great fun! Firestorm domination is mixed in with Corkscrew ripping off a panel of Bondi Titch and wrecking Matilda's shell, Bondi Titch itself having a hammer-off with Mr. Psycho, and then two OotAs as well.
Terrorhurtz vs Bigger Brother.JPG
Terrorhurtz vs Bigger Brother - The Sixth Wars, Semi-Final B, Round 2. Terrorhurtz's Series 6 run up to this point was impressive as it was, but to then completely slam such a resilient robot into oblivion that even Razer or Hypno-Disc couldn't immobilise themselves takes some doing. Any sign of movement was the cue for Terrorhurtz to slam down, and it literally didn't give Bigger Brother a moments peace. Even when it was a cripple in the CPZ and with the House Robots ready to swarm, Terrorhurtz still wanted to finish the job off itself until Bigger Brother was well and truly finished. A wonderful show of brutality.
Terrorhurtz vs SMIDSY.jpg
Terrorhurtz vs S.M.I.D.S.Y. - Extreme 2, Challenge Belt, Round 2. Another Terrorhurtz entry, and another complete annihilation. I probably slightly prefer this to the Bigger Brother battle because the punishment was carried out for that bit longer and the damage on S.M.I.D.S.Y. was even more visible. This also has one of my favourite Jonathan Pearce commentary lines of "S.M.I.D.S.Y., you need the arena floor to collapse and Terrorhurtz to go down a very, very big, black and endless hole for you to stand any chance"; and that genuinely is an accurate description of just how devastating Terrorhurtz was in this battle.
Panic attack under threat from TH.jpg
Terrorhurtz vs. Panic Attack - Series 6, Heat I, Heat Final. Terrorhurtz whacking stuff again, Matilda getting a top-panel OotA, and Dropzone tomfoolery - beautiful.
Chaos 2 vs Indefatigable.jpg
Chaos 2 vs Atomic vs Indefatigable - The Fourth Wars, Heat A, Round 1. The start of the wonderful melee system and what better way to start things than with Chaos 2 outclassing two robots and getting an OotA in the process? Sometimes, it's Series 3 run felt a bit stale, just because of how much better Chaos 2 was than its opponents, and although that was still the case in this battle, it allowed it to zip around the arena and stretch its legs more and against multiple opponents.
Razer vs tornado.JPG
Razer vs Tornado - The Sixth Wars, Grand Final. It may have been a cause of mass controversy, but this final was just titanic. Yes, I would've wanted Razer to win, but I would change absolutely nothing about how this final went. It was basically the perfect script - one of those battles that you think is only possible when you play out a massively unrealistic battle with your pullbacks. Tornado's adaptation forces a struggling Razer on the backfoot in which it can't grab onto Tornado before being pushed around and slammed. Razer digs in and starts to hold its own, but neither robot gives the other an edge in the middle part of the battle, before Razer finally manages to find the smallest of gaps to exploit and hoist Tornado in the air. With the seconds running down, Razer rushes towards the pit but cannot complete the job, and it is then in the hands of the judges to decide the outcome, where no matter the decision they make, controversy will still reign. A perfect blend of controversy, surprise, brutality and suspence that a Grand Final battle truly deserves.
Ripper flips raging knightmare round 2.jpg
Ripper vs. Kan-Opener vs. Raging Knightmare vs. Ewe 2 - Series 7, Annihilator, Round 3 The Series 7 Annihilator largely gets mixed-to-negative reviews. That isn't something I agree with, but I do understand that it was a flawed Annihilator. What wasn't flawed was this round. Oh my god. Great attacks from different types of flippers, the comedy of Raging Knightmare flopping about the place, and then the late drama. The tone of Jonathan Pearce's commentary when Raging Knightmare could suddenly be eliminated from nowhere is so perfect. Ewe 2 is down and surely out. It's being counted out, but then there's the random surprise. It's such good extra drama - and the fight was plenty good before that moment anyway! But it really does top it off perfectly.
Razer All Torque 2.jpg
Razer vs. All Torque - First World Championship, Round 1 I watched The First World Championship about 900 times as a kid, so it's no surprise a fight or two made the list, but damn was this devilish by Razer! The Chaos 2 win was seen as the 'statement' win and rightly so, but I think this one was just as much of an assertion that this was Razer's tournament to own. The constant crippling attacks, the one shot of both machines squeezed in midair, and hamish going on fire - awesome, just awesome.
Hypno-Disc vs Steg-O-Saw-Us 1.jpg
Hypno-Disc vs. Steg-O-Saw-Us - Series 3, Grand Final, Eliminator This is a fantastic fight, but one that doesn't really get given credit because it was in the Grand Final with two more iconic fights. What we have here though is Hypno-Disc back to full potential for the first time since Round 2, and Steg-O-Saw-Us giving it a right go with a couple of really meaty slams. Hypno-Disc eventually grinds it down with some lovely visual damage, and the fight length is good too. Lovely fight with plenty of balance and content.
Meshuggah vs Scrap-2-Saur.jpg
Scrap-2-Saur vs. Meshuggah - Dutch Series 2, Grand Final, Round 1 Am I a bad person for genuinely thinking that this is superior to Bigger Brother vs. Hypno-Disc? I genuinely think this fight is what people believe Bigger Brother vs. Hypno-Disc's general action to be. In that fight it was a lot of average slashes from Hypno-Disc that slowly pulled Bigger Brother apart, as well as mostly failed attacks from Bigger Brother. It was a wonderful comeback, but it did feel like a methodical grind down from Bigger Brother, as apposed to adapting for an opportunist moment. This fight on the other fight has everything. Every impact from Meshuggah is big and damaging, but Scrap-2-saur despite not being set up to defend against spinners still keeps itself alive, and even carries out multiple flips which see Meshuggah spiral through the air. Then the pit moment happens to cap it all off. If Scrap-2-saur carried out a drive to pit Meshuggah then I think it's undeniably better than Bigger Brother vs. Hypno-Disc, but I don't think the pitting incident we got from this fight is a negative either. It's just great drama as Scrap-2-Saur looks like it's about to be knocked out for good. Staggering fight.
Tornado vs Gravity.JPG
Tornado vs. Gravity - Series 7, Semi-Final A, Round 2. The champion vs. the impressive new boy in the Second Round of the Semi-Finals. The stakes feel so high in this fight, and it's not just because it's that deep into the competition. This isn't just for a Grand Final place - this is International pride. This is England vs. The Netherlands, this is a Robot Wars veteran trying to prove it isn't outdated within a year of winning the title against a frighteningly good machine that could end Tornado's legacy in an instant with a win. Could Gravity take that throne? Tornado was the number 1 seed, but Gravity was essentially still the favourite for the title at this stage. Could a foreign machine genuinely win the entire UK Championships? Was Tornado the UK's last hope of stopping the Dutch flipper? Man, I just love everything in the build up of this fight to the fight itself. Andrew Marchant has put in some amazing displays but this is right up there. He's on Gravity's tyres in an instant, and he is unbearably aggressive. He just won't let up on his smothering of Gravity until those tyres pop. Then, we suddenly have the unscathed newboy put on the backfoot for the first time in its debut series. It's suddenly hobbling along. But it's Gravity, so of course it still has something in the locker with an immense flip. Then you have the drama of an inverted Tornado being vulnerable, but a limping Gravity being unable to fully chase and capitalise. So WJ had to take a random, improvised OotA attempt near the Flame Pit. Tornado finally finishes off Gravity with a gorgeous pitting, and Gravity descends away. Series 7's peak is wonderful, and it's amazing that this fight can be so easily ignored - even by myself on The Ultimate Countdown - when it's definitely up there with the best the series has to offer.
Rapid flips jellyfish.jpg
Rapid vs. Terrorhurtz vs. Jellyfish vs. Nuts 2 - Series 9, Heat A, Round 1. I love my melees. I love amazing opening melees of the entire series even more! Series 9 may have been a flawed one, but boy did it start off perfectly! Going into it, this melee looked decent but nothing special. I thought Terrorhurtz could just put on a nice exhibition and prove itself again. But suddenly the BBC released the preview for Heat A with the opening 30 seconds of this melee, and the hype absolutely skyrocketed. I expected nothing of Rapid at all, so when I saw it hurling Jellyfish around and zipping about the arena, I couldn't contain my excitement to see the rest of the fight in a few days time. Rapid's cameo was so strong that I went from expecting Terrorhurtz to clean up the fight, to predicting Rapid to get an OotA on Terrorhurtz. Still, despite this sudden hype of Rapid, would the fight itself be that good? Of course it would! I kid you not: I literally screamed when Nuts 2 went out of the arena. It's definitely my loudest reaction to something on Robot Wars ever. The fight itself just has content everywhere, and even when it comes to an end you get a funny little chase scene between Terrorhurtz and Rapid. What an opening fight.
Aftershock vs ironside 3.jpg
Ironside3 vs. Aftershock - Series 9, Grand Final, Head-to-Head Here we have Aftershock scrapped back together after the dismantling by Carbide. This should've been an easy Ironside3 win - and... it did win. But the burst of action we got was great. Ironside3 spinning around in the air, Aftershock having to change its gameplan after its weapon burnt up and coming in with aggressive rams despite being wrecked in the very previous fight, and then the arena spikes ending the fight in a decent way for once. This fight happens at the right time of the Grand Final as well. Before this, we didn't really have a truly good fight from the final episode of Series 9, but this fight happened and then the subsequent batch were all good. When I watch this fight, I know Series 9 is going to start its good finish to the series.
Big Nipper THE BASH.jpg
Eruption-Big Nipper vs. Weber-The BASH - Series 10, World Series, Episode 2, Tag Team This is a really good fight that sadly gets little credit because it's in the infamous World Series Episode 2. Weber puts up a good fight against the UK's best flipper, Big Nipper is back to its charming self with the claws, The BASH goes aflying, and then there's a visually impressive House Robot attack. Really good opening fight to the episode - it shouldn't be discredited because the rest of the episode didn't follow suit.

Another great scene from The Seventh Wars

Ceros vs. Scraptosaur vs. Ming Dienasty vs. Metalis - Series 7, Heat H, Round 1. It may seem a bit abnormal for a battle like this to be this high, but I just adore this melee. It was really solid battle that involved lots of clever moments of attack, a cluster of attacks on the seed and a battle that went the distance. I've just always loved the scene of two newcomers working nicely and expressing themselves, flicking and pushing Ming Dienasty between them like playground bullies and keeping the pace of the battle up. A really, really good watch.
Thor lands on Magnetar.jpg
Magnetar vs. Thor - Series 10, Heat E, Heat Final. A delight of a fight between two face-paced machines. Constant action, damaging hits, Floor Flipper madness, and the superior Fog of a Competing Machine. If this fight was in the Grand Final episode it would've been placed on a pedestal. It's a shame it's not allowed to be just because it was in a bland Heat.
Aftershock vs terrorhurtz 2.jpg
Aftershock vs. Terrorhurtz - Series 9, Heat A, Head-to-Head The Series 8 reboot was a good start towards the UK having a decent pool of spinners again - with Carbide the torchbearer. Still, despite Carbide's power, Cobalt still dropped out reasonably early in BattleBots, and thus BattleBots fans dismissed Carbide's power too. We needed a proper statement spinner - something that would deal out insane hits and something that was unlike what was in BattleBots. In steps the chunky vertical spinner, Aftershock! Its fights before this one were already demonstrative enough of its power, but Will Thomas cranked things into overdrive here. Terrorhurtz was sent skyborne. Terrorhurtz was KO'd by being chucked head over heels. The visual impacts of these attacks were so clear, and it was evident that the UK could dish out big hitters too. The thing is: Terrorhurtz has moments itself during this fight too. It's non-stop action and impactful throughout.
X-Terminator finishes Tsunami.jpg
X-Terminator vs Tsunami - The Seventh Wars, Heat F, Heat Final This just had to be top - I couldn't think of any of battle that tops it. X-Terminator, a favourite of mine with its new, improved weapon and Tsunami, a foreign robot that has quickly established itself as a powerhouse. What followed after activate was called was one of the most exhilarating battles in Robot Wars fullstop. It was a battle where you could feel the roboteers personalities through their control of their robot, as Tsunami was wary, pensive, but ready to be explosive, and X-Terminator was almost arrogantly boisterous with its attacking potential. The fact that both robots completely asserted themselves onto the battle with their own tactical style was great, but what made it even more stunning was the balance and back-and-forth style the battle had. Sure, we've had battles where things have swung like Bigger Brother vs Hypno-Disc, but that battle - as admirable as Bigger Brother's comeback was - involved a robot hanging on until a small moment occurred where it could take advantage as apposed to Bigger Brother being able to showcase its style of battling or its attacking potential to any degree throughout; and again, that isn't a negative, but instead, shows just how special the Heat F Final was in regards to how two absolute top tier robots were both able to draw the battle out while being able to show off both of their potential. This was also another wonderful battle from The Seventh Wars which just reinforces why I love that series as much as I do, with another explosive, open, unpredictable battle involving two robots that you either hadn't know or ever expected to be as explosive as they were. A wonderful battle that not perfectly encapsulates my love of a certain battle style, but my love of The Seventh Wars and my love of Robot Wars as a whole.

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