aka Mike

  • I live in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Actor
  • I am Male
IMG 1496

My first 18 Model Bots
Favourite Series Robot Wars: The Third Wars
Favourite Robot Hypno-Disc
Least Favourite Robot Typhoon 2
Favourite House Robot Matilda
Favourite Battle Hypno-Disc vs Splinter

My name is Michael but I prefer 'Mike' or 'Mikey'. I was born in 1990 and I am from Stevenage, Hertfordshire but I spent 2006-2012 living in Tyne and Wear because I was supported by E.S.P.A (Education and Services for People with Autism) after leaving school. I have Asperger's Syndrome but I am only mildly affected. I will try anything once. My main interests are F1, reading and writing fiction, computing and Performing Arts. I performed in 5 shows for E.S.P.A College, my best role to date being Riff-Raff in 'The Rocky Horror Show'.

I am also into Comedy, Science-Fiction, Animation and Anime and I get bored easily when I have nothing to do. My favourite author is Roald Dahl and I have read most of his works. I also took a strong interest in J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series. I mostly like to write Fiction, I have a strong belief in Psychic abilities and I have started writing a saga focusing on 'Two Psychic Families'.

I have followed Robot Wars pretty much since the very beginning. I did not really get into it properly until the 3rd Wars. I still continue to be a fan of Robot Wars to this day and I attended the 2011 UK Championship at the 02 Arena (the event was won by Ripper) and I once attended a Robot Wars live event in Birmingham in 2001. I even watched the repeats on Dave and Challenge and my most favourite competitors are Razer and Hypno-Disc. I have attended Robots Live at the Gordon Craig Theatre (my local) every year since 2014.

User boxes Edit

IMG 1145 This user won the Models Tournament with MINI SHIFTER.
Runaway RWSeason2 This user helped to update the Team Run Amok Archives
Matilda3 This House Robot's name is my cousin's name
BiggerBrother Series 6 This user came Runner-Up in Wiki Wars 2015 with Bigger Brother
Hammerhead 2 This user fought in Wiki Wars 2014 with Hammerhead 2
PP3D This user fought in the Robot Wars Series 8 Sweepstake with PP3D
Concussion turntable This user fought in the Robot Wars Series 9 Sweepstake with Concussion
Apollo S10 This user fought in the Robot Wars Series 10 Sweepstake with Apollo

Models Edit

Name Picture Description
Aries HL
  • The Original Aries
  • The Original Aries with a flatter top
  • Aries Advanced
  • Aries: Horns Locked
A cross between Storm 2 and Probophobia.
  • The Original AW2H
  • AW2H had to have its underside modified as it was scraping my coffee table
  • AW2H with a thicker flipper
  • The current AW2H
The name stands for Accident Waiting To Happen and it has two flippers
Baby BL
  • Lobster (Original)
  • Bionic Lobster with three-pronged hammer
  • Bionic Lobster with claw hammers
  • Bionic Lobster with flipper attachment
  • Bionic Lobster with all its interchangeable weapons
  • BL3
  • Baby BL (The current version)
A Thermidor-like bot with interchangeable weapons, its full name is Baby Bionic Lobster
Brutal Destruction
  • The original Brutal Destruction
  • First improvements, a modified axe and shorter axle
  • Side view
  • Front view
  • Another axe modification and smaller wheels
  • Addition of the castor wheel
  • The flails can be removed
  • The current version of Brutal Destruction
A bot with big wheels, a pair of flails, an axe and a castor
CD Ultimate
  • Crusher Deluxe (Original)
  • First modification, bigger prongs on the flipper
  • Side view
  • Front view with original scoop modification
  • CD Ultimate
A converted F1 car with a flipper
CE Bison
  • Cutting Edge (Original)
  • Addition of propellers and a cog as a seperator
  • Side view after the cog was removed
  • Front view after the propellers were redesigned.
  • As an angled horizontal spinner
  • Cutting Edge with a rear srimech
  • CE Bison
A Toro-like bot that originally was a spinner
IMG 5210
A crazy-looking contraption with a novelty spoon for a flipper
Darkness Devil
  • Deus Ex Machina (Original)
  • First flipper modification
  • A further flipper modification
  • Darkness Devil
A K'NEX Raging Knightmare-like bot
Dirty Rascal
  • Dizzy Rascal (Original)
  • Dizzy Rascal with a flipper added
  • A redesigned Dizzy Rascal
  • Dirty Rascal
A bot with a flipping wedge that previously had a swinging sideways axe and functioned as a sit and spin bot.
Epsilon A LEGO Team Hurtz-inspired bot with the hammer from the Pussycat/Pullback set
ETO Has two lifting scoops that conceal jaws for flipping and grabbing opponents
FlatlineD Destroyer
  • StreamlineD Destroyer (Original)
  • SD reduced to two wheels
  • SD with the lifter added on
  • Front view with modified axe arm
  • SD with new axe
  • FlatlineD Destroyer
  • The current version of FlatlineD Destroyer
A bot with a wide lifter and a large axe
  • Flippasaurus (Original)
  • Flippasaurus (Current)
A Diesector-like bot, minus the side-hammers, nicknamed Flippy
Fury Swipes
IMG 4265
A hollowed out Christmas ribbon roll with a LEGO chassis and flail built into it
  • Goliath Frog (Original)
  • A modified Goliath Frog
  • Goliath Frog 2
  • GF2.1
A small bot with a front lifter
IMG 4418
My first drum spinner, named after my two cousins
Horror Hotrod Max
  • Horror Hotrod (Original)
  • Side view
  • Front view
  • Horror Hotrod Reborn
  • Horror Hotrod MAX
A bot resembling the current versions of Gravity and BEAST
Hunk of Junk
Not really what its name suggests but it was made from leftover pieces
  • The Original Insanity
  • Insanity with its current axe-head.
  • The current version of Insanity.
A Team Hurtz-inspired K'NEX Bot
IMG 4266
Built from an old Star Wars: Attack of the Clones LEGO Set of mine, hence the name
  • The Original Juvenile Delinquent
  • JD with 4 wheels
  • Juvie
Fluffy with three blades and a srimech, originally named Juvenile Delinquent
  • Komodo Dragon
An old design from my youth I've recalled, stands for Komodo Dragon, it is meant to be Killer Carrot (Series 6) with wheelguards
Killer Tomato
IMG 4659
My 3rd attempt at a LEGO Brick horizontal spinner and the first one I'm satisfied with.
IMG 2947
A bot with a scoop and roll bars, originally named Levitator
MEGA Scooper
IMG 1459
A bot with a massive flipper
IMG 3595
Stands for Mellow Yellow Perils. A clusterbot consisting of Yellow Peril, a vertical spinner and its little brother Mellow Peril, a reverse wedge with a flipper.
Nina's Revenge
IMG 4525
My first Meccano bot, a cross between Carbide and Katnip and named after Nina Tucker from the Manga Series Fullmetal Alchemist.
No Escape Ever A bot with a lifting arm that has a 180 degree attack range, originally named Nowhere To Run
IMG 2239
A vertical spinner that's part Infernal Contraption, part Nightmare
IMG 3591
A thwackbot resembling the American Lightweight Toe-Crusher. The name is pronounced Oh Whacko and stands for Oh, What A Knock-Out! Originally named Oh The Pain!
Pendulum Slash Has evolved from a cross between Stinger and the American Overkill to a Gabriel-esque bot
Running RampANT
IMG 1619
A cross between 259 and Backlash, originally named RampANT
IMG 2951
Part Arnold A. Terminegger, part Complete Control, stands for Swiss Army Knife, originally named MINI SHIFTER
IMG 1490
Part Nightmare, part IG-88, part pterodactyl, nicknamed Slicy
IMG 2954
The wings are static and the srimech is at the rear so it is NOT Razer
Speed Blast
IMG 3596
My first tracked robot and it is a big one! It is based on the American robot Ronin.
IMG 1646
A thwackbot with a spinning bar
Turbo SLAM
IMG 3145
A Team Whyachi style spinner with a ramming wedge
Two-Pronged Attack
IMG 1497
A bot with a two-pronged lifting scoop, hence its name, originally called Speedy
Tyrannical Leader
IMG 1275
My most powerful flipper bot and my current personal Grand Champion, originally named Grande Tyrant
Up Thrust
IMG 3898
A vertical spinner based on German Champion Black Hole, originally named UH-OH! The blades are positioned sideways to launch opponents upwards on impact.
IMG 2609
A bot with a powerful axe, its name stands for Vampire Bat Fangs, originally called Vampire Bat
Whirlwind MIB
IMG 2958
A K'NEX bot based on the American Super Heavyweight Swirlee, the MIB stands for My Insanity Beater

My Grand Champions Edit

  • Series 1: SAK
  • Series 2: Crusher Deluxe
  • Series 3: Turbo Prop
  • Series 4: Tyrannical Leader
  • Series 5: Whirlwind

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