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O Raz3r O
Dantomkia s7 all stars
Nationality British
First Edit 18/04/16
Favourite Series Series 7
Favourite Robot Dantomkia
Least Favourite Robot JAR
Favourite House Robot Mr Psycho
Favourite Battle (Classic) X-Terminator vs Bulldog Breed
Favourite Battle (Reboot) Carbide vs Gabriel 2 vs Big Nipper

Hello there! I'm O Raz3r O, but I'd prefer it if you just called me Raz3r - it's less hassle for everyone.

My first memory of Robot Wars was when I was 4 years old and I watched the Heat Final of the Seventh Wars between Dantomkia and IG-88, and I was amazed by Dantomkia's then record breaking flip. As a result, as you may have noticed already, Dantomkia became my all time favourite robot. It was the Seventh Wars that brought me into this programme, and while some didn't enjoy certain elements of it, I enjoyed it very much due to having nothing to compare it to previously. To this day, it remains one of my favourite series. Sadly, until quite recently, all of the Robot Wars I have been able to watch has had to come from Youtube. With the return of Robot Wars in 2016 though, I was able to watch it live for the very first time, and it was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

My Top 25 Favourite RobotsEdit

Honourable Mentions: 259, Big Nipper, Cobra, Gravedigger, Hodaf the Bad, Kan-Opener, Mantis, Mousetrap 2, PP3D, Robochicken, Tauron Mk 2, Tetanus/Tetanus 2/Tetanus Booster

Rank Robot Name Reason
25 Majortom Major tom Tom Major Tom Goofy, good design, good fun. When Major Tom entered the arena, something interesting always lied around the corner. Whether it's Shunt's axe, a suicidal pitting, Mr Psycho's hammer and claw, or a combo of Tsunami and X-Terminator, you were bound to see Major Tom go out in spectacular style. I loved watching them lose just as much, if not more, than when they won.
24 Nuts 2016 Nuts 2 S10 Nuts No one is laughing at Nuts anymore. After an entertaining Series 8 and a disappointing Series 9, Nuts 2 returned in Series 10, dominated Androne and Concussion, and became the first robot of the series to defeat Carbide, ending a run of 13 consecutive wins. How nuts is that?
23 R.O.C.S. R.O.C.S. R.O.C.S. had a very rocky start to life in Series 2 and 3, and while it struggled to utilise its crusher much in later series, I really liked the design, and it lowkey fought in some of my favourite fights of Series 6 and 7. Its melee in Series 6 is fantastic, its Series 7 melee is one of the most bizarre fights in my favourites list, and its Head-to-Head clash with Spawn Again is really fun to watch.
22 Pussycat Pussycat Working on the expansion of the Pussycat article has made me realise how much I loved watching it fight. It never gave up, always pushing its opponents to their limits, even when they appeared on the brink of defeat. The team, particularly in Series 4, Extreme 1 and Series 5, is amongst my favourites, with a great balance of humour and determination.
21 Ufos7 UFO (Series 7) A strange choice perhaps, especially since I'm not a fan of most other front hinged flippers, but UFO was a brave, well driven machine that put in a couple of good performances against robots that were clearly better than it. Definitely prefer this to the Series 6 version, which wasn't as interesting in terms of combat and didn't have the same team.
20 Corkscrew CorkscrewForget Corkscrew Two, this version was bonkers, destructive and had a terrific design. I only wonder how well it could have done in Series 6 if it had a bit of luck. Certainly, it could have reached the Heat Final to fight Terrorhurtz, possibly even the Semi-Finals. We'll never know.
19 Supernova Supernova S9 Supernova An evil design in Series 9, combined with some destructive performances against the likes of Crushtacean, Frostbite and Mechaniac, propels Supernova into my favourites list at last. Never quite achieved as much as it should have.
18 AtomicHQ Atomic From Extreme 1 onwards, this was a genuinely good machine. It took good competitors to beat them, before they finally took their chance in Series 7 and showed how strong it really was. The M2 battle was definitely the highlight.
17 Mammoth Extreme Mammoth Mammothseries7Team Mammoth's Robots Oh man, I love the mini Mammoth machines. All of them were walkers, all of them were ineffective, all of them got battered and/or lost. But who cares, honestly. The Series 3 version aside, the Lightweight and Featherweight versions were some of the most entertaining machines to grace the arena, just by being a bit rubbish.
16 Tan2016 Tough As Nails I don't get the hate to be honest. Why is pitting not a viable tactic for Tough As Nails to some people? Panic Attack did it a lot and I don't see people complaining about them. Also watched it crash out in the first round of the 2016 series after being ganged up on, so I guess there's that too.
15 Scrap2saur Scrap-2-Saur Perhaps the highlight of the six foreign series, Scrap-2-Saur was never boring to watch, flipping the likes of Tough as Nails, Cyclone and Gravity all over the arena before almost coming unstuck in one of the great Robot Wars fights against Meshuggah. It just wasn't the same for me in Series 7, sadly.
14 Wheely Big Cheese 5 Wheely Big Cheese Their flip on Axe-Awe is still the best flip in Robot Wars history, the design is terrific and they were really unfortunate not to beat Dominator 2 in Series 5. Its fights against Wolverine and Crushtacean were impressive displays too.
13 Terrorhurtz S9 Terrorhurtz Bonkers in Series 6 and Extreme 2, Terrorhurtz's manic style was toned down a bit during the reboot, although it certainly upped it again for Series 10 a bit. The axe is still deadly (when it works) and I'll continue to enjoy watching its terrifying performances against Panic Attack, Spawn Again, Bigger Brother, S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Vulture again and again.
12 HDE2 Hypno-Disc Even as someone who started Robot Wars at the Seventh Wars, this is still the iconic spinner for me. Everyone knows who it is and what it is, and its reign of brutal destruction, especially in Series 3 and 4, showed why it's such a popular machine among just about everyone.
11 Gabriel 10 Gabriel The beauty of Gabriel relies on the madness of the design and a team of younger roboteers who aren't actually annoying to me, alongside their sporting father. Whenever it swings, it brings a smile to my face. Surviving the worst that Carbide could throw at it in Series 10 in my favourite fight of the series propelled them even higher up my list, and is simply a reminder to other competitors that no matter how bad things look, you still have a chance. A pity they got drawn against Aftershock afterwards, but the future looks bright.
10 Chaos 2 S5 Chaos 2 Even if I saw its failures in The First World Championship, Series 5, Series 6 and Extreme 2 before Series 3 and 4, Chaos 2 still remains one of my favourite childhood machines. It always went in all guns blazing and constantly fought to entertain. Its fight against Wild Thing remains one of the best battles in Robot Wars history.
9 Grim Reaper s3 Grim reaper The Grim Reaper Had the best mascot ever in Robot Wars (sorry Bucky), and while it couldn't knock out a machine for the life of it, I still enjoyed its fights, the highlight being against Big Nipper in the heat final. Resilient, well controlled and a fun team. Its Series 3 fight with Big Brother is one of my favourite fights of the series too.
8 Aftershock Aftershock It proved itself to be devastating against the likes of Crank-E, Sabretooth, Terrorhurtz and Apollo. Its fight against Terrorhurtz in particular left me in awe thanks to its two enormous hits. It was incredibly unlucky to be in such a ludicrously strong heat for Series 10, but there you go. Hope to see it back to show everyone what it's capable of.
7 Carbide Carbide I did have Carbide higher up before Series 9 and 10, and I still cheered them on in both finals against Eruption. However, the reason they fell from third is because they lost their sense of vulnerability in Series 9. It's still able to cause massive amounts of destruction and I still enjoyed most of its battles, but it lost a bit of its aura in Series 9 for me, even if it was unarguably a better machine. Series 10 was Carbide back to its entertaining best, against the likes of Gabriel 2, Rapid and Eruption in the title fight.
6 TsunamiGRW Tsunami Tsunami Had a flipper that shouldn't be underestimated in the German Wars, but it was its powerful, brief stint in Series 7 that truly marks Tsunami down as one of the most entertaining flippers to watch. Could have reached the Grand Final if they hadn't tried to get X-Terminator out.
5 Ripper Ripper If only they were allowed back into the frame of the TV show. A huge robot with a powerful flipper, Ripper excelled in the Series 7 Annihilator (especially the first two rounds) and most of its Seventh Wars heat, and loved to take on the House Robots too! Would have made for a much more interesting semi-finalist than Firestorm 5.
4 Apollo Series10 Apollo Apollo's Series 8 team goes down as one of my favourites alongside X-Terminator's and the original Dantomkia team. The robot itself was just as eccentric and exciting, capable of gigantic flips and producing my favourite battle of Series 8 against TR2. It still performed very well in Series 9 considering the state they were in. Looked good early on in Series 10, even when it lost against Behemoth, but appeared to have suffered from ganged-up syndrome in the Rumble.
3 XTflipper X-Terminator X-terminator 7 X-Terminator Great team, great name and fought in a lot of top fights early on in its time, such as Panic Attack in Series 3 and Wild Thing in Series 4. It was always aggressive, reliable for the most part, and never gave up, even when its Tag Team partners let it down or it was getting smashed by Typhoon 2. By Series 7, it was a monster that fought in some terrifying battles, such as Killer Carrot 2, Tsunami and my favourite battle of the classic era against Bulldog Breed.
2 Gravity S7 Gravity Gravity's Seventh Wars heat was the first full episode I saw, and it completely blew me away. An astonishing machine; it flipped half a dozen robots through the air as if they weighed nothing. It's one of the few robots I've enjoyed watching in every battle I've seen it in (Dantomkia vs S3 and TR2 in the heat final were just frustratingly sad).
1 DantomkiaS7 Dantomkia The first robot I ever saw in Robot Wars, when it fought IG-88. Funny how the robot I enjoyed watching the most had about 15 seconds of battle time in the first two fights I properly saw of it. I loved its fights in the Seventh Wars All-Stars and then I loved watching it in Series 6 and Extreme 2 later on, and I seem to remember catching up on its earlier Seventh Wars battles pretty quickly too, or maybe that was from the Heat I recap. Constantly aggressive, well driven, great design and equipped with a flipper capable of some top tier OotAs. When I stupidly got rid of all of my pullbacks years ago (still got all the minibots), the one pullback I kept was Dantomkia, and on 9th June 2019 I bought Dantomkia's ram from Series 8 off eBay for £51! I doubt anything could ever top this machine for me.



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