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Ayup, My name's Rammingspeed, I joined this wiki on the 20th of January 2010.

I would like to contribute to this wiki as much as possible, and I will do my best to stay on the good side of others. I reached my 1000th edit on the 11 of August, 2010 to The Grim Reaper page. Anyway, here are my top ten favourite robots.

10. The Kraken: Look at it, have you ever seen a robot with a double vertical crusher? Though it wasn't the best contender, I will agrue that its draw against Thermidor 2 was unlucky, mainly due my opinon of that it could have beaten the other two. Very imaginative robot, I like unique robot designs.

9. Velocirippa: I've always had a soft spot for simple pushing robots that look good, Velocirippa had both of those things. I prefer the series 4-5 version, and it's a shame about its awful battle record. But, like Kraken, it did get some bad draws (Razer, Disc-o-inferno and The Alien).

8. Pussycat: A lot of fights Pussycat is in, the fights are fantastic due its clever design. This robot should get more fans, but it hasn't because it wrecked Razer, so the latter's fanboys hate it. Shame, really. In fact, that's a reason why I like it - it killed that chav on wheels.

7. T2: Another great-looking, simple pushing robot. Where can you go wrong with a red-eyed steam train? For me, the name of this robot is actually quite catchy, better than M2 or S3. Also, it had hair!

6. Dominator 2: A brilliant Bi-Wedge design, deadly axe, nice paint job, good drivers and overall a great machine. A few people don't like this one, mainly because of its ruthlessness and I wasn't a huge fan when it was in the Northen Annihilator. But bad points aside, this one can really cause havoc.

5. The Steel Avenger: Shows that old robots can still win, also the team showed a deal of sportmanship. Seriously, who didn't like it? The robot itself is a little overrated by fans, but its performance in its Mayhem was amazing.

4. Panic Attack: Wasn't the best robot but certainly had one of the best drivers, that's why Panic Attack is here. Again, very few people hate this one. Kim Davies was always quite modest and chrasimatic and who could forget his perfectly precise driving? Not me.

3. Chaos 2: The only robot to defend the title and looked good doing it, excellent paint job too. This robot always put on a show, just look at that Wild Thing battle! To say it won Series 3 would be an understatment. It dominated Series 3.

2. Firestorm: Nippy, good flipper, magnificent driver, Firestorm should have won a lot more than it did. Wasn't it amazing to see Mr. Psycho topple over like that?

1. Hypno-Disc: Excellent robot, capable of ripping everything else to bits. Although it could, the team often had the heart to not completely obliterate a dead robot, unlike X-terminator 3 or Razer. Could have done a even more, had luck been at its side.

Other robots I like (in no particular order): Diotoir, Stinger, Terrorhurtz, Mortis, 101, Thermidor 2, Steg 2, Wild Thing, Killertron, Behemoth, Hodaf The Bad, Crushtacean, General Chompsalot, The Morgue, Cassius, Road Block, Anvil, Oblark, Shockwave, Plunderbird, Bee-Capitator, Tiberius, Rhino (Army), Psychosprout, Toe Cutter, Full Metal Anorak, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Reactor 2, General Carnage, Tridentate, Nasty Humphrey, Major Tom, Ultor, Atomic.

Robots I dislike (in no particular order): Razer, Tornado, Storm 2, Run Away, Dantomkia, Bigger Brother, Bolt from the Blue, Mega-Hurts, Disc-O-Inferno, Mute, Wheely Big Cheese.

Top 6 greatest battlesEdit

Just remember, this is my opinion.

6.Atomic vs S.M.I.D.S.Y - Fast-paced, manic action! Atomic threw S.M.I.D.S.Y about the arena with the latter being able to do nothing but get a scratch on Atomic's scoop. Also, spectacular OOTA. The reason it's bottom is because I feel it got a lot slower at the end, but was still great stuff.

5. Diotor vs Tornado - I never took Diotor seriously before this fight, always having a laugh at it. But after I saw this, complete change. It showed so much resistance to blows that would knock out a normal robot and actually pushed against them. When it pitted the heavily worn down Tornado, I was shocked (and happy too, because I don't like Tornado).

4. Hypnodisc vs Robogeddon - The first of Hypnodisc's smashed victims; it was probably the most smashed-up as well (yes, more than Splinter). Not too many people expected Robogeddon to come out in several bin bags (E.G. RA2).

3. Bigger Brother vs Behemoth - I've never really liked Bigger Brother that much, and I've always liked Behemoth. However, this battle was so fast-paced and frantic (just the way I like my battles) that it couldn't not be on here. Also, the way Bigger Brother finished off Behemoth via the pit was very stylish.

2. Pussycat vs Razer - What? What's wrong with me liking a battle where a robot I like destroys my least favourite?

1. Chaos 2 vs Wild Thing - Just ... wow. This battle was so fast-paced, nail-biting and downright hectic that even Jonathon Pearce couldn't keep up. The moments where Chaos 2 threw Wild Thing over and over provided the pace, the moments where Wild Thing almost had Chaos 2 pitted provided the bitten nails, and the whole fight itself just provided the wow factor. Truly amazing.

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The AnnihilatorEdit

User:Rammingspeed/Custom Extreme annihilator

My custom annihilator, with two succesful robots, and the rest? Completely random.

Top 8 sadly forgotten robotsEdit

This is for those robots who could have been revolutionary, but were left to rust in Robot Wars history instead.

8. Elvis. Why? Well, saws are quite pathetic, but at least Elvis' made entertaining sparks and looked effective. Also, that lifter looked decent and tidy too. However, the real reason Elvis is on here is because it was just like Diotor, the robot no one could ever forget. It was a joke robot, but a decent battler as well. I never thought it would do that well against Behemoth, it could have won if not for the House Robots.

7. General Carnage 2. It flipped another robot out of the arena, a fete that had only been done 4 times before. Then, it did very well against the high seed Stinger, only to lose because its safety link was knocked out. An impressive robot, it could have made a semi final without too much effort.

6. Reactor 2. Reactor from Series 4 was below average, but this robot is the kind of robot that can beat Gemini and look good doing it. If it was in an easier heat (like Razer's) it could have been a successful Semi-Finalist.

5. Prizephita Mach 2. It did brilliantly against Wild Thing in the Heat Final, beat Thermidor 2 and battered The Alien. It beat 2 great robots and almost beat a fanstasic one, so surely it deserves some recognition for that.

4. Bodyhammer. Quite strange to put it in this list you may think, seeing as it was a grand finalist. However, after its loss in the gauntlet and its poor performance in the grudge matches, everyone seemed to forget about it after Pussycat.

3. Cronos. In the official robot guide it says that Cronos has a crushing force of 7.5 tonnes, and the lifter at the back could lift a bus. Even Wheely Big Cheese couldn't do that, and this was in Series 4. Surely it deserved to do better.

2. Crusader 2. It was one of the best in the series, but it was hardly recognised. If the house robots hadn't interfered in its battle against Mortis (again), it would have made the semi finals, maybe even the grand final. It could have beaten Steg 2, Tornado, Pussycat, Stinger, X-Terminator, Spawn of Scutter, the majority of the remaining semi-finalists and grand-finalists and perhaps even Chaos 2.

1. Minotaur. What is Minotaur, anyway? Well, I'll tell you. It was made by the same team that made Mortis. Mortis was one of the most cleverly designed robots ever, and most probably their Superheavyweight in Minotaur was too. All that we saw was Kick Robut turning it on its back, so this masterpiece will go forgotten, most of us not even knowing about it.

Top 5 greatest comebacksEdit

5. The Steel Avenger vs Schumey Too. Schumey Too was pushing its foe around with ease, nearly pitting it. The Steel Avenger couldn't even hit it, until it made one of the most perfect attacks that Series I thought, to pit Schumey.

4. Pussycat vs Thermidor 2. Thermidor flipped Pussycat all over the arena and would have got it out if it was near a side wall, but the cat came back to slice into Thermidor 2 multiple times, causing huge damage and winning the fight.

3. M2 vs Tiberius 3. Tiberius 3 had M2 in its iron grip in a CPZ, but M2 escaped, flipping its opponent into the pit of oblivion. A great battle, in my opinion.

2. Propeller-Head vs Revolutionist. Propeller-Head's weapon was ripped off early in the battle, therefore it was a box on wheels fighting the most destructive american robot in Robot Wars US. However, it made an outstanding comeback by pitting it. This huge spark of effort is only outclassed by...

1. Bigger Brother vs Hypno-disc. It pains me to say this, but it was by far the best comeback ever. Bigger Brother was annihilated, with its armour in tatters and its weapon buckled out of shape. However, Hypno-disc moved to close to the pit, and Bigger Brother took its chance. Never has a comeback been so enthralling.


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