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Psycho Chicken Goes to London

Psycho Chicken Goes to London

This video has more pics of bang in it.They are at 3:45

Robot Wars House Robot Rebellion with Squirmin Vermin

Robot Wars House Robot Rebellion with Squirmin Vermin


Bang,The robot I a determined to find more pics of.

Section headingEdit

Hi there,I am a fanatic of Dragons and Combat Robots.Im one of the very few members of the wiki who lives in the United states.I am currently in 6th grade,but don't let that fool you. I am great at art (Check my Deviantart) and have found numberous pictures and pieces of imformation this wiki dosnt have.I am friends with team cool robots (with overkill and toecrusher from battlebots) and will soon be making a robot with them. I am planning on it being similar to the loanerbot Spike.

Favorites and Least FavoritesEdit

Spike RWEWS1

Spike,my favorite robot from RW.I will be making a I know them similar bot with teamcoolrobots.(Yes I know the :D )

Favorite Robots:



3:Run Away

2:The Gap

1:Spike (Loanerbot)

Least Favorites:




2:Panzer Mk2 / Panzer Mk4

1:Chaos 2


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