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  • I live in Coventry
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am back, and I'm better than ever
Charlie M

It's good to be home
Nationality English
First Edit Robot Wars: The First Wars/Heat B
Favourite Series The Third Wars
Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1
Favourite Robot Crusader 2

Check out my new concept, URFC, here.

Hi guys, I'm Charlie (or snowdog, whichever you prefer), and despite being a university student I actually have time to be a member of this wiki. I'm a big Robot Wars fan, having watched it since Heat E of the Second Wars, although recently I have become a lot more interested in it. Most of my edits on here will be clearing up things and adding little points, don't expect to see too many big edits from me, although my 1000th edit was on the 259 article.

Outside of Robot Wars I study Russian and History in Birmingham, England. I also like to read and occasionally write fiction, listen to music, play video games, mainly Pokémon or Football Manager, and go to the pub with my friends and girlfriend.

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Panda Monium This user likes pandas.
Crusader 2 This user believed in the potential of Crusader 2.
Cassius vs panic attack This user believes Cassius should have won the Second Wars.
Havoc This user causes Havoc.
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