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Working with others to get stuff done
Nationality British
First Edit Robot Wars: The Second Wars/Heat H, 7th January 2014
Favourite Robot Firestorm

Hey folks. I have been a loyal Robot Wars Wiki user since late-2015, although I made a few edits way back in 2014. Essentially, my time on the Wiki has been parallel with my studies at GCSE, A-Level and even my degree! Of course, I have been a fan of Robot Wars for far longer, with my earliest memory of the show being Razer dominating Firestorm 3 in the All-Stars.

So, what have I done on the Wiki? Well, when I am not voting or hosting in Arena Forum tournaments, I have been involved in some major projects. Perhaps my major claim to "fame" on this Wiki would be the creation and editing of Robot Wars: The Third Wars/Controversy, with even Botchamania's Maffew being fascinated by the article at one point. Whether you think it is a pile of rubbish or something compelling, feel free to discuss it with me. I won't have all the answers, but I will try my best to ensure as much information on what transpired during filming is available. And of course, if you have the answers yourself, please drop a message!

What does the future entail? Well, the plan will probably be getting a full-time managerial job somewhere, and thus probably reducing my Wiki activity from there. I will probably never go away for good though! And indeed, if a new series of Robot Wars or another UK-based robot combat show makes it to television, expect my activity to peak once more. See you around!


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