Audited Series 3Edit

There were a couple of rule changes that I made in my Audited Series 3 wars. The first is that the pit is always open, meaning it can be used beyond the heat-semi. Second, no arena spikes, as they caused too many problems in real-life. Third, in each heat there will be four-way melees, as introduced in Series 6. The reason why? Well, I love four-way melees in Robot Wars I guess!


  1. Panic Attack
  2. Cassius 2
  3. Beast of Bodmin
  4. Mortis
  5. King Buxton
  6. Haardvark
  7. Behemoth
  8. Napalm
  9. Facet
  10. Mace 2
  11. Plunderstorm
  12. Chaos 2
  13. All Torque
  14. Excalibur
  15. Onslaught
  16. Dundee

Robots that failed to qualifyEdit

  • Armour Geddon - Had an issue where it could not stop rolling. That issue is too big to ignore.
  • Binky/Daisy - Although it did not actually qualify in real-life anyway, I find it wasn't good enough as a replacement robot. Daisy looked interesting, but I did not see how it would be effective in the arena with my own eyes. Shame, as it does look like it could be competitive.
  • Brimhur - I believe it had an enclosed aerial, which won't help reliability wise. Hence, it is binned.
  • Crasha Gnasha - I liked the look, but looks won't win it a place in my Audited Series 3.
  • Crippler - Cool looking but ineffective.
  • Death Warmed Up - Why does everyone hate Team Death and its robots? They only entered Robot Wars for a laugh, as shown by this cool looking but not brilliant robot.
  • Max Damage - Looks interesting, but I had to bin it. It wasn't because of it not moving, it was because it looked ineffective as well.
  • Mr Punch - The name itself is fantastic for a show like Robot Wars. Maybe the team made Mr Punch bad on purpose as a result of what he did to Judy?
  • Purple Predator - Again, like Team Death, entered for a laugh and for visual entertainment.
  • Sgt. Meikle - Did survive Darke Destroyer, but nonetheless was neither good nor entertaining.
  • The Iron Mask - Cool name, like Mr Punch, but the robot was too slow and its weapon dealt little to no damage.
  • The Witch - Great visual entertainment here, although it had to be binned sadly.
  • Triterobot - I liked the design and colours, but it wasn't brilliant in fighting. Still, Mousetrap will be coming next series!
  • Twn Trwn - Another great robot for visual entertainment, but not a fighter.
  • Robots that originally failed to qualify, that I did not select for Series 3 audited (such as Alien).

Robots that qualfied this time roundEdit

  • Crusader - Not as great as Crusader 2, but I feel it is a good pusher.
  • Demolition Demon - Heat finalist of Series 2
  • Dominator - Great rammer, with good control from its team.
  • Eye of Newt - Not great control, but the design looks to have potential.
  • Gnasher - Underrated, with its jaw being useful to grab its opponents with.
  • Inquisitor Mk 2 - Slow, but it was a heat-finalist and it has a greater lifter.
  • Ivanhoe 2 - Built by a great team and it looks to have potential.
  • Malfunkton - Not great, but the flipper seems decent.
  • Oblivion 2 - Again, not great, but it does have a decent axe. Also, heat-finalist.
  • Science Block - Not visually entertaining, but it looks to have promise.
  • S.H.A.R.O.N. - If T.R.A.C.I.E. is great, surely S.H.A.R.O.N. will be better.
  • Six Pac - Fast and packs a good punch.
  • The General - A great pusher here, as well as being invertible.
  • Velocirippa - Fast and may stand a chance getting through the first round.


Heat AEdit

  • Panic Attack (1) vs Pitbull vs Axios vs Blade - Wow, three semi-finalists in the same battle! Axios is no doubt out, Panic Attack defeated it in real-life. Meanwhile, out of the three semi-finalists, I think Blade could easily be toppled by Panic Attack as well, whilst Pitbull looks a tad difficult to do the same.
  • Trident vs Crocodilotron vs Stinger vs Toe Cutter - And another semi-finalist in Trident! I know Stinger is in this battle, but it was poorly controlled in this wars and also had a pizza cutter, which didn't do much damage. Hence, I think it will be pitted. Out of the other three, I actually find Crocodilotron underrated, as those jaws looked like they could cause damage, as well as act as a flipper. Meanwhile, Toe Cutter goes out due to a lack of damage output (unless chopping a melon counts as damage output) and possibly because I think it will be flipped by Crocodilotron.

  • Panic Attack (1) vs Crocodilotron - Panic Attack will take longer than Chaos 2 to topple Crocodilotron, but it will eventually happen.
  • Pitbull vs Trident - To be honest, Trident was not exactly the greatest semi-finalist of this wars, so I think Pitbull could use those clamping jaws to great effect here, especially on those exposed wheels. Pitbull to win by a judges' decision I think.

  • Panic Attack (1) vs Pitbull - I actually think Pitbull will take the advantage early on with those jaws. However, once Panic Attack gets around the sides (well, with Kim Davis at the controls, I think it is likely to happen), I think Panic Attack could topple Pitbull and win as a result.

Heat BEdit

  • Beast of Bodmin (3) vs Eric vs Kater Killer vs Malfunkton - Malfunkton is out, that ground clearance will be easy pickings for Beast of Bodmin or Eric. I think Kater Killer will also go out, as it looks to me as if it will be easily be pushed around by both Beast of Bodmin and Eric and lose on a judges' decision or pitting.

  • S.M.I.D.S.Y. vs Psychokiller vs Velocirippa vs Hypno-Disc - Well, Hypno-Disc is no doubt through, there is little any of the other three robots can do to stop it. Psychokiller is the first to fall, its armour and weapon were not exactly the best as shown against Dreadnaut. Although Velocirippa is unreliable, this version of S.M.I.D.S.Y. was in dire straits before it even fought, as explained by Robin Bennett, so it goes out as well after a few blows. Hence, Hypno-Disc and a broken Velocirippa go through.

  • Beast of Bodmin (3) vs Velocirippa - Even if Velocirippa could repair itself in time, I still think it it will be side-stranded by Beast of Bodmin.
  • Eric vs Hypno-Disc - Eric could get a lucky flip on the srimech-less Hypno-Disc, but the lack of the extra lower section added in Series 4 means I don't think it will happen. Instead, Hypno-Disc to break those exposed wheels off.

  • Beast of Bodmin (3) vs Hypno-Disc - Beast of Bodmin was not exactly the fastest, nor did it have the best armour either. Although its low ground clearance could topple Hypno-Disc, its flaws lead me to believe Hypno-Disc could cause enough damage to the sides to immobilize and defeat Beast of Bodmin.

Heat CEdit

  • King Buxton (5) vs Thermador vs Shark Attack vs Technophobic - Shark Attack was well too slow to really charge an attack and will be easy pickings for any of the other three. Out of the others, I really don't trust Technophobic and its petrol engine, particually when it is facing two invertible rambots here. Possibly pushed into the flame pit and immobilized.
  • Agent Orange vs Scarab vs Manic Mutant vs Fire Storm - I am going to run out of semi and grand-finalists at this rate. Anyhow, Manic Mutant was easily flipped by Gravedigger, so I can see Fire Storm doing the same. As for the others, I just feel that Agent Orange's design should survive Fire Storm this round. Meanwhile, Scarab, although invertible, seems to not like attacks on the underbelly, as shown against an arena spike. Fire Storm and Agent Orange should exploit this and henceforth qualify.

  • King Buxton (5) vs Fire Storm - What a battle! Yes, King B3 did defeat Firestorm 2 in a tag team terror, but that was when Firestorm was in severe techinical trouble here anyway. Although Fire Storm is much lighter, I still think it can win due to Graham Bone's excellent control and the fact that King Buxton never really liked taking huge knocks and slams, such as against Atomic and 101. Fire Storm to win via a judges' decision or a immobilization.
  • Thermador vs Agent Orange - I think Agent Orange can use its pincers to great effect against the claws or front of Thermador. I also think that once it does so, it can control Thermador's movement, to the point where it can pit it as a result.

  • Fire Storm vs Agent Orange - OK, I think Agent Orange could take advantage at first with those pincers, but the sides have a high ground clearance. Hence, once Fire Storm escapes, it can flip Agent Orange onto its side, whereby it cannot self-right.

Heat DEdit

  • Behemoth (7) vs The Big Cheese vs Rattus Rattus vs Sumpthing - Sumpthing is out, considering it broke down after one missed attack in real-life. Out of the other three, Rattus Rattus is very easy to flip.
  • Eye of Newt vs Inquisitor Mk 2 vs Ultor vs Cerberus - Inquisitor Mk 2 may have a good weapon in that lifter, but it is well too slow and unresponsive to really threaten the other three with it, especially considering how quick Cerberus and Eye of Newt were. Out of the other three, I think Eye of Newt was poorly controlled in its only appearance so I think the speed of Cerberus and the aggression output by Ultor's axe will likely see the latter two go through on a judges' decision.

  • Behemoth (7) vs Cerberous - Not too difficult, considering that Diotoir and Thing 2 toppled Cerberus easily.
  • The Big Cheese vs Ultor - Ultor may prove aggressive at first, but since it has no srimech and The Big Cheese was expertly controlled, leads me to believe that Big Cheese will flip Ultor eventually.

  • Behemoth (7) vs The Big Cheese - Going for another upset as another seed is out before the semi-finals! Behemoth may find it difficult to lift the large body of The Big Cheese. It also is quite slow, the sides have a high ground clearance and it cannot self-right. Henceforth, The Big Cheese to side-strand Behemoth.

Heat EEdit

  • Facet (9) vs Killerhurtz vs Orac's Revenge vs Victor 2 - Easy battle to decide here (unless Killerhurtz decides to pit itself again), as Facet can easily topple both Orac's Revenge and Victor 2, both of whom have no srimech, unlike Killerhurtz.
  • Robogeddon vs Hefty vs Raizer Blade vs T2 - Hefty is quick, but its high ground clearance and questionnable pushing power leads me to believe it will either be toppled over or be pushed into the pit. Meanwhile, Robogeddon to me has a high ground clearance as well and should also prove easy pickings for both Raizer Blade and T2.

  • Facet (9) vs T2 - Facet to flip T2 over without much effort.
  • Killerhurtz vs Raizer Blade - A robot needs a really good fliper to deal with Killerhurtz, but Raizer Blade doesn't have it. Hence, I think Killerhurtz could dominate Raizer Blade, whereby the latter breaks down.

  • Facet (9) vs Killerhurtz - Very tough battle here. Although Killerhurtz's srimech is unreliable, remember that the one axe blow it dealt to Chaos 2 was quite devastating. Facet has light armour, so I actually think the seed will lose in the heat-final, this time in a judges' decision or breakdown, due to Killerhurtz's damaging axe.

Heat FEdit

  • Plunderstorm (11) vs Gnasher vs S.H.A.R.O.N. vs Shrapnel - Although Plunderstorm did stall in its only appearance, I believe it won't happen here. Sharpnel's ground clearance and design really hinders it in this battle, as I think it will be easy pickings for any of the other three. Also, I actually think Gnasher wasn't that bad a machine and I could see it perhaps trapping S.H.A.R.O.N., who's design is perfect for those jaws to grab and perhaps pit. Plunderstorm and Gnasher go through.
  • Panzer vs Diotoir vs Science Block vs Backstabber - Backstabber is no doubt out of here, easily toppled or pushed into the pit. As for the other three, I feel Panzer's more exposed tracks will be its downfall here, especially with Science Block's nasty looking spike.

  • Plunderstorm (11) vs Science Block - Although Science Block has that spike to deal damage with, I think Plunderstorm is faster and has more damage output. Plunderstorm I think will win on a judges' decision.
  • Gnasher vs Diotoir - Gnasher could use its jaw and push Diotoir around, but its slow speed leads me to believe Diotoir is more likely to topple Gnasher over.

  • Plunderstorm (11) vs Diotoir - I think although Plunderstorm could be aggressive at first, one good flip from Diotoir will end its run, as it has no srimech. Diotoir make the semi-finals.

Heat GEdit

  • All Torque (13) vs Flip Flop Fly vs Big Brother vs Crusader - Flip Flop Fly is out, its wheels will likely deflate as they did in real-life after a couple of attacks. As for the other three, I was originally going to eliminate Big Brother. However, I noticed in Crusader's pinball run that the lifter at the front was so low that it kept getting pinned on the arena. Also, its reliability appeared not brilliant, considering how it was pitted. Hence, I think Crusader will break down from attacks by both All Torque and Big Brother.
  • Hammerhead vs Invertabrat vs Tut's Revenge vs Challenger 2 - Tut's Revenge will be easily toppled over by Invertabrat. Meanwhile, the other two were not that impressive in my opinion, but I think Challenger 2 could deal more damage than Hammerhead and henceforth go through. Plus, Hammerhead's axe had an issue where it got pinned onto the ground, so that won't help its case.

  • All Torque (13) vs Challenger 2 - Challenger 2 is slow and did not really like pushers. Hence, All Torque easily go through, pushing Challenger 2 into the pit.
  • Big Brother vs Invertabrat - Invertabrat almost toppled the larger Beast of Bodmin in real-life. I feel that it will actually succeed this time in fliping a robot over, in this case Big Brother.

  • All Torque (13) vs Invertabrat - Unless a breakdown occurs, I feel All Torque won't be troubled by Invertabrat, who is pushed all over the arena and perhaps down into the pit.

Heat HEdit

  • Onslaught (15) vs Suicidal Tendencies vs Miss Ile vs Bumblebot - Not too difficult, as Miss Ile was easily pushed around in its only battle and Bumblebot's axe broke twice, with the robot itself proving unreliable altogether. Hence, easy qualification for the other two.
  • Gravedigger vs General Carnage vs 101 vs Razer - OK, I think this might be the heat of death right here. Nonetheless, I actually think this battle will be quite simple. General Carnage will be easily flipped over by Gravedigger whilst Razer should repeat its real-life victory over 101.

  • Onslaught (15) vs Gravedigger - Another seed falls! Onslaught was toppled by Beast of Bodmin and could not self-right. I think Gravedigger will repeat this here, especially as I feel it is a better flipper than the former.
  • Suicidal Tendencies vs Razer - Razer may have been unreliable in Series 3, but so was Suicidal Tendencies. Hence, a couple of crushes, especially on the tracks, should render Suicidal Tendencies immobile. Even if that does not happen, Razer should be able to pit it.

  • Gravedigger vs Razer - Tough battle as although Razer has dealt with front-hinged flippers before, it is not in its prime yet. Regardless, it still can self-right and Gravedigger's flipper wasn't exactly known for causing robots to break down. After all, the only thing Gravedigger can really do here is attempt to push Razer down the pit, which I cannot see happening unless a shear amount of luck happens. Hence, I think Razer will win on a judges' decision by damage.

Heat IEdit

  • Dundee (16) vs Griffon vs Terminal Ferocity vs Atlas - Atlas was unimpressive in its only battle and will be easily toppled by Griffon or Dundee, or pushed around the arena. Griffon I feel could topple Terminal Ferocity as well, although I still think that Dundee and Griffon will still overpower it regardless.
  • Sir Chromalot vs Six Pac vs Vercingetorix vs Henry - The Class Act make their debut. I think they will qualify, as Henry's weapon actually hindered it to the point where I think it will be eliminated. Meanwhile, Six Pac, who will dominate this battle, will find that Vercingetorix is more easier to push than Sir Chromalot. Well, at least in my opinion.

  • Dundee (16) vs Six Pac - Now this really could go either way. In my opinion, both of these robots were underrated, but Six Pac seemed to have technical issues in its pinball run, stopping on some occassions. Dundee meanwhile, is difficult to push and has those jaws to grab at Six Pac's exposed wheels. I think this will go to the judges, but I think Dundee just about has this on damage.
  • Griffon vs Sir Chromalot - Griffon will topple Sir Chromalot eventually, as long as it doesn't suffer technical issues this time round. Even if it does have reception issues, I am not too sure that Sir Chromalot could take advantage in time.

  • Dundee (16) vs Griffon - You know what? I really must be overrating Dundee here, as I think it could go through here. Yes, it had no srimech, but like Six Pac, Griffon seemed to have technical issues throughout both of its fights. This cost it in its battle with Cerberus and ended up being one of the quickest battles in Robot Wars history. Although the threat of being toppled over is there, I think Dundee has the power and speed to grab Griffon's side and possibly push it into the pit. After all, I find it a much better pusher than Cerberus.

Heat JEdit

  • Excalibur (14) vs Terrorpin vs Evil Weevil vs The General - Excalibur's axe is one to fear, as shown in its only battle. I feel it could cause some real damage to Terrorpin and maybe The General's wheels as well. To be honest, I actually see all four robots surviving the five minutes here, unless The General suffers another battery charge issue. Regardless, I am going to say that Excalibur's damage output and Evil Weevil's aggression should see them through on a judges' decision.
  • Demolition Demon 2 vs Zeus vs Sting 2 vs Ivanhoe 2 - I have to admit, this is a rather poor heat. I really don't rate Zeus at all and I feel that Ivanhoe 2 could get underneath and topple it over. To be honest, Ivanhoe 2 could easily deal with the other two, but I feel Sting 2 is more vunerable overall.

  • Excalibur (14) vs Demolition Demon 2 - I think Excalibur could deal some nasty damage to Demolition Demon, with the latter being unable to retaliate. Hence, the damage will be enough to win on a judges' decision at least.
  • Evil Weevil vs Ivanhoe 2 - Really could go either way, but I think Evil Weevil is slightly lower and Ivanhoe has more areas (like the exposed wheels) for Evil Weevil's lifter to get underneath. Evil Weevil to win on a judges' decision or pitting, after some expert controlling that will be required from both robots here.

  • Exaclibur (14) vs Evil Weevil - Evil Weevil can use its lifter to get underneath in a similar fashion to how Centurion did against Excalibur. Also, I don't think Excalibur can self-right and Evil Weevil is quite low to the ground, so Evil Weevil to win via a topple or an immobilization.

Heat KEdit

  • Chaos 2 (12) vs Milly-Ann Bug vs Weld-Dor vs Robocow - And the real-life champion is here! It will begin by flipping the srimech-less, headless Robocow over. Out of the other two, Weld-Dor is very slow compared to the quick Milly-Ann Bug and I also believe is more subject to being flipped over than Milly. It cannot self-right, so Chaos 2 and Milly-Ann Bug go through.
  • The Steel Avenger vs Prizephita vs Anorakaphobia vs Pussycat - Well, at least this heat is better than what Chaos 2's heat was in Audited Series 3 on the forums. The Steel Avenger cannot self-right so is toppled by either Prizephita or Anorakaphobia. Prizephita to be honest also looks easy for Anorakaphobia to topple over and although it can self-right, the srimech was not the most reliable and could easily get pinned across the arena. Hence, Anorakaphobia and Pussycat go through.

  • Chaos 2 (12) vs Anorakaphobia - A shame to see Anorakaphobia go out so early, but alas, I doubt it has a srimech. It also has a high ground clearance, so Chaos 2 should dominate here.
  • Milly-Ann Bug vs Pussycat - Not a "been there, seen that" situation as Milly-Ann Bug was actually quicker this series and Pussycat did not have its deadly blade yet. Although this will be closer, the expert driving of David Gribble should see Pussycat through, as it breaks one or more of the wheels.

  • Chaos 2 (12) vs Pussycat - Well, if Chaos 2 could defeat the deadly Series 4 version of Pussycat, it will have no problems with the older version. Judges' decision victory in my opinion.

Heat LEdit

  • Mace 2 (10) vs Dominator vs Undertaker vs Forklift's Revenge - Mace 2 to clean house here with ease. Undertaker is the first to fall; although I cannot judge from its only battle (it had control problems), it looked very easy to topple from the sides, as the spikes proved. Out of the other two, it is very tough; Dominator is a great machine but Forklift's Revenge wasn't that bad to be honest. However, Forklift's Revenge ultimately has more exposed parts that Mace 2 can exploit to topple it over.
  • Vector vs Flipper vs Thing 2 vs Aggrobot - Before I begin I do find it annoying that the reason why Vector has never won a battle on the forums is because it never moved. If that is the case, why did Plunderstorm win a battle in Audited Series 3? Anyhow, Thing 2 will dominate here, taking out Flipper with ease. Aggrobot isn't much better to be honest, so Thing 2 to topple it as well. Vector qualifies with Thing 2.

  • Mace 2 (10) vs Vector - Well, at least Vector won a fight! I guess that makes me a happy person. Anyway, although it is underrated, I feel Mace 2 has a better lifter and can perhaps toppling Vector more times than vice versa. Although Vector can self-right, I think it will lose the judges' decision or break down.
  • Dominator vs Thing 2 - Thing 2 to easily get underneath the rear of Dominator and overturn it.

  • Mace 2 (10) vs Thing 2 - Really, really tough battle here. Both are very quick, can easily overturn the other and have no srimechs. However, I will go for Thing 2, as I feel that its big wedge allows it to control Mace 2 more than its opponent's lifter can. In conclusion, I think Thing 2 can just about topple Mace 2 than vice versa.

Heat MEdit

  • Napalm (8) vs Grim Reaper vs Shell Shock vs Crusher - I believe the seed will go out in round one. Crusher showed how underrated it was in its battle with Beast of Bodmin and is likely to cause major damage to Napalm. Also, Grim Reaper is incredibly quick and could bash both Napalm and Shell Shock to submission. Grim Reaper and Crusher go through.
  • Centurion vs Wild Willy vs Dreadnaut vs Hammertron - Hammertron may have had problems in its only battle, but I just feel that its weapon and the robot itself is too slow to harm the others anyway. Out of the other three, Wild Willy is a good robot, but its issue here is that it is unstable when it fires its weapon. Not something a robot needs when it is facing Centurion or Dreadnaut. Centurion and Dreadnaut go through after pushing Wild Willy down the pit.

  • Grim Reaper vs Centurion - Although Centurion was overpowered by 101, and Grim Reaper is faster, its turning circle proved a major problem in its only battle. Plus, the wheels were very unreliable, so I think Centurion can slam Grim Reaper into submission quite easily.
  • Crusher vs Dreadnaut - Dreadnaut is quick and its slams could break Crusher's tracks. However, it wasn't the most reliable and Crusher proved it could exploit ground clearances well. Hence, going for the surprise and say that Crusher will crush Dreadnaut until the latter breaks down.

  • Centurion vs Crusher - Good battle here, but I think Centurion is far more reliable than Dreadnaut and I feel its lifter is more efficent for breaking off Crusher's tracks. Henceforth, it goes through.

Heat NEdit

  • Haardvark (6) vs Corporal Punishment vs Oblivion 2 vs Abaddon - Not the best start to the heat, if I'm honest. Abaddon had an issue whereby it was overweight, causing it to have a castor instead of well, a large bowling ball. It didn't prove that reliable, so I think it will break as it did in real-life and henceforth Abaddon goes out. As for the other three, Oblivion 2 died in the pinball after some mild pushes. Henceforth, it will likely break down after some attacks from both the seed and Corporal Punishment.
  • Scutter's Revenge vs Overkill vs Stealth vs Schumey Too - Stealth is too slow to withstand any of these three robots attacks, so it goes out. As for the others, it's tough. Scutter's Revenge is through but the other two are very underrated robots in my opinion. Ultimately, although Overkill has that massive ground clearance, I think Schumey Too is just too slow to really gain much of an advantage and is more subject to pushes from both Scutter's Revenge and Overkill. Hence, it goes out as well.

  • Haardvark (6) vs Scutter's Revenge - I believe another seed is out. This version of Haardvark didn't really impress me too much and I feel the sides could be exploited by Scutter's Revenge, to the point where the latter will pit it.
  • Corporal Punishment vs Overkill - Both have unfortunate high ground clearances, but the key difference is that Corporal Punishment's wedge is off the ground, unlike Overkill's. Henceforth, this will easily allow the fast Overkill to exploit it and possibly win in a similar fashion as Ally Gator.

  • Scutter's Revenge vs Overkill - Unless Overkill gets a lucky topple on Scutter's Revenge, its run ends, as the latter will be able to slam Overkill a couple of times. Overkill was not that reliable, as noted in its only battle, so Scutter's Revenge to win in my opinion after some slams on Overkill.

Heat OEdit

  • Mortis (4) vs X-Terminator vs Ming vs Judge Shred - Mortis defeated Ming in real-life, while X-Terminator beat Judge Shred. Henceforth, Mortis and X-Terminator go through as I see no reason for change here.
  • Red Dragon vs Spike vs Ally Gator vs Berserk 2 - Although Berserk 2 did defeat Ally Gator, it did take a bit of time to do so. Red Dragon and Spike have much higher ground clearances, so I think they will be toppled first.

  • Mortis (4) vs Ally Gator - It will take time, as Ally Gator is very low to the ground. But in the end, I just see Mortis finally getting underneath the sides of Ally Gator and toppling it over.
  • X-Terminator vs Berserk 2 - Neither of the robots can deal much damage with their axes, so the winner is the one with the most aggression in my opinion. Although Berserk 2 has that forklift to lift X-Terminator a couple of times, X-Terminator is quicker, has more pushing power and can self-right. A judges' decision here, but X-Terminator just about wins this.

  • Mortis (4) vs X-Terminator - Both robots are very, very quick here, so the speed factor probably won't matter here. Although Mortis is indeed unreliable, I think it could deal some significant damage to X-Terminator with its tanto blade, at least compared to X-Terminator's axe. Also, I feel Mortis is more able to topple X-Terminator than Berserk 2, and because its opponent's srimech was unreliable, I think Mortis just about wins this on an immobilization.

Heat PEdit

  • Cassius 2 (2) vs Robopig vs Bulldog Breed vs Steg-O-Saw-Us - Robopig and Bulldog Breed should be toppled over quite easily and quickly in my opinion.
  • Sonic vs Daisy Chopper vs Weeliwako vs Darke Destroyer - Sonic is definately the best here, and will likely take out Weeliwako with a few slams, possibly directing it to the pit. As for the other two, it is close but I don't think Daisy Chopper had much damage potential, despite the huge weapon, whilst Darke Destroyer did prove it could dish damage out. Plus, I think Sonic could push Daisy Chopper around much more easily than Darke Destroyer anyway.

  • Cassius 2 (2) vs Darke Destroyer - Cassius 2 to topple Darke Destroyer without much effort.
  • Steg-O-Saw-Us vs Sonic - Although Sonic could attack the sides, I think Steg-O-Saw-Us has the lower ground clearance, allowing it to slam Sonic around and possibly topple it.

  • Cassius 2 (2) vs Steg-O-Saw-Us - Close battle here, as Steg-O-Saw-Us could slam Cassius 2 at first, but overall, it takes one good flip from Cassius 2 to beat Steg-O-Saw-Us.

Semi-Final 1Edit

  • Panic Attack (1) vs Diotoir - Well, Diotoir's great run must end here, since it has no srimech and Panic Attack can deal with its design quite easily, as shown in Robot Wars Extreme.
  • Fire Storm vs All Torque (13) - Feel free to disagree here, but I think the seeds have this. This version of Fire Storm had a much more exploitable ground clearance compared to later versions AND was very light in this wars too, at 67.9kg. That, plus the fact that I found All Torque was dominating the similar-shaped and heavier Thing 2 leads me to feel that All Torque might just be able to push Fire Storm around, possibly into the pit. After all, all versions of Firestorm seemed to hate low-ground clearance rambots, and All Torque just happens to be one! The seeds go through on a judges' decision or pitting.
  • Chaos 2 (12) vs The Big Cheese - A shame, but this battle happened in real-life and I see no reason to change the result.
  • Hypno-Disc vs Scutter's Revenge - Scutter's Revenge I feel won't survive the blows from Hypno-Disc, as it proved how unreliable it was in the heat-final and semi-finals in real-life.

  • Panic Attack (1) vs All Torque (13) - Kind of feels odd that I believe Panic Attack will beat a robot Fire Storm could not. But I feel that the box-shape of All Torque, plus the high sides, leads me to believe the expert controlling of Panic Attack will allow it to pit All Torque. The champions soldier on.
  • Chaos 2 (12) vs Hypno-Disc - Is this a "been there, seen that" situation? No, as Hypno-Disc was not 100% in the real-life battle with Chaos 2. That said, although I feel it could cause some damage to Chaos 2, it still has no srimech. Hence, I think Chaos 2 can still flip Hypno-Disc over. Hence, the 12th seeds are in the grand-finals.

Semi-Final 2Edit

  • Mortis (4) vs Razer - Sure, Razer is unreliable, but so was Mortis, and this was when it didn't have the Silicon Carbide armour. Hence, I actually see Razer causing an upset and crushing through Mortis' armour, to win on either a judges' decision or even an immobilization.
  • Killerhurtz vs Evil Weevil - Nothing Evil Weevil can do here, I'm afraid, even Chaos 2 struggled against Killerhurtz. Hence, I see that axe causing severe damage to Evil Weevil, enough to win on an immobilization.
  • Centurion vs Thing 2 - Thing 2 to win here, as it does its trick of getting underneath robots and toppling them over. Centurion cannot self-right, so Thing 2 goes through.
  • Cassius 2 (2) vs Dundee (16) - Dundee's run ends, as I see no reason to change the real-life result.

  • Razer vs Killerhurtz - If I think Razer could crush and beat Mortis, I think it can do the same to Killerhurtz. Yes, Killerhurtz is fast and has a devastating weapon, but it is armoured in polycarbonate and is unreliable as well. Hence, Razer to continue its run for now, crushing through Killerhurtz's armour.
  • Cassius 2 (2) vs Thing 2 - Thing 2 will likely get underneath at first and topple Cassius 2, but the latter will self-right. Plus, Thing 2 did have an issue where it seemed to wheelie at some points of its battles. Cassius 2 to exploit that and topple Thing 2, who cannot self-right.

Grand FinalEdit

  • Panic Attack (1) vs Chaos 2 (12) - The champions reign finally ends, as Chaos 2 in my opinion was lower than Fire Storm, and that robot got underneath Panic Attack a couple of times. Overall, I just see Chaos 2 flipping Panic Attack all over the place, winning on a judges' decision.
  • Cassius 2 (2) vs Razer - Very tough, as although I doubt Razer was as sufficient in dealing with front-hinged flippers, remember that Cassius 2 had a high ground clearance at the sides and rear. Also, the polycarbonate flipper was easily penetrated by Shunt, so I think the second seeds are out, as Razer crushes through the flipper and wins on a judges' decision.

  • Panic Attack (1) vs Cassius 2 (2) - This time, the much improved Cassius 2 will probably repeat and excel Fire Storm's performance against Panic Attack.

  • Chaos 2 (12) vs Razer - I don't believe this. I honestly did not think Razer would win this. But alas, this battle actually happened in the World Championships. Hence, no change to the result, except Chaos 2 won't drive itself into the pit this time.
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