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Favourite Robot Firestorm

Hullo everyone. I am SpaceManiac888, a British user on the Robot Wars wiki. The first time I ever watched Robot Wars was the first semi-final of Series 4. Notably, this is where I began to become a fan of Firestorm (despite it losing its battle to Dominator 2).

I have a subpage here for my lists. My Audited Wars can be found here.

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    • Detail the auditions on the respective robot articles.
  • Expand Robot Wars: The Third Wars/Controversy.
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    • Possibly create articles dedicated to these cancelled events.
  • Expand Barber-Ous with information from an interview I conducted.

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Top twenty favourite robots[edit | edit source]

Number Image Robot Reasons why
20 Tr2 2016.jpg TR2 Although TR2 may not be the most explosive flipper, it is actually kind of why I like it so much. In my opinion, a good flipper is not one that can catapult robots into space (although Apollo has good reason to, ha ha). Instead, I believe that flippers that can demonstrate expert control are some of the best Robot Wars has to offer sometimes. Take TR2 for instance. Sure, its flipper may be quite underpowered when compared with Apollo or Eruption, but I feel it deserved its Grand Finalist status all the same. My favourite battle involving it was actually its Series 8 melee, which also generally explains why it is on this list. Its flipper was not just underpowered; it was not working at all! And yet, by simply using a wedge and some good tactics, it ensured its place in the Head-to-Heads, taking out Supernova along the way. Lovely.
19 Sumpthing.gif Sumpthing Sumpthing is a robot that I will always greatly respect. Sure, it may have been outdated, and yes, it lost almost all of its battles. But I feel that in spite of receiving amazing robots over the years, including in the reboot, the complex technology and money involved has really gotten out of hand. This is why I love the motives surrounding Sumpthing, a robot that was designed to be low-tech. And in spite of losing many times (including to Widow's Revenge, perhaps its most embarrassing loss), rewatching some of Sumpthing's battles makes me feel that on a good day, it could actually achieve quite a bit. Against Mousetrap, had it not missed that axe blow, perhaps we would have seen it in the heat-final, facing (and maybe beating!) Little Fly. In Extreme 1, it was highly unlikely that it was going to beat Pussycat, but it still did well in surviving to the end, where S.M.I.D.S.Y. did not. Then, there was its Series 6 performance, and wow, what could have been in my opinion. With Dominator 2 struggling against Hydra, and with Sumpthing scoring in terms of aggression and control, we really could have seen a major upset occurring. Then Growler got involved. Damn.
18 Dantomkia 2016.jpg Dantomkia Although perhaps not quite as much as some other people on this Wiki, I still like Dantomkia. Yeah sure, I accept that perhaps its tactic of scoring out of the arenas did start to tire after a while, I like Dantomkia for which robots it took out. It did not throw generally uncompetitive robots like The Hassocks Hog; instead, it appeared that the robots most prone to Dantomkia's signature move were the legends! Starting with Chaos 2 and ending with Panic Attack, it looked as if very few legends were entirely safe from being thrown out. In addition, I think its melee in Extreme 2 sums up another key reason why I like the yellow and black machine so much. Instead of playing it safe and, say, take out Sir Chromalot or S.M.I.D.S.Y., it knew who the biggest threat was, and IMMEDIATELY capitalised at the critical point where Hypno-Disc was close to the arena wall. Not a lot of robots can do that, just look at the Southern Annihilator, where nobody could take out Razer. Henceforth, by taking out so many high-quality robots through an out of the arena, plus its tactics that rewarded it in the end, Dantomkia earns a place on this list. Oh, and by the way, its spinning dance routine in its Series 6 Losers' melee was just... amazing.
17 Sawpoint.jpg Saw Point (Series 4) Saw Point's design pretty much sums up why it is on my favourites list. I just love the saw wheels, which not only proved visually entertaining for me, but also effective. Indeed, its immobilisation of Oblivion 2 remains as one of my favourite knockouts of all-time. It is a shame that it is generally overlooked and labelled as bad by a large proportion of Robot Wars fans, especially when it also held its own against Aggrobot 2 for a while.
16 Killer carrot 2a.JPG Killer Carrot 2 I like both versions of Killer Carrot 2, mainly because of its cool artwork and also its durability. In spite of facing robots that it had little chance of beating (Disc-O-Inferno and X-Terminator especially), it never really gave up until the bitter end. In a way, I sometimes believe that Killer Carrot 2 is "Wild Thing, but without the comeback", seeing how it could never really win once it took serious damage. In general, I respect robots that can absorb a lot of punishment.
15 Shredder.jpg Shredder Speaking of robots that never gave up until the bitter end, we have Shredder. Yeah, Shredder was not the most competitive of the Series 6 Heat Finalists, but it still gained my respect for seemingly never knowing when to give up. In a way, the original Shredder was either doomed to face S3 or lose beforehand, but it never seemed like it was going to pull a Stag and cowardly take itself out. It did well against Mousetrap before its poor driving, and did well to defeat The Alien. Its sequel also deserves an honourable mention, mainly because of how fast it was, causing Jonathan Peace to deliver one of my favourite quotes. But, I like the original more for its purple colour scheme, when generally helped to make it stand out more in my opinion, especially when compared to Shredder Evolution.
14 Nuts 2 S10.jpg Nuts 2 I first saw Nuts in a Live Event in Colchester back in 2015, and I immediately started to like this robot. This was mainly because of how strange, yet effective it was, defeating Apex and ThunderChild on a Judges' decision. Henceforth, when it was set to compete in the first heat in Series 8, I was looking forward to seeing it. And sure, whilst perhaps it got lucky in its melee, I felt it did quite well against Behemoth and especially Terrorhurtz in the Head-to-Heads, whilst also helping to showcase the power of Carbide. Series 9 was not a great time to be a Nuts 2 fan, but the following series no doubt was. I was shocked and delighted by how far Nuts 2 had come since I saw its original perform adequately in its 2015 battle, taking out Concussion and Androne 4000 with style. Of course, there was the Carbide battle, where I was stunned when I realised that out of ALL the robots that could have ended Carbide's winning streak, it was the robot that most believed was a joke. A jokerobot, it is not. Of course, there was the OTHER Carbide battle...
13 Gabriel 10.png Gabriel Similar to Nuts, I first witnessed Gabriel in a Live Event in Colchester, this time in 2014. And wow, the first thought that came out of my mind when I saw this monster was that it was Stinger on steroids. In a highly competitive battle with Eruption, Dantomkia and Ka-Pow!, it showcased that it was not only visually entertaining, but also one not to be messed with. Oddly, of my favourite moments regarding Gabriel came in that very battle, where it was grabbed and lifted up by Major Damage, in a bizarre scene. Whilst it Series 8 performance was alright, it was not until Series 10 that Gabriel proved it could hang with the best robots. Taking out Big Nipper very quickly, it then had one of the greatest battles of all-time with Carbide, where it was very possible that the Series 9 champion could have konked out at any time. To be fair, though, this performance probably cost Gabriel in the long-run, especially against Aftershock, but its entertaining performances in live events and on television helps this axlebot to earn a place on this list.
12 Arnold a terminegger.jpg Arnold A. Terminegger I think its entire Extreme 1 campaign sums up why I like and respect Arnold A. Terminegger so much. In Series 4, it did alright, but it was only going to achieve so much in a heat with Behemoth and X-Terminator 2. Then, I saw its Mayhem, and I instantly took a liking to it. Here was a robot that not only defeated a multiple time semi-finalist, but DOMINATED it too, in a way that Wild Thing (at the time), was not familar with. Its Annihilator performance, of course, was legendary, and a prime reason why Arnold A. Terminegger is loved by many Robot Wars fans. It did not try to hide itself when faced with five all-stars; it jumped right in, helping to take out Hypno-Disc, whilst also having a genuine shout at beating Pussycat at one point too. Whilst it was unable to overcome the blue machine in the end, the fact that it held its own against overwhelming odds and almost came to overcoming them completely, earns this robot a high place on my favourites list. It is just a shame that it did not compete in Series 5, but hey, what can you do?
11 Scutter's revenge official image.JPG Scutter's Revenge This entry is weird, in a way. Whilst most people have favourites or least favourites lists that add either Spawn of Scutter or Spawn Again, the only Team Scutterbots robot that will be appearing on either of my respective lists is Scutter's Revenge. In a way, I love Series 3, because although there were many clunkers, it also enabled simplistic designs to win me over. One of them was Scutter's Revenge, whose effective design, performance, artwork and name were catalysts for me putting it highly on the list. Indeed, its epic pittings of Zeus and Thermador, as well as putting up a great fight against both Pussycat and 101 (effectively scoring a winning hit against Pussycat by slamming it into the wall!), made me desire to see Scutter's Revenge return. It ultimately did not, although I accept that Spawn of Scutter and Spawn Again were probably better than it.
10 Thermidor7.jpg Thermidor 2 Perhaps a little bit lucky to end up highly on this list, what makes me a big fan of Thermidor 2 is the fact that the first three episodes I saw featuring it were the Series 4 Semi-Final 1, its Extreme 1 Mayhem and both of the Series 7 episodes it appeared in. I think you can see where this is going, since before I saw its less successful performances, I honestly thought Thermidor 2 was one of the best robots in Robot Wars! Indeed, with an awesome out of the arena on Mobot, to taking out both Behemoth and Stinger in quick succession, Thermidor 2 instantly became I robot I held in high regard. Also, it should be noted that the only robots I saw beat Thermidor 2 were Pussycat and Typhoon 2, who became the Runners-Up and Champion of their respective series, so I doubt I can be accused of overrating it. Although seeing it lose several times, including in the first round of Series 5 and 6 did lower my standards on Thermidor 2, I still counter the idea that Thermidor 2 is overrated. Sure, it is not a Chaos 2, Bigger Brother or Dantomkia, but it did a great job all the same in Series 4 and 7. And that was all that it really needed to do to earn a place on this list.
9 S7MIDSY.jpg S.M.I.D.S.Y. S.M.I.D.S.Y. is what I like to call the Minardi robot. Indeed, it may have never escaped the heats, but it gained my respect for never giving up and theoretically being competitive enough to win heats in Series 4, 5, 6 and 7. It just proved to be so unlucky with who it was placed against, incluing being forced to face off against Panic Attack, Chaos 2, Dominator 2 and Atomic, all four of whom were some of the best robots in their respective series. Sure, whilst I cannot state that S.M.I.D.S.Y. is an exceptional robot (otherwise it would have beaten at least one of the all-stars listed above), I still think it had a lot more to give and should never have had the unfortunate distinction of being "one of the most successful robots not to win a heat in the UK Championship." Then again, perhaps if it did succeed, it would not have been as highly regarded by me, because I feel that, similar to the Minardi F1 team winning a grand prix or ranking highly in the Constructors' Championship, it would have lost much of its charm. Still, I would like to see it return in the near future.
8 13 Black.jpg 13 Black Oddly enough, the first time I saw 13 Black was in Series 7, when it struggled considerably against Lightning and Gravity. However, it redeemed itself simply because of the fact that it had two massive flywheels. Of course, I really began to like this machine when it competed in Series 6, where although it did eliminate two of my favourites along the way, it still manage to prove to be one of my favourites, not only because of its colour scheme, but also down to its tactics. I mean, the full body spinner tactic was just incredible in my opinion, and actually helped the robot in both becoming offensive and defensive at the same time! It also defeated Dominator 2, gave Razer an almighty scare in the All-Stars and proved rather entertaining even when it was losing, by doing its spin dance in the Losers' melee.
7 Thing 2official image.JPG Thing 2 Similar to Scutter's Revenge, Thing 2 is the only Adams Family robot that will appear on this list. And like with Scutter's Revenge, I love Thing 2 simply because of its simplistic, yet amazingly effective design. Perhaps more importantly, however, Thing 2 did something that Scutter's Revenge and other Adams Family robots failed too, and that was giving consistently brilliant battles. I am serious here, Thing 2's run in Series 3 is one of my favourites, as it defeated decent opponents in exceptional battles, giving All Torque and Cerberus their best battles ever. It even managed to scare Panic Attack for quite some time, and I would argue that had that arena spike not toppled it, we would have witnessed Thing 2 defeating the then-champion, not Fire Storm.
6 Gravedigger S3 offical image.png Gravedigger With the exception of a certain robot that is going to be on this list, there were three robots that I rooted for in Series 3. They were Scutter's Revenge, Thing 2 and, as this entry states, Gravedigger. There is something about front-hinged flippers that makes me highly regard them, and I think it is demostrated by Gravedigger in Series 3 in fine style, taking out the aggressive Manic Mutant quite nicely. Perhaps its shocking defeat (well for me at least) of Mortis is what truly ranks Gravedigger this high on the list, even if it relied mainly on luck to achieve it, since at the time (thanks to Arenas of Destruction), I felt Mortis was one of the best robots at the time. Therefore, defeating Mortis (as well as giving Matilda a dressing down!) helped to place Gravedigger quite highly on this list. Now, if only its performances in later series were as good, although it did show promise against Tornado with that powerful axe.
5 Meggamouse series 9.png Meggamouse This may come as a surprise to some people, but Meggamouse is my favourite reboot robot, by far. Like with Gabriel and Nuts 2, I first saw Meggamouse in Colchester, in a 2014 battle pitting it against Thor, Weird mAlice and Rattler, and I almost instantly fell in love with the machine. Firstly, its cheeky tactic of starting right behind Thor so that it could flip it was not only funny, but genius in my opinion. Also, although Thor was unlucky to get stuck, I still felt that Meggamouse deserved to win, especially when it took out Rattler in fine style. But it was 2017 that places Meggamouse so high up on this list. You see, it faced Behemoth (and another robot), in a rather even match, which in itself is pretty impressive considering that Behemoth was to be a Grand Finalist in the same year. But then, this happened, which in my opinion is one of the best pittings I think I have ever seen. Similar to TR2, it is not the power of its flipper that makes me love Meggamouse, it is the tactics and control that ranks it so highly on my list. If only it did not get placed with Carbide in Series 9...
4 Stinger6.png Stinger I first saw this machine in the Series 4 Grand Final Eliminators. Although it lost to Chaos 2, it definitely gained my respect and also intrigue of such an unusual design. Henceforth, I started to cheer it on and became a tad disappointed that it never reached its height in Series 4 again. Mind you though, its comeback against Fluffy is no doubt one of my favourites. In addition, it was even entertaining in Series 3, despite being rather uncompetitive, when it showcased its lack of control (which probably was a good reason why it earned a large fan base and ultimately became a seed the following year). A shame it did not get to compete in Series 7, due to the active weapons rule, but at least it still entertains me when it sometimes competes in live events.
3 Barber-Ous 2'N a Bit.jpg Barber-Ous Stinger, as well as my top two favourite robots, are highly regarded by most casual and hard-core Robot Wars fans. As for Barber-Ous... eh, not so much. Henceforth, I self-proclaim myself as the biggest Barber-Ous fan on this wiki, placing it third on my top twenty favourite robots. The reason why I like Barber-Ous so much is that it had an awesome and unique design, which not only should have won the Most Original Entry Award, but also is a design that is rivalled only by Revolution 2 on how difficult it is to comprehend how it was made in the first place! In addition, its vibrant colours (including red, my favourite colour), having a destructive nature and the fact I consider it underrated, are other key factors for why I love the barber's pole machine. I believe that had it not been for the expert driving of Kim Davis, Barber-Ous would of beaten Panic Attack in Series 5. I also think that it would have gotten to the Heat Final of Series 7 as well as winning Spin City, had it not been to bad luck. Overall, it is a shame it only really did well in Series 6, although a heat final is definitely a merit in my books. Fingers-crossed that a Barber-Ous 3 comes in the near future...
2 Kat 3.jpg Kat 3 No doubt one of the best looking robots in Robot Wars, with an awesome colour scheme and being named after my favourite animal, Kat 3 immediately became one of my favourite robots when I first saw it more than a decade ago in Series 7. Indeed, whilst I would argue that it was never the most competitive of machines, Kat 3 always proved entertaining to me, especially when taking out Cassius Chrome's eye in its All-Stars melee. It also defeated Mantis, a robot that historically I did not like for some unknown reason, which makes me regard Kat 3 in a positive light even more. In addition, the team was friendly, and I also liked the way that they believed "Girl Power" was their biggest strength (it probably was), but "Driver Control" was their main weakness. Again, a shame that it never escaped the heats, but it did exceed expectations against Bulldog Breed.
1 Firestorm 5.png Firestorm Not a big surprise here, Firestorm easily is my favourite robot by a long, long margin. The one robot I have wanted to win ever since I first started watching Robot Wars and to this day, I still wish to this day it won more trophies than just the Commonwealth Carnage. The reasons why I like it so much? First of, just look at it! No doubt with two of my favourite colours, a cool, visual and impressive design, and its name alone just make it so likeable. Also, its ability to flip robots out of the arena with a front-hinged flipper and that it participated in two of my favourite battles (against Razer in the Series 5 Grand Final and the Series 7 All-Stars) has always meant that I rank Firestorm as my favourite robot.

Top ten least favourite robots[edit | edit source]

Number Image Robot Comments
10 Hellbent.JPG
Infernal Contraption.png
Hellbent and Infernal Contraption These two completely different machines are on here because they share the same, somewhat bizarre reason I have for disliking them: they divide the community too much for my liking. Hellbent is a robot that I express no real opinion in terms of its competitiveness. As a six-year-old, I summed it up by saying that it could beat Araknia-tier robots, could challenge key robots in its own section, but would be easily outclassed by most Atomic-tier opponents. So imagine my confusion and dismay when this robot happens to spark some of the most heated debates in the community, regarding whether it is underrated, overrated or just rated. Perhaps Wikia Series 8 and Audited Series 7 are perhaps when the conflict became too great to ignore, and I, quite frankly, have had enough of Hellbent for one day. As for Infernal Contraption, the conflict debates on whether or not it is even competitive at all! I think it could have done OK against certain opponents, but again, its appearances sparked massive flame wars between fans, which again I cannot ignore. For their damage to the community, these robots earn a place on my list.
9 Colossus.png Colossus Here is my problem with Colossus: it was one of the most boring robots that ever competed in Robot Wars. From every angle this robot just looked dull, and it did not attempt to rectify this issue in the arena by showcasing its fighting spirit. Instead, it became cannon fodder for Firestorm 4 and Bigger Brother, failing to even self-right in both. To be honest, there are a large number of robots that could have been in Colossus' predicament but still have been far more entertaining.
8 Foxic wedgedown.png Foxic (Series 8) Somehow, Series 8 Foxic is even more boring than Colossus, despite having slightly better looks. I know some accused Foxic of being overhyped, but that was not my issue with it, because other robots (like Tauron) may have been overhyped but at least they put on entertaining battles. Series 8 Foxic was just unentertaining throughout its campaign, and the fact it did not even try against M.R. Speed Squared condemns it to the list.
7 Caliban.jpg
Caliban and Daisy Chopper These two robots, unlike the ones above it, actually looked and were entertaining. However, I am putting both robots joint-eighth on my list for similar reasons. Firstly, Caliban is lauded by some as a robot that could have reached the semi-final, condemning Piece De Resistance for daring to outplace it in the Gauntet. But here is my view on Caliban: it was poor, showcasing some of the worst control I have seen, having a weapon that looked (and was) incredibly fragile and seemingly had a high centre of gravity. If anything, I actually think Caliban was worse than Piece De Resistance. But that is not my main reason for disliking Caliban. Rather, my dislike of Caliban and Daisy Chopper centres upon its team. Yes, Team Death does get massive slack from various Robot Wars fans for their uncompetitive machines, but at least they were friendly and were seemingly having a good time. Team TFOSICA by contrast were not, complaining about both results that went against them. I am sorry, but although Sir Killalot did overextend and that Griffon did spend a lot of time attacking the House Robots, it does not distract from the facts that Piece De Resistance actually did better before Sir Killalot intervened, and that Daisy Chopper did nothing apart from being lifted by Griffon. Sorry, but Team TFOSICA's robots just were unenjoyable for their team alone.
6 Steg-2.jpg Steg 2 Steg 2, along with robots such as Tauron, is in my opinion one of the most overhyped and overrated robots to ever appear on Robot Wars. The difference, I suppose, is that at least Tauron was entertaining in its Series 10 battles. Steg 2 did not live up to its hype, at all. Its opening melee consisted of it achieving just one good attack on Cronos, before it was outclassed by Crusader 2 (and for those who think Crusader 2 is overrated, blame Steg 2 for that). Its heat-semi against Iron-Awe might just be one of the worst battles in Robot Wars history. I dare one to look at the unedited battle to find out, as what should have been an easy and brief victory for Steg 2 became anything but. And we must talk about its victory over Mortis; some think that Steg 2 is a better robot than Mortis because it achieved a win against it. I say just look at the battle prior to the knockout flip; even when Mortis was struggling with reliability, it still outclassed Steg 2 throughout. Finally, Steg 2's battle with Chaos 2 was good, but you have to thank the latter machine for that. And speaking of Chaos 2, I think the premise for Steg 2 was to rival Chaos 2 in every area, but rather crucially, was nowhere close, especially in terms of control. Finally, Steg 2 replaced Steg-O-Saw-Us, one of the underdog robots I really liked. So that's another thing to dislike Steg 2 for!
5 Drfist.gif Doctor Fist Doctor Fist and Colossus can be compared somewhat; they both were eyesores, they were incredibly boring, and they were cannon fodder in their two battles. However, at least Colossus somewhat tried. Doctor Fist looked like it was going to break down at any second, and critically, it did break down almost instantly in both of its battles. Honestly, when one considers that King B Powerworks or Splinter could have taken Doctor Fist's spot in Series 6, you just have to wonder whether Doctor Fist actually won its Series 6 qualifier. Because why else would it have made it onto the show? At least with other cannon fodder machines like Granny's Revenge 2 or W.A.S.P., at least they were entertaining in defeat. Does anyone remember Doctor Fist fondly? Not really.
4 Silver dominator 2.gif
S3 Profile.png
Storm II S7.png
X-Terminator S7.png
My childhood villains: Dominator 2, Gravity (Series 7), S3, Storm 2 (Series 7) and X-Terminator (Series 7) My legacy villain section, eh? I will be honest, my dislike of all five robots has decreased since the time I was a child, especially because all five put on masterclass battles in the majority of their appearances. However, I cannot forgive them completely, since they outraged me as a child. From Dominator 2 and Storm 2 besting Firestorm, to X-Terminator wrecking Bulldog Breed in a battle that is still incredibly hard to watch, they deserve their spots on the list for a reason. Fun fact: back in the day, Tough As Nails would be here too. However, it redeemed itself because of its epic World Championship battle it had in 2015 against Eruption and Tiberius 4.
3 AtomicHQ.png Atomic (Series 7) Spoilers: the reasons for me disliking the remaining robots are actually very similar. So let's start with Series 7 Atomic; yes it is an excellent robot and deserving of its high praise in the community. My problem with it is its game plan: come in, attempt to flip opponent out of the arena, repeat. Now, that is a very good tactic, except that it gets exceptionally uninteresting after a while. I actually blame Atomic for why Hellbent is dividing the community. Instead of being able to see whether Hellbent could or could not hold its own against elite robots, Atomic immediately ends the encounter. It probably would have done the same to Typhoon 2 if it had the chance...
2 Tornado.png Tornado (except in Series 4) Two issues concern Tornado for me. First off, let's talk about its battles. When compared to similar robots like Storm 2, Tornado just is not an interesting robot to watch after one has seen it defeat a few opponents in the same fashion. No wonder why the producers of Series 7 were concerned about Storm 2 and put Pussycat's heat as the first in Series 7, because Tornado, unlike Chaos 2, Hypno-Disc or others, just is not memorable or entertaining enough for most people to get behind. But perhaps the real gripe against it for me is its Extreme 1 campaign. By God, once I finished watching Extreme 1, I was sick of seeing Tornado fight, let alone win. It was overexposed to such an extent that I was routing for anyone (anyone!) to beat it, with King B Powerworks gaining massive respect from me for seemingly doing so. Just very unenjoyable for the most part, although I do accept that in Series 7, it did have to work A LOT harder in its battles against Leveller 2, Gravity and X-Terminator, so it was more tolerable there. And Series 4 Tornado was actually entertaining because it looked beatable and each of its battles were actually awesome, thus being excluded from the rest on this list.
1 Eruption S10.png
Razer 2016.jpg
Machines that had a reign of terror: Eruption and Razer OK, so this might be controversial, but I am sticking to my guns in terms of placing both on this list. Eruption and Razer are like the Germany national football team: they are the greatest of all-time, yet are so boring at the same time that one just wishes that they just go away for once. Razer's game plan is simple yet effective: get underneath opponent, grab it, crush a weak section, repeat until opponent is defeated or judges' decision occurs. That is what infuriated me as a child and still does to this day. Nobody, apart from Pussycat and a modified Tornado, stood a chance of actually challenging Razer, and after a while interest in its battles does start to fade. Firestorm 4 vs Razer might be one of the last Razer battles I ending up watching as a child, and it was not worth the wait, even with Firestorm 4 generating some hope at the start. Because I had seen it all before and it just stopped being interesting after a while. As for Eruption, it cannot stick to the same gameplan, which is understandable because of the wide variety of robots and the fact it cannot just simply throw an opponent out of the arena every time. Yet, in Series 9 and 10 my interest in seeing Eruption fight began to rapidly decrease, because nobody, aside from Carbide, stood a hope in hell of actually beating it. And unlike with Carbide, the battles were not actually that memorable; honestly, even with Series 7's high out of the arena count, even with Atomic doing do in every single one of its victories, Eruption was actually the one that began to kill my excitement for seeing an out of the arena. This was because it was doing it so often and without much retaliation that it became expected rather than hoped upon. And it Series 10 Grand Final appearances, oh boy. Perhaps one of the most disappointing performances by a winner was Eruption in that Rumble. Again, its tactics were excellent, but again they were at the expense of entertainment. Just look at its defeat of Apollo, whereby whereas the latter was crippled, Eruption looked as if it was barely touched after doing hardly anything in what was supposed to be a bloodbath (or rustbath, who knows). Its wins over Magnetar and especially Behemoth were incredibly soul-crushing to me, leading to the most anticlimatic Grand Final lineup of all-time. Yes, its battle with Carbide was good, although I personally enjoyed Chaos 2 vs Pussycat and even Apollo vs Carbide more. But after winning, it just confirmed to me that nobody could challenge Eruption and have a great battle with it. Overall, Eruption is now the modern day Razer to me, and I am hoping that there are some new challengers on the live circuit that could end its reign of terror.
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