Nationality UK
First Edit Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction
Favourite Series Series 6
Favourite Robot Crusader 2
Least Favourite Robot Your favorite one!!!
Favourite House Robot Dozer


Well, not much to say here but I live in England (Buckinghamshire) and used to watch Robot wars(Series 3-6) and other things like Robotica and Techno Games. I never knew this wiki existed and would like to contribute as much as I can.

64px This user's favourite robot is Crusasder 2.
Armadrillo This user believed in the potential of Armadrillo.
Boltfromtheblue This user thinks that this robot is yellow.
Robopig This user likes pork.

Notes and StuffEdit

  • The original Panic Attack did the best.
  • Exposed wheels are rubbish.
  • Discs are destructive but don't win as much.
  • Hovercrafts are allowed, but would they do well?
  • No-one has made a full body vertical spinner
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