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TV Series / PC and Console Video Games Edit

Soundtrack by Will Parnell and John Waddell. Only Arenas of Destruction for PC named any of the tracks.

Name Arenas of Destruction (PC) Arenas of Destruction (PS2) Extreme Destruction (PC/Xbox) TV Series (First Instance)
3191 (Volcano)
3192 Extreme 1 Show 2 Clip with King B Powerworks
3194 (Ant) Extreme Warriors Season 1 Robot Rebellion (US) / Series 6 Heat A House Robot Into (UK)
3195 Series 2 Heat A Intro (Recap)
3196 Series 4 House Robots Intro
3201 (Biscuit Rage) Extreme 1 Show 1 Venegance (House Robot Stats)
3202 (Booya Rock) Extreme Warriors Season 1 House Robot Rebellion (Tut Tut Vs The Green House)
3203 (Burn Baby)
3204 (Robotwars) Series 1 Heat A Trial
3205 (Corrosion Cb) Extreme 1 Show 1 Venegance
3206 (Dockyard)
3207 (Frontend 1)
3208 (Frontend 2)
3209 (Generation Wars) Extreme 1 Show 1 All-Stars
3210 Extreme 1 Show 1 Mayhem
3212 Series 2 Heat A Intro
3213 (Matilda Man Eater)
3214 (Metallic)
3215 (Military Base)
3216 (Oil Rig)
3217 Extreme 1 Show 2 Clip (with Hypno-Disc)
3218 (Robot Builder)
3219 (Tokyo Rooftop)
3220 (Scrapyard)
3224 (Steel Factory)
3225 Different version of 3228
3226 Extreme 1 Show 1 Vengeance (Event Info)
3227 Different version of 3228
3228 Nickelodeon Robot Wars
3229 Different version of 3228
N/A Series 1 Heat A End Credits

Differences betwen GamesEdit

Arenas of Destruction PC vs PS2Edit

While mostly identical there were some slight differences between the soundtracks of the two versions of Arenas of Destruction. The most obvious difference is the music used in the UK Arena. The PC version uses the battle music that was used in the first four series of the show. However, the PS2 version replaces this with the end version of the Robot Wars theme music that was used on the show from Series 3 onwards. Also for unknown reasons the end theme music from Series 1 and 2 is included. The only other significant difference is the menu background music on the PS2 version has been simplified somewhat, the second track has been reduced to a short 7-second loop. In terms of sound quality the PC version is far superior.

Extreme Destruction PC vs XboxEdit

Unlike the two versions of Arenas of Destruction the soundtracks of the two versions of Extreme Destruction are identical other than the Xbox soundtrack having better sound quality.

Not in any of the games Edit

For one reason or another some pieces of music never made it into any of the games.

What Length Notes First Instance on the Show
Series 1 Intro/Main Theme Similar to the Series 2+ version but with some different instruments. Only used during the end credits in Series 2. Also turns up inexplicably in the Series 4 Grand Final "Road to Armageddon" series recap. Series 1 Heat A Longer Version
Series 1-2 House Robot Intro ~0:20 Series 1 Heat A
Series 1-2 Gauntlet Similar to the Series 1-4 battle music. The Robot Workshop music in Advanced Destruction appears to be at least inspired by it Series 1 Heat A
Series 5-7 Robot Entrance ~2:35 The version in the games is actually an alternate version that was only ever used in a few episodes Extreme 1 Show 1 Mayhem
Series 7 various A few bits of music were new such as the teaser at the start of every episode

Handheld Video Games Edit

Due to the limited hardware available on the handheld platforms they were unable to utilize the soundtrack from the TV show and instead either had new compositions based on TV music or original music instead.

Metal Mayhem (GBC) Edit

The soundtrack in the very first Robot Wars game for the Game Boy Color was quite limited. There were only 4 unique tracks which were all based upon the main theme music. The sound and effects (including the music) in this game is credited to Mark Dritz. All tracks except the first loop.

Place Heard Notes Length
Intro Sequence Might be longer, but sounds like the game cuts it off 0:31
Main Menu Plays into the first battle 0:14
Battle Sequences Starts in the middle of the battle 0:41
Battle Lost Heard when a battle/championship is lost 0:43
Battle Won Heard when a battle/championship is won 0:56

Advanced Destruction (GBA) Edit

Compared to Metal Mayhem the soundtrack in Advanced Destruction was much improved, benefiting from the more capable hardware on the then-new Game Boy Advance. Each of the four arenas included had their own unique theme music in addition to the Robot Workshop which also had its own music track. The music in this game is credited to Rocket Music.

Some of the tracks have two sections. The second part will loop once it is reached.

Place Heard Notes Length
Main Menu Based on the main theme from the TV Series 0:46
Robot Workshop Appears to be based on the Gauntlet music from Series 1-2. Has two sections 0:50
Arena - War Zone Has two sections 0:44
Arena - Robot Factory Includes a few parts of the Gauntlet music 1:02
Arena - Steelworks Has two sections 1:02
Arena - Power Station 1:06
Unused Shorter, earlier version of the main menu music 0:20
Unused Version of the Series 3-onwards ending theme music 0:51

Extreme Destruction (GBA) Edit

The Game Boy Advance has the most elaborate soundtrack of the handheld titles. As with Advanced Destruction each arena has its own theme music in addition to the main menu. Unlike the last game the robot workshop does not have its own music track, the standard menu music is used instead. The audio in this game (including the music) is credited to Semi Precious.

Some of the tracks have two sections. The second part will loop once it is reached.

Place Heard Notes Length
Main Menu Based on the main theme from the TV Series. Has two sections 0:22
Arena - Studio Also used in the trial segments e.g. Skittles, Slalom etc. 1:07
Arena - Melting Pot 1:52
Arena - Acid Bath Has two sections 3:04
Arena - Deep Freeze 1:03
Arena - Desert Storm Has two sections 1:50
Arena - Red Planet Rumble 1:24

Other AppearenceEdit

Not sure where else to put this but a Power Rangers trailer of all things featured a piece of music that was also used on Robot Wars. Tell me if this music doesn't sound familiar:

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