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One of the best moments of Robot Wars ever
Nationality UK
First Edit 29 June 2011 on Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/All-Stars
Favourite Series 2, 3 or 4
Favourite Robot Hypno-Disc
Least Favourite Robot Piece De Resistance
Favourite House Robot Sir Killalot
Favourite Battle Hypno-Disc vs Robogeddon was one of them

Been a fan of Robot Wars since Series 1 in 1998 (I vaguely remember seeing the very first episode!) and a regular user and contributor to this wiki since 2011. Mostly does minor things these days like categorising images.

Has seen all of the Robot Wars series except Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors (better watch that at some point) as well as most of BattleBots. Also seen various episodes of Techno Games and Robotica.







  • Robot Wars Magazine (Second Edition) - All 7 issues
  • Robot Wars Club magazine - 2 issues (both labelled Volume 4 Issue 3)
  • Tomorrow's World Magazine - issues 1 (article on series 1) and 8 (cover date November 1998, not strictly Robot Wars merch, but it does have Sir Killalot on the cover as well as a 7 page article on Series 2)

Video games




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Note: Largely superseded by Robot Wars Soundtrack page.



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