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StormProof (SP)
They say to get far in life, you have to take risks - it pays off! Nearly.
Nationality English
First Edit Storm Force (as StormProof)
Favourite Series Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2
Favourite Robot Firestorm
Least Favourite Robot Piece De Resistance
Favourite House Robot Matilda

Hi all RW fans. My name is StormProof or SP as you can call me (you may know me on Youtube as AMDTK69) and even though I have contributed to this wiki for quite a while, I have never had the chance to sign up...


I was a bit gutted when I learned that RW was not going to be made for an 8th series but it is a TV program that always has had a special place in my childhood.

The first time I watched RW was the second heat of the Third Wars. I called one of them "the yellow and black stripy one" (Behemoth as you've probably guessed) and I have been to a RW live event at MEN a number of years ago. I remember Bulldog Breed (3, I think) appearing with its much improved flipper and also the best part was when Chaos 2 chucking heavy oil barrels into the air.

I even have a bit of a tenuous link with a famous robot. My music tutor's husband used to go to uni with Andrew Marchant (Tornado captain) on electro-acoustic engineering, which ironically was inspired by King Buxton which friends of mine live and I was at their house when Heat J of the Third Wars was first broadcast.

As for my favourite robot:

Its hard to say but I am actually going to overrule my profile picture and say Firestorm. Several reasons why are:

  • Execellent driver
  • The most successful in the main competition
  • Very low ground clearance at the front
  • Nice paint job (not the one after Series 5!)
  • The spirit of Cassius lived on
  • Could only be beaten by the best
  • Defeats very powerful robots
  • Always gives Razer a run for his money!

I'd like to watch robot combat a bit more, especially the featherweights. I would describe the featherweights now as being "a lot more technical and a lot more destructive" in the words of Kim Davis.

I've filled in the technical details of all of the UK robots by looking back at BBCRobotWarsUK's, FiveRobotWarsUK's and RobotWarsManis's channel, plus anything of interest. I've also done quite a lot of work on the heats pages but is not that good with photos which I may consider doing in the future. I was planning on finishing off the new heat statboards soon so watch this space! If anyone else wants to, here's a few temporary templates.

Robot Name (Seeded) Specifications
Weight: kg
Dimensions: 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00m
Clearance: 0.00m
From: Town
Team Members:

For Extreme 1-Series 7

Robot Name (Seeded) Specifications
Weight: kg
Dimensions: 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00m
From: Town
Team Members:


Ever since I found my Lego over the weekend, I've spent most of last night developing a robot. It's called Warfare and it's sort of a cross between Panzer Mk, Behemoth and Panic Attack. I'll have a photo of it soon hopefully! Few mods. Changed the front blade to get under stuff a lot easier (normal LEGO bricks aren't too good at that) and changed the mechanism for the side "wings" so it looks like Warhead.

Best drivers in Robot Wars (in no particular order)[]

Andrew Marchant

Nick Adams

George Francis

Kim Davis (of course)

Graham Bone

Gary Caines (think about it, how can you control a robot when it spinning that fast?)

Dave Rose (see above)

David Gribble

Wiki background[]

This is the first wiki I have edited on since joining although I still occasionally contribute to the Roaming Robots Wiki. My greatest claim to fame here to date is coming third in the Wiki Wars tournament, competing with Spawn Again with my co-captain and builder Thyrus.


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