So. What is this? Well if you've spent more than 5 minutes in this section of the wiki, you've probably heard of a Ragnabot. but if you haven't, then it's just a case of putting every robot ever in the Robot Wars series into a bracket and seeing who wins. Usually, it's Carbide but that isn't the point!

As someone with much more attachment to the reboot of Robot Wars, I decided to put in every robot from the reboot and see how that goes... but that wasn't enough! So I threw in every BattleBots robot, then every Chinese show robot, and just to build up the numbers, some UK live scene competitors. With all of them in a bracket, the heats are more devilish than ever, the stakes are higher than ever, and the chaos never stops! Let's get it started!

Qualifiers Edit

So honestly, of anything like this, the qualifiers are the absolute worst part in my opinion, so instead of just having 1-on-1 fights, I opted to have them be 4-way melees where 2 go through, got it? Good. Let's begin

TR2 VS Invader VS Monsoon VS Chomp (2015): Might be losing a biggish name here depending on how much you love what ifs, but I'm cruel and I'm giving Invader the same issues that plagued them in their real first fight. Sorry Invader fans.

End Game vs Catfish VS Brain Storm VS Stegodon A & B: Why did I include Clash bots robots when I can't find anything about them... Uh so the Stegodons just aren't good, and Brain Storm just has that little issue of Exposed wheels that makes me think that it won't stand up to End Game as well as Catfish could.

Sabretooth (10) VS RotatoR VS Apocalypse VS Jellyfish: Jellyfish wasn't winning this from the outset, and as I'm using S10 Apocalypse, I'm giving Sabretooth the benefit of the doubt over it.

Vanquish VS Tungsten VS beta VS Concussion: Yeesh. Sorry to the two people who have given me some of the most help as a newbie roboteer.

Snow Leopard VS Kill-E-Crank-E VS Razer VS Basilisk: I had to ask people who they think should go through with Razer so, yeah. Blame them.

Scorpion VS Spectre VS ICEwave VS Predator: lol

Switch VS Black Whirlwind VS Tough as Nails VS Yesaji: This was surprisingly clear cut, not much more to say.

Sub-Zero VS Ghost Raptor VS Weber (RW) VS Petunia: Ended up having the Raptor lose this one since the weapon is famously ineffective, and the shape seems ripe for a flipping. Meanwhile Weber just doesn't have the weight here.

Harpy VS Raging Moustache VS Hypershock (2018) VS Crossfire: We know that the Moustache does not take hits well, and considering how easy it is to take out Crossfire, I have faith that Hypershock can survive this well enough.

Thunderchild VS Excalibur VS Bonesaw VS Earthshaker (TIFR)

Bronco VS Tauron Mk2 VS Sandstorm VS Hypershock (2015): This one hurt me to write down.

Model Teenager VS The Grubs VS Peerless Zhuge VS Wild Beast: Was so undecided between Teenager and Grubs that I gave up and let bias do it for me.

Weber (TIFR) VS Donald Thump VS Hypothermia VS Big Nipper (Claws): Sorry Don.

Vulcan VS 2pointO VS TMHWK VS Heavy Metal: 2PointO is a scarily good vertical spinner and Vulcan is Vulcan.

Wyrm VS Chimera VS Black Bull VS Cobalt: As much as I want to name Cobalt the only winner and reinstate Concussion, I must pick a second winner, and that is Black Bull.

Chinese Ageis VS Bulldozer VS Coyote VS Terrorhurtz

Parallax VS Meggamouse VS Nuts2 VS StRipper: Meggamouse was never designed to fight spinners, and well.. there's a reason Parallax's fights were never aired.

Zen Oh VS The General VS Ms Nightshade VS Overhaul

Ninja VS Rapid VS Brutus VS Fire Kylin: Ninja is a fine machine in its own right but it sadly just cannot compare here.

Red From the Flames VS Stinger: TKB VS Glitterbomb VS Flame Tyrannosaurus: Why is it so hard to think of something funny to say?

Splatter VS Atomic Bomb VS Thunder & Lightning VS Track-Tion

Warrior Clan VS The Four Horsemen VS Hammer Hammer VS Crushtacean

Xiake VS Gamma 9 VS Magnetar VS Apollo: Xiake is known for it's tankiness, and I don't think Magnetar can go the full 3 minutes, especially with Apollo most likely labelling it as a priority target. Big losses in these qualifers huh.

Tanto VS Bite Force (2018) VS Shockwave VS Nuts

Toxic Fangs VS Saber (KOB) VS Androne 4000 VS AU Thumper: And Clash Bots gets a win! Enjoy it while you can...

Griffin (KOB) VS Knife Legend VS Sawblaze VS Steel God of War: For me this just comes down to who would Jamison Go target last. Since they're both heavyweights, both Knife Legend and Griffin are far, far easier targets for Sawblaze and I think Steel God of War would just go through ignored by everyone.

Whirlwind (KOB) VS Sweet Revenge VS Spicy Newt VS Gigabyte: lol

Beast VS Death Roll VS Double Dutch VS Chimera 2: It should be noted now that Beast is what was saw in Series 8, while Harpy is what we currently have on the live circuit, just so we're all caught up.

Captain Shrederator VS Radioactive VS Escape Velocity VS Super E-Sports: What kind of name is Super E-Sports anyway?

Frostbite VS Kan-Opener VS Complete Control VS Free Shipping

Fango VS Blue Demon VS Or Te VS HIGH-5 (Live events 2019)

Chomp (2018) VS Spike Head VS Photon Storm VS Robo Savage: Chomp would be an awkward target for Photon Storm, even when overturned due to all the buckling around trying to self right and firing the axe, and while Savage and spike are lifters, which Chomp struggles with, they aren't good lifters, and aren't well driven either.

Spear and Shield VS Blacksmith VS Wall Breaker VS The Ringmaster

Hammerhead Shark VS Yeti VS Reality VS Trolley Rage: Oof. Sorry Garfie.

Rust Boar VS King B Remix VS Crazy Coupe 88 VS Wrecker: Sadly BB2019 has yet to start at the time of writing so I can't in good faith stick Breaker Box in and have the potential for Team Nightmare to fight themselves with very similar designs.

M.R Speed Squared VS Titan VS Chompalot VS Angry Frog

Mecha Rampage VS Burning Twin Star VS Vortex VS Big Potato: For the sake of simplicity, I'm simply naming Big Potato as another Brutus from last year. Makes things easier for me.

Fenrir VS Ultraviolent VS Bombshell (2016) VS Lieutenant Bam Bombshell 2016 is always in vert form unless I can work out a clear tactical advantage for it to be in another configuration... So it's always in vert form.

Dragon King VS The Obwalden Overlord VS Unlimited Numbers VS Bombshell (2018): This is how we're ending?

Heat A Edit

Dystopia VS Blade Gyro: And this is how we kick the main tournament off. Lovely.

Bucky the Robot VS Cathadh: I don't know if I'm sad that Bucky just died forever or happy that Cathadh got a win.

Vulcan VS Tilly: Vulcan.. Vulcan is just kind of better really.

Diotoir VS Manta: Aw. I wanted Diotoir VS Cathadh

Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield VS White Tiger Guardian: Wonder if that's the longest fight name of the tournament

Gabriel VS Stealth: :(

Crank-E VS Black Hole: Crank-E's lucky this doesn't have preboot robots in now, I probably would have given German Black Hole the win here.

Cobalt VS Rapid: And Rapid's lucky that this is being written before BattleBots 2019 kicks off for real.

Round 2 Edit

Rapid VS Crank-E

Dystopia VS Stealth: Using the 'ave you got a srimech gag for this kind of thing is sad considering that Stealth was a robot that did well just last year. It feels wrong.

White Tiger Guardian VS Manta

Vulcan VS Cathadh: Sorry Toast but if Vulcan can take out Megabyte, it can take out Cathadh.

Heat B Edit

Push to Exit VS The Disk 'o Inferno

Greedy Snake VS Rust Boar

Eater VS Ninja General: Woo go Clusterwatts!!

Sabretooth (S10) VS Son of Whyachi: Ow. Gabe has never needed more praying for.

2 PointO VS King of Ghosts: 2 PointO is much better armoured (Seriously, even Ripper or ST Ripper haven't survived the full 3 minutes with Aftershock at the time of writing and 2 PointO has)

WAR Hawk VS Weber (TIFR): This one was tough. Kept going back and forth and only decided once I read this comment. WAR Hawk doesn't have reliable self righting, and despite good driving and a powerful weapon, that's gonna be a big undoing against Weber.

Expulsion (S10) VS Basilisk: Look at the fight above and then look at this, God's sake.

RotatoR VS Excalibur: I've been a fan of RotatoR for the better part of a year and I realised that not only is it a palindrome but it's also the same if you mirror it, and to quote Faruq, "that's pretty cool!"

Round 2: Edit

Weber (TIFR) VS The Disk 'O Inferno: Might take a count to see how long Weber goes before it fights an opponent that would have gone differently if I put WAR Hawk through.

RotatoR VS 2 Point O: Woo! First spinner through to the quarter finals!

Expulsion (S10) VS Greedy Snake: Silly Brentwood, you're meant to go for a grudge match with the better robot...

SOW VS Eater: And we close out on Heat B with the grudge match of the century.

Heat C Edit

Reality VS Iron Heart 88: No escape from Reality... because my insides are probably strewn around the floor right now.

Formula VS Overhaul: aw. Wanted Overhaul to win at least one fight in this tournament.

Dantomkia VS Hyena: Danby no!

Sawblaze VS Minotaur: Oh come the hell on! As much as I wanna give Jamison go the benefit of the doubt, Minotaur feels like a robot which perfectly counters Sawblaze, especially with Daniel's driving.

Mohawk VS Steel God of War

Sub-Zero VS Ink Thorns

Harpy VS Infernal Contraption: This was tough, as we're taking the UK live events into account, the simple fact is that IC has improved a lot in recent times and even outlasted Harpy in a rumble... but this was two years ago. I'm giving Team Beast the benefit of the doubt here.

Soul Reaper VS Iron-Awe 8

Round 2 Edit

Reality VS Formula: whelp, you know what they say... Reality is often disappointing.

Harpy VS Sub-Zero

Iron-Awe 8 VS Minotaur: Jeez Minotaur, keep taking out potential top 32 and further bots why don't you...

Mohawk VS Dantomkia

Heat D Edit

The Kegs VS Energy Bomb

Big Nipper VS ??? I lost the progress of these 3 fights and can't remember who these robots beat, sorry.

Sabre (TIFR) VS ???

Bad Kitty VS ???

Princess of Wales VS Warrior Clan: It's a sad day when I rate Warrior Clan above another opponent.

Rabid M8 VS South American Eagle God: Was tempted to say Rabid when I read about how Eagle God lost, but this was to Vulcan, and Rabid M8 is a very different beast. With Very Exposed wheels... Yeaahhhhh.

PP3D VS Stinger: TKB: Oh hello suddenly decent fight!

Griffalo VS Chomp (2018): I need proof that Griffalo can last a full battle before I can give them a hope against Chomp.

Round 2 Edit

The Kegs VS Bad Kitty

Warrior Clan VS Chomp (2018): As much as I want to, I see no reason why this should end any differently.

Stinger: TKB VS Sabre (TIFR): Sigh...

Big Nipper (Spinner) VS South American Eagle God

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