I first stumbled upon this amazing show in 2001, while Extreme 1 and series 5 were being broadcast. I have vivid memories of Spirit of Knightmare being thrown by the Floor Flipper, Destructabubble and Razer crushing Widow's Revenge. I have seen every episode of UK and Dutch Wars thanks to TV repeats and Youtube, and I hope to be a great contributor to this Wiki.

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My top 5 Favourite Robots:

Pussycat.jpg 1. Pussycat

For quite a while, I considered Firestorm my favourite robot; it was one of THE couldabeen champions, the robot that never quite made it to the top. It had a great team, huge experience and was one of the strongest robots in the show. Lately however I have realised that there is another robot that fits this criteria, and why I like it just that little bit more, that robot is Pussycat.

Team Cold Fusion is the most experienced and one of the best teams in all of Robot Wars. They are the only team to fight in both series 1 in 7, have been one step away from the title twice, and won Annihilator, Celebrity Special, Tag Team Terror, War of Independence and All Stars tournaments. Pussycat has defeated giants such as Panic Attack, Hypno-Disc and Razer, and is the only robot to have truly koed the World Champion. It's won so many battles, almost never lost without putting up a great fight and leaving the opponent scarred and damaged. Pussycat is a warrior of a robot that has overcome seemingly impossible odds and is one of the few veterans to end it's career on a high note; winning the All-Stars against the expectations of many.

The original airing of series 7 is the first time I recall watching Pussycat in action, (I have very vague memories of watching series 5 and Extreme in 2001, I saw the semis and might have seen Pussycat, but I barely remember), and after hearing so much about it (though it was a couple of years later that I found out that David Gribble had tragically passed away), I was rooting for them, and sad to see them lose. Pussycat was a deadly and brilliant robot, made by one of the best and most sporting teams, and thank you Stuart Barnwell for keeping the legend of the late David Gribble by winning the series 7 All Stars and keeping the machine alive in live events. Pussycat has a place in my heart seperate to many other robots, as I will always remember this as one of the greatest robots who never won the UK championship along with Firestorm and Hypno Disc. If you ask me, if there was a "hero" of Robot Wars, Pussycat was it.

Firestorm5.jpg 2. Firestorm

I cannot praise this machine enough. Five times a semi finalist, 3rd three times, second highest number of ootas, it flipped Mr Psycho, it was fast, strong, and controlled by one of the best drivers in the show. Firestorm was a rarity; it was constantly upgraded, and it was still one of the best robots even by the last days of Robot Wars, while other early icons such as Chaos 2 and Hypno Disc fell behind. Firestorm was a brilliant Robot that should have won much more than just the CommonWealth Carnage.

Wildthing4.jpg 3. Wild Thing

Another Robot that deserves huge praise. Wild Thing was one of the most durable machines in Robot Wars, taking huge hits from Robots such as Tornado, All Torque, Hypno Disc, S3 and 259 and still moving. It's toppled some great names like Dominator 2 and X-terminator, nearly defeated Chaos 2, and very rarely failed to impress me. I think that Wild Thing could have made the Grand Final in series 3, 4, and 5 had it faced different opponents than the Champions and series 3 runner up.

Diotoir.jpg 4. Diotoir

I will forever be a fan of this Robot, not just for the legendary team's antics and the flammable fur, but also because it was an incredibly underestimated machine. Especially in series 5, people like Johnathan Pearce and Philippa were quick to deride Diotoir as a joke entry and nothing more, completely ignoring everything it achieved. Diotoir has been a heat finalist twice, a World Championship semi finalist, defeated Tornado and won the Tag Team Terror among its good success. Despite being flammable, Diotoir would keep on going- look at the Grudge Match between it and Firestorm, by the time it was flipped back onto its wheels, it had practically been burned to a crisp yet it was still moving. Diotoir has only ever lost to Razer, lifters/flippers and one or two very unfortunate breakdowns. I think if it added a srimech, it might have even reached a semi final in the main competition, especially in series 5. I will also mention Nemesis here. Despite not winning a battle, it completed the Gauntlet twice, defeated Shunt in the Sumo and gave future champions Roadblock a good fight. And of course it was just as lovable and hillarious as its "son".

BlackHole.jpg 5. Black Hole

Watching it battle Zeus made me crave to see the German Wars. Those Discs had enourmous power, and I want to see how badly Black Hole damaged Tsunami in the final, to see how it compared with what X-terminator did. As much as I like Philipper, I wish Black Hole got a chance to meet Razer or Tornado in the European Championship. If there was a playoff, I think it would have torn Razer apart.

Other high favourites of mine (though not sure about the order):

Hellbent: A very intriguing design, fast and powerful. I think it would have won several other heats in series 7, and might have beaten Atomic with a bit more luck.

Lightning: Another brilliant design. It was quick, sleek and had a very unique weapon. Laurie Calvert was fun on camera (Just wait for the Thunderrrrr!) and I think his machine could have beaten Gravity if not for that flat tyre, and won many other series 7 heats. B, H, J and M especially come to mind.

Philipper 2: The best machine to come out of Belgium, and incredibly underrated. So many people bash it for defeating Black Hole and Panzer, but it deserves respect for trouncing two otherwise unbeaten champions. Philipper was brilliantly egineered, well controlled, had a sturdy construction and very effective weaponry. It's performances in series 2 of the Dutch Wars and the European Championship were amazing, especially the Trazmaniac, Twister and Black Hole fights. I wish the Poppe family entered the UK series, I think they could have done well.

All Torque: The Tornado of its time. All Torque amazed me with its incredible pushing power as it smashed Prometheus and Crippler into submission, and dominated Matilda in the Joust. I can see All Torque defeating most of the semi finalists in series 2 and 3, infact I imagine it putting up a great fight against the likes of Panic Attack, Roadblock and Steg-O-Saw-Us. Such a shame that the next 4 machines from Team Torque were such letdowns.

Ripper: An absolutely ingenious design. The flipper's low pressure allows it to have a huge amount of flips before the power starts to drop, and the size of it would still allow it to execute oota flips. Plus having a layer of armour far away from the mechanics is a brillliant idea; say Ripper fights the likes of Typhoon and Hypno Disc, all they would do is crumple the shell, while Rippers internals remain fine. Firestorm was one of the worst robots for Ripper to face, and I think it could have won nearly every other heat in series 7, and defeated all of the series semi finalists barring a few such as Storm 2.

Roadblock: One of the legends of legends, the first ever champion of UK Robot Wars. Roadblock used one of the most effective designs of the early days to achieve victory, and the team were great sports, and memorable with their catchphrase "Straight in, straight out". Roadblock completed the Gauntlet with ease, defeated Shunt in Sumo, showed great control and skill to defeat Nemesis and Killertron, before utterly dominating the Grand Final and winning a very well-earned championship. Its a shame to see how much ignorance and bias is exchanged about the First Wars, such as the stereotype that every robot in that series was terrible. Plus an idea has been floating around that the worst robots from the later series could have won series 1, which I disagree with completely. No way would Shell Shock, Cobra, Metallis and some others defeat Roadblock, TRACIE, Bodyhammer etc.

13 Black: Very destructive, the best duel discs in Robot Wars. It tore apart Chompalot and Double Trouble, gave Razer two difficult fights and put Chaos 2 out of competiton. And of course, the crabwalking- watching it refuse to die against Dantomkia was hilarious. If 13 Black was invertible or had a more reliable srimech, it could have achieved so much more. I certainly think it would have beaten Razer had its disc not got stuck on the Arena wall.

My thoughts(will add info boxes later):

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